All About the Solo: Week Seven

Eric Olinger


One of the more frustrating things in IDP leagues is seeing your stud linebacker fly all over the field on game days only to see the home score keeper dilute his performance by divvying up his tackles as an assist. On the flip side, if your league doesn’t score solos and assists too differently, you’ll have a better idea of what teams hand out assists like candy. Not everyone knows this, but the NFL does not recognize a tackle as an official statistic. Tackles are scored by the home team’s official score keeper and those are the stats you see on the news and websites. The league made an effort to standardize what is and isn’t a solo tackle back in 2007 when they sent a video to all NFL teams, but it still the discretion of the score keeper. There is a still a large discrepancy from team to team and week-to-week. I will be tracking this throughout the season to give you a better idea of what to expect when choosing your IDPs each week.

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Occasionally in the IDP world a loophole opens and a situation arises where a player switches positions and we get to reap the rewards. In St. Louis, for example, Mark Barron still carries a safety designation but has moved into the starting weak side linebacker role due to Alec Ogletree’s season threatening leg injury . He racked up a league leading 16 total tackles in week seven while playing 100% of the snaps. It’s unlikely his designation changes during the season, so pick him up immediately and play him with confidence at safety. He should be a top five defensive back over the second half of the season.

Jadeveon Clowney had his best game by far as a pro on Sunday against the Dolphins with a team leading seven solo tackles, an assist and his first career sack. While it’s promising and encouraging to see him finally produce impact number, I’m not ready to lock and load him into lineups every week but he does have a promising matchup this week when the Texans take on the Titans and the statuesque Zach Mettenberger or an injured Marcus Mariota. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him possibly record his first multiple sack game in week eight.

I don’t want this to turn into a weekly love fest for Minnesota linebacker Eric Kendricks, but I love this guy. He played 89% of the defensive snaps in week seven and recorded six solo tackles, three tackles for a loss and two sacks against the Lions. He now has four sacks in his last three games and offers plenty of upside in both tackle heavy and big play leagues.

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