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Monday Hangover: Week Three

Every Sunday we’re featuring the Sunday Six Pack that covers the day’s biggest storylines. We’ll be following this up each and every Monday with the Monday Hangover, which will look back on those stories and cover what we learned. These back-to-back articles are sure to get you primed, pumped and informed throughout the entire season. In addition, reading these articles will ensure you understand the dangers of not paying attention or drinking too much on Sundays.

Let’s get to it!

Can #1)  Will The Real Chris Johnson Please Stand Up?

OK, it’s officially time to panic.

The Titans offensive line has been awful in giving Johnson holes, and he’s been hesitant and lacked his trademark explosion even when the holes are there for him. At this point, Johnson has just 45 yards on 33 carries this season, good for an anemic average of 1.4 yards per carry. He’s on pace to finish the year with 240 rushing yards, or just a mere 1,766 yards off his 2009 total of 2,006. His yards per carry average since that season has dropped in every year from 5.6 (2009) to 4.3 (2010) to 4.0 (2011) to that disturbing low of 1.4 so far this year.  It’s not going to get any easier for Johnson as he faces teams in the upper half of the league in run defense in Houston, Minnesota and Pittsburgh over the next three weeks. It’s not going to be surprising to see Javon Ringer start carving out a role when he returns and Johnson simply needs to be benched until further notice.

We asked for the real Chris Johnson to stand up and after three weeks, it sadly looks like he has.

Can #2) Paging Elite Quarterbacks, Please Claim Your Elite Play

We focused on Drew Brees, Matt Stafford, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady each not living up to their elite status so far in leagues. Things could have gone worse for most of these players on Sunday (we’ll see Rodgers tonight), but it could have gone better, too. None of them finished in the top ten again this week as Brees threw three touchdowns, but also only had 240 yards passing and an interception. Stafford left with a leg injury after throwing for just one touchdown and 278 yards. Brady threw for 335 yards, but had only one touchdown as well. All in all, we expect more from this group.

While it’s way too early to get down on yourself if you drafted one of these players highly or traded for them in the off-season, it’s looking like Matt Ryan and Robert Griffin III may well be the best two options in the game at the moment. Ben Roethlisberger isn’t far behind as he quietly has eight touchdowns and just one interception so far this year.

Can #3) Continued Development from Rookie Quarterbacks Not Named Luck and Griffin

We’ll see Russell Wilson tonight, but we really wanted to focus on Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden on Sunday – unfortunately, they gave us a couple of disappointing performances. Weeden took a step back after a nice week two by completing 27-of-43 passes for just 237 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions in a loss against Buffalo. He now has a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 3:6 on the young season and that’s just not very good. Tannehill completed just 16-of-36 passes for 196 yards and an interception in Miami’s loss to the Jets. You can see he’s very talented, but the completion percentage was pretty poor this week as he floated numerous passes. He just needs to become much more steady and consistent. Again, this was a disappointing day for these two, but patience needs to be applied here.

Can #4) On Golden Ponder

We were very curious to see the maturation of Christian Ponder today to see if he could really deliver another solid performance against a team as good as San Francisco. Our newest writer (Andy Miley) suggested buying low on him Saturday, but it’s probably too late now as he posted 198 passing yards and one touchdown to go with 33 rushing yards and another score in an inexplicable win against the 49ers on Sunday.

I’ve personally never been high on Ponder, but he’s really making a run at being a solid option in leagues this year. He’s still yet to throw an interception this season and plays a Detroit defense that’s now given up 94 points in three games. He’s going to be tough to sit next week unless you have a truly elite option on your roster.

Can #5) Vicktimized

The Eagles were blown out by the surprising Cardinals 27-6 this week and Michael Vick was only able to complete 17-of-37 passes for just 217 yards with no touchdowns. He didn’t throw an interception this week for the first time all season, but he did lose two fumbles. On the year, Vick now has four total touchdowns (one rushing) and nine turnovers. With the Eagles facing the Giants next week, look for Vick to be on the run again. He was sacked five times this week, hurried ten more and now has to face the vaunted defensive line of New York next week. Have fun with that!

Let’s hope you have Vick as your QB2 right now and not your QB1. If he’s your lead option, you’re in likely in a bit of trouble already this season. The Eagles can’t block anyone and Vick isn’t making great decisions – that’s just not a great combination.

Can #6) The Return of Ryan

The much anticipated return of Ryan Mathews happened this week as he ran for 44 yards on ten carries and caught five passes for 32 more yards. The Chargers fell behind early and relied on an ineffective Philip Rivers in their 27-3 loss to the Falcons. On the good side, Mathews came out of the game feeling good and has proclaimed himself ready for a big workload going forward. The Chargers certainly need him because their passing game is just not clicking without Vincent Jackson and Vincent Brown in the lineup.

Have a great Monday and we’ll see you tomorrow for the weekly aftermath!

Ken Kelly
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9 years ago

I think Chris Johnson getting old isn’t really breaking news at this point, ha ha. All of the drama surrounding his holdout last year ruined America’s favorite running back, imo. Let’s put the dog to sleep rather than pretend he isn’t in pain.

Drew Brees, Matt Stafford, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will never live up to their draft position this year in the dynasty league that we launched this year, lol. They went at 1.10, 1.02, 1.01, and 1.05 respectively. Somehow, I snuck Matt Ryan into my QB1 spot in 5.04, trying to solidify my receiving corps early on with Harvin, Jennings, and Britt. As a resident of Washington state and a fan of Green Bay, I will be excitedly watching tonight’s game to see how Wilson and Rodgers fight it out.

Give him 2 years and Wilson will hopefully have the Seahawks on their way to another Super Bowl. Enjoy MNF, Ken. 🙂

Wallace's Warriors
9 years ago

I don’t think it is Chris Johnson as much as it is the offensive line. Munchak was the offensive line coach from 1997-2010. He was arguably the best O-line coach in the league. When he left to become the head coach, the attention to detail fell apart. From 2010 to 2011 Javon Ringers YPC dropped from 4.7 to 3.1 and he got the same amount of carries. I think this is just a by-product of Munchak leaving the O-line coaching spot.

sean mcguigan
9 years ago

I agree mostly line although I do think he has lost more than a step as well….u can’t do anything with no room….other two horrendous lines Dallas and Indy …..temper your expectations of Murray IMO that line is a joke

9 years ago

what about the lions handing LeShoure the full load in his first game? A workhorse in any fashion is a good thing in fantasy. shows that you have to show a little patience sometimes

Reply to  tebow
9 years ago

I’ve been sitting on LeShoure since I drafted him last year, good to see him finally get in the game and deliver the kind of performance we had hoped he was capable of. Hoping he stays healthy, if so, should be a solid RB2 moving forward.

Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

I traded CJ?K in the offseason for Percy Harvin and CJ Spiller.

People thought I was stupid.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

You killed it!

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Ken Moody
9 years ago

I guess that’s why I’m 33-0 so far in the all-play through 3 weeks.

9 years ago

Dump CJ.2k for Doug Martin? DM hasnt been lights out.

Reply to  GM
9 years ago

Age is important in Dynasty. Running backs begin a decline at 24 that speeds up rapidly at 27 ending with their production flatlining at 32. If you think we will ever see the old Chris Johnson again I think you need to look again at the realistic side of NFL statistics. He may have one or two more good years left in him, but I would be shocked to see another GREAT year before he retires.

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Brett
9 years ago

A decline at 24??

Matt Wertz
9 years ago

I was offered DeSean Jackson and 3 third round picks for CJ. Thoughts?

Matt Wertz
Reply to  Matt Wertz
9 years ago

Correction I was offered DeSean Jackson and a 2013 1st rd pick from a team currently 1-2, anda 4th rd pick for Chris Johnson and either Golden Tate orvJosh Gordon. Any thoughts?

Matt Wertz
Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

PPR League, yes.

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