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Preseason Roundup: Week One, Part One


The preseason is upon us and that means we finally get a chance to see free agents with their new teams and our shiny new rookies in real game action. While many of our dynasty league staples won’t play much the first few weeks, we at least get to see some glimpses of some role¬†players and get a taste for what they may (or may not) be able to do if given a bigger opportunity. While many fantasy football players won’t pay much attention to these games, they’re perfect for the true dynasty enthusiast to get an early idea on depth charts, player usage and even unearthing a future sleeper. We’ll go through the preseason games as they conclude each week and post this series with some short notes on what we observe during each game.

Indianapolis at New York Jets

You have to like what you saw from TY Hilton as he caught three passes for 38 yards. If this game was any indication (and it may not be since Reggie Wayne is being eased into things), Hilton could be the best receiver on the Colts this year. The news on him from camp has been glowing and he looks poised to take a nice step forward this season. Meanwhile, we didn’t see enough from Trent Richardson (five carries for 13 yards) to see if he looks any better. Hakeem Nicks caught one pass for 15 yards, but also didn’t do anything to silence those who think he may be washed up. Da’Rick Rogers may have an uphill climb to make the team, but he posted a nice 45-yard catch in limited action.

For the Jets, Chris Ivory started, but suffered a rib injury that doesn’t look to be too serious. Chris Johnson took his place and had 18 yards on six touches, including a one-yard touchdown run. The use of the running backs for the Jets is an interesting storyline, but it’s doubtful any of them are really going to carry your team to glory any time soon. Geno Smith started at quarterback as expected and finished his series completing four passes out of six attempts for 33 yards. Michael Vick played fairly well as the backup, but it’s obvious the Jets are going to do everything they can to make Smith successful. Eric Decker played for a short time and caught two passes for 12 yards in his New York debut. It’s really hard to tell what this offense is going to be able to accomplish, so they’ll be worth watching over the next few weeks.


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Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly

Senior Partner - Executive Editor at DynastyLeagueFootball
Ken is a corporate trainer by day an a tireless editor of dynasty content by night. His passion for the World Champion Seattle Seahawks is second only to his love of fantasy football and the dynasty format.

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Ken Kelly

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  1. Sven

    August 8, 2014 at 5:06 am

    “Christine Michael did not rush for 300 yards, score 86 touchdowns or sack Peyton Manning.”

    Best line of the article. You should also note that he didn’t prevent the earthquake or stop the hurricanes headed for Hawaii.

  2. kcDemonSlayer

    August 8, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    I don’t understand why pundits think that Seastrunk has to catch passes……on a team that has another running back that, well, doesn’t catch passes. As if Seastrunk could only hope to be a backup 3rd down RB. I got news for everyone he’s not coming for Helu’s job, he’s coming for Morris’ job. He is a faster and more explosive athlete than Morris who, well, doesn’t friggen catch passes! And when Gruden turns Morris into BJGE, he will draft a Gio Bernard, and Seastrunk will be the Jeremy Hill…..and that will be starting next season.

    • kcDemonSlayer

      August 8, 2014 at 12:26 pm

      Let me expand on this thought. In Cincy, Gruden wanted a pass catching RB so he went out and drafted a pass catching RB. He did not try to make BJGE catch passes, and he did not draft an early down back and try to turn him into a pass catching RB during the offseason. Now in Washington, if Gruden wanted a pass catching RB, why would he draft Seastrunk? Anyone? Anyone at all? He doesn’t want Seastrunk to catch passes that’s why!

      • dlfkenk

        August 8, 2014 at 6:21 pm

        I think most people would just like to see him have the ability to do it because that’s going to get him on the field much faster with Morris already on the roster. If he can’t do that and doesn’t show he’s a well rounded player, his opportunities are going to be limited and he’s going to clog up some rosters. With many leagues depending on PPR scoring, it would certainly be a bonus and Seastrunk really needs to show he can do a variety of things to make the team.

        • kcDemonSlayer

          August 9, 2014 at 5:46 am

          I think he is a lock to make the team. Most rosters list the starter and then the backup to the starter as 2nd RB, and then your pass catching 3rd down back is listed as the 3rd RB. So I think Seastrunk is the #2 RB and Helu is #3 and Thompson is the one that needs to make an impression.

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