DLF Unveils the 2015 ORANGE Report



Editor’s Note: The credit for this entire project goes to The FFGhost, who has been developing this in over the past few months.  Enjoy!

It’s that time of the year, the ORANGE Report is finally here! Following on the heels of the Offensive Rookie Draft Board, the ORANGE Report is here to give you all the rookie goodness your heart could desire.

The 2015 edition of the ORANGE Report has been re-designed from the ground up, completely breaking from the format set forth by the previous versions. It features a more elegant and user-friendly look designed to make information easy to find and digest as needed. Each player now also has a grade, composed of how he has performed based on position specific attributes. This also applies to each position as a whole as a grade is now given to each position based upon the average score of the top ten performers from that position.

The fantasy community has embraced the ORANGE Report in a big way and I wanted to highlight that as well. Following each position I’ve included testimonials from some of the top fantasy minds in our business, each singing the praise of the ORANGE Report in a way only each of them can do. Sure, I can sit here telling you how great it is, but in the end I’m biased. These individuals have no stake in making sure this project is a success, most don’t even have a stake in the success of DLF itself. These experts are simply stating what they believe and that is that the ORANGE Report stands alone in terms of how special it is to fantasy football players who want to learn more about the prospects in the NFL Draft.

As in years past, I’ve sought to upgrade or change the report in ways that will make it more useful, easy to use or accurately reflect how the NFL game has impacted the fantasy game. This year’s changes include:

  • A complete redesign of the report format from the ground up.
  • An added player label entitled “Combine Leader” which is assigned to players who performed in the top five players at their position for three or more events at the NFL Combine.
  • Embedded quotes that help hammer home important takeaway from each evaluation page.
  • A projected NFL round and fantasy round each player can be expected to be drafted in. In previous years there was only one projection, this should help fantasy players make decisions not on NFL values but fantasy values. The fantasy draft projection is based on a 12 team league with PPR scoring.
  • Players are now given a score based upon their performance in several attributes important to their position. The average score is based out of a total of ten points helps determine how a player stacks up against other prospects in his class. Something to note with this scoring system, I remove two percent off the top of all attributes for any player tagged with a “Character Concern” label. This appears to effectively account for this issue and the actual average score is listed in parenthesis for reference.
  • Positions are now also given an overall score. This is calculated by averaging the scores of top ten players from that position.
  • On the IDP side, I’ve added the “Edge” position and removed the “Defensive End” position. This is a direct reflection of how difficult it is to translate how a player will be used in the NFL versus their use in college. A player may be a pass rushing outside linebacker in college but a defensive end in the NFL. This helps account for those players without lumping them together with outside linebackers designed to play in a 4-3 regardless of if they are in college or the NFL. The Outside Linebacker position grouping is now solely for non-pass rushing outside linebackers while the Edge position is now for defensive ends and pass rushing 3-4 outside linebackers.
  • Quotes of support from experts in the fantasy football community are now prominently featured throughout the document. These quotes are something I’m very proud of and help hammer home the high level of quality this report encompasses.

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I’m so very proud of this year’s edition of the ORANGE Report and hope you find it useful. As ghosts tend to do I’ll leave you with an ominous message, if everything goes right you just may hear more about the ORANGE Report. Keep your ears “peeled.”