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Last DAY for the DLF Writer’s Contest


Over the years, DLF has become the unquestioned leader in dynasty fantasy football news and analysis. As we’ve continued to evolve, we’ve been fortunate enough to find some of the best writers in the country through our connections on Twitter, our forum and the fantasy football business community. At this point, our articles are being read by thousands upon thousands of people on the day they’re released – that’s no small feat.

We’ve recently been receiving a ton of questions about how our writers got their starts with us and the answer truly vary. When fielding these questions, we realized one market we really haven’t tapped – you, the reader.

We know we have the single best community of followers in the fantasy football industry, full of intelligent, insightful and knowledgeable dynasty league veterans. Do any of you read through our articles and say, “Gee, I wish I could get my work out there for that many people to see!”

Well, now may be your chance!

We have at least one slot to fill and may actually add more for official writers here at DLF and we’re going to choose from you!  We’ve already received a ton of entries and the decision making process is going to be tough, but that’s no reason for you to not take advantage of this opportunity.  We’ve chosen a few subjects and are challenging you to put together your best possible article on them (or choose one of your own).  Some suggested subjects are as follows:

1.) The First Three Picks in a Dynasty League…

That means you can write an article about who you believe the first three picks should be, you could analyze a draft and cover who the first three picks were, or simply write an article about something else in regards to the top three picks (why they’re so important, why you should trade from a slot there, whatever). You have complete creative license over the subject.

2.) Write a “boom or bust” article on several players who you think are undervalued and overvalued

3.) Write a “Dynasty Debate” article about any of the following pairs:

Dez Bryant vs. Miles Austin
Sam Bradford vs. Jake Locker
Ronnie Hillman vs. Isaiah Pead

The rules are as follows:

1.) All entries must be Emailed as a Word document to [email protected] by MIDNIGHT PDT on August 15th.

2.) Any article must be at least 1,000 words in length to be accepted

3.) Articles will be judged on the following criteria:


The author of the winning article or articles (if they meets our high standards) will be interviewed by DLF for a position as an official part of the writing team. As an independent contractor, the winner will be paid for their future work and possibly be part of a future revenue sharing as part of the DLF Team. Perhaps most importantly, their articles will be posted on the DLF Home Page in the future, giving them exposure to thousands of readers every day. They will also be part of the network of DLF writers and the partners here who will do everything they can to maximize their writing potential.

The only articles that will be posted will be the winning articles, but we’ll do our very best to provide feedback to every author who takes the time to submit a piece. While there will only be one winner this time, other quality work will be noted for future opportunities within DLF.

Post any questions below and we wish you the best of luck!

– The DLF Team

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

Question, does the article we submit HAVE to be about football, or can it be about any sport? I know that the site is about football specifically, but would it make sense to submit something that still can get judged by the criteria?

Second question, are we allowed to submit multiple entries per person?

Reply to  Alex
10 years ago

Got my second question answered from the original post of this contest, still wondering on my first though. 🙂

10 years ago

So this is due tomorrow night? Any idea when the winner will be announced?

10 years ago

Awe, this is my first time on your site (August 14, 2012) and would love to have submitted something. Will there be other chances or is this a one time shot?!

Reply to  Stubby
10 years ago

You still have over 24 hours. Put something together and get it sent in. As for other chances, they could happen. I would guess it will depend on when we need more people and how things turn out with this one.

10 years ago

Just making sure of the deadline time. So midnight tonight and therefore 17.5 hours approximately, from this post, correct?

Papa Smurf
10 years ago

Ken, this is some fun, fun stuff! I just submitted my article and even if I don’t win, I would love to hear any feedback on ways I can improve in my writing. Thanks and GLTA (but mainly me, HA!)

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