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It’s nice to have a dynasty roster full of young studs but at the same time it’s nearly impossible to acquire those players. To trade for a player that everyone desires you are going to have to pay up to get a deal done. While everyone is fighting over the Mike Evans’ and Luke Kuechly’s of fantasy football, the savvy owners are going after the players that are overlooked by the majority of owners who will offer you a prime opportunity to get a return on your investment.

Joe Flacco, QB BAL

He may never put up top 5 fantasy Quarterback numbers, but at a DLF May ADP of QB20, he should easily outproduce his price. Last year Flacco was a top 14 fantasy quarterback and everything this off-season points to him being even better. The Ravens lost Torrey Smith in free agency, but gave Flacco two more weapons in this year’s draft (Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams). Marc Trestman was also hired to be the Offensive Coordinator in Baltimore. Trestman is a pass happy coach, so Flacco should get around a 10% increase in pass attempts from last year that should allow him to squeak into the top 10 Fantasy passers in 2015.

Shane Vereen, RB NYG

[inlinead]If you follow me on twitter (@BreezeIDP) you already know I love this guy in PPR leagues. He broke his wrist in 2013, but was a top 12 running back that year on a points per game basis. In 2014, he was seldom used but still finished as the RB20 in PPR. The Giants actively pursued him in free agency and gave him a nice contract for a running back these days so it looks like they have plans to use him to his strengths. Vereen came in at RB34 in ADP this month and I see no reason why he won’t be a top 18 RB in 2015 in PPR leagues – and if he stays healthy like last year, that is his floor.

George Johnson/Jacquies Smith, DL TB

With more 3-4 defensive schemes in the league every year, the pool of DL eligible players with double digit sack potential is as shallow as it has ever been. Both of these defensive ends played well last year in rotational roles. Johnson netted six sacks on 329 pass rush snaps and Smith had 6.5 on 309 snaps. With Adrian Clayborn now on the Falcons, it’s very possible that both these Bucs log 500 pass rush snaps and hover around the ten sack mark.

Torrey Smith, WR SF

I don’t love Smith, I never have and never will. However, his ADP of WR39 right now is something I cannot overlook. He finished as WR33 last year on only 92 targets. The 49ers did not shell out $22 million of guaranteed money to a player they plan on using that sparingly. Torrey Smith may not be a complete player who does everything well, but he will give you a significant return on investment if you get him as your fourth wide receiver in a startup draft.

Nigel Bradham, ILB BUF

He has gained steam this off-season, but I still think he is being overlooked. Bradham is sometimes inconsistent but when he is “ON,” he is lights out. When he wants to he can dominate in all facets of the game including the ability to blitz and take down the passer. He was a top 30 Linebacker last year and missed some time due to small injuries. If he can stay healthy, there is no reason why he won’t be a top 20 LB in IDP and could flirt with top 10 numbers if the stars align.

Ladarius Green, TE SD

Many dynasty owners have soured on Green because he is still making us all wait to see what he is capable of. The problem is he continues to be stuck behind Antonio Gates who will not go away. I would much rather have a player who hasn’t received a chance because he is blocked by a future Hall of Famer than a player who has gotten year after year of opportunity and done nothing with it (Cough Kyle Rudolph cough). Ladarius is still 6”6’ with blazing speed and crazy balls skills that makes him a mismatch for any defense.

Antoine Bethea, SS SF

Bethea was a top 5 DB last year and nothing happened this off-season to expect a dropoff from those numbers. It’s possible that he could even improve on those numbers with the retirements of Willis and Borland. He is going to be 31 in July so many dynasty owners are overlooking him. You should be taking advantage of that by getting an elite short term DB1 on the cheap.

Eric Decker, WR NYJ

The dynasty community cringed last off-season when Decker signed with New York Jets. His numbers took a plummet from the glory days in Denver, but his 2014 season was much better than people are giving him credit for. Decker missed some time due to a hamstring injury and sometimes even when he was on the field it was obvious that he was limited. With only 113 targets he missed the 1,000 yard mark by 38 yards. A big negative to the move to New York was people believed he could not be a NFL WR1 but I think he proved them wrong. The addition of Brandon Marshall should help Decker get open and he should have no problem making you a profit on his current start ADP of WR45. Also, Darrelle Revis now wears the same uniform as Decker, which means he will not have to take a trip to “Revis Island” twice a year.

Koa Misi, LB MIA

This guy will never put up elite linebacker IDP numbers, but he may be as cheap as a waiver wire add in your league. While Jelani Jenkins is the Dolphins linebacker to own, there was no other competition brought in to threaten Misi for snaps. Also the main focus for Miami this offseason was to improve their interior defensive line with the additions of Ndamukong Suh and Jordan Phillips which should only help Misi more since it will be more difficult for offensive lineman to engage in blocks at the second level. Koa showed he is capable of being an every down player and could flirt with top 40 Linebacker numbers in 2015.



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7 years ago

> He finished as WR33 last year on only 92 targets. The 49ers did not shell out $22 million of guaranteed money to a player they plan on using that sparingly.

How many targets to realistically see him getting? Boldin (121) and Crabtree (102) were the only SF receivers to have more than 50 targets last season. Crabtree and Stevie (with his 49 targets) are gone and Boldin is another year older, so there is a target vacuum there, but SF just doesn’t throw that much.

Reply to  Mike
7 years ago

I think its dangerous to say they don’t throw much. They have a new coach and their Off Coordinator was formally the QB coach so I imagine he likes to throw. Also, the 49er defense doesn’t have the star power it once did; maybe the new guys step right in and play just as well but as of now it doesn’t look like they will hold teams to 13-17 points.

I could see them throw more out of necessity, and if that happens then WR39 should most likely be an absolute floor.

Reply to  Mike
7 years ago

They have been considered run heavy in the last but that’s because they had Gore and a dominating defense. Neither is the case anymore. I like Hyde but that defense is a less so they will need to throw it. They paid Torrey huge money and would be shocked if he didn’t averaged at least 8 targets a game aka 120-130 targets in a full healthy season.

Reply to  Mike
7 years ago

“The 49ers did not shell out $22 million of guaranteed money to a player they plan on using that sparingly.”

I remember the exact same thing being said two years ago when the Rams shelled out a ton of money for Jared Cook. Look how that one turned out. Sometimes a player is only as good as what he’s already shown you regardless of a change in scenery. I think Torrey fits that mold.

Reply to  gond13
7 years ago

Cook never produced in TEN. He was overpaid on potential. Last year was Torrey caught 49 balls and still was WR33 in PPR. WR39 is buying below his floor. Torrey had over 1100 yards in 2013 so he has shown he is capable of much more than his 2014 stat line. I see no reason why Torrey can’t catch 60 balls for 1000 yards in 2015. If that doesn’t sway you then we can just agree to disagree. Torrey may not have top 10 WR upside but he does have a great floor for what to invest to get him.

Eric Coleman
7 years ago

Breeze that picture is amazing! Please make it your twitter avatar.

7 years ago

Lets not forget Reggie bush. I’m fairly certain he’s there to catch passes out of the backfield. I see him getting 70 targets or so as well.

ralph fazzio
7 years ago

Don’t agree with Decker. He put up 10/221/1 in the final game of the season last year – 7 less yards than his previous four games combined. I’d rather take the chance on Boldin, Garcon, A Robinson, Stills in that price range.

Decker will get about 4 1/2 receptions a game, with 20-60 yards and 1/3 TD on average. Plenty of others will do the same.

Rest of the article was solid. Thanks for the post. 🙂

Brian Henry
7 years ago

Excellent read.

Paul G
7 years ago

This is the worst fantasy article I’ve ever read… and I’ve read bleacher reports.

7 years ago

This is not the first article I have seen list Eric Decker as a value player. Ralph above writes that he would rather take a chance on Garcon, Boldin types or Stills ARob (younger guys) types.

Garcon’s ADP has dropped enough to make him a player to look at in later rounds but Stills and ARob carry the youth piece that might be a choice to make over Decker.

It feels like they are all in the same tier to me. You may not get two of these in your drafts so pick your favorite. If you are trading for one in an established league you can give less and obtain Boldin that you can for Garcon Stills and ARob. —-Even Decker costs a bit more in a trade than Boldin sports.

Gary Frasier
7 years ago

Love to listen to each opinion,Must weigh each thought and decide myself.Thanx for all thoughts value them all

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