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DLF Announces Big Changes

DLF has long been known as the industry leader for year-round dynasty fantasy football analysis and as the hub for all fantasy football information in the off-season. Since we started offering our Premium Content on April 21st, we also feel we’ve provided the best low-cost value in the industry for our premium members. So, you probably expect us to go into hibernation as the season kicks off.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

You likely recall our recent Writer’s Contest where we received an incredible number of entries and interest. Based on the great work we received and all the super feedback we’ve been getting over the past six months from our loyal followers, we’ve restructured DLF in a way where we can keep up the pace and quality of our work.

Our first announcement is the promotion of eight individuals to a Senior level of DLF. These people have become an integral part of our success and we’re thrilled to honor them in this way. They host your podcasts, bring you IDP and College information, produce weekly columns, answer questions in the forums and do more behind the scenes than you can possibly imagine.  The Senior Writers and Analysts are as follows:

Tim Stafford
Jarrett Behar
Steve Wyremski
Ryan McDowell
Paymon Shokoohi
The Mysterious FFGhost
Eric Olinger
Jacob Feldman 

We’re also thrilled to announce the six winners of our writing contest. When we started the contest, we truly expected only one person would be able to meet our guidelines and standards for writing and seem to mesh well with our current group. We were blown away by the amount of interest we had and eventually chose a group of six new writers to add to Team DLF. They are incredibly talented, intelligent, experienced and diverse. The winners are as follows:

Eric Hardter
Chris Rohrer
Dan Hasty
Jaron Foster
Jeff Beran
Corey Mauer

We’re excited to share their winning entries over the span of the next few weeks, so keep checking back to see them featured on the DLF Home Page. They were chosen for a variety of reasons, but more than anything, they complement our existing group well and round out what we believe is an amazing all-star group of talented individuals.

As we roll into the season, don’t expect to see a break in the action. We now have fourteen writers and a group of owning partners working incredibly hard to bring you an unprecedented level of quality on both the free and premium content side, just as we promised to do back in April. We’re also going to be adding a newly revamped “Member Corner” section featuring articles from seven other writing contest participants who showed tons of promise.

You’ll be seeing weekly features on both the free and premium content side including waiver wire advice, divisional fantasy players of the week, our famous weekly aftermath, lineup advice, impact events, calling our shots, dynasty price checks, IDP players of the week, our weekly podcasts and a ton more.

We’re on a run like no other in our history and things are only going to get better. Whether you support us by checking out the free content each day, visiting the DLF Forum, or have decided to spend what amounts to five cents a day or $1.25 a month (one fewer soda) for an annual subscription to our premium content, we thank you for your continued patronage and need each and every one of you, regardless of what pages you decide to visit or how you spend your time here.

Here’s to the start of a great season and we thank you for spending it with us. After all, there is no off-season!

Ken Kelly
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Jon Lambrecht
10 years ago

Congratulations to the Winners and hats off to the DLF crew for doing a fantastic job in creating the best dynasty site on the planet! Looking forward to reading the winning articles! Keep it up.

Reply to  Jon Lambrecht
10 years ago

Ditto. Congrats all.

Ryan Moen
Reply to  bbwayne
10 years ago

AWESOME JOB! Congrats! Keep bringin’ it!!

Reply to  Jon Lambrecht
10 years ago

Congrats to all the Senior writers and all six contest winners. Looking forward to the contest winning articles and the future articles from the new DLF writers.

damon barnes
10 years ago

Congrats guys…send all of your “insider” content only to me 🙂

10 years ago

More of the same.

Ryan Macnamara
10 years ago

Huge congrats to the new writers. As someone who has not missed a single DLF article in over 2 years, I can sincerely say that this is an exciting development and direction. I am really looking forward to the next generation of DLF!

When DLF goes public, count me in on the IPO…. 🙂

Mike Rapolas Jr
10 years ago

Congrats to everyone, well-deserved recognition…!

10 years ago

what are the winners tagnames?

Dave Lamson
10 years ago

Congrats to the winners. This is a fantastic website because dynasty is all I play and for several years almost all you could ever find was all about redraft leagues. I just find dynasty so much more fulfilling since you have to look to the future and plan your moves with much more input.

10 years ago

Congrats to all an looking forward to the next generation of DLF writers.

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