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Updated Rookie Draft Cheat Sheet Available NOW!

Since we’ve had the chance to see the rookies participate in OTAs and begin reading the initial reports as to their performances, it’s time to update the rookie draft cheat sheet. You’ll find it here!  This downloadable rookie draft sheet is yours to use exclusively as a premium subscriber of DLF.

Keep in mind the following:

1.) The rankings used are for common scoring systems and lineup requirements.

2.) The rankings are set for PPR leagues (adjust accordingly for non-PPR leagues, but the list wouldn’t be dramatically different).

3.) We’ve included a small sample set of IDP rankings, but did not add them into the top 50 to accommodate non-IDP players (Luke Kuechly would be right outside the first round in most conventional IDP leagues, but he’s the only one to consider that highly in our opinion).

You’ll find deep positional rankings, including some undrafted free agents, as well as an overall top 50. We’ll likely update this cheat sheet one more time this Summer if we feel it’s necessary. In the meantime, you can always check our rankings for the most updated information.


Ken Kelly
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Brandon Anderson
10 years ago

Ken – Have you considered adding line breaks in the positional rankings to designate tiers? So list Luck & RG3 then have a line to separate them from Tannehill & Weeden.


10 years ago

Excellent/ Thank you for the update!

Vendetta .
10 years ago

Very surprised to see how highly you’ve got Ryan Tannehill ranked. 3 of the 4 voters have him ranked as a 1st round rookie pick. I haven’t seen him ranked nearly that high elsewhere or being taken that high in any of the drafts that I’ve seen. I think he’s got decent upside but I’d personally rather take a chance on a guy like Hill, Quick or even Miller than one on Tannehill.

bradley collins
10 years ago

Is there an update coming to the Top 400 list? I know there’s a list out there for the general public, but will subscribers get an updated/ current list like the rookie sheet?

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