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Monday Morning Hangover: Week Fifteen

Every Sunday we’re featuring the Sunday Six Pack that covers the day’s biggest storylines. We follow this up each and every Monday with the Monday Hangover, which looks back on those stories and covers what we learned. These back-to-back articles are sure to get you primed, pumped and informed throughout the entire season. In addition, reading these articles will ensure you understand the dangers of not paying attention or drinking too much on Sundays.

Can #1)  Kissin’ Cousins

No RGIII, no problem.  Kirk Cousins started for the uncleared Robert Griffin III and promptly threw for 329 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.  He also added 22 yards rushing on three attempts.  In the end, the Redskins handled the Browns by a score of 38-21.  Cousins is not nearly as dynamic as is Griffin, but Redskin fans won’t complain with a 104 quarterback rating, their fifth win in a row and, at 8-6, a share of the three-way-tie in the NFC East.  We fully expect Griffin to be at the helm against the Eagles in week 16, but Cousins has put himself on the map with this performance.  And as was mentioned by one of the broadcasters during the game, the Redskins look to have drafted two quarterbacks better than Cleveland’s Brandon Weeden.

Can #2) Purple Haze

Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson was simply unstoppable yet again on Sunday when he rumbled for 212 yards on 24 totes, capped by an 82 yard touchdown jaunt early in the second quarter.  Now with 1,812 yards and two games remaining, Eric Dickerson’s single-year rushing record is in serious jeopardy.  Next week, the Vikings visit the Houston Texans before finishing the season at home against Green Bay.  If Houston gave up 100+ to the Colts’ Vick Ballard this past Sunday, what will AP put up?  Look for the Texans to stack the box and force Christian Ponder to beat them with his less-than-stellar arm, though that won’t exactly be anything new to Peterson.

Can #3) Press Your Luck

Andrew Luck wasn’t spectacular, but was simply efficient on Sunday as the Colts visited the impressive Texans.  When the dust settled, Luck’s 186 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions couldn’t overcome the prolific offense that is Houston, as the Colts fell by a score of 29-17.  Luck failed to reach a fifty-percent completion percentage and only completed 13 of his passes on the day, numbers that were nearly matched by the Texans’ Andre Johnson (11/151/1).  Reggie Wayne was held to three receptions for 14 yards, letting owners down at a critical time.  Look for Luck to bounce back in week 16 when he and the Colts visit Kansas City, before finishing the year by welcoming the Texans to Indianapolis for a rematch.

Can #4) For Mothers and Fantasy Owners Only

As ugly as some of the games were prior to kick-off on Sunday, they proved to be even uglier when the final whistle blew.  That’s not to say that there weren’t fantasy performers from these games – raise your hand if you started any of the following:  Calvin Johnson, Beanie Wells, DeAngelo Williams, Cam Newton or Sebastian Janikowski.  But beyond these players, the games weren’t competitive, nor were they exciting.  There are some bad teams out there this year that are a LONG way from being competitive.

Can #5) The Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object

We hope you abide by the “never sit your studs” rule that we constantly drone on about.  For nearly three quarters, Tom Brady owners were likely strongly considering turning off the TV and giving up fantasy football once and for all.  But with 6:00 remaining in the third quarter, Brady and the Patriots came to life as Tom Terriffic strung four quick touchdown drives together, likely thrilling fantasy owners and frustrating those playing against him.  That said, the run-game vultured two of those touchdowns and  Brady accounted for only two touchdowns himself, including one on the ground.  He also completed 36-of-65 passes for 443 yards and two interceptions.

For his part, Colin Kaepernick proved that he is, indeed, San Francisco’s future quarterback by throwing for 216 yards, four touchdowns and one interception while also adding another 28 yards on the ground.  In perhaps the best game of the day (for two quarters at least), the 49ers eventually triumphed by the score of 41-34.  The Patriots finish the season with a trip to Jacksonville before hosting the Dolphins in week 17.  You’ll want Brady in your lineup.  For the 9’ers, it’s a visit to the Emerald City (Seattle) for a heated contest followed by a contest against Arizona in the City by the Bay.

Can #6) Superdome Shootout

Ugly.  At least for Tampa Bay.  Many fantasy owners remember Josh Freeman’s last tilt vs. New Orleans in week six, when he threw for 420 yards and three touchdowns.  For those looking for a similar performance, it was anything but.  Freeman finished the day with 279 yards through the air, zero touchdowns and four interceptions.  Adding salt to the wound, he also lost a fumble.  If your format penalizes for turnovers, Freeman scored negative points for you in this most important week.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees was busy being Drew Brees, throwing for 307 yards and four touchdowns with no turnovers.  It wasn’t that it was only bad for Freeman owners.  His pathetic performance put them in a hole quickly to a point where the run-game was non-existent as well.  As a result, Doug Martin managed only 16 yards on nine carries, in addition to 19 yards on three receptions.  The final score … 41-0.  And it wasn’t that close.

Jeff Haverlack
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Adam Franssen
9 years ago

The Niners will NOT be playing the Cardinls in the Windy City (Chicago), but rather at Candlestick.

Reply to  Adam Franssen
9 years ago


Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

What a time for Danario to put up a goose egg.


Danton Goulet
Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Along with DThomas putting up 1 point for me in my playoff matchup.

Reply to  Danton Goulet
9 years ago

I had J.Charles, Dem.Thomas, V.Cruz, and D.Alexander all have their worst games of the year…plus RGIII not playing.

Needless to say my 1st place team is now out of the playoffs. You never know what will happen in fantasy.

Good thing my league favors overall points more than head to head….

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Started Danario in a semifinal game that I lost by 0.08 points. Now, I’m a Mizzou fan, so I’m never gonna not love Danario, but good Lord, all he had to do was put up one freaking yard and I’m through to the finals (where I would have played my brother).


Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Ben
9 years ago

Going into the Monday night game, I was 2.7 points ahead. The opposing team had David Harris and I had a certain Titans CB.

I am on to the finals, thanks to Mr.Mccourty and his 2 INT’s.

9 years ago

On a side note…how is Kaepernick consistently ranked in the bottom it your dynasty rankings, across the board? Kid can ball.

9 years ago

Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, Ryan Mathews and Jimmy Graham = 11 total points and my previously 14-0 team out of the playoffs.

Jeff Haverlack
Reply to  stolenmeat
9 years ago

This was a wild weekend for football and there are so many stories just like yours SM. You couldn’t have played anyone else really and expected to win … they were likely the right calls. I was in semi-final games against teams that had some GREAT players going: Dem. Thomas, Doug Martin, Peyton Manning, Graham, DX, Wayne, Roddy White, etc. and they laid eggs. Meanwhile I had teams with Alfred Morris, AP, Steven Jackson, Eric Decker, Julio Jones and I cruised to wins.

Just a bad week for some of the biggest names. Ryan Mathews is going to see a HUGE drop in value yet again.

Robert Scibetta
9 years ago

I had Stafford & Charles in my best lineup. End of story–AND season!
Still, my opponent in another league had Eli, Martin, AND Charles, so Week 15 wasn’t ALL bad for me!

Jeff Haverlack
Reply to  Robert Scibetta
9 years ago

That stinks … I played against some of those same players, Martin, Charles, Freeman, etc.

9 years ago

I had Stafford, cruz, jmaal charles, DT, and connor barth…. Same as you top seeded team now playing for 3rd place…. Hey at least it’s dynasty right?

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