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The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Three

Welcome to DLF’s Dynasty Aftermath. This Tuesday staple has long been one of our signature pieces as we have a little fun after a tough week at the Dynasty League Football office. You’ll find this article will review the week’s happenings in a variety of ways and help set you up for the coming weeks as we spin around the league in the way we know best.

There were some great performances and some real duds this week. Regardless of anyone’s personal achievements, the week will be remembered for the debacle that saw the Seahawks “beat” the Packers on Monday Night Football.

Let’s take a look back at the week that was!

Week Three Fantasy MVP

He’s back!

After the Chiefs seemingly eased Jamaal Charles back into the lineup after rehabbing all off-season from a torn ACL, they finally took the training wheels off on Sunday against the Saints. Charles responded emphatically with 233 rushing yards and a touchdown on 33 carries and also added 55 yards off six catches. For those of us who were doubting if he’d ever return to his former explosive self, we now have our answer. The Saints are struggling defensively, but that was a fantastic performance from Charles.

While Charles wins the award this week, a special runner-up MVP designation has to go to Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, who recorded six catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns just hours after learning his brother had passed away in a motorcycle accident. Much can and will be said about that effort, but it was simply a terrific performance by what seems to be a terrific kid.

Week Three Fantasy LVP

If you needed just a few points from Philip Rivers to eek out a win this week, you’re likely sick to your stomach this morning. Rivers put up a total dud on Sunday throwing for just 173 yards and two interceptions. To make matters worse, he was seen yelling at pretty much anyone who would listen to him on the sideline. While I won’t dispute Norv Turner probably needs to be yelled at for a variety of reasons, it was still an awful day for Rivers and the Chargers who were wiped out by Atlanta.

Lineup Fun

The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Ben Roethlisberger PIT  = 384 passing yards, four touchdowns
RB Jamaal Charles KC  = 288 total yards, six catches, one touchdown
RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAX   = 193 total yards, two catches, one touchdown
RB Andre Brown NYG  130 total yards, three catches, two touchdowns
WR AJ Green CIN  = 9 catches, 183 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Torrey Smith BAL   = 6 catches, 127 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Calvin Johnson DET   = 10 catches, 164 receiving yards, one touchdown
TE Heath Miller PIT  = 8 catches, 60 receiving yards, two touchdowns

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Shaun Hill DET  172 passing yards, two touchdowns, no INTs
RB Mikel Leshoure DET   = 
134 total yards, four catches, one touchdown
RB Jacquizz Rodgers ATL 67 total yards, five catches, one touchdown
RB Daniel Thomas MIA  =
 69 rushing yards, one touchdown
WR TY Hilton IND  =
4 catches, 113 yards, one touchdown
WR Nate Burleson DET  =
10 catches, 69 yards, one touchdown
WR Cecil Shorts JAX  =  
1 catch, 80 recieving yards, one touchdown
TE Jared Cook TEN  =
4 catches, 77 receiving yards, one touchdown

The unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week…

QB Philip Rivers SD  = 173  passing yards, two INTs
RB Chris Johnson TEN  = 29 total yards, one catch
RB Stevan Ridley NE  = 37 rushing yards
RB Steven Jackson STL = 34 total yards, two catches
WR Greg Little CLE  = Two catches, 17 yards
WR Demaryius Thomas DEN = Three catches, 34 yards, one lost fumble
WR Vincent Jackson TB  = One catch, 29 yards
TE Rob Gronkowski  = Two catches, 21 yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own Chris Johnson.  We don’t have to go into it.

I completely wrote off Daniel Thomas. He actually played pretty well yesterday after Reggie Bush was injured.

I own Roy Helu or Evan Royster. Look, Alfred Morris has taken over and it needs to be accepted for the time being. It’s quite possible this is going to be a completely wasted season for Helu and Royster.

I’m expecting anything from Tim Tebow any time soon.

I was still holding out hope for Shonn Greene – it’s not going to happen and we’re starting to see the changing of the guard to Bilal Powell, though I don’t think the long-term Jets starter is currently on the roster.

I own Cam Newton. Now, am I seriously worried?  No. However, he obviously has a lot of maturing to do before his teammates are going to truly rally around him. You don’t pretend to fly around the end zone and act like your Superman when you’re down by 26 points in the second half. You also don’t hold a press conference where it seems like your both asleep and on the verge of a serious bout of depression.

I have Jay Cutler as my QB2. The bumping of his offensive lineman is getting overblown, but there may be one comparison I heard over the weekend that really is making sense with Cutler and his up and down behavior combined with elite passing ability – it’s Jeff George. That’s just never good.

I own Josh Freeman. His quarterback rating is actually worse this year and it’s not helping that the Bucs are really playing conservatively right now.

I have Kevin Smith on my roster. After a solid week one, he suddenly finds himself no better than third on the Lions depth chart. Ouch.

I’m still doubting the ability of Christian Ponder. I’ll admit it looks like a lot of us were wrong on Ponder, myself included – he’s been sharp this season.

I’m relying on the tandem of Philip Rivers and Robert Meachem. It’s just not working.

I have Michael Vick as my QB1.  There is absolutely no way he makes it through the year if the Eagles can’t fix their protection problems and he’s been borderline awful even when he has played.

I’m relying on anything productive from Peyton Hillis this season. Jamaal Charles had 33 carries this week and Hillis had three. THREE.

I expect anything productive from Beanie Wells. Has he ever had a two month stretch where everything below his thighs has actually been functioning properly? Ryan Williams has likely taken over and Wells is going to be lucky to see a handful of carries each week.

I’m expecting consistency from Mark Ingram. Let’s face it – if the Saints are behind, he’s completely useless.

I own Knowshon Moreno. He was a healthy scratch this week in favor of Ronnie Hillman. At this point, he needs to be released and signed somewhere else to re-coup any value.

I expect this giant resurgent season for Randy Moss. He may put up some strong games later, but he’s an afterthought at the moment.

I think Greg Little is going to develop into a viable option this season. I’ve never been enamored with Little and his drops are absolutely killing his value.

I own Austin Collie in my dynasty league. He’s now out for the season with a ruptured right patella tendon. That kid just cannot catch a break and having this end his career may not be the worst life choice for him.

….and finally

I’d be worried if I ever doubt the power of the human spirit. Thank you, Torrey Smith, for showing everyone that a person can get up off the mat and inspire others to do the same even under the most horrible of circumstances.

See you next week for the next edition of the Dynasty Aftermath. You can follow Ken on twitter @DLF_KenK.

Ken Kelly
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9 years ago

“I’d be worried if I ever doubt the power of the human spirit. Thank you, Torrey Smith, for showing everyone that a person can get up off the mat and inspire others to do the same even under the most horrible of circumstances.”

Amen to that.

Also, I can’t believe they MADE the packers return to the field for the extra point after what they did to them on that last play. I would’ve walked off, too.

Thanks for another good article, Ken. I look forward to next weeks’ Gut Checks 🙂

Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Everyone here knows I love Torrey Smith. Loved him during his days at Stafford high school right up the road here in VA, at Maryland, and now in the pros. The guy just gets it.

I make it a point to publicly admit when i am wrong. I remember saying that Jay Cutler could put up “sneaky QB1 numbers”. I was WRONG. He is a drop.

Kevin Smith is also a drop.

Calling Greg Little a drop is redundant at this point.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

You would drop Cutler, Smith and Little in a dynasty league? All are disappointing and have lost some value, but I can’t see dropping any of them just yet.

Reply to  Ryan McDowell
9 years ago

Smith is the only one I would consider a drop worthy player out of the 3. Though mid season I would still hang onto him because you never know how injuries will change a players situation. Also there is no way in the world I would drop Little. Has he been a disappointment so far? Sure. But he isn’t even into his 3rd year yet. Some guys the light just doesn’t go on until the 3rd for 4th year so giving up on him now isn’t very smart.

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Brian
9 years ago

I own little and I have not dropped him yet. That was more of a pun than anything. Cutler, yes. I don’t want the guy on my roster. More of a personal thing maybe. I don’t want that cancer in my virtual locker room.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Thank God i traded Smith for a second rounder three days before leshoure killed it. Saw it coming a mile away, and i had leshoure start. I’m a Detroit fan, so i knew the expectations the staff had for leshoure. Now the guy i traded with, still has no backs with one less draft pick.have fun with cj2k, Smith and mark Ingram, lol

9 years ago

I have Philip Rivers starting in both of my dynasty leagues. He scored 2 points in each case. I won by 1.5 and .5 points respectively. Clutch. lol

Will Finnegan
9 years ago

Sat Torrey this week, figured he’d stay with his family(5 hour trip). I lost by .58
tough pill to swallow but i hope we continue to see good #s from torrey here on out

9 years ago

Worried if….. I own Roy Helu or Evan Royster. Look, Alfred Morris has taken over and it needs to be accepted for the time being. It’s quite possible this is going to be a completely wasted season for Helu and Royster.

I am personally worried ….
How writers on this site have a blind love affair for J. Stew and a blind hate affair toward Alfred Morris.
HE IS THE REAL DEAL. Get with the program fellas. Love 98% of your writing minus J. Stew & Morris analysis.

Reply to  Ray
9 years ago

I don’t think that comment was meant as hate for Morris. It is more than Shanahan can’t be trusted. Personally, I think Morris is a good back. I just don’t trust Shanahan to stick with anyone if they start to struggle or get hurt. It just isn’t his history. He has a very short leash and is quick to pull it.

Reply to  Ray
9 years ago


Ice Cube
9 years ago

what’s your gut check on Lamar Miller? I really want him for my bench i think the path to carries isn’t as far as people think.

Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

Do you think MIA resigns Bush?

CK Chard
9 years ago

I’d give a shout to Golden Tate over Cecil Shorts in your dominant underdogs lineup. The guy might be the most controversial player so far this season, but his numbers this week were pretty solid.

Reply to  CK Chard
9 years ago

Tate only has 3 catches the past two weeks, and was injured week 1. thats far from consistent.

CK Chard
Reply to  SJ
9 years ago

Well his 3 catches in each of the past 2 weeks is 5 more than Cecil Shorts has had during that period. That’s who I was comparing him against.

Danton Goulet
9 years ago

Speaking of horrible lineups of the week. My 2-0 team going against the worst team in our league and here is my lineup
Rivers 2
Mathews 5
Ingram 1
Bowe 7
Britt 5
D. Thmas 1
Gates 2
Ravens 2 and finally the one bright spot on my roster this week
Hanson 18

Beat that if you can because I am pretty disgusted about it.

Danton Goulet
Reply to  Danton Goulet
9 years ago

Sorry and yes I lost in case you hadn’t guessed.

Reply to  Danton Goulet
9 years ago

I dunno.. I started Vick, McGahee, Spiller, Reggie, VJax, Djax and Tamme in one league. That was pretty rough

9 years ago

I enjoyed this alot more when the waiver wire was given….:(

9 years ago

Worried if… I was still holding out hope for Shonn Greene – it’s not going to happen and we’re starting to see the changing of the guard to Bilal Powell, though I don’t think the long-term Jets starter is currently on the roster.

Jets signed Jonathan Grimes off the Texans’ practice squad…any chance he could be their long-term starter someday? Sure he was an undrafted free agent…but so was Arian Foster.

9 years ago

Last week I started Cam Lafell Cruz and D.Thomas it was a pretty crap week for me as well

9 years ago

I lost by less than 10 points this week (195.2 to 186.8) due to my horrendous lineup choices. My bench blew up for 181.3 points with guys like Mikel LeShoure, Golden Tate, and Thomas DeCoud just hanging out… yuk.

9 years ago

As a Ridley owner, I enjoyed the first two weeks but hated how he was used in Week 3. Am I right that he’s no longer startable? It seemed like he was in the backfield 1/3, Woodhead 1/3 and empty backfield 1/3. And then Brandon F-ing Bolden gets the vulture TD just like Sammy Morris in the good ol’ days. And I guess it gets worse when Vereen is healthy.

Mike Rapolas Jr
Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

Agreed – I think that was the game plan for this week. Ridley should be fine…

Jon Lambrecht
9 years ago

The one thing that will be a trend in N.E. is their unpredictability. People that think that they know who will be the running back week to week need to re think. If you thought you were getting a bell cow back in N.E., you were simply mistaken.

Write that down.

Jon Lambrecht
9 years ago

Not saying Ridley is cutable at all. But, take caution when you start him and just know in the back of your mind that he isn’t garanteed to lead his team in carries. IMO, he is a better flex start than a rb1 or rb2. I predict Ridley to be a very streaky player. One week good the next he may disapear. I find it funny that people thought that all the sudden Belichick would all the sudden change… hmmm?

9 years ago

Traded Matt Flynn before the season for Ryan Williams. Beanie just went on the IR. Party at my house.

Mike Rapolas Jr
Reply to  stolenmeat
9 years ago

The 10th-12th round fliers on Williams I think are going to pan out…

Reply to  stolenmeat
9 years ago

My trade of Sproles for Williams went through late this morning (I am rebuilding a really bad team in an 8 keeper) and I get home from work from a relly long, bad day. Yes, hated to give up Sproles, but mini-celebration. Champ 2013! Drafted AJ Green 7th last year (yes, 7th, and Julio went 6th, so i almost wet myself after the 5th pick). Traded almost everything else last year for Stafford. Traded back from #2 this year to get 1.06 (Luck) and 1.12 (Wright)- starting to come together. Champs 2013!

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