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Target Practice – Best Dynasty Trade Targets

Not many leagues wait this long to impose their trade deadline. If yours is one of the few, consider yourself lucky.  If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for trades you can make to improve your team. Whether you’re competing for a championship this year, or rebuilding for 2013, these may be the best buy–low dynasty options available this week. Let this serve as a list of who can best help you down the stretch, and for years to come.

Josh Freeman, QB TB

Freeman bounced back from an ugly sophomore season to figure things out as an NFL quarterback. He continues to utilize each of his weapons and is piling up the stats to prove it. While the running game behind him receives most of the hype, Freeman should benefit as well. Down the stretch, Freeman plays New Orleans, St. Louis, and an Atlanta team who’ll likely rest starters over the season’s final three weeks – a time when your team needs big-time performances most. Freeman is not talked about among the league’s elite and you should use that to your advantage.

Doug Martin, RB TB

I also believe that if you meet Kate Upton, and she throws herself at you, your best choice is to probably go with it. It’s true that Martin is obviously someone you want on your team now and forever. The reason he’s on this list is that I simply don’t think he’s being treated as the running back he truly is – a top-five, franchise running back. Martin is Ray Rice, but on a team who will run the ball more often. From what I’ve seen, I would give up more to acquire Martin then I would for Trent Richardson. Take your assets, pull them together, and try to get him on your team by any means necessary.

Randall Cobb, WR GB

Cobb is barely scratching the surface of his talent, and he’s already keeper-worthy. Sure, Aaron Rodgers has other weapons, but none like him. Randall Cobb is Percy Harvin, but in a far better offense. I see no reason why he can’t produce top-five fantasy numbers as A-Rod’s favorite receiver for years to come. Thanks to the looming return of Greg Jennings, Cobb is currently being undervalued. A pillar of consistency since becoming a starter, Cobb has scored seven touchdowns in his last six games. He’s excellent, and all Green Bay wants to do is give him the football. If there is a way you can pry him from another owner, do it before his price skyrockets.

Jason Witten, TE DAL

Not exactly the sexy pick here, but Witten is remarkably consistent. For all the hype that Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates, and Aaron Hernandez has received over the past few years, I’ve always felt safe playing Witten. With three match ups against the bottom-half of NFL defenses during the fantasy league playoffs, this is the best tight end you can get right now. Witten helps you’re championship run more than he helps you beyond this season. In fact, Witten has caught at least six passes from Tony Romo, his “BFF,” each game since Week 4. If you’re looking for a tight end, this is as cheap as a top-flight option comes.

Now get to it. The clock is ticking! Let’s continue the coversation here as well. Who are some of your late season trade targets?

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Grant Britton
9 years ago

What do you think about Dwayne Bowe as a trade target? Do you think it’s likely that he leaves KC as a free agent this off season? If he goes to a team with a real QB he could easily be top 10 again. I’m likely in the playoffs in my 12 team dynasty league and am thinking of offering my 1st round 2013 pick for Bowe given the weakness of next years draft class.

9 years ago

I don’t think you’d be able to buy low on Cobb or Martin… Those guys are pretty untouchable at this point.

Paul Taylor
Reply to  Coleman Kelly
9 years ago

He didn’t say buy low, he said pool your assets and make a run. In other words, his value is already high now, but if you ever want to get him then now is probably the last chance before it’s astronomical.

BAM Nation
9 years ago

all these guys are gone in my dynasty leagues and no one wants to trade at all….

nicholas nappo
9 years ago

Would you give up Ray rice for Doug Martin? These are my backs…

Brown, Bryce
Bush, Michael
Mathews, Ryan
Moreno, Knowshon
Miller, Lamar
Powell, Bilal
Rice, Ray
Richardson, Daryl
Richardson, Trent

Tom Sandness
9 years ago

I think Id Rather pool some of the others with Mathews to get Martin.

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