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The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Two

Welcome to DLF’s Dynasty Aftermath. This Tuesday staple has long been one of our signature pieces as we have a little fun after a tough week at the Dynasty League Football office. You’ll find this article will review the week’s happenings in a variety of ways and help set you up for the coming weeks as we spin around the league in the way we know best.

Week Two Fantasy MVP

As always, there were a ton of players who could have qualified for this award (including the dynamic duo of Giants receivers), but we’re going to go with Reggie Bush of the Miami Dolphins. It’s one thing to have a great day as a running back, but quite another to have it against a team who knows you’re basically the only weapon on offense. Bush torched the Raiders to the tune of 26 carries for 172 yards, three catches for 25 more yards and two total touchdowns. Bush has been seemingly undervalued in dynasty leagues over the past year, as he now has five 100 yard performances in his last six games, dating back to last season. He may just have actually found his niche in this league – he’s averaging six yards per carry this season with defenses stacking the box and he has the look of a really solid RB2 again this season.

Week Two Fantasy LVP

It’s getting really tough to find any more excuses for Chris Johnson. You can blame the Titans offensive line all you want, but Johnson now has a grand total of 21 yards on 19 carries this year – that means he’s on pace to be CJ168. He’s looked tentative and now has just four 100 yard games in his last 18 contests. At this point, it’s smart to make sure you have Jamie Harper and Javon Ringer if you own Johnson. This simply can’t last much longer because the Titans need some production to help out Jake Locker.

Lineup Fun

The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Robert Griffin III = 206 passing yards, 82 rushing yards, one INT, three total touchdowns
RB Reggie Bush MIA = 197 total yards, three catches, two total touchdowns
RB CJ Spiller BUF = 167 total yards, three catches, two touchdowns
RB Trent Richardson CLE 145 total yards, four catches, two touchdowns
WR Hakeem Nicks NYG = 10 catches, 199 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Danny Amendola STL = 15 catches, 160 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Victor Cruz NYG = 11 catches, 179 receiving yards, one touchdown
TE Dante Rosario SD = 4 catches, 48 receiving yards, three touchdowns

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Brandon Weeden CLE 322 passing yards, two touchdowns, no INTs
RB Ben Tate HOU  = 
74 rushing yards, two touchdowns
RB Andre Brown NYG 71 rushing yards, one touchdown
RB Jackie Battle SD =
 69 rushing yards, two touchdowns
WR Donnie Avery IND 
9 catches, 111 yards
WR Brian Hartline MIA =
9 catches, 111 yards
WR Brandon Tate CIN =
3 catches, 71 recieving yards, one touchdown
TE Anthony McCoy = 
5 catches, 41 receiving yards, one touchdown

The unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week…

QB Jay Cutler CHI = 126  passing yards, one touchdown, four INTs
RB Ahmad Bradshaw NYG = 16 total yards, one head injury
RB Shonn Greene NYJ = 23 rushing yards
RB Donald Brown IND = 45 rushing yards
WR Stephen Hill NYJ = No catches
WR Justin Blackmon JAX = No catches
WR Robert Meachem SD = No catches
TE Aaron Hernandez NE  = No catches, one ankle injury

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own Matt Forte or Aaron Hernandez. Those injuries both look like high ankle sprains that are going to take a while to recover from.

I’m still not believing Michael Crabtree can be a viable player in dynasty leagues.

I’m playing any team that has CJ Spiller on it.

I’m banking on Robert Meachem to be a consistent fantasy performer. The trouble Philip Rivers and Meachem have been having getting on the same page in practice has absolutely spilled over into the regular season – he has two catches for 49 yards in two games.

I think Dante Rosario is ever going to do that again.

I didn’t listen to us when we said Donnie Avery was a good sleeper this year. We were wrong on more than a few, but this one looks good right now.

I’ve been throwing dirt on the value of Frank Gore – he’s not done quite yet.

I own any Cardinals running back. This has been absolutely putrid.

I burned all my free agency dollars on Kevin Ogletree.

I’m completely dismissing Alfred Morris. Look, he could get pulled after a bad game, but he hasn’t had one after two weeks.

I’m expecting WR1 numbers from Marques Colston on a weekly basis. This has been a very rough start for Colston and he seems like the odd man out for some reason.

I have Isaiah Pead and don’t see Daryl Richardson as a legitimate threat. Sorry guys, but it’s time to face reality.

I own Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs are finding themselves down a ton and it’s hard to say if they’re just easing him in, but he had only nine touches for 22 yards this week – that’s not the Charles we know.

I own Chris Johnson. Look, we covered it earlier, but this is getting to be a very serious concern. He’s a guy who realistically should be benched in fantasy (and possibly reality) at this point.

I expect this monster season from Dez Bryant. After two games, he has just seven catches for 102 yards – not exactly dominant.

I’m just going to give up on Rod Streater after a bad week. Patience here, gang. This Raiders receiving corps has never been able to stay healthy.

I own David Wilson. He’s squarely in the doghouse of Tom Coughlin and that house is awfully tough to escape from. He’ll get a second chance, but don’t expect that to come soon, especially with as well as Andre Brown played this week.

I expect any type of consistency from Anquan Boldin. It’s sad, but he’s no better than a pretty weak possession receiver option at this point.

I think Randy Moss is going to get back to being Randy Moss. He’s clearly not a priority in the offense. Kudos to him for not complaining about it thus far.

I think Shonn Greene is going to break out his slump. Look, he is what he is and that’s just not very good.

I have James Jones. After Greg Jennings couldn’t play Thursday, Jones was a hot flex play. He responded with two catches for -1 yards, reminding us you’ll never know when he’ll have a good game.

I expect to Kenny Britt to have a game as bad as he did on Sunday with one catch for five yards.

Ditto for Julio Jones who had four catches for 14 yards.

I own Eddie Royal. If I would have told you he’d have twice as many catches as his teammate Robert Meachem after two weeks, you’d be ecstatic. Well, he does with four. FOUR.

I have Jonathan Dwyer. This should have been the week he took hold of the starting job, but he failed miserably.

I own Daniel Thomas. After sitting out the game with a concussion, Thomas saw Lamar Miller do more than an admirable job giving Reggie Bush a breather. Thomas is quickly dropping from the dynasty picture altogether.

Wes Welker is one of my cornerstone players. He was actually benched by the Pats to begin the game, but still posted a good night after Aaron Hernandez was hurt. The Patriots seem to be willing to prove to Welker they can win without him.

I own Blaine Gabbert. Things were looking up for him until this week. If he’s out, look for Chad Henne to take over permanently if he can move the offense.

See you next week for the next edition of the Dynasty Aftermath. You can follow Ken on twitter @DLF_KenK.

Ken Kelly
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Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

” The Patriots seem to be willing to prove to Welker they can win without him. ”

I’m not sure that they can. Nor am i sure that Tom Brady is an elite fantasy qb without him.

Highest td total that Brady had without Welker, 28. Tom had only one 4000 yard season before Wes arrived.

As a bills fan, I am ecstatic about Welker riding the pine.

Cyrus Miller
Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

As a Patriots fan, I think Welker plays a very pivotal role in the offense and does it well. However, he is old and his success is unique for what his skillset is, so I don’t want to see them overpay to keep him.

While he plays a pivotal role, I think they can easily adjust to have someone else play that role. I think Hernandez is the long term answer for the passing game, and Ridley is showing that we can have a running game too.

In the past, Welker has been given a ton of short receptions where the Patriots basically used him as a RB. Since our RB couldn’t consistently get yardage, we would pass it at the line of scrimmage or just beyond to Welker and hope for YAC.

Don’t forget, correlation does not equal causation. When Welker got here in 2007, the Patriots morphed to be pro-offense in a major way. Randy Moss was the bigger acquisition and had a much larger effect on the TD’s than Welker did. Since he left, they replaced his TD production with the TE’s. Welker is a nice role player, but he isn’t the reason the Patriots offense is great.

(And I am sad, if he had caught the ball at the end of the game in the Super Bowl in either 2007 or 2011, game over. IF he had done that, I would say pay the man.)

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Cyrus Miller
9 years ago

I won’t disagree with you. However, I think you vastly underestimate the guy’s talent.

I have been wrong before, and if i am, i will gladly admit it, but until I see evidence that Brady can throw for 5000 yards without his slot machine, I’m going to remain skeptical.

What you said about Ridley was spot on. It’s not crazy to infer that we may be seeing a bit of a paradigm shift in Foxboro.

Alan Bauerle
Reply to  Cyrus Miller
9 years ago

But he didn’t now did he. He’s what 31-32 years old. Yes Was an amazing reciever but w hernandez out he’s gonna be getting plenty of attention, which he will deal with. That being said you have Edleman waiting in the wings. NFL is about “what have you done for me lately” not “Glory Days”. Welker helped win many a teams fantasy championships but it’s time to move on.

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Alan Bauerle
9 years ago

And I am saying that Edelman is not Wes welker. You don’t just bring in any dude to replace a legend. I think the coaching staff knows that, hence the Salas acquisition.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Salas just got cut, so he’s obviously not the answer…

BAM Nation
Reply to  Alan Bauerle
9 years ago

I think it is safe to say Welker will not be replaceable in terms of what he delivered to the Patriots as a slot receiver. he will be replaced in that position (Hern/Edel, whoever) but the #’s will go to Gronk, Perhaps Llyod if he is on the same page w Brady and Hernandez if he can remain healthy.

It all depends on the player fitting into the Patriots system and gaining Brady’s trust.

Welker has the first year with the attention going to Moss to fit in ‘quietly’ then he ‘broke out’

If Wlker has stayed in SD or MIA he never woudl ahve acheived what he did w the Pts

9 years ago

With Hernandez out, expect Welker to be back to normal.

9 years ago

Thinking about buying low on CJ168 but am I offering too much with Jonathan Stewart? am also getting Vincent Brown in the deal. My gut tells me that once the passing attack starts to click the CJ168 will get some massive holes to run through. Stewart is in a 4 headed RBBC.

9 years ago

chances reynaud takes over for CJnoK? He would be a great WR/TE flex play in ESPN leagues.

Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

Why? Harper and Ringer have looked horrible any time I’ve ever seen them. Ringer is a typical Big Ten running back. Harper is OK. I just don’t see it taking long for the Titans to realize that Reynaud is much more talented.

Jordan Andrews
Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

Do you really think it’s worth hanging onto Harper though? About to finally cut ties and drop him for (hopefully) Andre Brown in this week’s waivers. Should I consider dropping someone else instead?

Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

The best you’re going to get from Brown is a week or two of production. I’d hold unless I had better options. It’s not like he’s going to take Bradshaw’s job and make Wilson irrelevant.

Reply to  Ken Kelly
9 years ago

Oh, I didn’t even read Matthew’s question… Sorry, Ken. But you do think Reynaud is better to own than Harper or Ringer? I picked him up on waivers and that was my reasoning. If Johnson goes down I can’t see the coaching staff putting up with Harper or Ringer’s lack of talent very long.

9 years ago

Hey – I actually think Dez is a good buy low at this point. He’s done nothing to detract value from himself; Austin is good for a long TD each game but hasnt taken over any by any streatch of the imagination. Witten looks bad, and Ogle is a good PPR guy (inconsistently it appears). That still leaves Dez for some big plays. Not like he’s dealing with injury or immaturity. He’ll get his.

Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

The replacement refs play fantasy football and are actually making calls ( or looking the other way ), in an attempt to influence the games to benefit players on their roster.

Lesean Mccoy says it’s happening.


9 years ago

im an Wilson owner and don’t over react to A.Brown,i believe in elite talent,i sat on Spiller for years because i believed in his talent and now its paying off. Young players need to learn to play in the NFL but you can’t teach talent. These games the Giants have been playing have been close no time to break in a rookie making mistakes but as soon as they have a nice lead you will get to see Wilson showcase some of his awesome talent.

9 years ago

How does Larry Fitzgerald not get the LVP or make the All-Crap Team of the Week?

Reply to  Duh
9 years ago

I know right? I guess those 4 yards saved him!

Reply to  Duh
9 years ago

I pulled off they buy low deal of the century last night for Fitz. I gave Andre Brown (less than an hour after I had picked him up for $6), Shaun Draughn, Jonathan Dwyer and Issac Redman for Fitzgerald. The guy who gave Fitz has been starting Michael Turner and Pierre Thomas as his RBs and after trading Fitz still has Garcon, Percy, Britt, Demaryius and several decent depth players at WR. I guess he thought it was worth it since Fitz hasn’t been startable for him yet this year anyways. I feel like I got a great deal!

Ken Dogson
9 years ago

“Reggie Bush has the look of a really solid RB2.”


The guy is second in the league in rushing, right behind Spiller.

You guys must still be drafting washed up players like Jackson and Turner as RB1s.

9 years ago

Need some advice if you guys don’t mind-I’ve been offered Hakeem Nicks and Mark Ingram for Trent Richardson. I currently have Ridley as my other RB (and not much else) along with Bowe, Jennings, Britt, and Demarius Thomas at WR. The owner who is offering me Nicks and Ingram has J. Stewart, Lynch, Dwyer and Jacquizz Rodgers at RB and Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, and Dez Bryant at WR. Should I take Nicks and Ingram and deal TRich or stick with TRich? Me and the other owner are currently sitting at 2-0 and are in the same division. Thanks.

Ray Voeller
Reply to  dallas
9 years ago

No do not deal T Rich. Shame on other owner for offering trade right after his 1st big game.

alden bietz
9 years ago

Wow much do you see RB Powell getting more carrys with Green struggling?

Luke B
9 years ago

So Britt and Julio have bad games, and you tell us not to worry. But Bryant has one and you say he won’t have a good season? Didn’t you guys just write an article about irrational hatred clouding your judgment of certain players?

9 years ago

I am a replacement manager for a delinquent (sad-sack) dynasty team and am trying to rebuild.
I have Brandon Lloyd/Michael Vick/Antonio Gates and have been trying to turn them over for younger players/picks.

An obviously fed-up manager has offered me CJ2K for Lloyd…do I do it because Johnson is younger and should come around, or do I hang on to Lloyd to see what I can get for him elsewhere?

Reply to  JJ
9 years ago

Potential RB1 for a 31-year-old WR3? I think you have to take that deal.

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