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The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Eight

Welcome to DLF’s Dynasty Aftermath. This Tuesday staple has long been one of our signature pieces as we have a little fun after a tough week at the Dynasty League Football office. You’ll find this article will review the week’s happenings in a variety of ways and help set you up for the coming weeks as we spin around the league in the way we know best. After seven weeks, the contenders are starting to further set themselves apart from the pretenders in both reality and fantasy. Let’s take our weekly spin around the league!

Week Eight Fantasy MVP

Last week, Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson won the award and the trophy stays in Tampa for week eight after Doug Martin exploded for 135 rushing yards, 79 receiving yards on three catches and scored two touchdowns. There’s been talk all season about Martin being the next Ray Rice, but this game showed he really does have some dynamic ability.

Week Eight Fantasy LVP

With Brady Quinn at the helm this week, dynasty owners expected a healthy dose of Jamaal Charles. Instead, Charles had just four rushing yards and added six receiving yards on three catches. After the game, Romeo Crennell seemed perplexed and confused as to why Charles didn’t get the ball more. Unfortunately, Crennell is actually the Head Coach of the Chiefs.

Lineup Fun The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Matt Stafford DET = 352 passing yards, three touchdowns, one interception
RB Doug Martin TB = 135 rushing yards, three catches, 79 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Willis McGahee DEN = 122 rushing yards, two catches, 33 receiving yards, one touchdown
RB Trent Richardson CLE = 122rushing yards, one touchdown
WR Titus Young DET = 9 receptions, 100 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Demaryius Thomas DEN = 7 receptions, 137 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Julio Jones ATL = 5 receptions, 123 receiving yards, one touchdown
TE  Jason Witten DAL = 18 receptions, 167 receiving yards

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Blaine Gabbert JAX = 303 passing yards, one touchdown, no interceptions
RB Dexter McCluster = 6 catches, 69 total yards, one touchdown
RB Vick Ballard IND = 55 rushing yards, one catch, 16 receiving yards, one touchdown
RB Daniel Thomas MIA = 42 rushing yards, one touchdown
WR Brandon Lloyd NE = 2 catches, 28 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Chris Givens STL = 3 catches, 63 yards, one touchdown
WR DJ Davis ATL = 2 catches, 30 yards, one touchdown
TE Kellen Davis CHI = 1 catch, 12 yards, one touchdown

The unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week…

QB Jay Cutler CHI = 186 passing yards, one touchdown, one interception
RB Jamaal Charles KC = 3 catches, 10 total yards
RB DeAngelo Williams CAR 33 rushing yards
RB Reggie Bush MIA = 65 total yards, one catch
WR Victor Cruz NYG =2 catches, 23 receiving yards
WR Kenny Britt TEN =  3 catches, 34 receiving yards
WR Antonio Brown PIT = 4 catches, 38 receiving yards
TE Antonio Gates SD = 2 catches, 14 yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I was thinking Brady Quinn would make good on this chance with KC. A head injury ruined that one.

I’m underestimating the Bucs offense – they’re starting to click.

I have Cam Newton on my dynasty team. He played a little better this week, but he needs to look in the mirror when it comes to changes.

I have Steve Smith of the Panthers as my veteran WR1 or WR2. He still hasn’t scored this year, though he did have a decent line this week.

I own Philip Rivers or Antonio Gates in my dynasty league. It’s starting to get to the point where this is getting seriously worrisome for this duo.

I’m counting on Ryan Mathews this season. The touches are there, but another fumble isn’t good.

I’m thinking Calvin Johnson is going to carry my team this year. Look, he’s an uber-stud, but teams are finding some success by just taking him away and daring anyone else to beat them.

I think Alex Green is going to be a viable weapon this year. The trade deadline is going to be a very interesting source of conversation in the Green Bay headquarters this week because the running backs are just not getting it done.

I was expecting Shonn Greene to keep it going.

I’m counting on Reggie Bush to be my RB2. He’s still the first option for the Dolphins, but Daniel Thomas seems to be getting some very valuable carries, especially near the goal line.

I have Michael Vick as my QB1. We don’t even need to elaborate.

I own Rashard Mendenhall. It certainly seems that Jonathan Dwyer may just be in the mix to take over as the team’s starting running back or at least take on a bigger role.

I need Steven Jackson to be productive for me this year. Unless he gets traded, this is looking like the first year he won’t get to 1,000 yards in quite some time.

I’m expecting greatness from Kenny Britt this season. It’s looking more and more like this season is going to be used to just start to get him back to 100%.

I’ve underestimated the greatness of Peyton Manning…or the vulnerability of the Saints defense.

Ken Kelly
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9 years ago

Great article as usual. You could easily add so many more players to the horrible line-up it’s disgusting.

In regards to Cam… If Olson hustles and goes to the ball instead of waiting 5 seconds and Smith doesn’t slip. It’s an interception free game. Sure Cam has his issues like many QB’s do, but I’d “still” rather have him than 1/2 the QB’s in the league. However, if Cam is your best QB on your team, then I can see an argument for being worrisome. But, that would have started weeks ago.

Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

I agree though. I started Ponder over Newton and came out on the good side by 6 points. Cam needs to pull it together soon.

9 years ago

I just traded Gates for Alshon Jefferey to a guy who just lost Fred Davis. I am rebuilding so I think that will be a huge boost in the future.

9 years ago

My season is basically over at 2-6. Its a keeper league where I have
Foster, Murray and Graham and we can keep two. I offered owner 3 draft picks next year (one of which is from a previous deal)for Trent Richardson. Is this too much to give up for TRich? Does Murray come back strong next year or is this an upgrade that’s worth it for years to come? Dallas is such a mess…thanks.

Adam Franssen
Reply to  PD
9 years ago

Trade murray and the picks and you might get T. Rich.

Cyrus Miller
Reply to  PD
9 years ago

I never advise trading future draft picks when you have competent keepers now. With Foster already, I would keep Graham or Murray and be happy with your roster.

I was only in one keeper league before switching to dynasties in all leagues, but I was consistently good and my goal was always to trade players for future draft picks. I think that gives you the most value.

For example, I would never trade Foster, but say you prefer Murray for a keeper– see what people will give up for him and keep Graham. If you can get an extra first or a second, it is sometimes really worth it. (On the other hand, don’t trade your extra players for nothing, as keeping them off other rosters also helps you get better players in the first round)

9 years ago

LOL! I have Vick, Mendenhall, S-Jax, and Britt (and J.Finley, which should also be on this list) in a 14 team redraft Champions League haha… But somehow I´m still in contention at 4-4 (all kneel before King Foster). Fortunately though, out of this list I only have A.Green in my dynasty league…

Dynasty Builder
9 years ago

Um…I would have taken Gronk as the top TE over Witten this week. And pretty much every other week.

Reply to  Dynasty Builder
9 years ago

That list is for the best players at each position in PPR each week. Witten beat Gronkowski by 0.1 points.

9 years ago

I’d be worried if earlier in the year I thought Shane Vereen was the back to own in New England over Steven Ridley. Also, I’d be worried if I’m discounting Steven Ridley as a solid RB2/really strong flex the rest of the way.

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