Support Toys for Tots with DLF and!

Scott Fish


I will start by saying this drive would not exist if it weren’t for DLF’s own Jeff Miller. He has been donating toys in the Las Vegas area for years. He brought his amazing heart and spirit to DLF and the partners shared the sentiment. They feel this is an incredibly important cause and want to help in anyway they can.

Why are we talking about Toys for Tots in August? We felt getting a drive for this cause started prior to the season would allow for us to have fantasy leagues for those who donate. It’s also a nice thought that we can have 4 months to receive donations and maybe we can break last year’s total of $785.

The partners have graciously offered a month of DLF Premium to anyone that donates at least $5 to the cause. Whether you want to try out DLF for the first time, or merely want to add a month, it’s a small price to pay and you are donating to a great cause. What else do you get for your donation? You can play in one of the following three fun contests. Playing in these contests is fun bragging rights, but more importantly you can win a spot in the 2016 Scott Fish Bowl. This is a huge fantasy football league that has hundreds of analysts and fans competing. Here are some of the 2015 analysts playing and the prizes that are up for grabs!

So what are these fun contests?

Best Ball Leagues: These are your basic draft and forget leagues. They will be 12 team leagues and best ball. Drafts will be 14 rounds and start as filled. You sill start 7 player, it will be superflex and tight end premium. The overall winner from all of the best ball leagues will win a 2016 SFB spot.

Team Best Ball League Championship: This is a fun league. You simply grab a friend and donate $10 to the GoFundMe account ($5 per teammate). You each get a month of DLF premium and will each get a shot at guaranteed SFB 2016 spots. Two leagues will run concurrently and the two person team with the most total points will take home the prize. Note: there may be several of these dual leagues going on. Only the top team of all the leagues will get the prize. Both winning partners will receive a SFB 2016 spot.

NFL Wins Pool: This isn’t your regular NFL Wins Pool, it’ll have a DFS feel to it. You will pick 2-4 teams and need to stay under budget. The submission with the most NFL wins will win a guaranteed spot in the 2016 SFB. There are 3 tiebreakers in case of a tie. You can submit as many entries as you want, but I will only be accepting the three most recent submissions from any person.

Where do I sign up for these contests???

Thanks for asking! You can do that right here!

You can signup for these contests now and donate later if it’s not convenient today!

Remember, you must donate at least $5 per person to play in any contest. Naturally, a $20 donation gets you into all three contests and would include the requirement met for you and your partner for the team championship.


Thank you in advance for all donations that come from this and your consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me at [email protected]. Obviously, any social media promotion of this or just telling your friends would be hugely appreciated.

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