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The 2012 Stewie Awards

Welcome everyone to “The Stewie Awards.” Here at DLF, we want to look back and reflect on the season that was and recognize not the players who brought us home the fantasy gold, but the players who caused our seasons to end early, players who caused us to drink a little more than normal, to shed a couple of tears, and caused our significant others to question our sanity after screaming hate filled vulgarity at our TVs. “The Stewies” recognize the biggest disappointments in fantasy football, named after perennial DLF disappointment, Jonathan Stewart. These players will most certainly find their way onto many “Burn Lists”.

So let’s get right to it. We rented a venue for the awards show, but just like the regular season, the players didn’t show up.

Our first category is “Biggest Disappointment by a Quarterback”.

The nominees are:

Philip Rivers: 3,607 yards, 26 TD, 15 INT

Michael Vick: 2,362 yards, 12 TD, 10 INT & 345 rushing yards, one rushing TD, missed six games

Eli Manning: 3,948 yards, 26 TD, 15 INT

Joe Flacco: 3,817 yards, 22 TD, 10 INT, three rushing TD

Jay Cutler: 3,033 yards, 19 TD, 14 INT, missed one game

Here to present the award is last year’s winner, Sam Bradford. “On behalf of all underachievers, both current and former, I would like to present this award to the 2012 winner for ‘Biggest Disappointment by a Quarterback’… Jay Cutler!”

Hopes were high for Cutler this season after the Bears went out and reunited him with former Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall. Unfortunately, Marshall was not the savior for Jay, even though Marshall himself had a career year. Cutler failed to break the 275 yard mark in 13 of 15 games and only produced multiple touchdowns in five games. For a quarterback drafted as a low end QB1 or high end QB2, that is terrible. Hopefully if you drafted him you did so to pair with one of the spectacular rookie quarterbacks. Enjoy your award Jay.

Our next category is “Biggest Disappointment by a Running Back”.

The Nominees are:

Ryan Mathews: 12 games, 267 carries, 707 rush yards, one TD, 39 catches, 252 rec. yards, no TDs

Darren McFadden: 12 games, 216 carries, 707 rush yards, two TDs, 42 catches. 258 rec. yards, one TD

LeSean McCoy: 12 games, 200 carries, 840 rush yards, two TDs, 54 catches, 373 rec. yards, three TDs

Maurice Jones-Drew: Six games, 86 carries, 414 rush yards, one TD, 14 catches, 86 rec. yards, TD

DeMarco Murray: 10 games, 161 carries, 663 yards, four TDs, 35 catches, 251 rec. yards, TD

Trent Richardson: 15 games, 267 carries, 950 rush yards, 11 TDs, 51 catches, 367 rec. yards, TD

Presenting this year’s award, the man himself, Jonathan Stewart! “I don’t think this is funny. Not one bit. The winner for ‘Biggest Disappointment by a Running Back’ is… Ryan Mathews.

Was there really anyone else that could possibly win this? When Mike Tolbert left for Carolina during free agency, dynasty leaguers rejoiced. A lot of seasonal guys jumped on board too, pegging him as high as the number four running back to draft behind Arian Foster, Ray Rice, and LeSean McCoy. Then he had about as bad as a pre-season as a running back could have by breaking his collarbone on his first carry. He was then labeled as the value of the draft. A guy who could put up RB1 numbers available at the end of round three? Sign me up, right?


When Mathews returned from injury, he returned to a team in disarray. Coach Turner lost his dang mind and put Mathews into a committee attack with an ancient duo of Jackie Battle and Ronnie Brown. The thing that drove me up the wall the most was pulling Mathews off the field on third downs. Mathews works great in open space and is so much faster than Brown. In my opinion, that was the biggest screw up with how his workload was handled. But next year is going to be different…right?

Moving along, our next category is “Biggest Disappointment by a Wide Receiver”.

The nominees are:

Larry Fitzgerald: 16 games, 71 catches, 798 yards, four TDs

Greg Jennings: seven games, 36 catches, 366 yards, four TDs

Titus Young: 10 games, 33 catches, 383 yards, four TDs, suspended for final six games

Brandon Lloyd: 16 games, 74 catches, 911 yards, four TDs

Torrey Smith: 16 games, 49 catches, 855 yards, eight TDs

Presenting the award, please welcome former winner, Sidney Rice. “Thank you. I’m just glad to be here and not be nominated. Luckily, nobody expects anything out of me anymore. The winner for ‘Biggest Disappointment by a Wide Receiver’ is… Larry Fitzgerald.

This one hurt. Through no fault of his own, Fitzgerald was by far the biggest disappointment of the group. Since he played healthy in all 16 games, you had to start him as your WR3 at worst, just in case he put up Larry-like numbers. Unfortunately, the quarterback carousel from hell couldn’t find Fitzgerald if their lives depended on it. Even with bad quarterback play, Fitzgerald always found a way to put up good numbers, and with the supposed emergence of Andre Roberts and Rob Housler (who unfortunately did not get enough playing time), and the Cardinals drafting Michael Floyd, things were supposed to be easier for the ultra talented wide receiver. Fitzgerald was being drafted as high as the WR3 this year and sadly finished as a WR3 on your team. With the firings in Arizona already under way, hopefully the Cardinals can find an arm to get Fitz and company the ball. The cupboard is NOT bare in the desert.

Our next award is for the “Biggest Disappointment by a Tight End”, the nominees are:

Jermichael Finley: 16 games, 61 catches, 667 yards, two TDs

Vernon Davis: 16 games, 41 catches, 548 yards, five TDs

Antonio Gates: 15 games, 49 catches, 538 yards, seven TDs

Brandon Pettigrew: 14 games, 59 catches, 565 yards, three TDs

Coby Fleener: 12 games, 26 catches, 281 yards, two TDs

To present this award, please welcome the only repeat winner of this award, going for his third consecutive “Biggest Disappointment by a Tight End” award, Jermichael Finley. “It’s an honor to be here going for number three, I share this honor with four other guys I really respect. Good luck gentlemen. The winner of ‘The Finley’… I mean, ‘The Stewie’ is… the streak is dead…Vernon Davis!” (Vernon cries all the way to the stage, screams incoherently into the mic and walks off into Coach Harbaugh’s waiting arms)

After last year’s second half and dominant playoff run, it was expected that Davis would make a run at Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski as the most dominant tight end in fantasy. It appeared the 49ers passing game was built around Davis, it was not. Davis started out the season scoring four of his five touchdowns in the first three games but would only score one more time all year, in week 11 against the Bears. He only caught more than four balls four times all year and only broke the 50 yards receiving mark four times also. The switch from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick didn’t help, either. Outside of Kaepernick’s first start (week 11 versus the Bears), Davis only caught more than one pass once. For a tight end being drafted as high as he was, it is without a doubt the biggest disappointment at his position.

Awards that were given out earlier tonight but not appearing on camera were:

“Biggest Disappointment by a Defensive Lineman”Jason Babin, DE PHI/JAX

After 12.5 sacks with the Titans in 2010, Babin followed that up with an 18 sack campaign with the Eagles in 2011. Babin was drafted as a low end DE1 and rock solid DE2 this year, but like all things Eagles, the wheels fell off the bus and Babin’s season quickly turned into a dumpster fire. In fact, it got so bad that he was waived and finished his season in Jacksonville as a Jaguar with six and a half sacks.

Biggest Disappointment by a Linebacker” D’Qwell Jackson, MLB CLE

After finally putting together a fully healthy season in 2011 which saw Jackson tally 115 solo tackles, 41 assists, three fumble recoveries, a forced fumble, an interception, and three and a half sacks, DQ was entering 2012 as a top five fantasy linebacker in all formats. Unfortunately, Jackson only reached the six solo tackle mark twice all year and finished with nearly as many assisted tackles (54) as solo tackles (63). He was able to keep his “big play” numbers pretty close to the year prior with two fumble recoveries, one forced fumble, two interceptions, and three and a half sacks. These were most definitely not the kind of number we expected out of D’Qwell Jackson this year. With a new coaching staff heading to Cleveland, it will be interesting to see what happens.

That concludes our ceremony. Hopefully you were not stuck with too many of these guys on your fantasy teams this year. If you were, there is always next year. Feel free to share your biggest disappointments in the comment section below. Misery loves company and we all feel better sharing our pain with the fantasy brother and sisterhood.

We hope you enjoyed the Stewies and we look forward to next year’s presentation!

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9 years ago

Jonathan Stewart presents the award to Ryan Mathews….that’s awesome because I own them both…and I’ll be drafting 1.04 next year.

A bit surprised to see Trent listed as a disappointment. I know he was outperformed my two fellow rookies, but he did score 11(!) TDs.

Award for longest mid-season streak of disappointing starts has to go to Eli. He averaged 8 points from Weeks 6-10 and then let you down again in Weeks 15/16. I doubt anyone was starting Cutler by the end, but Eli lost a lot of championships for people.

clarion contrarion
Reply to  JBlake
9 years ago

the based are loaded for my championship team
w/ mathews on 3rd ,fitz on 2nd base, stewart on 1st base
hakeem at the plate and finley warming up in the on deck circle. Is it possible to have a great championship season that was a disappointment if so I did it . I am not sure if I should be proud of my title or disgusted by my quintuple steaming pile of disappointment.
I am confused whether to stand pat and try to repeat or just blow up the team and start over .

Rick Scott
Reply to  Eric Olinger
9 years ago

He was a RB1 in our league (.5 ppr), finishing 8th in scoring after sitting out the final week (which didn’t count anyways).

I’d hardly call that a disappointment for a rookie back who was doing well just to suit up in Week 1.

dave hoover
9 years ago

gotta agree with jblake…trich had 1300 yds and 12 tds…what’s a brother gotta do??
and if you have not learned by now not to trust mc fadden and matthews…shame on you, btw murray is fast approaching dmc status..so, word to the wise, trade him now while someone may still value him as a RB1

9 years ago

I got bit by McFadden and Lloyd both. Thank goodness I was able to trade them. Too much talent to underperform.

Anthony Bartilucci
9 years ago

I also have to agree, I don’t understand why Trent Richardson is anywhere near this article. His YPC dropped off during the 2nd half of the season but the man was playing through injuries all year had almost no training camp due to the knee clean up procedure and still put up big numbers as a rookie.

Zach Levitt
9 years ago

I think you forgot a Defensive Back?

Joe Schmo
Reply to  Zach Levitt
9 years ago

How about Pat Chung? He was quite stinky.

Joe Schmo
Reply to  Zach Levitt
9 years ago

Kam Chancellor had a decent season, but he wasn’t the elite stud everybody thought he would be. Luckily I had Morgan Burnett and Eric Weddle.

9 years ago

Agree with others…

Trent gets 1,300 + yards, 51 receptions, and 12 TDs as a rookie, all while playing with a variety of injuries, and he’s a disappointment?

Yes, his football play tailed off down the stretch, but he was still a pretty darn, consistent fantasy producer.

Reply to  Rob
9 years ago

I think it all goes back to the unrealistic expectations had for him in the first place. He had a solid, but not elite season – so many expected that elite year prematurely and were thus disappointed.

dave hoover
Reply to  Eric Olinger
9 years ago

outside of AD, Rice, Foster, Mc Coy and Martin or maybe spiller, who you gonna take ahead of TRich as RB1??? The kid had 4 games of single digit production, which is pretty similar to most top backs…I think most would disagree with you on this one…just sayin’

Reply to  dave hoover
9 years ago

I have T. Rich as 6th on my list for dynasty RBs behind the five that you mentioned. Only people that thought he was a lock for a top 2 or 3 RB should be disappointed.

9 years ago

Standard scoring, non PPR, 2 bonus points for 25+ carries, 3 point bonus points for 100+ yards rushing.

1 — 4.40 (probably shouldnt have even played this game)
2 — 29.50
3 — 11.10
4 — 16.40
5 — 18.80
6 — 5.40 (hurt aka broke his ribs…didn’t play much of the 2nd half)
7 — 1.90 (played one drive and re-injured his ribs)
8 — 22.40
9 — 18.60
11 — 16.40
12 — 19.20
13 — 15.50
14 — 17.10
15 — 15.20
16 — 6.80

4 games under 10 points, 10 games over 15 points (including a 7 game streak over 15.2 points)…finished 9 in this scoring system while missing week 17, most of week 7. Yes, if you thought he was going to score in the top 4 as a rookie you probably are disappointed, but that means your standards were pretty unrealistic.

9 years ago

Is it bad that I own JStew, Mathews AND Finley in the DLF Premium Invitational League (as well as a few other nominees)? Yes, yes it is.

Is it WORSE that i traded UP to the 1.09 to take Mathews?

Or, how bout taking Finley at 5.01 instead of RG3 who went next and then had to mortgage the future to get back?

Or, or… How about selecting JStew at 4.01 instead of AP who went at 4.02?

Oh the misery.

dave hoover
Reply to  phorts
9 years ago

you looking to join anymore leagues???

9 years ago

Love the article. But gotta agree with others, I’m completely dumbfounded to find Trent Richardson listed under “biggest disappointment at running back”. That’s just straight up crazy. Surprised to read that it’s because some had too high of expectations on him. To me it’s insane to put him on a “biggest disappointment” list because a minority of owners unrealistically over estimated him.

I think in general, 99% of people would say he had a fantastic rookie season on a crappy Browns team. If, I owned him, I’d be more than happy with that type of production.

Great article otherwise, as usual 🙂

9 years ago

I own T-Rich/Mathews/McFadden and won the championship. Start 2 RBs and started them all-season (spot started Felix Jones for 2 weeks). I sure hope they drastically improve for 2013.

Ryan Brown
9 years ago

“(Vernon cries all the way to the stage, screams incoherently into the mic and walks off into Coach Harbaugh’s waiting arms)”

Haha that was a good one

sean mcguigan
9 years ago

I agree Mathews for sure with the huge hype around this season and all the talk of 400 touches and well over 2000 yards but DMac is now a perenial underachiever……..I use to own him and even tried once to get him back as I loved the kid in Arkansas but at this stage he really needs to be moved down in rankings big time….he is barely ever healthy and even when he is he does not seem like same guy anymore….I am sure he will still be a top 10 target but ths is misguided IMO how many times do we need to get fooled before we realize he is fools gold?

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