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Karl & Eric cover all the dynasty angles as the fantasy and NFL season wind down. From not-so-smokin’ Jay Cutler, to the Niners collapse against the Chargers, to BeastMode and more, there is plenty to cover. Ryan McDowell then joins in and the guys knock out a three round startup mock draft.


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The DLF Podcast Team

Jarrett Behar, Host – @EyeOfTheGator
Karl Safchick, Co-Host – @karlsafchick
Eric Hardter, Co-Host – @EDH_27
Tim Stafford, Co-Host – @dynastytim
Jason Blanton, Producer – @Jason_Blanton


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Cpn Janks
6 years ago

Good podcast. Like hearing how the 2014 rookies are valued in startups at this points. Minor critique (truly minor) Please limit the “bada-bing” type “jokes” (tier drop) …. Not too funny and brings the discussion to a screeching halt at times. My two cents…

Overall though I’m a loyal listener so good content and discussion each week.

6 years ago

Love the pod, but can you please take a break with the anti-metric snark and sarcasm? It’s great to hear your position on it, but it seems like every episode you have to do this snarky thing on tall WRs and/or a player like Christine Michael. Enough already.

It feels like since there are a couple guys on Twitter who rubs you the wrong way you punish your podcast listeners by bringing this topic up every single episode. And more often than not you don’t bring any insight but simply go on some sarcastic tirade about it. Please stop. You’re better than that.

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