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Fifty Things I Hate More than Mike Shanahan

In my many years of playing fantasy football and helping run this site, I’ve learned lots of things. Some of these lessons are fundamental in nature, like always maintaining your integrity, never excessively celebrating a victory and always putting forth your best effort in whatever you do. There’s one other lesson I’ve learned and re-learned over the years. It’s an indisputable fact that really cannot be argued – Mike Shanahan hates us all.

Over the years, the running back carousel that Coach Shanahan has drug us all through in terms of fantasy football has been both very fruitful and extremely painful. It seems that every time we think we’ve got it figured out, a new player is inserted into his starting lineup to take advantage of the “one cut and go” system that Shanahan employs. These “Shanahanigans” are that of fantasy legend and have left coaches with lot of gray hair, or for me, no hair at all.

Today, it’s time to rise above these “Shanahanigans” and be a better person. This is no time to hate Mike Shanahan back, it’s time to make a comprehensive list of things are even worse to put it all into the proper perspective.

With all that in mind, I present a list of fifty things I hate more than Mike Shanahan:

Olandis Gary (1), Mike Anderson (2), Tatum Bell (3), Reuben Droughns (4), Mike Bell (5), Selvin Young (6), Ryan Torain (7), Keiland Williams (8), James Davis (9) and Andre Brown (10)

I’ll give an obvious pass to Clinton Portis and Terrell Davis because they were productive for longer stretches, but you have to start here. If any of these guys would have had the ability to either stay healthy, stay out of trouble, or consistently produce, we would have never had to endure a decade of this madness.  All of you are to blame! All of you, I say!

Roy Helu (11), Evan Royster (12)

I’m just going to go ahead and load in these two now for “future hatred.” I’ll admit that Helu has a legitimate chance to break through and be an extremely productive fantasy back for a long time, but you have to remain skeptical until we see it happen. There are never any guarantees when you’re a runner in the Shanahan stable.

Kyle Shanahan (13)

What’s worse than enduring the Mike Shanahan madness for two decades? How about the prospects of Kyle getting a Head Coaching job and doing it to us for the next two.

Coaches who leave their dynasty team after a bad year (14)

This one drives me crazy.

Many of us have been in dynasty leagues where a team sells out in the draft or in their rebuilding efforts and end up with a mess of a team – one that would take years to fix. Amazingly, something suddenly comes up in their lives and they exit the league, leaving a train wreck of a squad for a commissioner to find an owner for. If you’re in a dynasty league, you need to be all in. Enough said.

Commissioners who change their rules by a quick popular vote or web poll (15)

Here’s a great way to kill a league. If you’re the commissioner and an issue comes up in the league, I would beg of you not to just create a poll and go with the majority. While a vote may be in order at some point, you need to take the time to clearly state both sides of the issue and make sure every coach understands the ramifications of either staying the course or making the change. All too often, coaches will just vote “yes” or “no” without fully understanding the issue. Meanwhile, those select few who are very passionate about it one way or the other still get just one voice and no real platform to discuss.  For you commissioners out there, the easy way is not always the right way.

Coaches who refuse to deal with league champions (16)

If you want to be blackballed in trade talks, I’ll give you two pieces of advice. First, win your league. Second, own a dynasty league web site. I actually sent through a very good trade offer (one I actually thought I was overpaying on) to a coach in a league last week. I received a quick rejection with no counteroffer. When I approached him about it, the response I received was, “I was told once never to deal with someone smarter than you are about something.” Really? I would encourage every coach to look at every trade on its own merit and make a decision based on the pieces involved, not the owner. Just because someone seasoned is trying to deal with you doesn’t mean they’re trying to fleece you. In fact, I’ve learned many veteran coaches are the best to trade with because they’ve been around the block a few times and know you have, too.

The short burst of flavor in Fruit Stripe gum (17)

Hey, I’m just making a list here. Many of you know of Fruit Stripe gum – it’s the striped kind with the gum chewing zebra on the packaging. When you chew it, the first ten seconds are amazing and the last five minutes are excruciating. If the owners could just figure out how to make that last longer, the drug problem in America would likely be over as everyone would simply turn to slinging Fruit Stripe on street corners.

The Jets situation at running back (18)

If Mike Shanahan coached this bunch, who knows what would happen. Shonn Greene has been underwhelming, Joe McKnight has been keeping McDonald’s in business, Bilal Powell hasn’t shown us much and Terrance Ganaway seems like a pretty big project.  For a ground and pound offense, this is hugely concerning. Perhaps the bulked up Tim Tebow can play tailback.

Trent Richardson going in the top five in a dynasty start-up draft (19)

There’s little doubt that Richardson is going to be a fantasy factor, but we’ve seen a few leagues and fielded a few questions from coaching considering him over the likes of Ray Rice or LeSean McCoy – let’s tap the brakes here a little.

Losing my hair because of Mike Shanahan (20)

Seriously, I think he’s part of this whole debacle.

People immediately bailing on Mark Ingram (21)

Tim is going to cover this in the mailbag this week, but it bears another mention here. Yes, Ingram failed to reach some owner’s lofty expectations from last year, but his career is far from defined. Just this week, I saw Ingram traded in one of my leagues for what I believe will be a late first round rookie pick in 2013. It’s way too early to be bailing on him.

The hot dog to bun ratio (22)

After this many years, why can’t someone budge?  I swear that Oscar Meyer is owned by a Hatfield and Orowheat is run by a McCoy. Can someone please just blink and package these up in the same quantities?  Eight, ten, twelve, sixty five, I don’t care.

The New England running back situation (23)

Unlike New York, it looks like New England may just have two talented backs. Problem is, nobody truly knows just how they’re going to be used this season. Among dynasty league owners, our recent poll showed a split between belief in Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen, but a majority who would choose to avoid the situation altogether.

Owners who lose on purpose (24)

There are three rules to setting up a league. First, choose the right owners. Second, choose the right owners. Finally, choose the right owners. If I might be so bold as to throw in a fourth, it would be to choose the right owners.

No league should have to endure people sandbagging on purpose in an effort to land a higher rookie draft pick. What many of these coaches don’t understand is their own selfish thinking often times affects the overall standings and playoff seeding because of their performances – that’s simply not fair to those who are taking the league seriously.

Commissioners who abuse their privledges (25)

It’s amazing how competitive we all are in our beloved game. However, there’s no room for things like this that I found in the forum.

National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets (26)

I used to like each of these movies, but the USA network has decided to have them on seemingly every Sunday from January of this year through 2045. As a bonus, National Treasure was actually on both USA and TNT today.  What a bonus!

Not having a DLF Podcast (27)

Wait a second!

The charade that Tarvaris Jackson actually has a chance to start for Seattle (28)

Look, I love a good competition. However, the signing of Matt Flynn and the drafting of Russell Wilson are two fairly good indicators that the Seahawks don’t believe Jackson is the future. Do we really need to endure two months of Pete Carroll claiming otherwise?

The prospects of James Jones NOT getting traded (29)

When Jones signed with Green Bay last year, it was a huge disappointment to fantasy owners. After all, Jones isn’t going to get enough balls thrown his way to ever become that relevant with the weapons Aaron Rodgers has at his disposal. The rumors of him being traded have his owners salivating at his future prospects again.

Norv Turner’s ridiculous comparisons of his players (30)

So, Eddie Royal is now Charlie Joiner and Henry Ellard, while Ryan Mathews is now the second coming of Ricky Williams and Emmitt Smith. While Mathews has a chance, it’s a little much. I can’t wait to see practice start and see just how close Robert Meachem is to Jerry Rice.

The contract disputes of Matt Forte and Maurice Jones-Drew (31)

It’s hard to blame running backs for trying to cash in while they can, but it’s maddening when you’re trying to build a team.

The referees from the Seattle and Pittsburgh Super Bowl (32)

Just sayin’.

Christian Ponder’s grasp of the starting job in Minnesota (33)

He’s going to start the season atop the depth chart, but he likely won’t have a fully healthy Adrian Peterson. If he starts slowly, Joe Webb has always shown promise. His grasp on that job may not be as tight as it seems, especially if Leslie Frazier starts feeling some heat.

The Jaguars offense for fantasy performance (34)

They’ve made some improvements with Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson, that’s for sure. If MJD sits out, they’re in serious trouble – nobody really fears Blaine Gabbert.

Dez Bryant’s “potential” (35)

If it doesn’t happen this year, it’s not going to happen. Let’s go already!

Various forms of cancer, heart attacks and strokes (36)

I’m just going throw those all in together as kind of grab bag of death. See, Mike Shanahan really isn’t that bad now, is he?

Losing the player I want off the waiver wire (37)

These aren’t ranked, but this one could give the diseases a run for their money. There is nothing I hate more in a dynasty league than being indecisive on a sleeper. There have been times where I have been hesitating who I want to drop for him in order to do further research, only to see him go to a competitor minutes later. If you want to get a pit in my stomach, that’s the easiest way (other than that grab bag of death).

Making a mistake on the editing of a DLF article (38)

We expect perfection around here. We don’t always achieve it, but you all deserve it. Forgive us when a mistake happens!

Being followed by inappropriate bots on Twitter (39)

It’s just annoying. I will say it’s an interesting conversation with your wife when you say you’re tired of being followed by a bunch of adult film stars. If that happens to you, make sure you explain what “followed” means.

Trying to predict Denarius Moore’s season totals (40)

There may be no other player’s 2012 performance harder to predict than Denarius Moore. Is DHB the true number one in Oakland? Is Carson Palmer just blowing smoke about Moore’s ability? Will Jacoby Ford or Juron Criner eat into his value? Can Darren McFadden stay healthy and command more of the defenses attention? There are more variables in here than in a College math class.

The infatuation with rookie draft picks (41)

Look, you need them to help build your team – you don’t need them to solely help build your team, though. This is the time of year for impatience and information overload. At this point, every rookie is a star. Fact is, there are going to be a countless number of busts from this class and nobody truly knows who they may be. Be very careful when trading away established players for these shiny new toys.

The lack of respect for Ben Roethlisberger (42)

He’s thrown for more than 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in two of his last three seasons. Yes, he’s 30 years old at this point, but he’s being undervalued in a ton of leagues. You can win a title with Roethlisberger at the helm in both reality and fantasy.

The signing of Tim Tebow in New York (43)

How can this possibly be a good thing? As if being the quarterback in New York wasn’t hard enough for Mark Sanchez, now you bring in a circus side show. When’s the last time a backup quarterback held a press conference? This is insane.

The Cardinals quarterback depth chart (44)

We’ve been wrong many times before, but it sadly looks like we were right about Kevin Kolb not being the long term answer. He has a shot again, but his grasp on the job is shaky at best. John Skelton isn’t the long term answer and Ryan Lindley is light years away.

The “two for one” or “three for one” trade (45)

There are times when this works out for the team involved in getting the package of players or picks back, but it’s also the oldest trick in the book in regards to fleecing an owner. Keep in mind that it’s never a two for one or three for one trade because one team is going to get extra roster spots freed up while the other is going to need to cut players. For more in-depth discussions in regards to trading strategy, I’d suggest visiting the DLF Forum for our free patrons or checking out The Game Plan for our premium subscribers.

Forgetting about leftovers in the fridge (46)

Nothing worse than grabbing a cheese block in the fridge on Saturday, only to have the frightening discovery that you forgot about leftover pizza from Monday. You have to throw it away, but it hurts.

Side note: I seriously just remembered I had pizza in the fridge.  Take that #46!

Losing my game by one point (47)

It’s great when you’re on the winning side, but horrible when you’re on the other end. Few things are worse than watching the ups and downs of the games on Sunday, then losing on a seemingly meaningless play on Sunday or Monday night.

Making the wrong lineup decision (48)

We’ve all been there. You debate over two players all week long. You comb through countless sites for their weekly rankings, consult the forum, or even send a question to our mailbag. Just before the games begin on Sunday, you finally make up your mind after an exhaustive process – then find out a few hours later the player you benched goes off for 100 yards and two scores.

Trying to think of something for #49 at 2:00 in the morning (49)

I got it!

People who don’t follow us on Twitter (50)

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Matthew M
10 years ago

For owners trying to lose on purpose, we put in rules to prevent this in my 8 team dynasty league. We let the playoffs decide. First 4 picks determined by consolation bracket. Winner of consolation bracket is awarded 1st pick, 2nd place awarded 2nd pick, 3rd place awarded 3rd pick, 4th place award 4th pick. Last 4 picks determined by playoffs bracket. The league champion is awarded the 8th pick, 2nd place awarded 7th pick. The winner of the 3rd place game is awarded the 5th pick, while the 4th place finisher is awarded the 6th pick. We’ve all really enjoyed this because it gives the teams not in the playoffs something real to play for, and it prevents people from tanking the regular season at the end.

Reply to  Matthew M
10 years ago

wow a 8 team dynasty. challenging.

Reply to  dannyboyroto
10 years ago

as long as they find it fun then so be it… perhaps they haven’t found enough quality owners yet to expand… My league is going from 10 to 12 this year cause the timing is right and we found good people.. maybe one day that 8 team league will go to 10 or 12

Matthew M
Reply to  Jason
10 years ago

Yep, this is basically it. Just a group of friends and we wanted to make sure we had 8 committed owners for the long haul.

Reply to  Matthew M
10 years ago

Okay, but if a team actually IS bad, and IS deserving of the #1 pick, there’s a very good chance they’ll get pick #4. Hardly seems fair.

We have a pretty simple anti-tanking rule. If you’re thought to be tanking, you lose your 1st round pick in the next draft.

Matthew M
Reply to  Cpiritual27
10 years ago

Its not about “fair”. If it was, the top scoring teams would always win. The whole purpose is that you always have something to play for and can’t take any week for granted. Its also to prevent any team from even thinking about starting a slightly weaker lineup than they otherwise could’ve of. Its more fair than taking away a teams 1st round pick simply because you “think” they’re tanking.

Matthew M
Reply to  Matthew M
10 years ago

Okay, not “more fair” I realize. But, its how our league decided to address the tanking issue.

Reply to  Matthew M
10 years ago

Agree to disagree I guess.

To me it seems to go against the Dynasty concept to make the worst team in the league “earn” the top pick. If a team truly is the worst team in the league, then odds are they won’t win consolation bracket either. Kinda tough to rebuild when better teams than you are getting better picks, no?

As for our “anti-tanking” rule, it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is attempting to tank. We had a guy start someone who was injured, and another guy who was on bye, despite having able-bodied replacements. We called him on it and he apologized to the league, hence the new rule.

But the point, I’d argue, is that who is now going to risk losing their first-round pick given our heavy-handed legislature? And that’s the point…stopping tanking.

Matthew M
Reply to  Cpiritual27
10 years ago

The point is to have fun. We have other rules against starting full line-ups and such as well, but this is our main one. Yeah, so a team has to “earn” the number 1 pick. Just adds to the variety of our league. We all enjoy it and it works for us.

And its easy to get around the heavy-handed legislature: just start the weakest legitimate roster you can. I’ve seen guys do it.

Reply to  Cpiritual27
10 years ago

that’s exactly how I handle it in my league also.

Reply to  stolenmeat
10 years ago

Your leagues are too kind:) We had an owner tank the last 2 games a couple years back and our Commish went in and adjusted the scores according to the players he felt should have been started and kicked him out of the league. The shitty thing is that an owner got booted from the playoffs because the score adjustment caused him to lose the game by less than 2 points, sending the “ownerless” team into the playoffs. When the playoffs ended that year I “simulated” how playoffs would have gone and that owner would have finished 2nd($800) in our league.

Mark Tavares
Reply to  Cpiritual27
10 years ago

In our 12 team league, we have a consolation for the 8 teams that don’t make the playoffs as well. No bracket, but highest total score for the last 4 weeks. The winner gets #1 overall and the rest is seeded by record. The worst case scenario for the last place team is #2 overall. In Round 2, everything goes by record, worst to first.
This gives all 12 teams a reason to set rosters and play hard for the whole season.

Bad Santa
10 years ago

We decide our loser bracket by letting the opponents pick the other lineup.

I play you, I pick your lineup, you pick mine. Winner doesn’t play next week and loser goes on to play in the “Tinkerbell Title Game”

Loser of the TTG gets the tile and first pick, winner of the game picks 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams in the loser bracket are decided by H2H, pts scored H2H and then pts scored average season.

Stops teams from sandbagging.

Reply to  Bad Santa
10 years ago

Great concept for the Fairness argument above.

Sensei John Kreese
10 years ago

Hot dogs/buns

I’ve been saying that for years.

Mr Miyagi
Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
10 years ago

I kind of like when there are a few extra dogs compared to the buns. That way I can make beanie weanies instead of just plain beans as the side dish….LOL

Matthew M
Reply to  Mr Miyagi
10 years ago

Or mix those extra hot dogs in to some mac ‘n cheese lol.

Reply to  Mr Miyagi
10 years ago

Some times,I put 2 hot-dogs in one bun. The MEAT-LOVER’S DOG.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
10 years ago

I have two left over hot dog buns as we speak. I know they say size doesn’t matter but it does when it comes to hot dog to hot dog buns. Nothing worse than having a small hot dog in large buns. All that extra bread.

10 years ago

Great article, Ken! You nailed many of them. Keep up the good work!

10 years ago

RE: #47
I won one of my leagues last year by 0.45 points because Roddy White caught a meaningless pass late in a gameWe’re they were being waxed by the Saints. He, and the rest of the starters, we’re pulled the very next play. Awesome for me, heartbreaking for the other guy.

I would add to this list winning my 1 point in an ESPN league only to have it re-calculated on Tuesday and find out you actually lost by 1. Another reason MFL is superior to all others. You can always count on the final score being correct after the Monday night game.

Matt Warton
Reply to  jtkelley06
10 years ago

8to80 – ESPN doesnt make mistakes in their scoring. They merely follow “official” NFL statistics directly from the league. Most often the adjustments are on the defensive side of the ball. ie they decide that a tackle of the QB was actually a sack or vice versa. Frustrating nonetheless.

Crippled Blind and Crazy
Reply to  jtkelley06
10 years ago

Gladly, my favorite example of losing like this didn’t happen to me, but to a friend of mine in a league 2 seasons ago. He had Ndamukong Suh in his line up in the game when he was asked to go in a attempt the last minute kick. I can’t remember whether it was a FG or XPT, but the scoring in the league penalized for the miss and he ended up losing the game by a fraction of a point because of it. It was really funny looking in from the outside, but I am sure it was heartbreaking for him.

Reply to  Crippled Blind and Crazy
10 years ago

I’ve also seen people losing by a fraction of a point because their QB kneeled 3 times for -6 yards in a blowout. Very frustrating.

10 years ago

For #47, I lost a fantasy matchup last year by 0.5 points on a Monday Night Football Game when the guy’s kicker, Jason Hanson, “tackled” Devin hester on a kick return by hester running over him and then running out of bounds, with 2 minutes to go in the game. Just heartbreaking

Ray Voeller
10 years ago

#32 Will forever be a sore spot for me. That 1st offensive P I call on D. Jack set the tone for whole game. I could list about 10 b s calls but I will save it.

#14 removed a owner last year for this. this guy made more 3 for 1 garbage trades and started more injured players in 1 season than I have seen by an entire league in 3.

#16 1st dynasty league I was in yr 1 playoffs, yr 2 missed playoffs by points, yr 3 won Championship, yr 4 playoffs. Left league. Team had Wayne, Foster, P. Manning as core. Not amazing but not horrible. Was completely black listed in trades after championship told commiss wk 13 I would finish season try to win it all but needs to find replacement owner.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

In our league we had 1 guy start vick every game AFTER he got hurt.. Bunch of bs. Between him and another guy who let his team go( same roster every game) they had the 1 and 2. I had the 3 via trade. So now the guy who tanked on purpose has the 1.2 1.4 and had the 1.7 till I traded for it. Nothing has been done about it as of yet
I truely believe Shanahan had bronco or redskin rb on his fantasy team n couldn’t decide who to start.. Or he hates fantasy football

10 years ago

you out did matt berry from espn at his own game. He is long winded and thinks he is funny when he isn’t at all. Number 51 is trading Foster for a bag of peanuts before he turned into the best fantasy back in the league.Im still bitter and hold on to my backs with a kung-fu grip after that blunder.

Reply to  tebow
10 years ago

Thanks Tebow. Good luck with that tailback gig…

Reply to  DLF_KenK
10 years ago

speaking of that do u think i tim tebow can gain rb status if i get a certain amount of carries? there are some players that should have duel positions since they do more than one thing ala sproles,harvin,spiller etc. if i gain rb status i will be the chosen one once again

10 years ago

We dealt with the late season tanking issue in our 12-team league by moving to a draft lottery for all teams (6)who miss the play-offs.

Each win in weeks 1-9 adds 5 pingpong balls to the draft order selection hopper, and each win in weeks 10-13 takes 2 out.

Obviously, in our league the idea is to have the fewest number of pingpong balls as the draft order is determined in reverse (i.e. team with first pingpong ball chosen gets the 6th pick).

10 years ago

We do a draft lottery for our first pick and first pick only… and the team that finishes last place automatically picks last.. so last place is not where you want to be.. should see all the sorry teams scrambling come the final week…. not knowing what way they should play it

Reply to  Jason
10 years ago

So if you finish last u get last pick huh? Sounds like a recipe to keep that team a bottom feeder. Horrible.

10 years ago

Hmmmm… so you like Shannahan more then Tim Hightower? 🙂

Reply to  MR ROURKE
10 years ago

A little, but it’s close. Too early to tell.

Reply to  MR ROURKE
10 years ago

i love hightower. got him late in our rookie draft when he came out. i’ve started him plenty of times. hoping he wins the job in washington…looks like he has an edge.

Jackson C.
10 years ago

I was losing to a friend by 6 points going into a Monday Night Game. I had Ryan Mathews, and he had nobody. I thought I had it in the bag until Mathews fumbled, and then got hurt. I ended up losing by 2.

10 years ago

Seriously that Striped Zebra gum is so good, but after 5 seconds it kills me how all the flavor is gone.

Another thing I would add to the list is having your cable going out during a big deciding game, especially monday night. Nearly threw my $40 Craigslist TV (College life) out a window because of that.

And I would say the number 1 thing on my list is when the gf/wife thinks its a good idea to take a trip to see her parents on a sunday afternoon. Never ends well.

Great Article though! Keep it up!

10 years ago

I started Cam Newton who scored 13 pts over Matt Flynn 55 pts in my championship game. I won by 1 point.

10 years ago

A few years back a guy in my league was up by like 10 pts on Monday with Rex Grossman left against lowly Arizona. The other guy had nobody left. Grossman turned the ball over something like 37 times and he lost. It was great!

10 years ago

helu is a far better talent look at some of his film he does things hightower could only dream about. helu just needs to play through his bangies,hightower will be nothing more than a third down back cuz he can block. he wasnt that fast before and after his blown out knee his only going to be slower.i own helu and will be picking up royster as my handcuff.shanny is stubborn but with rg3 he isnt stupid he is going to put his playmakers out there

10 years ago

RE: Losing the player I want off the waiver wire (37)

– May I also add:

“Dropping a player to the WW, who ends up blowing up for another owner’s team”

From A.Foster, to J.Finley, to countless others.. I dont know how many times I picked up a “sleeper” (via: late round draft or WW) only to get inpatient and drop him for the next big thing. Unfortunately, the player who was dropped was the next big thing, but my itchy trigger finger allowed my patience to get the better of me. My passion for following league news, and actively making countless little transactions here and there, tweaking my roster though out, always seems to cost me in the end.

In deep dynasty leagues its so hard to get those really good sleepers for cheap, but when you do, its great! Building a monster roster can be so difficult in dynasty.

But when your the dope who drops that soon to be monster player – its down right heartbreaking.

10 years ago

I would also like to make another add:

“Closed Waiver Wires During the Offseason”

I mean, could anything be worse than following dynasty news all offseason long, only to have the WW shut down right up until the beginning of the regular season. Whats the point.

I’ve been in leagues like this, and this to me is deal braking. I will back out of those leagues. You got to let owners have the ability to make offseason WW moves. You cant just shut down league transactions (minus trading) for months on end. I get the point that many owner will not be checking in frequently, but come on! Why even play dynasty?

Danton Goulet
Reply to  SJ
10 years ago

That drives me nuts too. Our league does not do our draft until as close to regular season as possible much to my disappointment. Which means the WW is shut down until after the draft. I follow dynasty news no less than the top person in my league (if I am not the top) and it would be nice to utilize that to my advantage.

10 years ago

Add Travis Henry to players you listed 1 through 10.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

I had Travis Henry and priest holmes when they broke out that year..took em back to back. Add to that list chris colinsworth announcing Sunday nite football. He’s so annoying

10 years ago

If Mike Shanahan starts Tim Hightower over Roy Helu or even Evan Royster, he should be fired.

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