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The DLF Mailbag (Bonus Edition)


Welcome to the latest bonus edition of the weekly mailbag.

Send me your questions using the DLF Mailbag Form and I’ll include the best in future articles.  Remember the guidelines to have the best chance at seeing your question get posted:

1.) Dynasty questions only, no start/sit questions

2.) Help me help you by providing sufficient information about your league (e.g. line-up requirements/PPR or non-PPR/etc.), and include your first name and where you’re from.

3.) Your chance of getting your question answered is inversely proportional to the length of the question.

Let’s get to it!

1.) This is my first year in a dynasty league. It is a startup league and we have drafted already. There have been some blockbuster trades with what I perceived to have crazy value associated  (Le’Veon Bell for Marshawn Lynch, Tevin Coleman and next year’s first round pick). This first trade has made dealing difficult. My questions revolve around Rob Gronkowski and Dez Bryant. There is interest in Gronk, so what do you think is acceptable return value there? And, what should I be able to get for Bryant?Joshua in Quebec

[inlinead]It’s my belief that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski might just be the most valuable asset in dynasty football. Not only is he a force of nature when healthy, he also just so happens to play in fantasy’s most sparse position. The relative upgrade he provides on the field is quite arguably the biggest weekly advantage any player can possibly provide – if you’re going to deal him, you should be receiving an elite receiver plus some sweeteners.

I view Cowboys pass catcher Dez Bryant similarly. To me, he’s a top-three asset at the position, only just finished his first NFL contract. If you’re not getting a top-five player in return, or some combination of multiple top-20 players, there’s no point to moving him.

2.) I’ve got the #1 pick in a start-up dynasty superflex league. It feels like a no-brainer to go for Andrew Luck, right? My only concern is who I will get at the turn at the end of the second round.Jon in Parts Unknown

Quite simply, yes – you don’t need to use a single part of your brain to select Colts quarterback Andrew Luck here. He’s only 25 years old and already led all quarterbacks in fantasy scoring last season, more than one point ahead of second-place Aaron Rodgers and nearly three points ahead of third-place Russell Wilson. Quarterback is the most valuable position in a superflex setting, so getting the best one in the game is a move you have to make – you can worry about who you’ll be picking in subsequent rounds later, and quite frankly you’d have the problem no matter who you go with at pick 1.01.

3.) I just completed a successful title run and was even able to make moves in the season to secure pick 1.07 (I no longer have 1.10).  I am fielding an offer of receiving pick 1.05 for CJ Anderson.  I like Gary Kubiak to improve his production, however with the injury to Ryan Clady and the Montee Ball resurging I’m inclined to entertain this offer. Thoughts?Greg in PA

I’m a big fan of Denver running back CJ Anderson, and rank him as my overall dynasty RB9. I can understand the apprehension about a new coaching staff plus the return of a theoretically healthy Montee Ball, but the fact remains that Anderson functioned as a three-down running back last season, while also approaching the league leaders in terms of broken tackles per touch. Playing in a Peyton Manning-led offense will always help, but Anderson was the real deal regardless.

So even though you can likely nab a future starter with pick 1.05, I think I’d hang onto the Denver bell cow. You clearly have a win now team, and I see no reason why Anderson can’t continue to function as the lynchpin of your running back corps. Rookie Fever is a very real thing, but in your case, maintaining the players putting up points on a weekly basis should be the vaccine.

4.) I took over an orphan and it’s really bad. I have picks 1.01, 1.02 and 1.04 in this year’s draft, and was wondering if I should take Todd Gurley and Amari Cooper, and then Kevin White or Melvin Gordon?  I also got an offer for 1.01 of picks 1.13, 2.13, and a first and second next year. Do I do that also?Mike in MI

I agree with your proposed plan regarding your potential picks. To me, Todd Gurley and Amari Cooper are in a tier by themselves up top, and easily deserve to be the first two picks in the draft. From there, I don’t really think you can go wrong with any one of Kevin White, Melvin Gordon or DeVante Parker. The best thing you can do in a rebuild is to simply assemble the best possible talent, and this year’s draft is heavy at the top.

With regards to the proposed trade, I don’t like it one bit. Pick 1.13 is essentially a second round pick in smaller formats, and in a 16-team league a late second rounder is the definition of a lottery ticket. Plus, it looks as if your prospective trade partner “earned” his picks, meaning there’s a strong likelihood the 2016 picks won’t be all that great. The quantity doesn’t approach the quality here.

5.) I have Dez Bryant and someone wants him. They are offering me either Alshon Jeffrey or Julio Jones with this year’s first and second round pick, which would be the 12th and 24th picks respectively. This is a half-PPR league, so is this a good deal, and if so which receiver should I take?Johnny in PA

I would absolutely make this deal, and make Atlanta receiver Julio Jones your target of choice. I actually rank Jones as my number-one receiver in dynasty and believe he’s the only player in the league who can approach Calvin Johnson’s elite level of physicality and skill. With Kyle Shanahan now in town coordinating the offense, and given his propensity for peppering his top receiving option with targets, I expect Jones to have his best year as a professional.

Others may have differing opinions, but I have a tough time believing anyone could have Jones and Dez Bryant separated by anything more than a few spots. The fact you’d receive both a first and second round pick to make the deal adds about five inches of icing to the top of the cake. If you decide to take this offer, suffice it to say you won’t be “Jones’ing “ for too many more fantasy assets.

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6 years ago

Would you consider dealing Luck for Gronk in a 6pt per passing TD league?

Reply to  radioactiveshark
6 years ago

I have Luck in just such a league and my answer is no. It is important to include that I don’t have squat behind him and the league is 11 years old, so good Luck [pun intended] replacing him.

6 years ago

If I had the first pick in our draft, or he made it to me, I was taking Luck as well (I drafted 8th). One of the best drafts went to an owner who found a lot of mid draft veteran gems to help in the first year. If you have read most of the articles on DLF, your player availability will depend on wether or not your draft includes rookies. Our draft did. This makes those mid draft picks valuable whn other owners are chasing rookies. Depends on if you want to win now or build for an actual ‘Dynasty’. Good luck.

6 years ago

Thank you for answering my question. I sent it from phone and it auto filled Bryant with Dez Bryant. I was actually interested in what your thoughts, for value, were on Martavis Bryant. As a player whose stock is rising, I am receiving interest in him. As I said, based on some trades and this being my first year in dynasty I am not sure how to value him. I do not have an elite WR like Dez or Julio but have alot of young talent (Landry, Perriman, Wallace, Marvin Jones, Devante Davis and Martavis). What should I target for Martavis? Have received an offer already of VJax or Boldin with Funchess and 2nd round 2016. Thoughts?

Reply to  Joshua
6 years ago

No, based on your receivers I don’t see you winning a championship this year. Keep what you have unless someone offers you a mid first round pick for him… Or you can try to package Bryant, Landry and/or Perriman for a stud WR.

Reply to  SRJ
6 years ago

I have been made an offer of Boldin or Vjax, Funchess and a 2016 4th round pick for Martavis Bryant. I might be able to bump the pick to a 2nd or 3rd round instead. What do you think of the offer on the table?

Reply to  Joshua
6 years ago

Since you don’t appear to be in a win-now season, the trade comes down to Martavis for Funchess and a non-1st round pick in 2016. Bryant is in a better offense and should have more upside. Keep him and build for the future, which Boldin and VJax will not be a part of.

6 years ago

N=1 but I took Luck at 1.01 in a superflex start-up and got S Watkins and A Cooper at the turn.

david long
6 years ago

I have A.J Green. I have two trade offers. Which should I take? A.J for Amari Cooper and 2016 1st round pick. or A.J. for Kevin White and Jordan Mathews. or just stay with A.J.


Reply to  david long
6 years ago

I would keep AJ. Those other guys are unproven while you already know AJ is elite.

6 years ago

If you can get the JMatt, White and that 2016 1st I pull the trigger. People are really sleeping on Matthews.

6 years ago

1) Have 1.01 pick in dynasty league and this is our first rookie draft. Was offered 1.08 and 1.09 and spiller for my first pick. Do I stick with it and go Gurley or Cooper or make the trade?
2) Could also use advice on current RB and WR situation or what to potentially target in my rookie draft.

QBS – Kaepernick

RBS – Ellington, Crowell, Ball, D. Robinson, J. Gray, T. Richardson, R. Rice(hoping)

WRS – Benjamin, A. Johnson, J. Maclin, M. Crabtree

TES – Graham, Seferian-Jenkins

Reply to  T
6 years ago

Keep the 1.01 pick and go with Gurley- he’s the best RB prospect to come along in years. Assuming you also have pick 2.01 I would go with a WR such as Perriman or Green-Beckham. Looking at your roster I would suggest dealing Maclin (his production will decline greatly with Smith throwing to him), Crabtree, Robinson and Ball. In fact i would even suggest dealing Ellington as he will provide a decent return. The Cards just drafted a better version of Ellington in David Johnson. If you draft Gurley, deal for Tre Mason and give up Ball and/or Robinson. The only players I would keep protected on your squad would be Crowell, Benjamin, Graham and Seferian-Jenkins. All others would be subject to trade to move up in draft or accumulate players such as Allen Robinson and Teddy Bridgewater who didn’t have overwhelming rookie years but have great upside. Robinson will be an elite WR once the Jags come to their senses and dump Bortles. Anyway hope this helps- whatever you do, don’t pass on Gurley…

Reply to  Slumpbusters
6 years ago

Agree with everything you just said Slump….except why are you so down on Bortles? Everything I’ve read, he came on late last year even after being sacked a league high 55 times….and he’s been doing everything right this off season….The size and arm are there….whats the problem?

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