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Welcome to the latest edition of the weekly mailbag.

Send me your questions using the DLF Mailbag Form and I’ll include the best in future articles.  Remember the guidelines to have the best chance at seeing your question get posted:

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3.) Your chance of getting your question answered is inversely proportional to the length of the question.

Let’s get to it!

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  1. I feel that I need a stronger WR2 after Randall Cobb in my 10-team, non-PPR league.  I have been offered Jeremy Maclin for Davante Adams and a 2016 2nd round pick. What are your thoughts?Mike in MD

I’ve never been a fan of former Philly receiver Jeremy Maclin, and his departure to the fantasy wasteland that is the Alex Smith-led Kansas City offense surely didn’t help things. Maclin was never a 1,000-yard receiver under coach Andy Reid as an Eagle, and Smith has topped out as at 3,313 yards and 23 passing scores…in nine years as a pro. Suffice it to say, that’s not good.

However, I’ll still take the WR1 of a poor offense over the WR3 of a great offense, even if the latter is helmed by the transcendent Aaron Rodgers. Since 2008 (Rodgers’ first year as a starter), the Packers’ WR3 has only surpassed 700 yards once, in 2012 when starter Jordy Nelson missed four games due to injury. For Davante Adams to make any sort of noise this year, owners will be counting on the same occurrence.

So I’ll take the Maclin side of this swap. The future second doesn’t do anything to sweeten that pot, and I just don’t see Adams offering you the stronger WR2 you desire. I think you should stand pat, or seek an alternative deal.

  1. In a post start-up draft trade where Team B is a major Steeler fan, Team A gave Antonio Brown, Justin Forsett, Jay Cutler and a 2016 4th round pick to Team B for AJ Green, Eddie Lacy, Tom Brady, 2016 2nd round pick. Do the rest of the owners get to resent Team A for the rest of history for pulling off a trade that was egregiously unfair, or should we give kudos to Team A for making smart moves for his team’s future? Is this a bad way to start a league? Is the trade kosher?Yeti in the North

[inlinead]I don’t think there’s anything to be resentful about. Though rational minds may differ, I prefer Pittsburgh receiver Antonio Brown to his divisional counterpart, AJ Green. The difference isn’t enough to mitigate the drop-off from Packers running back Eddie Lacy to Baltimore veteran Justin Forsett, but that’s part of what makes dynasty football great. Team B’s owner clearly plays favorites and defers to his hometown team, and the truth is Brown has averaged 3.0 PPR points per game more than Green over the course of the past two years. The other pieces in the deal are largely trivial, so honestly I don’t see a ton to get upset about – it’s not a deal I would make if I was Team B, but yes, I think the trade is kosher.

  1. In my TD-only league with bonuses for TD-length I have a solid team that’s somewhat weak at running back. I was thinking about trading one of the following players: Jamaal Charles, Jimmy Graham, Emmanuel Sanders or Jordy Nelson. What do you think is a realistic value for each of them? Charles and Sanders are the guys I would prefer to move based on injuries and future value. In our league LeSean McCoy was just traded for pick 1.03 in the upcoming draft. I believe Charles is worth more, but I’m just not sure where to start.Mike in MI

In a league where touchdowns take such precedence, I’m not sure why you’re looking to sell Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles. In two years under head coach Andy Reid he’s averaged 1.1 touchdowns per game, solidifying his place as an elite asset. He should easily net you the 1.01+, but again, you’re already weak at the position – I’d look to sell elsewhere.

As such I think you should try to unload Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders. He scored nine times last year, setting a career high in the process. But given the potential shift to more of a run-based offense it’s fair to wonder if he’ll keep up the pace. Sanders should be able to net you a mid-first round pick, and parting with him is preferable to losing your other pair of scoring machines in Seattle tight end Jimmy Graham and Green Bay receiver Nelson.

  1. In a start-up, 12-team PPR superflex league I have pick 11. Being (essentially) a 2QB league should I draft two quarterbacks with my first two picks? What would your strategy be for the first few rounds?Aaron in Australia

While it’s true getting quarterbacks early and often in superflex/2QB leagues is typically a sound strategy, I don’t necessarily think you should force yourself into it here. There’s a good chance at least five to seven signal callers will come off the board before your first pick, meaning you should have a shot at an elite receiver or running back, and perhaps even Rob Gronkowski. No, other positional options don’t typically score like the men under center, but taking a tier-one positional player could potentially afford you an even bigger relative upgrade. If you’re able to snag someone like Joe Flacco, Nick Foles, or Colin Kaepernick in the late third or early fourth round, I think that would make a lot more sense than waiting until pick 35 to grab a skill position player.

  1. I am in a 12-team keeper league, where you keep 12 players each year. Our draft will include players that weren’t kept, as well as rookies. There are two free agents running backs that have potential, Joseph Randle and Latavius Murray. How would you rank those two compared to the incoming rookie RB class?Evan in IN

I’m not overly bullish on either. For the Cowboys’ Joseph Randle, the opportunity is certainly there, if nothing else. If he stays healthy and stops trying to help himself to free undergarments, I could easily see him sequestering 60% of Dallas’ backfield workload – whether that run game is as efficient or voluminous as last season remains to be seen, but there’s potential. I’d valuate him as a late second round pick.

As for the Raiders’ Latavius Murray, I just don’t foresee the same breakout as others do. I’m not simply trying to play the contrarian when I say I think Roy Helu is the best running back on the roster, I actually believe it. No, Helu hasn’t done much apart from carrying Alfred Morris’ jock the past couple seasons, but it wasn’t that long ago when he functioned as the Redskins’ starter – truth be told he showed more of a “starter-worthy” portfolio than Murray did last year! I’d likely spend an early-to-mid second on Murray, but would want to ensure I grabbed Helu later as well.

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6 years ago

I’m interested to see where Joseph Randle’s value lies with people in the DLF community. I currently own him in my 12 team non PPR league and would trade him for anything less than a mid 1st at this point in hopes of securing an TJ Yeldon type prospect.. Am I way over doing it on Randle’s value? I just think his situation/talent/age work very well in his favor.. McFadden is a backup at best in Dallas and Randle did very well with his limited carries last year. I could see a stat line of
225-250 carries for around 1,000 yards, 30 rec for 225 yards, and 7-9 total TD’s. In our league that gives him around 175 points which is RB 1 production. At only 23 I feel like his value should be more. Am I hanging onto fools gold?

Reply to  Jake
6 years ago

Based on your beliefs and projection, why would you trade him for a “prospect”. Just saying if I was that high on him I wouldn’t let a 23 year old running behind the Dallas line get away. Also, I don’t think you’ll get to your target area of the draft of 1.06.

Reply to  KCGuzz
6 years ago

Yes, I agree with KC’s analysis there. It seems like you have that projection to sell to others. Personally, I see Randle as a placeholder; a statement by Dallas that their line is so good they don’t need an elite RB. I think his value right now is the highest it will ever be, and I wouldn’t be buying him straight up for a first or second round pick. The exact reason why you want a Yeldon-like back is the reason the first round pick is worth more to you than Randle: Randle’s ceiling is no higher as any first round RB, and his floor is much lower.

6 years ago

Have 1.01 pick in a 12-man .5 ppr league; only stipulation is that we can only roster 1 player 30+ years old by the time the new season starts.

1) We are having out first ever rookie draft in Aug, and I was offered Shady McCoy and their 1.08 pick for my 1.01 and 2.01 (13th overall) picks. However, my roster isn’t the strongest and feel I could use picks to bolster my weaker spots. I was planning on going Gurley with the top pick, but know that Rex Ryan is probably going to run McCoy like crazy in BUF in that run-first system. McCoy is still fairly young (27 on 7/12/15) and has a record of being a successful RB.

2) If I end up keeping my picks: I have the 1st, 13th, and 25th overall picks to start off the first 3 rounds with. My RBs are; A.Ellington, I.Crowell, T.Richardson, M.Ball, D.Robinson, J.Gray, B.Oliver, L.Seastrunk, and R.Rice. (I know I could probably drop a few of these guys by this time) My WRs are; K.Benjamin, J.Maclin, M.Crabtree, A.Johnson, and K.Aiken. When I do rookie mock drafts I am usually getting the choice between David Johnson, Jay Ajayi, Dorial Green-Beckham, or Jaelen Strong with my 2.01 pick. Do I grab Johnson and use him as a handcuff for Ellington, take a shot on Ajayi taking over lead back duties in MIA with L.Miller a FA after this season, or add to my WR depth with Green-Beckham or Strong?

Reply to  Bond
6 years ago

Here’s my take:

I pass on Shady in that deal (but I am of the camp that believes his best football is behind him). Buffalo may run the heck out of him, but with jump-around guys like Shady and Spiller, an injury or just losing a step kills their game. It may take a few years to play out, but I think when we look back on his coming to Buffalo, I think a lot of people will look back and see they overpaid for him. Also, in 3 short years, you have to commit to Shady as your only post-30 vet, not sure I want to commit myself to that if I have the chance to go 1.01.

If I’m you, I pick up Gurley and then take the steal of the draft in DGB and call it a day (they will be wondering how you got both those guys in a couple years).

6 years ago

Come on Eric, have you seen Latavius run? The man has got WHEELS! The knocks are pass-protection and that he may be injury prone/run too high.

Marcel Reese says he understands the game and has been talking football with him all year. He says he is now confident in his pass-pro and the coaching staff has pretty much already declared him the starter. I loved how Carr was able to air it out 40 to 50 times a game last year, they knew he would have a chance to succeed this year and wanted him to be acclimated when that time came. Bringing in a guy like Cooper takes pressure off the run game and vice versa. I see a young core that could be a few years away from making huge waves and Murray is going for the cheap! Can’t coach speed. Helu retains the same real-world value as a pass-catching backup as he had in Washington, and Murray is the breakout star of the year. Top 10 RB numbers

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