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Monday Morning Hangover: Week Five

Every Sunday we’re featuring the Sunday Six Pack that covers the day’s biggest storylines. We follow this up each and every Monday with the Monday Hangover, which looks back on those stories and covers what we learned. These back-to-back articles are sure to get you primed, pumped and informed throughout the entire season. In addition, reading these articles will ensure you understand the dangers of not paying attention or drinking too much on Sundays.

Can #1)  Reggie Bush is Tough?

We asked that question this week as we were pretty curious to see what newly branded tough guy Reggie Bush had in store for us on Sunday. He was a fine play yet again with 72 yards and a touchdown on 21 touches. Daniel Thomas did get his fair share of carries (ten), but Bush has established himself as a completely different player in Miami. In his last nine games, he’s averaging 121 yards from scrimmage per game and has scored five touchdowns, all while averaging a healthy 5.6 yards per carry. Most importantly, “Reggie 2.0” hits the holes hard and doesn’t bounce runs outside when unnecessary. At this point, Bush is locked in as a solid RB2, with RB1 upside.

Can #2) Blaine’s Disappearing Act

Blaine Gabbert had given his owners a bit of hope with a solid preseason that carried over to the start of the regular season. Unfortunately, things have gone South in a hurry for Gabbert. On Sunday, Gabbert completed just 17-of-33 passing for 142 yards and two interceptions in a 41-3 epic beat down by the Chicago Bears. He still has a 5:3 touchdown-to-interception ratio on the year, but he simply isn’t moving the offense. It’s not going to be a shock to anyone if the Jags turn to Chad Henne after the bye.

Can #3) Chris Consistent?

Dynasty owners were praying to the fantasy Gods that Chris Johnson had turned a corner and would finally be that special player we saw a couple years ago after he posted a great day last week.


Johnson was horrible yet again for Tennessee, rushing for an anemic 24 yards on 15 carries against Minnesota as the Titans were blown out by a score of 30-7. In four of his five games this year, Johnson has averaged 2.1 or fewer yards per carry. If you take out that game against the Texans last week, he has 48 carries for 69 yards, good for a rather unhealthy 1.4 yards per tote.

At this point, you have to figure the Titans ride it out with Johnson, especially since Javon Ringer suffered a potentially significant knee injury on Sunday. From a dynasty perspective, this is serious trouble. There’s no way the Titans pay him $10 million next season so he’s undoubtedly going to be released at the end of the season unless there’s a big time turnaround here.

Sadly, he’s a bench player until further notice.

Can #4) Battle for San Diego

We were hoping Norv Turner wouldn’t give fantasy owners yet another reason to hate him by using Jackie Battle over Ryan Mathews on Sunday night. Alas, we’ll have to find another reason to hate Norv as Mathews dominated the carries and posted a solid night with 80 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries and also added 59 yards on six catches. Meanwhile, Battle posted just 10 yards on four carries. While owners of Mathews will say Ronnie Brown was used a little too much in the passing game (five catches for 47 yards), it’s clear the Chargers were sending a message to Mathews last week and stil recognize he’s easily their most talented back.

Now, can he just stay healthy and not turn the ball over?

Can #5) Brees Passes Unitas

Speaking of Sunday night, congratulations to Drew Brees, who passed Johnny Unitas in the record books by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th straight game.


Over that span, Brees has a total of 118 touchdowns against just 50 interceptions. It’s pretty crazy to think only two teams even wanted him when he became a free agent back in 2005.

At some point, every player in a dynasty league needs to stop and realize what we’ve been given over the past few seasons by Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and so many others – this era of the quarterback won’t last forever.

Can #6) Brady vs. Manning Renewed

Speaking of legendary quarterbacks, the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rivalry was re-visited on Sunday with the Patriots hosting the Broncos. The game didn’t quite turn out to be the shootout everyone had hoped for as the Patriots held on to an early lead and won the game by a score of 31-21.

Brady went to 9-4 against Manning all-time by completing 23-of-31 for 223 yards, throwing for one touchdown and running for yet another. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning went 31-for-44 for 345 yards and three touchdowns, but lost a crucial fumble.

In the end, it was a lot of fun to see two of the all-time best on the field in the same game again – hopefully we get to see it again.

Enjoy the game tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow for the Dynasty Aftermath!

Ken Kelly
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9 years ago

Is ringer worth holding onto in hopes he gets the gig next year?

9 years ago

I’m thinking about trading roddy and Crabtree for Kendal hunter. I need rbs badly and want to build for the future. Not in win now mode. Thoughts?

Reply to  Dave
9 years ago

Roddy straight up should be more than enough for Hunter even in rebuilding mode. Most DLF writers still have Roddy as a Top 10 WR; no one has Hunter any higher than RB18.

Keep in mind that Hunter will probably not be a true replacement for Gore. A KHunter/LJames RBBC will probably resemble what you’re seeing with PThomas/Sproles RBBC right now.

tony baily
9 years ago

That is alittle much for K. Hunter. Maybe Crabtree and something less then Roddy.

Avery Beck
Reply to  tony baily
9 years ago


Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  tony baily
9 years ago

That is terrible.

Ken Dogson
9 years ago

Alfred Morris caught a screen pass.

If they start using him in the passing game he’s a clear cut RB1, backed up by Ryan Grant, it appears.

Morris runs angry and can break it for big ones. I know that some on this site are not high on him, but how many games does he have to start before it is clear that he is and will remain the RB1 in WAS?

9 years ago

I’ve been offered Jacquizz Rodgers for Lamar Miller ? Who do you
think is the feature back next yr? R.Bush and M.Turner are FA Next year I think!

Ken Dogson
Reply to  Aldon
9 years ago

Lamar Miller isn’t the clear cut handcuff or replacement for Bush, should he not resign with the Fins.

Rodgers isn’t a RB1 or RB2 in the future either, unless he starts getting used more on passing downs. With JJ, RQ, and TG out there there just aren’t enough passes to go around. I’d stay away from Rodgers, as he’ll be at best the 4th option on passing downs, if he is in the game.

Keep Miller.

Reply to  Aldon
9 years ago

If you need a potential PPR flex play for next year, trade for Quizz. He seems to have a defined role on the team, but his play has been less than impressive. If you can afford to be patient and stash the more talented RB, keep Miller.

9 years ago

Not fantasy/dynasty related, but I can’t help myself….Drew Brees is a great fantasy QB, yes, but why all the hype about this “record”?

a) Last year he stuck around in garbage time against the Rams to throw a meaningless TD in the final minute just to keep the streak after he couldn’t break the vaunted Rams defense for the first 59 minutes.
b) Brady will pass the 48 game mark later this year…it’s not that big of a deal.
c) Now a passing league/compare how much Brees throws compared to qb’s of even THIS era/brees throws more INTs than other elite qbs, past and present….and similar arguments.

Ken Dogson
Reply to  Draho
9 years ago

Drew Brees demands an explanation.

9 years ago

You say “this era of the QB won’t last forever.” I’m not sure I agree (well, okay, I agree it won’t last forever because, y’know, the human race in its present form probably won’t last “forever,” but I digress).

Anyway, with the way PI rules benefit receivers, with the way that QB’s and WR’s are (rightly) protected from dangerous hits, and with the way that in the last decade and a half even at the high school level we’re seeing aggressive implementation of pass-first offenses, I suspect that the NFL in 2025 is going to be as much, if not more, oriented toward big passing numbers. Now, if you’re saying that the Brees-Brady-Manning crew represents a really special generation of QB’s, and perhaps we’ll never again see that many guys combine longevity and quality, I guess that’s plausible, but I suspect that pass numbers will just get gaudier in years to come.

Ken Dogson
Reply to  Ben
9 years ago

Every generation has its special QBs.

The passing game is here to stay.

Reply to  Ben
9 years ago

You said the exact same thing that I was thinking when I read that, Ben. Well stated.

The only thing I could add is that you left out his inclusion of Rodgers with that group of elite passing QBs in today’s NFL. Let’s take a look back 3 years and see where Rodgers was. New elite passing quarterbacks are being trained and rostered for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see defensive coordinators try and make a new blitz-type attack against teams known exclusively for their passing attack to try and increase sack count.

It will definitely be a great sport to keep watching as it evolves.

9 years ago

Am I the only one who is much more impressed with Unitas doing it than Brees doing it? Unitas did it when passing was not nearly as widespread.

dave hoover
Reply to  Luke Bouchard
9 years ago

widespread is not an accurate word to describe the passing games of the 50’s and 60’s. one of the main differences is the amount of contact the defensive backs were allowed to have with the receivers down the field. john unitas was a man among boys in that era, kinda like babe ruth hitting more homeruns in a year then some teams did. drew brees is a very good quarterback in today’s game, i am a fan of his, but his breaking of unitas’s record means little to the fans of johnny, we know the difference…

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