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Welcome back to the second installment of Eight in the Box. This week, I’ll be taking a look back at the NFL draft for the eight most surprising things that happened in regards to defensive players last week in Chicago. The NFL Draft always has its share of twists and turns and 2015 was no different. So, let’s take a look back at the best weekend in the off-season.

New York Jets draft Leonard Williams

It’s not so much that the Jets took the best player in the draft, it’s that A.) he was still there at No. 6, and B.) New York already had a very good offensive line. Now, reports have it they are looking to move Muhammad Wilkerson which would immediate lock Williams into the starting lineup. As of today though, it is a rotation, and one that could affect the IDP value of everyone involved.

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Landon Collins goes to the New York Giants

Let me assure you there is no East Coast bias in this article even though I’m starting with two New York teams. I’m an Illinois kid living in Iowa. That said, I was surprised that Collins slipped out of the first round. Regarded as easily the best safety in this year’s draft, he was chosen with the first pick of the second round after the Giants traded up for him. He’ll plug into the starting lineup and should be the first defensive back drafted in your league.

Dante Fowler’s injury

No, this isn’t a draft related item, but it should be addressed. Fowler tore his ACL in his first practice and will be gone for the season. His price should drop in terms of where you will draft him, but I would not hesitate to pick him up. When he comes back next season, I would still expect him to be a premier pass rusher with a defensive lineman designation. No, you won’t get anything short-term, but he is worth the long-term investment.

Packers take a DB in the first

I think most people expected Green Bay to take an inside linebacker when their turn came up in the first round. On top of the need, they had the pick of the litter, as no team had selected one from that position grouping yet. Yet, Ted Thompson ignored team need and chose a safety who does not play coverage well with the intention to convert him to nickel corner.

Um, say what now?

Green Bay took Damarious Randall with its first pick and in the process raised a lot of eyebrows. Randall is not very good in coverage and the Packers safety tandem is quite strong. While Randall is a very good special teams player, this was not the spot I expected to see him go.

San Francisco feels a little Tartt

Much like the Packers selection of Randall, the 49ers drafting Jaquiski Tartt in the second round was a bit of a head-scratcher. Tartt is a very similar player to last year’s first-round pick Jimmie Ward. In fact, Ward and Tartt competed against each other in high school. Depth is always a good thing to have, but this selection hurts Tartt’s value significantly.

Carl Davis to the Ravens

I know Ozzie Newsome is smarter than me, but I don’t get this one. Davis is a very good 4-3 defensive tackle, but I don’t see him fitting into Baltimore’s 3-4 scheme. He isn’t big enough to play the nose and isn’t fast enough to hold down the defensive end. He is a good interior pass rusher, but unlike Leonard Williams above, he did not move up and down the line in preparation for NFL teams. Davis anchored the interior of the Hawkeyes line. Just seems like a strange fit to me.

Kendricks to the Vikings

By all accounts, UCLA’s Eric Kendricks was the most complete inside linebacker in the draft. What I don’t grasp is how he was the third ILB taken, lasting until the 45th overall selection. He’ll now pair with former college teammate Anthony Barr to give Minnesota a strong linebacking corps for years. Kendricks should be an LB1 by the end of the season.

The Mighty Fallen Duck

Heading into the College Football Playoff Ifo Ekpre-Olomu was thought of as one of the best corners in the draft and there was talk that he might have been a first round pick. The former Oregon standout tore his ACL just before the playoffs and fell to the 25th pick of the seventh round. I anticipated a drop, but not nearly one that steep. He probably won’t be ready for the start of the season, but Cleveland may have found themselves a great value.

What did you think of these (or other) IDP picks from the draft? Let us know in the comments below.


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7 years ago

A lot of good picks that landed at great spots that could pay immediate dividends.

Besides the ones you stated.
Stephone Anthony (I think the most instinctual LB in this class) landed at a spot where he only needs to displace Hawthorne.

Jake Ryan going to GB should have a chance to make an immediate impact.

Kyle Emmanuel going to SD, I am not a fan of. He might get some time though depending on Attouchou’s development but I’d expect a few years from him.

A huge coup was Markus Golden going to Arizona. That’s a great pass rushing option.

And finally, although I was not high on him, Eli Harold landed at a good spot with SF. Should contribute right away.

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