FanDuel Four: Week Seven



Wow! We are roughly half way through the fantasy season and it’s been quite a ride! Good thing we’ve got daily to keep our sanity over some of these weeks. Welcome back to the FanDuel Four featuring DLF’s daily experts Chris Heil, Nick Whalen, TheFFGhost and George Kritikos, your resident sanity specialists. Let’s see who they suggest for Week Seven:

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Ghost: “So I wondered when it was going to happen, we’ve got a full blown Carson Palmer sighting to kick us off this week! Nick, do you see any problems with this pick from Chris?”

Nick: “The only problem with Palmer is will Baltimore keep it a game? If not, they may run more. But Palmer has been on fire and he has weapons galore.”

Ghost: “This week I think he could easily be the most played quarterback on FanDuel this season! I think he’s going to be between 40% and 50% owned and for good reason. The matchup is prime and he’s been on fire so far. He could definitely be the best play but you’re not going to fool anyone or separate yourself from the pack by playing him.”

George: “Call it a sweep, at the very least, Palmer should have a nice floor. Baltimore’s pass defense is terrible and if Flacco can keep pace, this could become a shootout where Palmer can thrive.”

Ghost: “Here is another name I thought we’d see more of by now and that’s Le’Veon Bell. He seems like a natural pick most weeks but Nick has kept us guessing. What do you think Chris, great week to trot him out?”

[inlinead]Chris: “Definitely, he touches the ball so much that it’s hard not to use him. He rarely leaves the field. I think he is a must play.”

Ghost: “I’m going to agree as well, Bell has a great match-up this week and has been making a solid case to be called the best running back in the NFL. I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon and his only competition for the top spot is going to be Devonta Freeman this week.”

George: “Bell is a good choice here but Todd Gurley also has a nice matchup and is my choice. Cleveland has allowed the most rushes to running backs (171 attempts) so Gurley’s workload is secure. The Browns are also the only team to allow 200+ yards per game to running backs.”

Ghost: “I’ve been waiting to roll out this pick for a couple of weeks now while we waited to determine if he could continue to produce at such a high level. Of course I’m talking about DeAndre Hopkins. George, can he keep this crazy pace up?”

George: “Well, a lot of the top receivers are banged up so the competition is thinner than usual. Hopkins is a safe choice as a high volume receiver going against an average pass defense at best. If Brandon Marshall is healthy, he could be a threat against a suspect New England secondary.”

Chris: “I’ll be honest, I still can’t get over his target numbers. It’s amazing how many targets he gets. Plug and play on targets alone. He is extremely talented and is the best wide receiver in the game currently.”

Nick: “I’m also on-board. A changing of the guard has happened at wide receiver from Julio (Jones) and (Antonio) Brown to now Hopkins. He gets so many targets and makes the most of those opportunities. Hopkins is the lead dog until he shows otherwise.”

Ghost: “Two weeks in a row I’ve row I’ve got the panel to unanimously agree with me. I’m on a hot streak! Chris, how do you feel about George’s pick of Greg Olsen to be the highest scoring tight end this week?”

Chris: “I agree with it. There are not too many tight ends that have consistent value. Olsen is in a great situation, the Panthers don’t blow opponents out so Olsen gets fed all game long.”

Ghost: “I’m going to go back to (Travis) Kelce as my top tight end this week. I think Olsen may even fall out of the top ten this week, sorry George!”

Nick:“I see where George is going with this one because Olsen has had double digit targets in three of his last four games. However, I’m going to keep riding the Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) bandwagon because it’s a much better party.”