FanDuel Four: Week Six

Nick Whalen


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Welcome back to Week Six of the FanDuel Four featuring DLF’s daily experts Chris Heil, Nick Whalen, TheFFGhost and George Kritikos. Jumping right in let’s start off with the group’s high scorers for the week:


Ghost: “George, Andrew Luck has not started off the season as many people thought he would, is Week Six the week he gets back on track as Chris believes?”

George: “No, I think it’s hard to endorse Luck coming off injury. I like Eli Manning facing a suspect Philly secondary, especially if the Eagles continue to score on offense. This could be the type of shootout that induces a lot of points.”

Ghost: “I’m inclined to agree with you, George. Will Luck be a top scorer? Probably, but the highest, I don’t think so. His opponent across the field (Tom Brady) could easily take that spot. I’m even of the opinion that Russell Wilson could do it based off of his rushing ability coupled with some slightly above average passing.”

Nick: “I also have to disagree here and I like Luck. He’s struggled this year and so has his offensive line. Let’s wait until Luck is Luck again before we gamble too much.”

Ghost: “It looks like Chris came up empty in any support this week, let’s turn to Nick who has Matt Forte as his top scorer. Chris, is Forte going to finally be the top back this week? He’s been dancing around the top five all season long.”

Chris: “No, I will have to disagree that Forte will be the top scoring back. He has been a bit of a disappointment compared to years past in catching passes alone. I will be using Arian Foster and Le’Veon Bell as much as possible.”

Ghost: “I’m sorry Chris, but it is very hard to call Matt Forte a disappointment this season. He’s putting up some really good numbers. That being said, I think he spends at least another week dancing around just outside of first place. I’m going to go with Justin Forsett if he plays or Foster if he doesn’t.”

[inlinaed]George: “Forte is not a bad choice as the team has no option but to feature him. A dark horse for me is Eddie Lacy, who faces a generous Chargers front seven. This could be his breakout game as a tough San Diego secondary could force the Packers to prioritize the run.”

Ghost: “OK, on to my choice for the top wide receiver of the week. I went with AJ Green. Nick, what are your thoughts on that choice?”

Nick: “Green is starting to put up great numbers and he had an 80-yard touchdown called back last week. I like his potential right now and he’s not overpriced.”

George: “Yeah, Green should do well in this matchup given Buffalo’s struggles against the pass. Dalton is willing to spread the wealth but Green remains the best option in a strong offense.”

Chris: “Same here, AJ Green is one of those players who is priced high but sort of forgotten about. Ride him out while this offense is still hot!”

Ghost: “Alright, I managed to pull the elusive trifecta with that pick, the first of the week. Moving on to tight ends, George actually picked someone other than Rob Gronkowski! I love joking with him because it’s a tough position to choose someone other than Gronk given how dominating he is. Anyhow, Chris, Tyler Eifert, is there enough offense to spread out between AJ Green and Eifert to warrant Eifert as the top tight end this week?”

Chris: “Actually, I’m interested to see Eifert ownership this weekend. I think he is going to be highly owned. I don’t disagree that he is going to perform well. I would rather pivot and use someone like Kelce.”

Ghost: “I’m going with Kelce this weekend as well. Eifert should do quite well but I think Kelce just has a more direct path to points is all.”

Nick: “Eifert has been streaky thus far, but he’s proven to be elite status. With Gronk’s numbers dipping lately, why not!”


Ghost: “So this is really where lineups will actually make money, or fail. The ability to identify value picks is very central to being successful at daily. Nick, Carson Palmer has been on quite a hot streak so far. Is his price still within the range to be considered a value?”

Nick: “Absolutely! I really like this play because Palmer has been on fire and he’s still priced reasonably for some reason. I’m staying on the Palmer train until he gets derailed or the cost exceeds his value.”

Ghost: “Purely in terms of value I’m going to disagree. My top quarterback values are going to look pretty crazy but I like Matthew Stafford to bounce back and Colin Kaepernick to outpace his price this week. Like I said, crazy, I know!”

George: “Palmer is hot and could easily exceed expectations given the price ($8,000). The Steelers defense is getting by more on name at this point. The only hesitance I have is an inept Pittsburgh offense who could limit the need for Carson to throw.”

Ghost: “OK guys, here’s an interesting one, Lamar Miller is Nick’s value play this week. Given the rocky start he’s had so far, should our readers depend on him as a value play, Chris?”

Chris: “This is not our week Nick, we do not see eye to eye. Lamar Miller will continue to underperform. It may not be his fault this week. Tennessee is the sixth best defense against running backs.”

Ghost: “I’m with Chris, Miller just doesn’t do it for me this week. In fact I’m going to go out on a limb a little bit here and say that he might actually be one of the worst values this week as his likely production will be nowhere near his price tag. I’m going to go with Carlos Hyde as a great value this week.

George: “Like Chris said, Miller’s price is nice but that Titans defense is not when it comes to running backs. They allow the second fewest receiving yards to backs this year and are tough against the run as well. I want to believe, but maybe a different week.”

Ghost: “I’ve got to say, I don’t expect a lot of support on this but I am quite curious what you guys think about my value pick of Martavis Bryant this week. Too early? Is Michael Vick going to kill any possible value he may have or is the addition of another weapon exactly what Vick will need to get things going?”

George: “I’m going to pass on Bryant, I tend to be cautious and the Vick to Bryant possibility makes me go full hermit crab. Yes, Vick has the arm strength to throw those downfield passes, but his accuracy is poor to say the least. He is more avoid than value for me this week.”

Nick: “Historically Vick has been a wide receiver killer and it’s happened to Antonio Brown. Why will things be different for Bryant? He hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2014. I’d pass until Big Ben returns.”

Chris: “This is a coin flip for me. Can you rely on Vick to cash you in this week? Antonio Brown is showing his normal numbers. I really can’t say I love it or hate it.”

Ghost: “I can’t say I’m surprised really and all of your points are valid. I just feel his potential is much greater than his price this week, hence a value for me. Moving on, Nick, how about George’s selection of Richard Rodgers as the tight end value this week? Rodgers seems to be emerging as a solid weapon in Green Bay’s high powered offense.”

Nick: “Yeah, honestly I’m still not sure why his price is so low. His targets have only been increasing as the season has progressed and he always has the potential for a big play with Aaron Rodgers.”

Ghost: “I certainly don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. There isn’t a whole lot in terms of value at tight end this week either though. I’m going to go with Jordan Cameron as the best pound for pound value in this week’s slate.”

Chris: “You’re wrong Ghost, this a great value! Rodgers has been able to trust Richard Rodgers and it shows with his consistency. With his price tag being this low, save the money.”


Ghost: “Maybe it’s just me but it feels like this week could be one of those weeks where even our must avoids do well. Something in the air feels to me like it will be a high scoring week. Chris is throwing Ryan Tannehill under the bus this week, Nick, do you agree with that pick?”

Nick: “No, I see why Chris is suggesting Tannehill but I’m not avoiding Dolphins just because they have a new coach and are coming out of a bye week. I believe the team may be revitalized or inspired and play up to their potential.”

Ghost: “Yeah, I get the pick but I actually think Tannehill will be in the top quarter or so of quarterbacks this weekend. I dare say he may actually be a value target actually.”

George: “I’m going to agree with Chris, Tannehill is still priced too highly for me to get on board. The changes to the coaching staff are a major question mark. Andy Dalton and Philip Rivers are cheaper options I find more attractive this week.”

Ghost: “So here is an interesting call – Nick has Justin Forsett with an incredible matchup as his must avoid. Is Forsett’s injury that bad that you have to avoid him Chris?”

Chris: “Absolutely not. I’m 3 for 3 on not agreeing on your play choices Nick. Forsett has a chance to finish as a top 10 running back this week. He is going against a defense which plays terrible against running backs. I like this play.”

Ghost: “Yeah, I like Forsett this week as well if he can go. I kind of feel as if Baltimore may be playing games a little bit with just how badly Forsett is injured. I think he plays and has a good game. I’d rather avoid someone like Jeremy Hill whose price still hasn’t come down enough to match the role he now plays in that offense.”

George: “The injury questions around Forsett make him an avoid for me barring something concrete from coaches. I would rather pay $300 less for Lacy who also has a great matchup than play the “gametime decision” guessing game on Sunday.”

Ghost: “On to my pick of Sammy Watkins as a must avoid. Coming off an injury, a new quarterback at the helm and an outburst in the media all spell trouble for me. How about you Nick?”

Nick: “Yes! Watkins is an avoid for me as well until he shows some kind of life.”

George: “I am actually lukewarm on Watkins. Cincinnati is not playing well against the pass and this could be a shootout. Avoid is a stronger commitment than I am willing to make this week.”

Chris: “Like Ghost said, Watkins recently came out and asked to get more attention. If Tyrod Taylor plays I don’t like the play. If Manuel plays, I can see him locking on and not looking elsewhere. This is off a hunch but I try to be optimistic when a player of his caliber struggles.”

Ghost: “Continuing a possibly played out joke, George has it so easy this season! Just play Gronk and avoid Jimmy Graham for his price. Nick, are you in agreement with George to avoid playing Graham for the second week straight?”

Nick: “Definitely. Right now, I would wait to see if Graham’s role will increase before using him.”

Chris: “Count me in, too. The only reason I would ever think of using Graham is to have contrarian play. I still wouldn’t be happy about it, either. He’s isn’t a focal point in the offense and Seattle really prides themselves on not being a one man team. Spend your money on others who have a higher ceiling.”

Ghost: “Sadly, I have to agree as well. Seattle has absolutely destroyed the Graham’s value. Once heralded as having the potential to be one of the best tight ends to ever play the game, one and a half seasons later we are now being forced to tell readers to avoid him at all costs. The Seahawks should really be ashamed of themselves for squandering such an amazing talent.”

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