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DLF Strengthens its Strategic Partnerships

We’ve already posted our regular content today with Thursday’s Preseason Watch List and the Podcast Review. Since that’s already out for the viewing world, we wanted to take a moment today to ask each of you to check out three of our most valued partners in Reality Sports OnlineFleaflicker and 4for4.com. Each of these sites offers something uniquely different, but one thing rings true with all of them – they’re run by good, hard working people.

I can assure you personally that we’re not getting paid by these different sites for mentioning them today, we simply feel strongly about what they provide as a complement to DLF and wanted to pay it forward if you will since each of them has been very good to us over the past few months. Here’s what each of the sites is all about:

Reality Sports Online

Formed in 2011 by former NFL team personnel, Reality Sports Online’s mission is to deliver fantasy sports platforms that emulate the front office operations and general manager experience of professional sports organizations. Reality Sports Online satisfies the needs of the fantasy elite by providing the world’s most engaging and realistic fantasy experience.

These guys really have something cool and if you haven’t checked it out, you should. If you want to take a dynasty league to the next level, this may just be it. We’ll actually be doing a review of their platform here soon for the site because we’ve tried it and think it’s fantastic.  We asked the good folks at Reality Sports Online for some information about what they provide and here’s what they said:

“On some level, everyone who plays Fantasy Sports does so to recreate the GM experience. Over the last decade or so, fantasy participants have become knowledgeable, analytical users. But the platforms on the market have not kept pace with the increased aptitude of the dynasty demographic. Users have been forced to try to add layers of realism to the games they play on their own. Reality Sports Online is the next step in the evolution of Fantasy Sports, designed for fantasy elite.

What’s the best part about being a real-life GM? It’s trying to build a championship team by picking the talent, negotiating contracts and signing players. RSO provides this experience by enabling fantasy team owners to negotiate multi-year contracts in real-time online in the Free Agency Auction Room. The Free Agency Auction Room is RSO’s most innovative feature, simulating real-life Free Agency over the course of 2 to 3 hours instead of 2 to 3 months.

Other key features include:

** A rookie draft with slotted contracts based on draft selection

** Partially guaranteed contracts

** A salary cap based on NFL rules

** Use of a franchise tag

** Fully customizable scoring, roster, and contract settings

Reality Sports Online emulates professional front office operations, without requiring a commissioner to spend hours a day tracking moves and entering data. Reality Sports Online does all the contract record keeping and Salary Cap calculations for you. Fantasy is now Reality at realitysportsonline.com.”

We encourage you to check it out!


4for4.com is our exclusive partner for re-draft rankings, but they offer much more than just that. They have a ton of information, tools, analysis and cheat sheets. They’ve been around since 2000 and are known across the industry for their rankings accuracy. In other words, they put their money where they mouth is.

For re-draft players, they offer all the following:

– Verified accurate rankings, projections and cheatsheets

– Expert advice and knowledge from an impressive team of scouts

– 4for4’s exclusive Draft Kit

– Best-in-class drafting information

– Weekly rankings, waiver advice & trade tips all season long

– Outstanding data analysis

– Industry leading decision support tools

– Email newsletter with news alerts and analysis

– Subscribers also get a free copy of PC Drafter draft software, a $17.95 value

Much, much more

Josh Moore is one of the hardest working people in the business and we’ve appreciated being their affiliate for dynasty information this season. If you’re looking for additional tools, draft kits or data, you have to check them out.


Fleaflicker is an ultra-customizable and fully free fantasy football platform, supporting hundreds of thousands of users since 2005.  The site hosts commissioner based redraft, keeper, dynasty & IDP leagues. You can easily play on Fleaflicker and be up and running within seconds. Yes, that means right now! If you want, you can even go ahead and sign up for a free account here.

They offer public leagues, private leagues, live drafts, slow/e-mail drafts, and the ability to import your offline draft. They’re also partnered with some great content sites, such as DLF to give their users the best news in the business. Fleaflicker also has a cheat sheet/draft rankings page that is updated daily to help you prep and you can find it here.

Fleaflicker has a myriad of features that set it apart.

These features include year-round access for dynasty leagues (yep, all 365 days of the year to trade and run your team like a true GM), full customizability of scoring rules, the ability to offer trades between three or more teams, the trading of future draft picks (up to three years in advance), their unique e-mail draft (perfect for leagues that get together for a party, but are missing a member or so), and of course they offer free live scoring. They pride ourselves in speed, simplicity, ease of use, and their extensive commish options, going far and beyond what most fantasy fans are used to. Beginners appreciate Fleaflicker’s ease of use and seasoned veterans take advantage of Fleaflicker’s extensive customization. They hope to see you around!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them at any time by clicking here. They’ll be happy to help you set your league up!

Editor’s Note: One site can’t do everything for everyone, so we’re excited to have partnered with these three sites because they complement what we do so well. If you’ve never checked them out, we really invite you to give them a shot. Our goal at DLF is to give you best experience in fantasy football and these sites help us achieve just that. Thanks for taking a time out from our regular content to read this and learn a little more about them!

Ken Kelly
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