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Calling our Shots: Week Five

Fantasy football can at times be a very funny place to seek help when you need it most. One week, a so called “expert” will tell you to start “Player A” because “Player A” is a “can’t miss” starter who will blow up that week. A week later, that expert will deny giving that advice to their readers or followers but will be more than happy to tell you to start “Player B” this week. It would be almost comical in some instances if it wasn’t so tragic for the people who take the advice of these charlatans.

As a staff member of DLF, I can tell you that everyone affiliated with this site both loathes and detests this behavior. Every staff member on the DLF team constantly tries to learn and better ourselves so we may be of better help to you. Part of that process is being accountable for our successes, as well as our failures. We’re doing that each and every week as we’re offering personalized lineup advice as part of our premium content. We’re answering every question posted in a timely manner and helping out as best we can – those answers are public knowledge and we’ll stand by them every week.

We’ve also decided to roll out this new series entitled, “Calling Our Shots.” The premise of this series is to get some predictions for the upcoming week. Some writer’s predictions are bold, some are solid, while others, well, we wouldn’t place too much money on them in Las Vegas!

When we’re right, we’ll share our successes. When we’re wrong, it should present a great way for our loyal readers to give us a good (and hopefully friendly) ribbing. The point is we don’t hide from the advice we give or the predictions we make.

We also want to give you the same chance.

Our community is an essential part of the success of DLF. This weekly series also asks YOU, the readers, to post your own shots in the comments below. We all have that coach in our league who says, “Yeah, I could have told you not to start that guy” and perhaps that’s even you who thinks that! Well, here’s your chance to make those bold predictions when they count – before the games are played. We invite everyone to blow up the comments section again today and make any player predictions you want for the week – this will give you a perfect opportunity to officially say, “I told you so,” or offer a brutally embarrassing piece of ammunition for your opponent to use against you next week. Either way, this is a great way for the community and the writers to have some good old fashioned fun each and every week!

Every person who is featured in subsequent weeks will be put into a drawing after week 17 for a free yearly membership or their renewal to our premium content and a free DLF T-shirt!

Four weeks into the NFL season and we are now officially a quarter of the way through some team’s seasons, and more importantly, a third of the way through some fantasy league’s seasons.

We have the New Orleans Saints now at 0-4. While some of our readers and writers expected a diminished Saints team this year, I doubt many would have expected a start such this. This week we saw Tony Romo throw more interceptions in one game (five), than Christian Ponder, Robert Griffin III, Blaine Gabbert, Alex Smith and Ben Roethlisberger have all season, combined!  How about Brian Hartline? Raise your hand if you guessed that in one game he was going to catch roughly half the yards that Seattle’s entire offense has caught all season. Yeah, I didn’t raise my hand, either. Oh yeah, welcome back to sanity Chris Johnson owners, we’ve missed you!

Speaking of Chris Johnson, I’m going to take a bow for calling that shot. I had a feeling Houston would focus too much on the pass and that Tennessee was deadly serious about fixing their rushing issues. As for the DLF staff, as a whole we called 17 successful shots and just barely missed on six more. Our Shot Caller this week was a split honor awarded to both Eric Olinger and TheFFGhost who each called five successful shots this week. The games in which the most successful shots were called were the Minnesota vs. Detroit and New Orleans vs. Green Bay, each of which had three successful shots called. Here are the staff’s successful shots:

Eric Olinger – Matt Ryan throws for 300 yards and 3 TDs.

Andy Miley – Highest scoring game of the week.

TheFFGhost – Jerome Simpson reappears and gets at least 4 catches.

Eric Olinger – Adrian Peterson eclipses the 100 yard mark rushing.

Eric Hardter – Mikel Leshoure is held to under 70 total yards.

Eric Olinger – Dwayne Bowe has 5+ catches and 80+ yards with a TD.

TheFFGhost – Total passing yards for both teams combined is held under 450 yards.

TheFFGhost – Against all odds, Chris Johnson goes over 100 total yards.

Eric Hardter – Chris Johnson averages more than two yards per carry on the day.

Eric Hardter – Andy Dalton “only” throws for 240 yards this week.

TheFFGhost – Manning lights up the Oakland defense for over 250 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Eric Olinger – Peyton Manning throws 3 TDs and 250 yards.

Andy Miley – Rodgers and Brees combine for over 550 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Eric Hardter – Marques Colston scores his first TD of the year.

Jaron Foster – Rodgers returns to elite status with 300+ yards passing and 3 TDs.

Eric Olinger – Vincent Jackson has 100 yards receiving.

TheFFGhost – Three players go over 80 yards of receiving in this game.

The six calls we just barely missed were:

Eric Hardter – Both teams eclipse 30 points.

Eric Olinger – Marshawn Lynch destroys the Rams with 125+ yards rushing.

Eric Olinger – Arizona will score at least one D/ST touchdown.

TheFFGhost – Graham gets over six receptions and scores a touchdown.

TheFFGhost – RGIII has over 350+ total yards of offense with at least one passing and one rushing touchdown.

Eric Olinger – Eli throws for 300 yards and 3 TDs.

So, now the part where we announce which DLF reader captured the week four crown. This week the honor goes to “Paul Smythe.” Paul pulled down seven correct shots called and just missed on a few others. Congratulations Paul, you have been entered into our year end drawing for a chance to win a free year of DLF Premium as well as a DLF t-shirt. Good luck!

Paul Smythe called the following shots correctly:

– Cam Newton has more fantasy points than Matt Ryan.

– Dwayne Bowe has over 100 receiving yards.

– Chris Johnson has more rushing yards than Ben Tate.

– Ryan Williams rushes for less than 50 yards.

– Teams combine for 700+ passing yards (New Orleans & Green Bay).

– LeSean McCoy rushes for 100+ yards and scores a TD.

– Brandon Marshall has 100+ yards receiving and a TD.

Let’s dig right in and see what the DLF staff thinks will happen in Week 5:

Miami @ Cincinnati

Jarrett Behar – Reggie Bush 100+ total yards.

TheFFGhost – The entire Bengals team has less rushing yards than Reggie Bush.

Eric Olinger – Green-Ellis rushes for less than 70 yards no TDs.

Andy Miley – Ryan Tannehill throws for 300 yards and 1-2 TDs.

Eric Hardter – Jermaine Gresham tallies 70 yards and a score.

Jaron Foster – Dalton with 3+ TDs.

Green Bay @ Indianapolis

Jarrett Behar – Randall Cobb 6+ receptions.

TheFFGhost – Over 600+ yards of passing in this game, less than 150 rushing yards.

Eric Olinger – Jordy Nelson goes over 100 yards receiving.

Andy Miley – Donald Brown gets 100 combined yards and a TD.

Eric Hardter – Andrew Luck eclipses 320 yards passing in an unexpected shootout.

Baltimore @ Kansas City

Eric Dickens – Bernard Pierce goes for 65+ rushing yards in cleanup time.

Jarrett Behar – Dennis Pitta 50+ rec yards.

TheFFGhost – Cassel throws at least three INTs.

Eric Olinger – Ray Rice totals 150+ total yards.

Eric Hardter – Jamaal Charles is held to under 90 total yards.

Atlanta @ Washington

Jarrett Behar – RG3 2+ INTs.

TheFFGhost – Both Atlanta WRs go over 80 yards of receiving.

Eric Olinger – Tony Gonzalez 5+ catches and a TD.

Andy Miley – Morris cracks 100 rushing yards and a TD.

Eric Hardter – Julio Jones busts out of his slump with 150 yards receiving and two TD’s.

Cleveland @ NY Giants

Jarrett Behar – Eli Manning 300+ yards.

TheFFGhost – Eli dissects an unhinged Browns secondary for 350+ yards.

Eric Olinger – Martellus Bennett scores a TD.

Eric Hardter – Trent Richardson continues his scoring binge with two more TD’s.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh

Jarrett Behar – Mendenhall under 50 total yards.

TheFFGhost – Mendy returns and nabs at least 50+ total yards in shared work.

Eric Olinger – Mike Wallace totals 80 yards with a TD.

Eric Hardter – Michael Vick resumes his error-prone ways, accounting for three turnovers.

Jaron Foster – Antonio Brown with 100+ yards and a score.

Seattle @ Carolina

TheFFGhost – Cam rushes for more TDs than Lynch.

Eric Olinger – Cam Newton throws 2+ INTs.

Andy Miley – Greg Olsen has 70+ yards and a score.

Eric Hardter – Marshawn Lynch beast modes his way to 150 yards rushing.

Chicago @ Jacksonville

Eric Dickens – Alshon Jeffery collects 6+ catches on the day.

Jarrett Behar – Rashad Jennings has exactly 17 rushing yards.

TheFFGhost – Three Chicago players get at least five receptions on the day.

Eric Olinger – Brandon Marshall catches 7+ passes for over 80 yds.

Andy Miley – Forte and Mike Bush, both, go over 80 yards and score.

Eric Hardter – Blaine Gabbert’s downward spiral continues, and he’s ultimately pulled for Chad Henne.

Tennessee @ Minnesota

TheFFGhost – Chris Johnson will regress some but still go over 80 total yards.

Eric Olinger – Jerome Simpson and Percy Harvin combine for over 200 yards receiving.

Andy Miley – Rudolph goes over 75 yards and scores.

Eric Hardter – Adrian Peterson puts an exclamation point on his amazing recovery, accounting for 140 total yards and two scores.

Denver @ New England

Eric Dickens – Willis McGahee continues his nice year with over 100 rushing yards.

Jarrett Behar – McGahee 5+ receptions.

TheFFGhost – Welker steps up due to injuries everywhere and grabs at least 10 receptions.

Eric Olinger – Peyton Manning is picked off at least twice.

Eric Hardter – Peyton Manning and Tom Brady accumulate 700 yards passing between them.

Buffalo @ San Francisco

TheFFGhost – Chandler grabs five receptions and a touchdown.

Eric Olinger – Scott Chandler is the only offensive Bills player to find the end zone.

Andy Miley – Gore and Hunter, both, rush for 80+ yards and a touchdown.

Eric Hardter – Colin Kaepernick vultures another rushing TD.

TheFFGhost – Chandler grabs five receptions and a touchdown.

Eric Olinger – Scott Chandler is the only offensive Bills player to find the end zone.

Andy Miley – Gore and Hunter, both, rush for 80+ yards and a touchdown.

Eric Hardter – Colin Kaepernick vultures another rushing TD.

San Diego @ New Orleans

Eric Dickens – Ryan Mathews has 150+ combined yards while laughing about Jackie Battle being listed as the starting RB.

Jarrett Behar – Drew Brees does not throw a TD pass.

TheFFGhost – Colston goes over 100 yards, so does Graham.

Eric Olinger – Antonio Gates gets his head out of his @ss and scores two TDs with 75+ yards receiving.

Andy Miley – Mark Ingram scores, but accounts for less than 40 combined yards.

Eric Hardter – Philip Rivers throws for 300 yards as the Chargers send the Saints to an 0-5 record.

Jaron Foster – Mathews totals 100+ total yards and a score.

Paul Smythe got to throw his name into the content for a full year of DLF Premium and a DLF T-shirt, do you have what it takes to join him? Be like Pat Benatar and hit us with your best shots. As always, entries are judged on difficulty, number of correct shots called and uniqueness of the shots contestants are calling.

Don’t forget, if we select your entry we’ll enter you into a drawing for a full year of DLF premium content and a free DLF t-shirt!

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10 years ago

Miami @ Cincinnati
AJ Green gets 100yds and a TD
Reggie Bush gets back in the swing with a score

Green Bay @ Indianapolis
Rodgers outpoints Luck, but combined 6 TD tosses
D. Brown outpoints CedBen

Baltimore @ Kansas City
Tough Def matchup with <40 total points
Torrey Smith gets another TD

Atlanta @ Washington
Weekly call: Julio more than Roddy
Morris does not relent with 100yds and a TD, outduals Turner
Upset special: Falcons lose first time in 2012

Cleveland @ NY Giants
Hixon is next man up with 100yds and a TD
Richardson gets 100yds on 25+ carries with Clev trying to control the clock

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh
Vick outpoints Ben
Mendy returns and leads Pittsburgh in carries and he scores

Seattle @ Carolina
Seattle 150 yards rushing with Lynch and Turbin controlling clock
Cam rests his pout for a week with a victory, 75 yards rush and 3 total TD

Chicago @ Jacksonville
Major offensive woes in this one with 3 or less offensive sores
MJD pounds the rock for 100 yds and a TD
Gabbert turns it over 4 times
Chi DST scores for the second straight week

Tennessee @ Minnesota
One real RB in the game, AP scores 2 TD
Kendall Wright leads Tenn in RCV, 100 yards

Denver @ New England
Not the game everyone hopes for, NE wins going away
Brady 4 total TDs
Super sleeper (see Shots from last week) Brandon Bolden outcarries Stevan Ridley (get him now!!)

Buffalo @ San Francisco
Fitz, 3 INTs
Buff <100 yds rush
SF DST scores a TD
V Davis gets 100 yds and a TD
Alex Smith continues to give way to Kaepernick, and the K-man scores again

San Diego @ New Orleans
NO wins a game with Brees and Payton kissing in the confetti after he breaks the (boring) record for consecutive games with a TD toss
-Sorry, couldn't pass it up, that team acts so sanctimoniously!
Mathews owners (yes, me again, too) who have been hearing all weeek that he'll break out are sorely disappointed as Battle outcarries him again. Worse yet, he drops the ball again.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Hey just lettin u guys know DLF member Smythe was almost dead on w/those shots… Except Shady McCoy did NOT have a TD in last weeks game. 3rec 23 yards 123 yards rushing. Great job though I can’t call anything so far lol.

Reply to  Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Good catch Alan. I’m going to try again this week. Let’s see if I can make it back to back.

sean mcguigan
10 years ago

D Thomas has the career game this week that I called last week 160 and 2 tads he is so close to blowing up this is the week

Matt forte hurts ankle again in 1st qtr and puts up disappointing stats even though he comes back in game

Charles another solid game 120 total yards and a score

MacLaine back from the dead to post nice game 100 and a score

Rudolph beastly after taking week off last week with a score and 75 yards

Den and NE don’t disappoint in a wild shoot out with both manning and Brady throwing for we’ll obey 300 and multiple scores

Ryan Matthews has huge first half but gets hurt on first touch if second half And is lost for another 6 weeks…..this will be the story of his career……glass Ryan becomes his new nickname

Ced Ben rumbles for 85 yrds(needs 25 carries to do it however) this will be his last truly revel ant game of the year and he fads into the background where all slug running backs go…..

Cam has another tough game and the questions of Soph slum arise all over again…….ps he will struggle all year

Peace out and good luck to all….

Reply to  sean mcguigan
10 years ago

Who is MacLaine?

10 years ago

1. Tannehill has more passing yards than Dalton
2. Benson has 100+ yards and a touchdown
3. At least 3 different players score TDs for Baltimore
4. Tony G gets yet another TD
5. Bradshaw goes for over 100 yards combined rushing and receiving
6. Maclin has at least 75 yards and a TD
7. Wilson has a good passing day against CAR, say 200 yards and 2 TDs overall
8. Jon Stewart has 100 total yards
9. Kellen Davis has 5 receptions against MIN
10. Chris Johnson has at least 80 total yards
11. Brady throws 2 INTs
12. Fitzpatrick throws 3 INTs
13. Alex Smith throws for 2 TDs
14. New Orleans gets first win
15. Gates has 75+ yards and a TD
16. Mathews has 100+ total yards

Rohit Puri
10 years ago

Big Baller Shot Caller:
1) Andrew Luck throws for at least 300 yards and 2 TDs
2) Adrian Peterson has over 130 total yards and 2 TDs
3) Darren Sproles gets over 200 all purpose yards (rushing, receiving, and returns) and scores at least 1 TD
4) Jimmy Graham 75+ yards and a TD
5) Andre Johnson torches NYJ for 9 receptions 150 yards and 1 TD.
6) Domenik Hixon and Victor Cruz combine for 250 receiving yards and 3 TDs
7) Justin Tucker 4 XPs and 4 FGs
8) Kyle Rudolph and Jerome Simpson outgain Percy Harvin
9) The Steelers sack Vick 4 times, force 3 turnovers, and hold the Eagles to 10 points
10) Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick combine for at least 4 turnovers
11) Kendall Hunter and Brandon Jacobs outgain Frank Gore
12) No TDs from Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, or Vernon Davis
13) Randy Moss scores a TD

10 years ago

Aints vs Chargers

1- Drew Brees get intercepted in the Redzone (in the First quarter) trying to break Johny Unitas record.
2- Drew Brees Break the record by throwing the TD to his tight end, Jimmy Graham.
3- Darren Sproles get 8+ receptions, 80+ yards, and 2TD
4- Malcom Flyod scores 1TD and go over the 100 yards

Denver vs. NE

1-D Thomas becomes a beast and score 2TD (too big to guard) and 100+ yards.
2-Manning throws one INT
3- Brady throws for 320+ yards
4-Gronk scores 1Td and drops another.

Titans vs. Vikings

1- AP returns to ‘all day” and scores 2TD but gets less than 100 Yards.
2-Percy Harvin goes over 100 yards +1TD
3- Chris Johnson has the most receptions in the game for the Titans team
4- Vikings D score a TD after intercepting Hustleback, lol.

Jets v. Houstons

1-The media eats crow again as Jets stunned Houston winning by 3 Pts
2-Shayne Graham scores 3 FG before Houston score the only TD they would score in the game
3- Bart Scott gloats and trash the media after the game.
4-Houston D gives fantasy owners less than 10Pts.
5- Sanchez throws for 2TD

Seattle vs Cam

1-Lynch, aka Beast Mode, roll over the diminutive front of Carolina en route to his scoring 3TD
2- Cam Newton throws only to Greg Olsen when Steve Smith can’t separate from the DBs

Atlanta vs. Washington

1- RG3 runs for 2TD after he seeing in films what Cam did to ATL the week prior.
2- But Matt Ryan refuses to lose by throwing for 4TDs
3-Julio Jones become a god in fantasy football by outscoring all receivers on Sunday, at least 2TD and at least 120 yards.

Chiefs vs Ravens

1-Joe the Plumber throws for 3TDs
2-Ray Rice scores 2TD, one running the other rushing, while going over 180 all purpose yards
3-Chiefs benched Matt Cassel after halftime.


Mike D
10 years ago

Where do you guys stand on letting weather dictate your lineup? It’s supposed to rain all over the northeast tomorrow – would you bench someone like Garcon or DeSean Jackson for someone in the comfort of a dome like J Simpson or N Washington? Or do you just go with your best lineup at all times no matter what?

10 years ago

mia vs cin

dalton throws 300 yards and 3 tds
hawking catches a 40 yards or more td pass
bess the most catches and yards rec for mia

gb vs ind

luck throws more more yardage but less td vs rodgers
benson rushes for 2 tds
flenner returns with a 6 rec 75 yards rec

bal vs kc

bowe continues to be the mvp of garbage time, collect 3/4 of his points after bal already put game away
cassel has 3 or more turnovers

atl vs was

white, julio and gonzales all have 75 yards or more rec
ryan has 350 passing yards and 4 tds
rg3 has 3 or more turnovers

cle vs nyg

gordon starts game leads cle in catches and rec yards
randle has more catches and rec yards vs hixon
eli has at least 3 passing tds

sea vs car

wilson has a passing completion % over 60%, 2 passing td, 250 yards
lynch has 125 rushing yards
jstew has 100 total yards and a td

ten vs min

ponder has 300 yards passing and 3 total tds
cook has 100 yards rec and a td
ap has 125 total yars and a td

den vs ne

manning has more passing yards and tds vs brady
brady takes 5 sacks and turns the ball over at least 2 times
ridley has less then 75 total yards

sd vs no

meachem shows up and rivers actually throws the ball to him, meachem gets a td
graham gets 8 rec 120 yards and 2 td
rivers and brees throw for 3 tds each

Christopher Hallam
10 years ago

If you’re going to make some bold statements; they should be bold, and fun, right?

Miami @ Cincinnati
Hartline nearly repeats; over 150 yds. receiving and a TD.

Green Bay @ Indianapolis
Luck throws for over 400 yds. and 3 TDs en route to an Indianapolis WIN.

Baltimore @ Kansas City
Jamaal Charles scores more TDs than Ray Rice but has less all-purpose yards.

Atlanta @ Washington
Julios’ 140 yds. and 2 TDs are not enough as the Falcons are handed their first loss.

Cleveland @ NY Giants
Richardson has over 120 all-purpose yds. and 2 TDs en route to a Cleveland WIN.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh
Mendenhall celebrates his return with more all-purpose yds. than McCoy on the day; but does not get in the endzone (McCoy does).

Seattle @ Carolina
Lynch has the same number of TDs as Newton has INTs.

Chicago @ Jacksonville
This will be the most boring game this weekend, eclipsing even the Thursday Night sleep-fest between Arizona and St. Louis.

Tennessee @ Minnesota
A.P. will have more all-purpose yds. and TDs than the entire Tennessee offense.

Denver @ New England
Manning will throw 2+ INTs, Brady will further last weeks’ effort of telling the world “I’m baaaaaack”.

Buffalo @ San Francisco
One of Buffalos’ RBs will leave the game with an injury, not to return.

San Diego @ New Orleans
Drew Brees will show the world one more time why he is so many levels ahead of Philip Rivers. Brees will break the Johnny U record and give his team their first WIN of the season.

10 years ago

Miami @ Cincinnati – BenJarvus Green-Ellis runs for less than 70 yards

Green Bay @ Indianapolis – Andrew Luck throws for more yards than Aaron Rodgers

Baltimore @ Kansas City – Teams combine for 200+ rushing yards

Atlanta @ Washington – Pierre Garcon is officially back with 100+ receiving yards

Cleveland @ NY Giants – Eli Manning throws for 350+ yards

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh – Battle of the speedsters. Desean Jackson and Mike Wallace combine for 175 yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs.

Seattle @ Carolina – Marshawn Lynch runs for more yards than Williams, Stewart, and Tolbert combined.

Chicago @ Jacksonville – Matt Forte has more yards from scrimmage than MJD.

Tennessee @ Minnesota – Chris Johnson gets his first touchdown of the season.

Denver @ New England – Jacob Tamme has more yards than Gronkowski or Hernandez (if he plays).

Buffalo @ San Francisco – Bills get 2 rushing TDs against the 49ers stingy run D.

San Diego @ New Orleans – Teams combine for 700 passing yards.

Reply to  Paul Smythe
10 years ago

I feel the need to defend my Green-Ellis prediction. Despite his low ypc average, the Bengals have consistently given him the ball ~20 times. He’s only had less than 70 yards once this season before the Miami game.

10 years ago

Miami @ Cincinnati – Andrew Hawkins has 80+ yards and a TD

Green Bay @ Indianapolis – Randall Cobb has 6+ receptions 80+ yards and a TD

Baltimore @ Kansas City – Dennis Pitta gets 100+ and 1 TD

Atlanta @ Washington – Jacquizz Rogers has 75+ total yards and 1 TD

Cleveland @ NY Giants – Hixon has 100+ yards and 8+ receptions.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh – Antonio Brown has at least 1 TD

Seattle @ Carolina – Greg Olsen as 80+ yards. Cam has at least 1 rushing TD

Chicago @ Jacksonville – Justin Blackmon scores his first touchdown of the season.

Tennessee @ Minnesota – CJ2k has under 60 rushing yards. Ponder throws 2+ TDs

Denver @ New England – Stevan Ridley goes over 100 yards again. Ronnie Hillman comes on the scene in the passing game.

Buffalo @ San Francisco – CJ Spiller gets back to form and breaks a long TD.

San Diego @ New Orleans – Jackie Battle has 50+ yards and a TD

Brandon Reese
10 years ago

[email protected] – L Miller goes for over 50 yards rushing/receiving.

[email protected] – C. Benson scores 2 TDs and has 20+ points in PPR

[email protected] – Dennis Pitta gets 6+ receptions for 60+ yards

[email protected] – L. Hankerson gets a TD

[email protected] Eli has a mediocre fantasy day, throwing 2 or fewer TD passes, less than 300 yards and at least 1 pick

[email protected] – D. Jackson leads all receivers in this game in receiving yardage.

Seattle – Brandon LaFell becomes relevant again, going for 60+ and a TD

[email protected] – Mojo out scores M. Forte and M. Bush combined

[email protected] minnesota

Brandon Reese
10 years ago

[email protected] – L Miller goes for over 50 yards rushing/receiving.

[email protected] – C. Benson scores 2 TDs and has 20+ points in PPR

[email protected] – Dennis Pitta gets 6+ receptions for 60+ yards

[email protected] – L. Hankerson gets a TD

[email protected] Eli has a mediocre fantasy day, throwing 2 or fewer TD passes, less than 300 yards and at least 1 pick

[email protected] – D. Jackson leads all receivers in this game in receiving yardage.

Seattle – Brandon LaFell becomes relevant again, going for 60+ and a TD

[email protected] – Mojo out scores M. Forte and M. Bush combined

[email protected] – C. Johnson ands up with 125+ yards rushing/receiving

[email protected] – D. Thomas goes for 100 yards and a TD.

[email protected] – CJ Spiller out scores F. Gore in PPR

[email protected] – M. Colsten has another good day, going for 80+ and a TD

10 years ago

SD @ NO – This game will be a shootout. Guys who will catch TDs: Graham, Sproles, Colston, Gates, Floyd, Mathews, Meachem.

10 years ago

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