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Calling Our Shots: Week One

Fantasy football can at times be a very funny place to seek help when you need it most. One week, a so called “expert” will tell you to start “Player A” because “Player A” is a “can’t miss” starter who will blow up that week. A week later, that expert will deny giving that advice to their readers or followers but will be more than happy to tell you to start “Player B” this week. It would be almost comical in some instances if it wasn’t so tragic for the people who take the advice of these charlatans.

As a staff member of DLF, I can tell you that everyone affiliated with this site both loathes and detests this behavior. Every staff member on the DLF team constantly tries to learn and better ourselves so we may be of better help to you. Part of that process is being accountable for our successes, as well as our failures. We’re doing that each and every week as we’re offering personalized lineup advice as part of our premium content. We’re answering every question posted in a timely manner and helping out as best we can – those answers are public knowledge and we’ll stand by them every week.

We’ve also decided to roll out this new series entitled, “Calling Our Shots.” The premise of this series is to get some predictions for the upcoming week. Some writer’s predictions are bold, some are solid, while others, well, we wouldn’t place too much money on them in Las Vegas!

When we’re right, we’ll share our successes. When we’re wrong, it should present a great way for our loyal readers to give us a good (and hopefully friendly) ribbing. The point is we don’t hide from the advice we give or the predictions we make.

We also want to take this to a whole new level.

Our community is an essential part of the success of DLF. This weekly series also asks YOU, the readers, to post your own shots in the comments below. We all have that coach in our league who says, “Yeah, I could have told you not to start that guy” and perhaps that’s even you who thinks that! Well, here’s your chance to make those bold predictions when they count – before the games are played. We invite everyone to blow up the comments section on this post and make any player predictions you want for the week – this will give you a perfect opportunity to officially say, “I told you so,” or offer a brutally embarrassing piece of ammunition for your opponent to use against you next week. Either way, this is a great way for the community and the writers to have some good old fashioned fun each and every week!

Every person who is featured in subsequent weeks will be put into a drawing after week 17 for a free yearly membership or their renewal to our premium content and a free DLF T-shirt!

With that being said, here are the DLF shots we’re calling for Week One:

Indianapolis @ Chicago

Eric Dickens – Brandon Marshall has a double-digit reception game in being reunited with Jay Cutler.

Jaron Foster – Andrew Luck will total 3+ touchdowns.

Philadelphia @ Cleveland

Jeff Beran – Michael Vick finishes with at least 55 yards rushing, 250 yards passing, and four total touchdowns.

Jaron Foster – Chris Ogbonnaya will lead Cleveland in rushing.

St. Louis @ Detroit

Steve Wyremski – Steve Smith (STL) – 5+ catches, 70+ yards receiving.

TheFFGhost – Danny Amendola will post over 6 catches and 70 receiving yards.

Jarrett Behar – Kevin Smith – 100 yards, 1 TD.

Eric Olinger – Calvin Johnson will have 130+ yards receiving and 2 TDs, successfully starting his goal of 100 yards in all 16 games.

Eric Dickens – Matt Stafford throws for 4+ TD’s versus the Rams.

Eric Hardter – Kevin Smith will have over 110 total yards.

Jaron Foster – Matt Stafford will have 400+ yards passing.

Miami @ Houston

Jeff Beran – Reggie Bush finishes with 0 TDs and less than 85 total yards because Houston keys on him all game.

Jaron Foster – Foster with 200+ total yards.

Atlanta @ Kansas City

Ken Kelly – Julio Jones eats the Kansas City Chiefs defense alive and scores not once, but twice on Sunday.

TheFFGhost – Dexter McCluster emerges as a potent weapon for Kansas City with over five receptions

Steve Wyremski – Matt Ryan – 300 yards+ passing and 3+ TDs. Julio Jones – 125+ yards receiving and 1+ TD.

Eric Hardter – Julio Jones will lead all WRs in receiving yards.

Jaron Foster – Jonathan Baldwin with 5+ receptions.

Jacksonville @ Minnesota

Eric Olinger – Jared Allen collects at least 2 sacks vs Jacksonville.

Jaron Foster – Laurent Robinson with 100+ yards.

Ken KellyJustin Blackmon scores his first touchdown in the second quarter.

Washington @ New Orleans

Steve Wyremski – Pierre Garcon – 6+ catches, 100+ yards receiving, 1+ TD.

TheFFGhost – Garcon goes for over 100 yards in receiving – he is for real, folks!

Jarrett Behar – RGIII will be a Top 10 QB Week 1.

Eric Dickens – Roy Helu Jr. is the RB to own in Washington (at least week one!) & ends up w/ double digit fantasy points.

Jaron Foster – 2 TDs for Lance Moore

Ken Kelly – Kyle Shanahan inserts himself at running back

Buffalo @ NY Jets

Jaron Foster – Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller with 100+ total yards each.

Ken Kelly – The Jets fail to score a touchdown until garbage time

New England @ Tennessee

Steve Wyremski – Stevan Ridley – 120 yards+ rushing, 25+ receiving, 1 TD.

Eric Olinger – Jake Locker will lead all first time starting QBs in passing yards in week 1…and INTs.

Jaron Foster – 2 TDs for Jared Cook.

Seattle @ Arizona

TheFFGhost – Lynch plays but exits early, Turbin will rush for at least 50 yards.

Jaron Foster – Turbin will lead both teams in rushing.

Ken Kelly – Ken Whisenhunt attempts to call Kurt Warner to coax him out of retirement at halftime.

San Francisco @ Green Bay

Steve Wyremski – Michael Crabtree – 6+ catches, 80+ yards receiving.

Eric Olinger – Alex Smith throws for 300 yards and 2 TDs vs. Green Bay.

Jeff Beran – Jordy Nelson finishes with 115 yards receiving and 1 TD.

Jaron Foster – Four Green Bay receivers will finish with 5+ receptions.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

Eric Dickens – Jonathan Stewart plays AND goes over 75 yards rushing for the Panthers. Doug Martin goes for 100+ yards versus the Panthers.

TheFFGhost – Freeman looks great at the helm of Tampa bay’s revamped offense throwing at least two touch downs, passing for over 250 yards and rushing for over 40 yards.

Jaron Foster – Freeman will have 250+ yards passing

Ken Kelly – Jonathan Stewart sits and DeAngelo Williams leads the league in rushing after week one.

Pittsburgh @ Denver

Steve Wyremski – Willis McGahee – 50 yards rushing, 0 TDs.

Eric Olinger – Peyton Manning will throw more INTs and fewer TDs than Ben Roethlisberger.

Eric Hardter – Peyton Manning will throw for under 240 yards.

Jaron Foster –  Roethlisberger with 3+ total TDs

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

Steve Wyremski – AJ Green – Maximum 4 catches for 50 yards.

Jaron Foster – 2 TDs for Torrey Smith.

San Diego @ Oakland

Ken Kelly – Robert Meachem has fewer than two catches on Monday.

TheFFGhost – McFadden lights up the night rushing for over 100 yards and 50 yards of receiving.

Jaron Foster – Jackie Battle will lead San Diego in rushing.

Now it’s your turn!

We at DLF would like to encourage all our readers to submit their predictions in the comments section. We’ll dig through them and feature one lucky reader in next week’s article. Some weeks will feature a reader who has strung together several correct predictions, while other weeks will focus on a reader who went way out on a limb and pulled a rabbit out of a hat.  Be sure to mix in same safe bets and some predictions that come straight from the gut, no matter how weird they sound to everyone else.

Remember, every person who is featured in subsequent weeks will be put into a drawing after week 17 for a free yearly membership or their renewal to our premium content and a free DLF T-shirt!

Let the games (fantasy, reality and “just for fun”) begin and good luck to everyone this week as you call your own shots!

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Josh Estep
10 years ago

Doug Martin has 100 yards rushing and 30 yards receiving with 2 TDs.

Jimmy Nall (jrnall2)
10 years ago


Stewart sits and Mike Tolbert finishes with double digit day


Skins get down early and Helu is used exclusively in passing game. Scores 15+ points in PPR. A massive sell on old Roy before Week 2.


Brian Leonard posts more fantasy points than BJGE.

10 years ago

1- Both Chicago RBs (Forte/Bush)rush for 100 yards and a TD each. Marshall is held in check (4/50) by a combination of Vontae Davis coverage and the fact that Chicago is running so successfully.

2- Kyle Rudolph explodes onto the fantasy football scene with a 7/105/2 performance

Chris Mertz
10 years ago

-Matty Ice is top 3 QB this week…300+ and 3tds.
-Russell Wilson leads all first-time QB starters in fantasy points.
-AJ Green is very pedestrian…> 70 yds and no scores.
-If he plays, Ben Tate is a top 10 RB this week.
-DHB has 100+ yds and a TD.
-Doug Martin > Trent Richardson by 50 yds or more.
-Buffalo Def is a top 5 unit this week (and this season).
-RG3 throws up a dud in terms of fantasy points…> 200 yds pass, 40 yds rush, 1td and 3 tos.
-Calvin Johnson doesn’t lead Detroit in receiving yards.
-Antonio Brown continues the preseason tear he was on and leads Pittsburgh in receiving with 10 catches for 140 yards and 2 tds.

Rob Dorsey
10 years ago

Kendall Wright leads the NFL in Recieving Yds after week 1

Reply to  Rob Dorsey
10 years ago

Fingers crossed on this one.

Alan Bauerle
Reply to  Eric Olinger
10 years ago

Word up please Kendall you hear us

10 years ago

Indianapolis @ Chicago

1. Both rookie TE’s, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, score a TD.

Philadelphia @ Cleveland

1. WR Josh Gordon will lead all receivers in yards.

St. Louis @ Detroit

1. TE Lance Kendricks (2) TDs.
2. RB Keiland Williams will lead team in rushing yards.

Miami @ Houston

1. RB Lamar Miller will have most yards from scrimmage on team.
2. RB Ben Tate will finish with more total yards than Arian Foster.

Atlanta @ Kansas City

1. WR Harry Douglas will have Kevin Ogeltree type game.

Jacksonville @ Minnesota

1. WR Harvin 7/150/1.
2. WR Blackmon 7/135/2.

Washington @ New Orleans

1. TE Jimmy Graham (2)TDs with 100+ receiving yards.

Buffalo @ NY Jets

1. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 3 TDs no INTs.
2. Tim Tebow scores Jets only offensive TD.

New England @ Tennessee

1. WR Brandon Lloyd 6/125/2.
2. WR Kendall Wright 8/125/1.

Seattle @ Arizona

1. QB Russel Wilson throws for 325 yards 2 TDs and runs for 65 yards and a TD.

San Francisco @ Green Bay

1. RB Kendall Hunter will have the most rushing yards on both teams.
2. WR Randall Cobb 3/88/1 and 100+ return yards.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

1. QB Cam Newton struggles with 1TD and 2-3 turnovers.
2. RB Doug Martin 100+ rushing yards, 50+ receiving yards, no TDs.

Pittsburgh @ Denver

1. QB Peyton Manning throws for 300+ yards and 2 TDs
2. RB Jonathan Dwyer 150 total yards from scrimmage.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore

1. Ray Rice 3 TDs

San Diego @ Oakland

1. WR Streeter 8/125/1
2. QB Rivers 2 INTs and 3-4 sacks.

Jeff Collins
Reply to  Brian Mounts
10 years ago

I like the Douglas call, thought he’d be the Ogletree of wk1 prior to Ogletree.

The start of Tebow Mania ’12 begins this weekend, don’t delay grab him off waivers now.

Bruce Blalock
10 years ago

Carson Palmer 275yds, 3 TD’s (2 to McFadden, 1 to Reece)

Kevin Smith 130 total yards, 2 TD’s

Ken Dogson
10 years ago

Mason Crosby scores at least 2 FF points.

Bank it.

David Skarin
10 years ago

1. McFadden is leading RB by end of week one in fantasy points.
2. Kendall Wright has two or more TDs and Locker throws 3 or more TDs.
3. Frank Gore is a bust and the time of Hunter begins.
4. Cobb returns one to the house.
5. Hernandez catches 2 or more TDs

Jeff Collins
Reply to  David Skarin
10 years ago

Have feeling Hernandez sinks me in at least 1 league wk1. Going to be kicking myself for not grabbing him in at least 1 league as he ends up at TE2 for the year behind Graham.

10 years ago

I already love this.

Title Town Terror
10 years ago

Josh Freeman – Will have more passing yards than Cam Newton after Week 1.
Jimmy Graham – Leads all TEs and WRs in yards after Week 1.
Tom Brady – Is held under check and throws for under 300 yards and 3 TDs after Week 1.

Jeff Collins
Reply to  Title Town Terror
10 years ago

Brady held under Belichik…after Pats grab early lead and McDaniels feeds Ridley.

Brady numbers are good…Ridley gets 100+ rushing and a score in the second half.

10 years ago

Vincent Jackson has 100+ yards and a TD in his tampa bay debut

Peyton Manning throws for 300 yards and 2 TDs (one to Decker and one to Thomas)

Matt Ryan struggles out of the gate to 210 yards and 1 TD

Arian Foster not only plays, he scores 3 TDs vs. Miami

Ryan Williams has 100 yards and a TD as the Beanie Wells experience gets put to bed.

Reply to  Coach
10 years ago

oops. well arian almost had 3td’s and peyton would have had 300 yds if the defense could have gotten the steelers off the field.

swung and missed on Ryan, Williams and VJax though.

10 years ago

Michael Turner 16+ fantasy points Week 1

Off on Sunday
10 years ago

Detroit – QB Stafford has the biggest fantasy day of all QB’s with 4 TD passes and over 400 yds passing. Throws 2 TD’s to Megatron and 1 to RB K.Smith.
Carolina – RB DeWill has a huge day with over 100 yds rushing and 30 yds receiving and at least one score. RB D Martin gets more yards receiving (70) than he does rushing (60).
Greenbay – WR Jennings is the leading receiver for targets and receptions, plus a score; thus firmly re-establishing himself as the #1 receiver there. *Note: Jordy Nelson does well to score as well with half the targets and receptions as Jennings, and doing his job drawing defensive attention away from Jennings. TE Finley disappoints with only 2 receptions and no score.
New England – QB Jake Locker throws up 3 picks and 1 pick-6. RB CJ2K runs for less than 80 yds and no TDs. Brady is sacked 4 times and throws for less than 300 yds, but still passes for 3 TD’s. TE Hernandez is leading receiver in yds.
Chicago – WR Marshall leads both teams in receptions with over 10 and over 100 yds, but no score. RB Bush runs in 2 TDs. QB Luck has a better fantasy day than RG111.

10 years ago

[email protected] Ben Tate runs for 100 yards and a TD, even if Foster plays and has a good game.

[email protected] Richardson is held to under 15 carries as expected, but still goes over 100 yards and 2 TDs while breaking a 50+ yard TD run, as Philly’s run defense fails to show improvement from last year.

[email protected] Bay- Mike Williams will put up a 7+ catch/100+ yards/2 TD game, causing him to suddenly become overvalued again. This of course will result in in the next 4 weeks of 2 catch/30 yards/0 TD games, leading to most Williams owners finally giving up on his potential.

Eric MacKenzie
10 years ago

Braylon Edwards leads his team in receiving with 100+ yards and a touchdown.
Russell Wilson is the second consecutive rookie to blow up Arizona on opening day, though he only manages 300+ yards passing, 50+ yards rushing and four total TDs.

Jeff Collins
Reply to  Eric MacKenzie
10 years ago

Not willing to give Edwards 100+, but mark him down for 2 scores as Wilson throws up jump balls only he can catch.

sean l
10 years ago

The black unicorn goes 4 for 40 and a td

10 years ago

Indy at Chicago:
1. Kellen Davis will score a TD and will emerge as a viable low-end TE
2. TY Hilton will start to emerge as a preferred WR for Luck, after Wayne of course

Philly at Cleveland
1. Will be the most lopsided game of the week. Viewers may want to switch off the TV by the end of Q1.

St. Louis at Detroit
1. Bradford is more competent than ppl expect and keeps it close at least for the first half of the game
2. Keiland Williams or Logan will lead DET in rushing

Miami at Houston
1. One of Miami’s TEs will start emerging big time
2. Lestar Jean shows he is no fluke

Atlanta at KC
1. KC will keep it very close and may even win the game
2. Defense’s focus on Julio opens up Roddy White for a solid day 100+ yards and a TD at least

Jax at Minn
1. Gabbert does not improve significantly from last year. Jax will not keep it close
2. Gerhart leads all RBs in this game in rushing

Washington at New Orleans
1. By end of Q4, Brees will be out of the game due to it being too lopsided in NO’s favor
2. Fred Davis is a non-factor for WAS
3. Jo Morgan for NO will start to make noise for himself.

Buffalo at Jets
1. Jets will be surprisingly competent on offense. Buffalo will have to come back from behind to keep it close
2. McKnight leads all Jets RBs in total yards

1. Locker matches Brady for fireworks making this the highest scoring game of the week
2. Chris Johnson doesn’t deliver RB1 type stats, more like RB2/3
3. Nate Washington shows last year was not a fluke in terms of his receiving stats
4. Welker leads all NE receivers (including TEs) in receptions

SEA at Arizona
1. Wilson is among the top 15 QBs in scoring this week
2. Skelton will leave the game injured and get replaced by Kolb

SF at GB
1. Jennings leads all receivers in this game by a wide margin
2. Alex Smith has one of his worst games ever

1. Olsen proves to be the #2 receiving target in CAR and outscores bigger / better names at the TE position in the league
2. TB will be surprisingly competent and keep it close for most of the game

1. Stokley leads all receivers in receptions
2. Contrary to popular belief, this will be a high scoring affair, could be the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring game of the week

1. BAL will demolish CIN thoroughly, perhaps leading Flacco to call it a day sooner than the end of the game
2. BJGE will be surprisingly competent and finish with 100+ yards with perhaps 1 TD

SD at Oakland
1. Rivers will show form from prior years and be lethal in the passing game
2. Eddie Royal will be the 2nd most sought after WR on waiver wire (after Ogletree)
3. DMC will be the lead back in the league in terms of FF points after week 1

Mike Bell
10 years ago

Jaron Foster really likes Freeman this week projecting 250yds passing this week, not only against Carolina but in the Pittsburgh Denver game as well. I will go out on a limb and in writing assure everyone that will not happen. This will probably be my only prediction for the year. This is all just done for fun.
I am do happy football is back.

Reply to  Mike Bell
10 years ago

Nice catch Mike!
My Pitt/Den prediction is Roethlisberger with 3+ total TDs

Rob Vance
10 years ago

Mark Ingram will go for over 125 total yards with a TD.

Jeff Collins
Reply to  Rob Vance
10 years ago

Like the gutsy call…can’t say I agree with the yardage total but give him 2 TD’s. Ingram emerages as the RB1 everyone envisioned last year.

10 years ago

Buf vs NYJ

Sanchez to Holmes looks like it should have seasons ago as Holmes reels in 4+ rec and 100+ rec yards.

SF vs GB

Michael Crabtree has more fantasy points than any other WR in this game once the game is over.

No Green Bay receiver cracks 100 yards receiving

NE vs Ten

Nate Washington leads Ten is receiving, and K Wright comes out slow and posts only 1 catch.

Ken Dogson
Reply to  reddaddy32
10 years ago

“No GB WR cracks 100 yards receiving.”

Sure, but 2 will have 80 or more and 4 will have 50 or more.

SF’s pass defense isn’t very strong at all. Against Top 15 QBs last year they got torched, having to rely on a ridiculous turnover/takeaway difference to win a lot of squeakers.

They will be exposed come Sunday.

Ken Dogson
Reply to  Ken Dogson
10 years ago

Here is the really damning evidence against their pass defense.

When they faced a QB who was in the top 15 of the league as far as passer rating they did not do so hot:

Brees – 40 of 63 for 462 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs with 3 sacks and a 93.5 rating.

Manning – 32 of 58 for 316 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs with 6 sacks and a 82.3 rating.

Romo – 20 of 33 for 345 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs with 1 sack and a 116.4 rating.

Vick – 30 of 46 for 416 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT with 2 sacks and a 99.5 rating.

Stafford – 28 of 50 for 293 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs with 5 sacks and a 86.5 rating.

Manning – 26 of 40 for 311 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs with 1 sack and a 84.5 rating.

Roethlisberger – 25 of 44 for 330 yards, 0 TDs and 3 INTs with 3 sacks and a 52.3 rating.

Even the next highest rated QB, ranked 18th in QB rating, looked like this:

Flacco – 15 of 23 for 161 yards, 1 TD and 0 INTs with 0 sacks and a 100.1 rating.


Big Ben has the ankle sprain and should not have been playing.

Reply to  Ken Dogson
10 years ago

As a Steelers fan, I completely agree with your last statement.

Ernie Gaines
10 years ago

Jonathan D. outplays rbs on Steelers & Broncos,leading in td’s & yardage.

Sean Fogarty
10 years ago

Sidney Rice catches 6+ balls for 100+ yards and a TD

Frank Gore runs for 100+ yards and 2TD’s

LeGarrette Blount punches a replacement ref in the face

10 years ago

Indy at Chi

Reggie Wayne puts up WR1 stat line 8/120/2
Jay Cutler throws for 300+ with over half of them going to Marshall

Det vs STL

Titus Young has more receiving yards than Megatron

KC vs Atl

Dwayne Bowe starts the season with a bang even with missing training camp, goes for 100+ and 2+ TD’s

GB vs SF

Alex Smith puts up more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers

Den vs Pitt

Manning looks like the Manning of old tossing for 300+ and 3+ TD’s

Oak vs SD

Phillip Rivers throws 4 INT’s

pat hoff
10 years ago

ap will play and score 2 short yard tds but finish under 50 yards rushing.

Mike Wendland
10 years ago

– Sanchez and Tebow will combine for 0 throwing TDs + 3 INTs, but Jets coaches will praise their play after the game

– Derek Wolfe will be the only rookie DE to get his first career sack in week 1 (not counting half-sacks)

– Russell Wilson will have a modest debut with about 200 combined yards, 1 TD and 1 INT as SEA takes the early lead and runs out the clock in the second half

– Hillis and Charles will both get at least 60 yards rushing

10 years ago

~Forte will score more TDs than Bush
~Luck will post more TDs than INTs, probably 2:1

~McCoy will rush for 120+ yards, have 2 receptions, and total 2 TDs; Richardson, not so much
~Vick and Weeden will have similar numbers (yds/TDs/INTs), and they won’t be good

~Tannehill throws for 2 INTs and maybe a TD
~ No HOU WR other then Andre will eclipse 5 fantasy pts (8 in PPR)

~Bradford will throw for 1 or 2 TDs, and put up decent yds, but will remain mediocre enough to keep his WRs fantasy irrelevant in most leagues
~Calvin will receive for 110+ yds and a score, while Pettigrew will have 50+ yds and a score

~Good running lanes for Charles and Hillis who each get 15+ points in standard leagues
~Turner has trouble keeping up with Atlanta’s new fast-paced offense; JacQuizz rivals him in fantasy pts and outscores him in PPR leagues

~Gabbert is still a mess, posting the lowest score of all starting QBs (Blaine is to blame!)
~Harvin posts the 2nd or 3rd most rushing yds in the game.

~Brees will have top 3 QB numbers; Moore will outscore Colston with 80+ yds and a TD or 2
~Pushed by Brees, Griffin will put up low-end QB1 numbers, but an INT and FF in the second half drop him to high-end QB2

~Fred Jackson does so well that CJ is not seen til they are running out the clock
~By the 4th quarter, Tebow and Powell are running the show, going after another Tebow miracle comeback; coin-toss on who wins

~Good day for all NE WR/TEs, but Welker takes the cake with 8+ receptions for 100+ yds and a TD or 2
~Locker tries to keep pace, but throws a INT or 2; Nate Washington still manages to receive 90+ yds and a TD

~Wilson will provide the win, but disappoint fantasy owners with less than 200 yds passing, less than 25 yds rushing, a passing TD, and 2 INTs
~Skelton is the only reason why the Cards lose this game; Arizona will weep, and fantasy onlookers will wonder if they should add Ryan Lindley to their rosters

SF at GB
~Finley will have a bad game, putting him in TE2 territory
~SF looks for Alex Smith to become more explosive, but it blows up in their face; Smith has 2 INTs, and Packers win in a blow-out

~Olsen puts up solid TE1 numbers; Newton struggles to rush as effectively, rushing 7 times for <25 yds and no rushing TDs
~Freeman looks good, but not as good as Martin who has 2 TDs

~Steelers defense shows that it is not as old and slow as everyone says, keeping the Bronccos under 25 pts. Brown has the most receptions, yds, and TDs of all the WRs/TEs in this game
~Decker has more fantasy pts than Thomas; TE Jacob Tamme establishes himself well as Manning's 2nd/3rd favorite target

~CIN will do much better than most believe, with AJ Green putting up top 12 WR numbers and the LawFirm finishing with 80+ yds and a score
~BAL will struggle to pass-rush as effectively without Suggs, keeping the game close with the lead changing at least once in the 4th; Flacco isn't ready for all the responsibility and turns the ball over twice; Ray Rice is his saving grace, as consistent as ever; coin-toss as to who wins

~SD will have a hard time rushing; passing won't be mush easier
~Palmer will outscore Rivers in fantasy pts, not because he is better, but because his weapons are better

10 years ago

Shanny is crazy but still wants to win so expect Helu to be a huge factor against the Saints.112 yds rushing 1 td 56 yds rec.

WiLLy Brown
10 years ago

Russell Wilson goes for 300+passing/70rushing/3 total TD’s

Antonio Gates goes for 7+rec/90+rec yds/and 2 TD’s reemerging as a premier TE

Calvin Johnson goes for 10rec/200rec yds/2 TD’s

Percy Harvin is unleashed for 8+rec/150 yds/and a TD

Kendall Wright catches 2 TD’s

Aldon Smith gets to Aaron Rodgers a ton and finishes with 2.5 sacks

Donald Butler finishes with a monster game.

10 years ago

Kevin Smith is a top 3 rb this week
Pierre garcon top 5 wr
Tate finishes with more that foster
Steven hill leads the jets in receiving
Donnie Avery leads the colts in receptions and yards, no tds
Steve Smith leads the rams, kendricks close second
Matt is top 4 qb
Peyton top 7qb
Morris leads the skins rbs
Spiller less the bills rbs after Jackson gets hurt
Antonio brown is top 5 wr

Reply to  Cullen
10 years ago

Thought it said matty ice, top 4. Those predictions weren’t bad. The spiller prediction was ridiculous…kinda scary.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Mike Wallace has 5 catches for 130 yards n 2 tds. Antonio brown has 10 receptions for 140 yards and a score. Doug Martin runs for a 100 catches 4 for 40 w 1 td rushing and recieving. Kendal wright has 8 receptions for 127 yards n 2 tds. Matt schaub throws for 350 yrds n 3 tds w 1 rushing. Pettigrew has 10 receptions for 75 yards.. Lol n 1 td. Hanson kicks 3 Fgs all over 50 yards n jets D posts a shutout but get shutout themselves. That’s my roster minus Bradshaw.. Oh DHB leads raiders w 7 catches for 150 yards n 1 td.. Peace

10 years ago

Torrey Smith 3 TDs
Cedric Benson leaves with knee sprain and misses 4 weeks.
(I just traded Smith to get Benson)

10 years ago

Gonna go with MR. Blount of tampa for 100+ total yards and 2 scores.
Percy Harvin with more rushing yards than peterson or gerheart.
Hillis leads chiefs in rushing.
#1 week 1 scorer peyton manning and #2 tomo brady.
just for giggles brandon saine leads packers backfield in touches.

10 years ago

I won’t give a ton of options like some people, but I will go big with my choices…

1. Russell Wilson will be a top 5 qb in 4pt leagues.

2. Ray Rice rushes for less than 50 yards, with no touchdowns.

3. Greg Olsen has two touchdowns.

4. Calvin Johnson finishes outside of the top 10 for receivers.

5. Vernon Davis will be te1 in week 1.

Brady Lawson
10 years ago

Preston Parker and Danny Amendola will each lead their team in catches and receiving yards.

10 years ago

I was late for this week so I will weigh in here:

1. Jaguars vs Vikings: Both backup running backs will gain over 100 yards from scrimmage and at least one touchdown.

2. Jets vs Bills: You WILL see Mark Sanchez and Time Tebow on the field at the same time.

10 years ago

-Luck has solid debut with 240+ yards passing 2TD/2INT
-Coby Fleener is barely a blip on the radar with 2 catches for 15 yds.
-Brown has average day rushing but has 5+ rec
-Forte has 150+ total yards to go with 6 catches and 2 TDs
-Marshall has 10+ catches
-Bears Win

-Foles plays at some point in the game
-T Rich totals 43 yards on 12 touches
-Philly Wins

-Megatron continues to dominate; 8/140/2TDs
-Kevin Smith racks up yards(100+) but no TDs
-Stafford throws for 5 TDs
-S Jax scores STL’s lone TD
-Lions Win

-Tannehill struggles in debut posting < 200 total yds 0 TDs 3 INTs
-HOU has over 300 rushing yards
-Davone Bess is only startable player in MIA
-Houston Wins

-Roddy White recieves 3+ more targets than Julio
-McCluster makes his case to be a viable ppr option; 5/68/0TD
-Bowe sees few targets but makes up for it with big plays and a TD
-Baldwin has 4 catches 60% completion rate
-MoJo takes over for Jennings in 4th quarter of a tight game
-Vikings Win

-Tebow only gets 5 plays (not including punt pro), throws INT
-Tebow sees more plays in punt pro than in Jets offense
-Jets offensive woes continues, saved by long TD from Sanchez to Hill
-60:40 split between F Jax and Spiller
-Bills Win

-Gronk/Welker continue to produce (5/60/TD Gronk; 9/100/0TD Welker)
-Lloyd disappoints; 3/42/0TD
-Woodhead leads NE in rush yds
-CJ has good stat line but poor ypc; 28 car/117 total yds/4 rec/TD
-Nate Washington recieves Locker’s only TD pass
-Pats Win

-Rice shows flashes of 2009; 5/80/TD and stays healthy!
-Wilson leads all QBs in rushing with 54. Adds 218/2TD/INT through the air
-Turbin leads SEA in rushing
-Ryan Williams makes case to lead committee; 75 total yards on 13 touches (If Beanie plays)
-Fitz sees 13 targets, only grabs 6 for 75 yds 0TDs
-Seattle Wins

-VD picks up where he left off leading SF in rec & yds, scores TD
-Benson has < 14 carries
-Jordy continues with big plays; 4/80/TD
-Rodgers is "limited"; 280 yds/2TD/0INT
-Packers Win

-Cam throws more INT than TD
-Doug Martin shines in debut; 120 total yds/5 rec/1+ TD
-VJax only sees six targets but scores TD
-Stewart sits; DeAngelo fails to seize opportunity; 80 total yards/0TD
-Tampa Wins

-Peyton has average return 260 yds/2TD/2INT
-Decker makes his case as a WR1 7/90/TD
-No PIT RB is useful
-Brown has big day 8/112/TD
-Steelers Win

-AJG fails to score TD
-BJGE has poor day < 60 total yards, no TD
-Rice has big day 120+ total yards/6+ rec/2TD
-Flacco shines; 250 passing yards 2TD/0INT, close to 70% completion rate
-T. Smith benefits from Flacco's good day; 7/108/TD
-Ravens Win

-Meachem shows big play ability but still struggles to be in sync with Rivers; 3/92/0TD on 8 targets
-Rivers has decent day; 280+yds 2TD/INT
-McFadden dominates with 150+ total yards/6 rec/2TD
-Palmer struggles; 210 pass yds/1TD/2INT < 60% completion rate
-Chargers Win

Reply to  Amoo
10 years ago

Ok, it would be nice to know why my MIN/JAX predictions got cut and added to the end of ATL/KC… WTF?

10 years ago

i used Wilson and got neg points,should i throw in the towel and get ready for next season? I already lost it ruined my whole week so far.

10 years ago

Two words this week: Louis Murphy

10 years ago

Prediction: My lineup of hasbeens and neverwillbes scores the lowest point total in my 20 year old dynasty league. I panic and cut any player worth a damn and end up hitting the waiver wire looking for redemption by acquiring practice squad players on the Jets, Browns, and Cards.

10 years ago

Brady spends more time on the ground then standing up..Ten wins 24-17..Locker outscores Brady in fantasy!

Helu goes off on the Saints especially when they have to play catch up, he ends up top 5 in scoring for rb’s ppr.

Pittsburgh gets revenge on the Broncos for last yr’s playoff win, only they take it out on Manning 27-3.

Elways worst nightmare comes true, fans start chanting for Tebow.

Tony Romo outscores Cam Newton in fantasy this week.

10 years ago

Start Mosh and Shauman: Mosh Shauman throws for at least 550 yards and 5TDs carving up the Fins and losing a nail-biter to the Panthers.

Big Packer fan, BUT: CedBen goes for an early run of 15-plus, but averages less than 2.5 on the day and less than 35 yards; ARodg is sacked 5 times, throws for less than 250 and only 1 TD, maybe doesn’t finish the game. Even I hate these predictions!

10 years ago

Malcolm Floyd – 142 receiving yards, 2 TD’s
Ronnie Brown – 137 rushing yards 1 TD, 47 receiving yards
Donald Brown – 96 rushing yards 1 TD, 68 receiving yards

10 years ago

Timmy Tebow outscores Mark Sanchez…BOOM!!!!

Reply to  MarkFF
10 years ago

this week

10 years ago

STL kicker Greg “the leg” Zuerlein kicks four 50+ yd field goals for at least 20 fantasy points.

10 years ago

Cam Newton picks up right where he left off. 325+ total yards and 3 TD’s.

Jeremy Maclin gets 88 yards and a TD

10 years ago

Mark Sanchez 300 yards 3 Td’s

10 years ago

September 8, 2012 at 11:06 p.m

forte leads all chi rec in targets, 100 yrds rushing 75 rec
luck flops in debut throws o td and 3 ints

philly lites this one up for all fantasy players, vick and mccoy both finsih top 3 in positions
gordon and little both get over 10 targets

tannehil flops like luck, 0 tds 3 ints
foster has over 250 total yards 3 tds

bradford throws for over 300 yards and 3 td
stafford outperforms bradford, 400 yards 4 tds

low scoring game here
hillis comes away with most fantasy points for any rb in this game

white doubles jones in rec yards

jennings puts up over 100 yards and scores 2 tds

rudolph catches 7 balls for 75 yds and a 1 td

graham catches 8 for 125 and 2 tds

garcon matches him

brady disapoints with 250 yards and 1 td

cj2k come alive again posting 150 total yards and 3 tds

wilson throws for 250 plus 2 tds rushes for another 50 and td

fitz decides it about time he throws the ball to himself

SF at GB
jennings lites up the 9ers def for 125 and 2 tds

gore rushes for 110 and 2 tds, letting everyone know he still has some tred on those tires

freeman and martin both finish in top 5 of positions
cam throws for less then 250 but runs for over 50 and 2 total tds

manning shreds pits def just like he did the 9ers, 300 yards 3 td

dwyer gets the start and less then 75 total yards, wallace less then 75 yard, brown 7 rec 125 and 1 td

low scoring affair
aj green put up 75 yards and a td, tops fantasy scorer for cin

rice mustards up 125 total yards and a td, top scorer for bal

palmer throws 3 ints and 3 tds

meachem has 100 yards rec and a td, gates has 100 yards and 2 tds

10 years ago

I tried to select players who weren’t named above. I could not find an unnamed QB who I felt strong about. So I selected a named QB who I felt especially strong about.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay
Brandon LaFell will exit this game as the player with the most receptions.

San Diego & Oakland
Darren McFadden with score more touchdowns then Phillip Rivers.

St. Louis @ Detroit
Matthew Stafford will lead all Quarterbacks in points for in week one.

Thanks for another fun exercise, DLF is quickly becoming my favorite website.

10 years ago

My Predictions:

Indy @ Chicago-

Cutler throws 2TDs to Marshall and 1 to Forte.
Forte ends up with 150+ total yards and 2 TDs.
Luck throws 2 picks and sacked 4 times.

Philly @ Cleveland

Vick throws for 250/2TDs and rushes for 50+.
Desean catches a 50+ yard TD pass.
Weeden is sacked 6 times.

Miami @ Detroit

Kevin Smith is hurt in the 1st Quarter.
Stafford throws for 400+ and 3 TDs.
Reggie Bush totals 150+ yards.

Atlanta @ KC

Charles has a 50+ TD run, ending his day with 150+ total and 1TD.
Julio has 100+ and 1 TD.
Ryan throws 45+ passes, R.White has 12+ catches.

Jax @ Minnesota

Harvin- 35+ rushing yds, 100+ receiving yds, 2 TDs, 1 ret TD.
Jennings totals 150+ yards.
Gabbert is sacked 6 times.
Chris Cook gets 2 interceptions.

Washington @ NO

Lance Moore leads both teams in receptions.
Fred Davis leads the Redskins with 150+ yards and 2 TDS.

Buffalo @ NYJ

The combo of Sanchez/Tebow is sacked 7 times and picked 4 times.
SGreene has a ypc of 3.0 or less and scores 0 TDS.
Mario Williams has 3 sacks.

NE @ Tennessee

CJ totals 200+ yards.
Tom Brady cries twice.
There are 6+ cutaways to Gisele.
Tennessee wins on last minute FG.

Seattle @ AZ

2 Cardinal QBs are used during the game.
L.Fitz equals more than 50% of the Cards total yards.
Russell Wilson totals 250+ yards passing, 50+ rushing.


Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw a TD pass.
Randy Moss goes for 100+ and a TD.

Carolina @ TB

Martin scores 2 TDS.
Cam rushes for 100+ and a TD.

Pittsburgh @ Denver

Decker has 2 TD receptions.
Payton is sacked 4 times and throws 2 picks.
Roethlisburger throws for 350+ and 3 TDS.

Cincy @ Baltimore

Neither team has a 100 yard rusher.
Ray Rice scores 2 TDs.
T.Smith has a reception of 65+.

SD @ Oakland

Rivers throws for 400+ yards.
Palmer throws for 350+ yards.
7+ interceptions thrown between Rivers and Palmer.
Gates scores 2 TDs.
McFadden totals 150+ yards and 2 TDs.


Reply to  Eric
10 years ago

Got a little type-happy and combined two games. Oops. Correction below.

STL @ Detroit

Kevin Smith is hurt in the 1st Quarter.
Stafford throws for 400+ and 3 TDs.

Miami @ Houston

Reggie Bush totals 150+ yards.
Tannehill throws for less than 200 yards.
T.Holliday returns a punt for a TD.

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