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Calling Our Shots: Week Two

Fantasy football can at times be a very funny place to seek help when you need it most. One week, a so called “expert” will tell you to start “Player A” because “Player A” is a “can’t miss” starter who will blow up that week. A week later, that expert will deny giving that advice to their readers or followers but will be more than happy to tell you to start “Player B” this week. It would be almost comical in some instances if it wasn’t so tragic for the people who take the advice of these charlatans.

As a staff member of DLF, I can tell you that everyone affiliated with this site both loathes and detests this behavior. Every staff member on the DLF team constantly tries to learn and better ourselves so we may be of better help to you. Part of that process is being accountable for our successes, as well as our failures. We’re doing that each and every week as we’re offering personalized lineup advice as part of our premium content. We’re answering every question posted in a timely manner and helping out as best we can – those answers are public knowledge and we’ll stand by them every week.

We’ve also decided to roll out this new series entitled, “Calling Our Shots.” The premise of this series is to get some predictions for the upcoming week. Some writer’s predictions are bold, some are solid, while others, well, we wouldn’t place too much money on them in Las Vegas!

When we’re right, we’ll share our successes. When we’re wrong, it should present a great way for our loyal readers to give us a good (and hopefully friendly) ribbing. The point is we don’t hide from the advice we give or the predictions we make.

We also want to give you the same chance.

Our community is an essential part of the success of DLF. This weekly series also asks YOU, the readers, to post your own shots in the comments below. We all have that coach in our league who says, “Yeah, I could have told you not to start that guy” and perhaps that’s even you who thinks that! Well, here’s your chance to make those bold predictions when they count – before the games are played. We invite everyone to blow up the comments section again today and make any player predictions you want for the week – this will give you a perfect opportunity to officially say, “I told you so,” or offer a brutally embarrassing piece of ammunition for your opponent to use against you next week. Either way, this is a great way for the community and the writers to have some good old fashioned fun each and every week!

Every person who is featured in subsequent weeks will be put into a drawing after week 17 for a free yearly membership or their renewal to our premium content and a free DLF T-shirt!

So, with one week of NFL play down, what do we know?

Well, we know that CJ Spiller, Stevan Ridley and Alfred Morris are all top ten running backs. We know that Mark Sanchez is an amazing quarterback and Alex Smith, Christian Ponder and Sam Bradford have better quarterback ratings than Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton. If we are looking for the number one receiver in football we need look no further than Darren McFadden. Should we decide to overlook McFadden, the names that start to crop up are Kevin Ogletree, Andrew Hawkins and Randall Cobb.

I mean we all saw that coming, right?

Well, don’t feel too bad, not many of us did. Some small gambles paid off for me personally. On several of my low end weekly/daily games I flexed Morris on a whim and earned myself enough money for a decent restaurant meal. However, you know how sure I was about that pick? So sure I didn’t even mention it on last week’s “Calling Our Shots” article when it wouldn’t have cost me a dime.

Enough about the weird first week of the 2012 season – let’s get to the meat of the article. How did things pan out for the staff predictions? Well, here are some nice shots that were called, especially by Steve Wyremski who hit on almost every one:

Jeff Beran – Reggie Bush finishes with 0 TDs and less than 85 total yards because Houston keys on him all game.

Ken Kelly – Julio Jones eats the Kansas City Chiefs defense alive and scores not once, but twice on Sunday.

TheFFGhost – Dexter McCluster emerges as a potent weapon for Kansas City with over 5 receptions

Steve Wyremski – Matt Ryan – 300 yards+ passing and 3+ TDs. Julio Jones – 125+ yards receiving and 1+ TD.

Eric Hardter – Julio Jones will lead all WRs in receiving yards.

Steve Wyremski – Pierre Garcon – 6+ catches, 100+ yards receiving, 1+ TD.

TheFFGhost – Garcon goes for over 100 yards in receiving, he is for real folks!

Jarrett Behar – RGIII will be a Top 10 QB Week 1.

Steve Wyremski – Stevan Ridley – 120 yards+ rushing, 25+ receiving, 1 TD.

Jaron Foster – Four Green Bay receivers will finish with 5+ receptions.

Steve Wyremski – Willis McGahee – 50 yards rushing, 0 TDs.

All in all, some decent predictions and a couple of surprises that came true. Here are a couple of others we just barely missed on:

Eric Dickens – Brandon Marshall has a double-digit reception game in being reunited w/ Cutler.

TheFFGhost – Amendola will post over 6 catches and 70 receiving yards.

We saw some really interesting predictions from our readers, but here is the entry we selected from week one from “Ches:”

  • Ryan Tannehill throws for 2 INTs and maybe a TD
  • No HOU WR other than Andre Johnson will eclipse 5 fantasy pts (8 in PPR)
  • Sam Bradford will throw for 1 or 2 TDs, and put up decent yds, but will remain mediocre enough to keep his WRs fantasy irrelevant in most leagues
  • Michael Turner has trouble keeping up with Atlanta’s new fast-paced offense; Jacquizz Rodgers rivals him in fantasy pts and outscores him in PPR leagues
  • Greg Olsen puts up solid TE1 numbers; Newton struggles to rush as effectively, rushing 7 times for <25 yds and no rushing TDs
  • San Diego will have a hard time rushing; passing won’t be much easier, Carson Palmer will outscore Philip Rivers in fantasy points, not because he is better, but because his weapons are.

He almost hit on this one, too:

  • Russell Wilson will provide the win, but disappoint fantasy owners with less than 200 yds passing, less than 25 yds rushing, a passing TD, and 2 INTs

So Ches, congratulations, you’ve been entered in our drawing after your performance in week one. Good Luck at the end of the season!

Now let’s take a look at some of the DLF staff picks for week two:

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Eric Olinger – CJ Spiller will be held under 80 yards rushing.

Eric Dickens – Dwayne Bowe has a nice day with over 100 receiving yards.

Jacob Feldman – Stevie Johnson goes over 100 yards with a score since the Chiefs game plan to take Spiller out of the game.

TheFFGhost – Remember last week when I said McCluster was going to emerge? He’s not done yet with another 5+ receptions in this game.

Steve WyremskiMcCluster continues to be big part of offense with 100+ yards receiving.

Eric Hardter – Jamaal Charles has five receptions this week, after having zero last week.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Eric Olinger – Brandon Weeden throws for more yards than Andy Dalton.

Eric Dickens – AJ Green takes advantage of Joe Haden’s suspension and goes for 100+ yards & 2 TD’s.

Jacob Feldman – Cleveland will once again have under 250 yards of total offense, making all of their players fantasy benches.

TheFFGhost – Andrew Hawkins wasn’t a fluke, he posts another 6+ receptions this game.

Eric Hardter – Trent Richardson gets back on track with 90 yards and a TD, in a losing effort.

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Eric Olinger – Adrian Peterson will break 100 yards rushing and find the end zone.

Jacob Feldman – Andrew Luck suddenly looks like an all-pro again as he lights up the Vikings for 300 yards and multiple touchdowns. He’s going to abuse bad teams, but struggle against good ones. He’s still a rookie.

Ken Kelly – Jared Allen sacks Andrew Luck not once, but twice.

Eric Hardter – Adrian Peterson rushes for 120 yards, with two TD’s.

New Orleans @ Carolina

Eric Olinger – Steve Smith and Greg Olsen both have over 100 yards receiving.

TheFFGhost – New Orleans and Drew Brees trash Carolina with three passing touchdowns.

Dan Hasty – Cam Newton will run for more yards than Mark Ingram.

Eric Hardter – Jimmy Graham has over 100 yards receiving.

Houston @ Jacksonville

Eric Olinger – Maurice Jones-Drew finds no running lanes and is held under 65 yards rushing.

Eric Dickens – The Houston Defense pressures Blaine Gabbert all day, resulting in 5+ sacks, multiple INTs and a fumble.

TheFFGhost – Both Arian Foster and Ben Tate have over 75 yards of rushing.

Eric Hardter – Blaine Gabbert is held to under 200 yards passing, with 2+ INT’s.

Oakland @ Miami

Eric Olinger – Darren McFadden catches 8+ passes for the second consecutive week.

Chris Rohrer – The Raiders offense picks apart the Dolphins.  Carson Palmer throws for over 250 yards with 2 TDs.  Darren McFadden rushes for at least 100 yards and a TD.

Ken KellyLamar Miller is active for the first time and has at least 30 yards rushing.

Eric Hardter – Carson Palmer exceeds 300 yards passing.

Arizona @ New England

Eric Olinger – Wes Welker catches 7+ passes and at least one touchdown in a “sorry about last week” make-up game.

Jacob Feldman – Wes Welker leads the Patriots in catches this week because Tom Brady heard all of the media talking as well. Use it as a sell high moment though, because it ends up being Welker’s best week of the year as weeks 3-17 end up being a lot like week one.

Chris Rohrer – Patriots defense smothers Kolb and the Cardinals and record at least 3 sacks and 2 interceptions.

TheFFGhost – Stevan Ridley will break the century mark in rushing again this week.

Steve WyremskiStevan Ridley with 150+ total yards and 1 TD+.

Dan Hasty – Larry Fitzgerald scores single-digit fantasy points.

Ken Kelly – Kevin Kolb plays so poorly the Cardinals have Ryan Lindley warm up, only to realize they’re in New England down by 20 already.

Eric Hardter – Kevin Kolb is pulled for Ryan Lindley midway through the 3rd quarter.

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

Eric Olinger – Eli Manning throws for over 300 yards and 3 TDs.

Jarrett Behar – Hakeem Nicks goes for 100 yds, 1+ TDs

Jacob Feldman – Josh Freeman will throw for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns against the banged up Giants secondary, but the Bucs still lose the game.

TheFFGhost – Hakeem Nicks will be the number three receiver for the Giants in yards and receptions.

Dan Hasty – David Wilson will run for more yards than a mod Bradshaw.

Eric Hardter – Vincent Jackson has over 100 yards receiving, with 1 TD.

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Eric Olinger – Ray Rice tops 150 total yards and scores at least one TD.

Ken Kelly – Ray Lewis hammers Michael Vick in the ribs midway through the second quarter and Nick Foles enters the game. Vick returns after halftime only to see the Eagles lose. After the game, he complains about being on the ground constantly.

Eric Hardter – Ray Rice exceeds 25 touches, for 140+ total yards.

Washington @ St. Louis

Eric Olinger – RGIII throws for less than 250 yards but has 50+ yards rushing.

TheFFGhost – Aldrick Robinson post over five catches and scores a touchdown.

Ken Kelly – Alfred Morris has more rushing yards than Steven Jackson.

Eric Hardter – Danny Amendola leads all WR’s on either team in receptions and yards receiving.

Dallas @ Seattle

Eric Olinger – Kevin Ogletree comes back down to earth and gets fewer than 5 catches and 50 yards. Zero TDs!

TheFFGhost – Witten recovers more completely and posts better stats than Ogletree.

Steve WyremskiDez Bryant has 5+ catches for 100+ yards and 1 TD+.

Dan Hasty – Kevin Ogletree will go back to being irrelevant.

Eric Hardter – DeMarcus Ware tallies another two sacks.

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

Eric Olinger – Mark Sanchez throws more INTs than TDs.

Jacob Feldman – Jets slip back to near pre-season form and only manage one TD against the Steelers. Greene rushes for under 50 yards.

Chris Rohrer – Antonio Brown has more targets, receptions, and receiving yards than Mike Wallace.

TheFFGhost With Revis, out both Brown and Wallace score touchdowns.

Eric Hardter – Mark Sanchez is held to under 220 yards passing, with a negative turnover differential.

Tennessee @ San Diego

Eric Olinger – Chris Johnson continues to be the new Chris Johnson and finishes the day under 3.0 YPC. He stinks!

Jacob Feldman – Chris Johnson will have another bad game, averaging under 3.0 YPC once again.

Jaron Foster – Chris Johnson 80+ yards and a TD, Gates with 2 TDs.

TheFFGhost – This is a passing affair as both sides combine for less than 150 yards rushing. Johnson racks up at least 5 receptions as the Titans take note of how the Raiders exposed their Chargers defense by passing out of the backfield.

Steve WyremskiJared Cook with 80+ yards receiving and 1 TD.

Eric Hardter – Jared Cook again leads the Titans in receiving.

Detroit @ San Francisco

Eric Olinger – Frank Gore rushes for 100+ yards and a TD while Calvin continues his 100 yards per game streak.

Eric Dickens – Kevin Smith piles up 100+ all-purpose yards against a tough 49ers D.

Jacob Feldman – Megatron goes over 100 yards with a touchdown on a long bomb early in the game. Pettigrew leads the team in catches on lots of underneath routes once they triple team Megatron after the bomb, but everyone else struggles.

Jaron Foster – Pettigrew finds the end zone, Hunter with 100+ total yards.

TheFFGhost – San Francisco find a way to “contain” Megatron, limiting him to less than 80 yards of receiving. Pettigrew picks up the slack by collecting over 6 receptions.

Steve WyremskiMichael Crabtree with another 5+ catches for 80+ yards.

Dan Hasty – The Lions kick more field goals than score touchdowns.

Eric Hardter – NaVorro Bowman again outplays Patrick Willis, and has over 10 tackles.

Denver @ Atlanta

Eric Olinger – Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning both throw for over 300 yards in a Monday night shootout. No running back breaks 75 yards in the game.

Eric Dickens – Peyton Manning throws for 3+ TD’s & over 300 yards versus the Falcons.

Jarrett Behar – Peyton Manning 300+ passing yards, 3+ TDs.

Jacob Feldman – Roddy White posts more catches and more yards than Julio Jones this week due to Champ Bailey shadowing Julio.

Jaron Foster – Roddy outscores Julio, Peyton with 3 TDs.

TheFFGhost – This is an aerial clinic with over 500 passing yards between Manning and Ryan. Both teams combine for less than 150 yards rushing.

Steve WyremskiMatt Ryan & Peyton Manning both go for 300+ and 3 TDs+ in a shoot-out.

Dan Hasty – Roddy White will outscore Julio Jones.

Ken Kelly – Michael Turner’s demise gets even worse as he starts actually running the wrong way on offense.

Eric Hardter – Matt Ryan will throw for over 350 yards in the shootout of the week.

So there you have it, the DLF staff’s “called shots.” Post your calls in the comments to see if you can’t beat the DLF experts and join last week’s winner, “Ches.” Remember, entries are judged uniqueness, accuracy and difficulty so try not to sandbag it!

Don’t forget, if we select your entry we’ll enter you into a drawing for a full year of DLF premium content and a free DLF t-shirt!

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10 years ago

I’m going to say that Andrew Hawkins from Cincinnati is going to go for 8-75-2 I think he emerges as the #2. Gersham has poor route running.

Ben Schmidt
10 years ago

Chris Johnson scores more points than CJ Spiller in Week 2 and for the rest of the season. The hate has gone too far on Johnson and the hype surrounding Spiller following his Week 1 performance has gotten out of control. Many FF writers are advocating trading Johnson for Spiller. The bigger prediction to be made is what tweetorical maneuvers will be made by these guys in the efforts to distance themselves from this week’s advice.

James Smartt
10 years ago

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Matt Cassel goes over 350 Yards and 3TDs

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Andrew Hawkins posts better stats than A.J Green

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Reggie Wayne > 100 yards and 2 TD’s

New Orleans @ Carolina

Cam Newton returns to 2011 form with a 400 yrd game 2 PTD and 1 RTD

Houston @ Jacksonville

Blackmon > 50 yds and a TD

Oakland @ Miami

Reggie Bush puts up at least 75 yrads and a TD

Arizona @ New England

Aaron Hernandez > 75 yrds and 2 TD’s

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

Nicks and Cruz both > 100 and a TD each

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Rice < 50 Yards but 2 TD's

Washington @ St. Louis

RGIII tops 300 yards again with a win over the Rams

Dallas @ Seattle

Ogletree proves the sceptics wrong with atleast 75 yrds and a TD

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

Tebow comes in for two scores

Tennessee @ San Diego

CJ goes over 100 yards, but continues yoyo throughout the year, only putting up quality stats while sitting on his owners benches.

Detroit @ San Francisco

Stafford has another 4 interception game, but manages a game winning drive with a TD pass to Pettigrew

Denver @ Atlanta

Ryan + Manning = 700 yards passing and 7 PTD's

Allen Sarvinas
10 years ago

LaFell goes for 80yds and 2 TDs as Car tries to keep up with Brees’ 4 TD passes, 2 to Graham on a 100yd day
Chandler takes on Fitz’s possession reciever role and has 6+ rec and a TD
RGIII rushes for his 1st TD while Morris is stymied by STL and Helu has 5+ rec and declaims starting role
GB’s incredible unity under Rodgers is put under fire as Cutler and Forte take a 2-0 record into. Week 3 (uh, my bad?) Just being honest
Romo is tired of being on blast by Hater’s Row and carves up a very good Sea D for a 120+ PR
MRyan and Jones continue to abuse the NFL, but White on 8+ target’s rakes with 2 TDs (Grimes put a hurrying on my NE v ATL SB)
DAL D/ST makes Carroll’s Wilson call look redonkulous as Clayborne takes his 1st INT to the house in a shutout!

10 years ago

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Peyton Hillis leads all other RBs in game with 75+ rushing yards.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

-Josh Gordon leads team with 55+ receiving yards.

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

-Andrew Luck displays his potential with his first NFL game winning drive, throwing a TD to his old buddy Coby Fleener.

New Orleans @ Carolina

-Cam Newton continues his Sophomore Slump throwing less than 250 yards and only one score. The Saints, after absorbing information from RGIII and 2 previous Newton meetings, put together perfect gameplan to keep Newton at bay.

Houston @ Jacksonville

-Arian Foster will get 150+ all purpose yards and 2 TDs.

Oakland @ Miami

-Lamar Miller and Reggie bush combine for a 150 rushing yards to help Miami grind out the win.

Arizona @ New England

-Aaron Hernandez leads all other players in this game with 20+ fantasy points. (6+ catches, 100+ yards and a TD.)

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

-Vincent Jackson has first big game as a Buc tallying 5+ catches for 80+ yards and 2 TDs.

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

-Both Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy run for 100+ and a TD.

Washington @ St. Louis

-St. Louis slows RGIII down this week with 2 INTs and 2+sacks.
-Alfred Morris will be third best RB on his team this week rushing for under 35 yards, but still gets a goaline score.

Dallas @ Seattle

-Romo continues his hot start with 300+ throwing yards and 2 TDs.

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

-Jonathan Dwyer leads all other RBs with 80+ rushing yards and 40+ receiving yards.

Tennessee @ San Diego

-The return of Kenny Britt and the under-performance of Chris Johnson, opens the middle of the field and short routes for Kendall Wright to play the Darren McFadden role. Wright will finish with 7+ receptions 65+ yards and a TD.

Detroit @ San Francisco

-Titus Young leads all receivers with 85+ yards.

Denver @ Atlanta

– Harry Douglas leads his team with 100+ yards receiving and 2 TDs.

10 years ago

Fitzpatrick throws for 250+ and 2 tds(one to spiller) and 1 int
Mcluster goes for 60 yrds and a td

TRich runs for 80+ and a TD
B. Weeden still Sucks. throws 2 more ints.
Dalton has a decent day with 225 passing and 1 td.

AP rushes for 115+ and a TD
Harvin recieves for 85 yrds and rushes for 20 more.
Fleener receives for 80 and a TD

carolina rushes for 180 yrds as a team.
Lance moore leads NO in receiving

Laurent Robinson catches 1st Td of the season and leads Jags in receiving yrds with 75

Tannehill throws for 2 tds and 2 ints
McFadden gets injured.

NE D lights it up with 3 ints one for 6 pts

Doug martin is top 5 fantasy rb
Victor Cruz rights the ship with 80 yrds and a td

Baltimore crushes Vick. causing him to throw 2 more ints and no tds
Flacco goes for 300+ and 3 tds.

Washington/St Louis
Washington rushes for 165+ Morris leads with 85 Helu with 30 and RG3 with 50

Wilson and Romo score similar fantasy pts. (1 pt per 20 yrds 6 per td -2 per int)

Jets score less than 14 pts after 48 pt 1st week

Rivers is 300+ and 3 tds
CJ0K has more receiving yrds than rushing.

Moss has 2 redzone tds
Stafford has rough day with 2 more ints.

Roddy White has 2 tds this monday
Eric Decker leads both teams in receiving yrds with 100+

CK Chard
10 years ago

Kansas City @ Buffalo

-C.J. Spiller stutters as he’s held to less than 65 yards on the ground.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

-The Browns D continues to show dominance as they shackle A.J. Green and hold him to less than 4 receptions.

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

-Percy Harvin goes on a rampage as he gains 250+ all purpose yards.

New Orleans @ Carolina

-The Panthers O-Line atones for their comedy of errors allowing Cam Newton to rush for 80+ yards and 2 ground TD’s.

Houston @ Jacksonville

-“In Ground We Trust” becomes Mularkey’s mantra as MJD scampers for 150+ yards, proving he really is worth all that money.

Oakland @ Miami

-Darrius Heayward-Bey steps up his game and pulls in 100+ receiving yards and a score.

Arizona @ New England

-The Pats D shows up big and forces no less than 6 turnovers.

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

-Domenik Hixon wins this weeks Ogletree Award as he hauls in 100+ yards and a couple of TD’s.

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

-Joe Flacco pulls a Cutler and throws 3+ picks and under 175 yards. Ravens still win though.

Washington @ St. Louis

-Lance Kendricks wakes up and pulls in 80+ yards and a score.

Dallas @ Seattle

-Tony Romo and Russell Wilson get in an aerial duel as they combine for 550+ yards and 5 TD’s.

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

-The Jets come back down to Earth as Tim Tebow leads the team in rushing with a paltry 20 yards.

Tennessee @ San Diego

-Antonio Gates shakes off the rib injury and grabs 6+ receptions for 80+ yards and a score.

Detroit @ San Francisco

-Megatron cant’ be stopped as he scores a trio of TD’s.

Denver @ Atlanta

-Jacquizz Rodgers dazzles the Falcon’s faithful with 120+ combined yards on his 15 touches.

Ken Dogson
10 years ago

CMIII gets 3.5 sacks.

Joe Butkus
10 years ago

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Fitzpatrick throws for 300 yds and 3 scores

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Trent Richardson goes for 80 yards and 1+ score

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Vick Ballard runs for 75 yards and a score

New Orleans @ Carolina

Jimmy Graham 80 yards and 2 scores
Cam Newton 300 yards and 2+ scores

Houston @ Jacksonville

MJD rushes for a buck 20 and a td

Oakland @ Miami

Denarious Moore 100 yards rec and 1 score

Arizona @ New England

Ryan Williams 80+ yards rushing

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

Mike Williams 80+ yards rec and a td

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Bryce Brown 50 yards rushing

Washington @ St. Louis

Fred Davis 80+ rec and a td

Dallas @ Seattle

Russell Wilson 300 yds passing and 2 scores
Dez Bryant 100+ yard rec and 1 td

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

Bilal Powell 75 yards rushing

Tennessee @ San Diego

Kendall Wright 70 yards rec and a td

Detroit @ San Francisco

Brandon Pettigrew 80+ yards and a score

Denver @ Atlanta

Eric Decker 100+ yards and 2 scores

Marek Kilanowski
10 years ago

Kc @ buff
Bowe 80 yds and a td
Hillis gets redzone touches and 2 tds

Cle @ cinn
Trich goes 100+ and 2 tds

Minn @ ind
Ponder approaches 275 yds and throws a td to rudolph no picks

No @ car
Ingram and stewart each get 75+ and a td

Hou @ jax
Blackmon is the only useful fantasy asset for jax with 6 grab for 90 and a score

Oak @ mia
Mcfadden goes over 150 total yds and 2 tds
Streater is oaklands leadimg receiver
Miamis only td is defensive off a fumble forced by wake

Ari @ ne
Fitz doesnt even post 60 yds while the patriots smother arizona in all facets of the game

Tb @ nyg
Mike wiliams goes 80 yds and another td
Martin gets his first td
Tb keeps it close with a defensive score
Wilson gets out of the doghouse and outproduces bradshaw

Bal @ philly
Rice 150 total yds and a score
Torrey goes 80+ and a score

Was @ stl
RG3 posts the only quality stats in a defensive struggle of a game

Dal @ sea
Romo has another great game with 325+ and 3 tds

Nyj @ pitt
Jets offense stinks it up bigtime scoring only off of folks leg

Tenn @ sd
TE fiesta as cook and gates combine for almost 200 yds and 3 tds
Aside from a long pass in the first quarter britt is used as a decoy

Det @ sf
Pettigrew gets a solid line 75+ and a td
Kevin smith looks alright til hes injured and leaves the game in the second quarter

Den @ atl
Turner responds to the naysayers with 2 scores along with 40 yds
Thomas goes for 100+ and a score

10 years ago

Kansas City @ Buffalo

Dwayne Bowe- Shows last week was a fluke and goes 7/110/1

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Trent Richardson- Held to less than 40 yards rushing yet again

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Reggie Wayne- Torches the Vikings secondary and shows that he still has it and can put up consistent numbers posting 8/120/2

Adrian Peterson- Ends the day with more rushing attempts than Ponder pass attempts and gets in the end zone again.

New Orleans @ Carolina

Marques Colston- Blows up in this game going for 100+ and 2 TD’s.

Mark Ingram- Ends with more rushing yards by himself than the entire Panthers team combined.

Houston @ Jacksonville
Arian Foster- ABSOLUTELY blows up having a career game going for over 200 total yards and 3 TD’s.

Oakland @ Miami

Rod Streater- Ends as the leading receiver for both teams and scores at least 1 TD.

Arizona @ New England

Andre Roberts- Posts more catches and yards than Welker.

Chandler Jones- Gets to Kolb early and often and posts at least 2 sacks.

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

Martellus Bennett- With a still gimpy Nicks, Eli checks down a lot and Bennett ends the week as a top 5 TE.

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Lesean McCoy- They take the ball out of Vicks hands and McCoy goes over 150 yards rushing with 2 TD’s

Washington @ St. Louis

RGIII- Comes back down to earth and tosses 2+ INT’s and is sacked 4+ times.

Dallas @ Seattle

Russell Wilson- Seattle opens the playbook more than the first week and actually let him throw it deep. By doing so he rewards owners throwing for over 250 and 2 TD’s while adding 40+ on the ground.

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh

Big Ben- Without Revis Ben throws all over the Jets ending with 300+ yards and 2 TD’s.

Tennessee @ San Diego

Kenny Britt- Doesn’t play much but catches a red zone TD

Detroit @ San Francisco

Michael Crabtree- Ends the day with more catches, more yards and more TD’s than Megatron.

Denver @ Atlanta

Matt Ryan- Everyone expected a shoot out in Green Bay as well. Ryan throws for under 250 yards and 2+ INT’s

10 years ago

AP leads all rushers this week 130+ 2 TD

SJax close second 120+ 1 TD

Spiller underwhelms but doesnt hurt you fake team 100+ rush/rec

McCluster regresses ala Cobb

Romo shines 280-3 td(1 rush) witten 4-55-1

49ers dominate 33-14 Crabtree 7-88-1 Aldon/Justin Smith 2 sack each

Britt big return with 6-80-2TD

J Stewart outscores DMC Rice McCoy and MJD this week

Chris Howat
10 years ago

D. Moore Leads all Raiders WR’s with at least 2 TD’s

Dwyer continues to run like a rhinosaurus and get 20+ touches

Mike Vick injured and the Ravens continue to roll

Trent Richardson breaks out for over 100 yards rushing

Kyle Rudolph get 10+ targets and makes the most of them. over a hundred yards

Michael McDonald
10 years ago

Jamaal Charles looks like himself with 140 total yards and a TD

Kevin Smith has more receiving yards than rushing yards, and still has a nice game with a TD

Kevin Ogletree breaks 100 yds again. Romo finds him multiple times underneath while escaping pressure.

Flacco continues to love Cam Cameron and throws two 40+ yard TDs. “Pay him whatever he wants”

Demaryius Thomas leads all WRs in fantasy points this week.

Doug Dischler
10 years ago

KC @ Buffalo – Mcluster goes over a hundy, with 2 TD’s.

Oakland @ Miami – Neither team does much in a heavy rainstorm. Run-DMC put up 100 total yards, which is the highest from either side, but picks up a score.

Tennessee @ San Diego – Ryan Mathews sits again. Curtis Brinkley rushes for more yards thank Chris Johnson, but CK3 picks up a TD, and Brinkley does not.

Jets @ Pittsburgh – Revis Island is left, well…off the island. His absence allows Emmanuel Sanders to go for 8 catches, 90 yards, and a score.

Denver @ Atlanta – Denver’s defense proves to be the difference, holding Matty Ice Ice Baby to 225 through the air, but Julio picks up a nice redzone TD. in an Atlanta loss.

Minnesota @ Indy – Christian Ponder is ineffective on 3rd downs, opening the door for Andrew Luck and the Colts. Indy wins a close one, with Luck throwing for 3 scores and almost 300 yards.

Detroit @ San Fran – Frank Gore is held in check, less than 75 yards, and no scores, by Detroit’s front 7. However, Michael Crabtree has a career day, over 125 yards, and a score. Throw in a cheapy for Randi (sic) Moss as well.

Tampa @ NY Giants – A depleted Giants secondary gives up a ton of yards early, Mike (non fat Mike) goes for over a hundred, and a score. In the second half, Doug Martin goes hogwild, putting up 75 yards in the second half alone, along with 50 more through the air.

jerrys kids
10 years ago

rg3 for 350 total yards and 3 scores

10 years ago

KC @ Buff:
McCluster gets= 9+ targets and 6+ catches for 75+yds
Bowe gets a TD
Fits has 2 more INT’s

Clev @ Cin
Only fantasy relevance is AJ Green get sin the end zone
Dalton gets <225ys and 2 picks

Minn @ Indy
Purple AP goes for 100 yes and a score
Luck goes for 2 scores, primarily getting Indy caught up in garbage time

NO @ Car
NO loses again, frustrated by the runs of Cam.
Cam goes for 50+ yes running and throws for a modest 350+ yes, but scores 4TD's, at least 1 running

Hous @ Jax
Not much in the way of surprises here, as Foster goes for 100 YDs and a score
Hous scores on D or ST

Oak @ Miami
Chance for Carson to prove something—-NOT
Miami gets him for at least 2 picks
Reggie Bush gets in the end zone at least one time, and that is saying something with this offense

Ariz @ NE
24 pt blowout
Welker gets in the action with 8+catches and a score
NE DST scores at least once
Ariz does not get into the end zone all day

Nicks finds the going tough again, less than 60 YDs
NYG has a hard time finding Martin and he goes for 90+YDs but no score
A late FG decides the game for NYG

Balt @ Phil
Andy Reid discovers Shady McCoy for 140 total YDs and a score
Flacco finds things more difficult to come by than in WK1, and is sacked 4 times and throws 2 picks.
Philly wins on a late Vick scramble of 20+ YDs

Wash @ St. Louis
St. Louis confuses RG3, and he throws his first 2 picks of the year, one returned for a TD. But the Washington running gme comes through with Morris having an even better game than WK1. +100 YDs

Dallas @ Sea
Seattle DST comes through with a big block of a FG or punt to turn the game
Seattle wins on a late Lynch dive into the end zone
Miles Austin begins his permanent disappearing act, getting only 3 rcpts for <50 YDs

NYJ @ Pitt
Jets offensive fireworks are over, and they are helf to less than 10 its
Antonio Brown starts his 2012 dynasty superiority of Mike Wallace by getting 100 YDs and a TD

Tenn @ SD
Johnson does it again, or doesn't do it again, however you look at it. 50YDs and no score are not exactly what fantasy owners were thinking about when they drafted him
Rivers has another clean game with 2 TDs and 250+ YDs

Detroit @ SF
Matt Stafford tears it up so his coach can get the "upper hand"in this year's handshake-gate, going for 300+ and 3+TDs against the vaunted SF D

Denver @ Atlanta
Julio Jones gets 2 more TDs as the Denver D decides to take away Roddy White
Jacquizz gets more carries than Turner already in WK2

10 years ago

The Lawfirm is a top 5 running back with 120 and 2 td’s.

Arian Foster and MJD combine for 5 TDs.

Peyton Manning has 300 and 3 TDs

Demaryius Thomas goes over 100 with a TD again.

10 years ago

Josh Freeman will score more fantasy points then Eli Manning

A.J. Green, 100+ yards, 1 TD

Julio Jones, less then 75 yards and no TD.

Kenny Britt is back and put up more points in fantasy then CJ0K.

NYJ will score only 1 TD, Mark Sanchez throws atleast 2 INT.

Billy Walker
10 years ago

KC/Buf – Stevie Johnson gets 100 yards and two TDs.

Cle/Cin – Andrew Hawkins gets 75 yards and a TD.

Min/Ind – Christian Ponder scores 3 TD total.

NO/Car – Cam Newton throws more TDs than Drew Brees.

Hou/Jax – Keshawn Martin and Lestar Jean combine for over 100 yards and a TD.

Oak/Mia – Rod Streater gets two TDs.

Ari/NE – Kevin Kolb throws for 250 yards and two TDs.

TB/NYG – Ahmad Bradshaw rushes for under 50 yards.

Bal/Phi – Ed Dickson has more yards than Dennis Pitta.

Was/StL – Steve Smith leads all WRs on either team in receiving yards.

Dal/Sea – Dal D picks off Russell Wilson three times.

NYJ/Pit – Jonathan Dwyer goes over 100 yards rushing.

Ten/SD – Darius Reynaud rushes for over 50 yards.

Det/SF – Kevin Smith has 100+ all-purpose yards and two scores.

Den/Atl – Willis McGahee rushes for more yards then Michael Turner.

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