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Karl and Eric are joined by DLF writer James Simpson. They discuss some rumors taking share on the internet about some possible changes. Eric highlights his Running Back Report. And James calls in from the other side of the Atlantic to talk about his new series, Searching For Consistent Greatness.

Besides sporting an awesome accent, James is often found on twitter at @JS_Football helping his fellow man dominate their dynasty leagues.

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6 years ago

I love the podcast, but I get kind of annoyed at the Doug Martin is not good/2 of his games accounted for 29% of his production when every expert on this site does not apply the same scrutiny to a guy like DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is already labeled as a top 10 WR by pretty much everyone on the site, but he is doing the same thing Doug Martin did.

Hopkins had a huge game all season long. If you take his top two games (like Martin’s) it accounts for 29% of Hopkins’ production for the season (just like Martin).

If you take Hopkins’ 4 biggest games, it would account for 35% of his receptions, 48% of his yards, and 50% of his touchdowns.

In his other 12 games, Hopkins had 49 Rec, 633 yards, 3 touchdowns. That is eye-opening and deserves some sort of explanation as to why he can be ranked so high when he really hasn’t shown as much as his ranking suggests, just like Martin 2 seasons ago.

James Simpson
Reply to  Steve
6 years ago

Hey Steve, thanks for listening.

I am actually one of the few that isn’t a big Hopkins fan at his current price at all, and it is partly to do with exactly what you described. When I looked at him for the WR article in the series, the numbers were actually pretty damning (only three WR1 games in his two years in the league and the 44.8 point game was deceptive).

As for Martin, for me it was never a matter of “he’s not good”, more “his price is crazy” after that year. That’s when you want to sell/pump the brakes on someone. Same way I feel about Hopkins now, but I do think Hopkins’ fall won’t be as steep as Martin’s and he will still produce at a decent level (just not where his ADP/rankings suggest).

I hope that provides some clarity on where I’m coming from.

6 years ago


Yes, it does! Thanks for responding and the work you do here for us subscribers. And I agree, Hopkins won’t have the kind of collapse Martin experienced, but expectations need to be tempered.

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