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Top 400 Dynasty Cheat Sheet Available Now!

When we asked our new premium subscribers what they wanted to see in the content, we received several great ideas. One that rang through loud and clear was the creation of a “Top 200 Overall Cheat Sheet” and set of rankings. We’re really trying to be in the business of exceeding expectations, so we ranked 200 players.


That’s right – we’re happy to unveil our initial Top 400 Cheat Sheet. These rankings are skewed towards PPR leagues, but you’ll likely find them useful for other formats as they do indicate tiers of players and some perceived values.

It’s also important to note this cheatsheet is created with a start up draft in mind. While our positional rankings will match throughout, some of the rookie players may be in a bit of a different order based on their placement within the tiers of “the general population” during a start up draft.

Enjoy your special “Double Top 200” list and thanks for being a premium subscriber for DLF!

Download the Top 400 Cheat Sheet now!

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

My prayers have been answered! Great job, and open to great debate!

Sensei John Kreese
10 years ago

According to the list, here are the top rookies


Jeffrey Kozlowski
10 years ago

Is it just me or is Lamar miller missing?

Jeffrey Kozlowski
Reply to  Jeffrey Kozlowski
10 years ago

I found Miller, did not see him before because I was looking for the (R) next to his name.

Cliff Carter
10 years ago

You forgot Stevie Johnson…
I can tell you guys don’t like Buffalo alot… but geez…

Sensei John Kreese
Reply to  Cliff Carter
10 years ago

Lifelong Bills fan here.

I believe that he is listed at number 50 overall on the list.

Cliff Carter
Reply to  Cliff Carter
10 years ago

Nevermind, I found him @ 50. My printer cut the last row off.
My apologies.

Reply to  Cliff Carter
10 years ago

Whew! That top 400 is a BEAST to. I wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemies. Glad we didn’t leave out Stevie.

Keith Fortier
10 years ago

Yet another great valuable piece! DLF Premium Invitation Draft just kicked off and it’ll be interesting to compare how this effects the draft.

If this is available in spreadsheet format that would be great (easier to check off guys in the digital world rather than printing it out).

Also, the only thing that would make this better are the beloved tiered rankings.

Thanks again DLF!

Reply to  Keith Fortier
10 years ago

One way to allow check offs is to download the Foxit Reader. Its a free dl and is a PDF reader similar to Adobe. Big difference is that there is a tab for “Comments”, the ninth option down is a “Typewriter” that lets you type and save right onto the list. I just checked off all of my players, hope it helps you out.

Awesome list, DLF!

Vaughn Kack
10 years ago

I am really surprised that Aaron Rodgers is ranked as low as 6th but I trust y’all! I have the third pick in my new 12 team PPR Dynasty and I know for a fact that Rodgers will not be there when I will be on the clock. I just hope the other guy that’s off the board isn’t Calvin Johnson or else I will be using my pick on a RB, just not sure which one yet! >_<

Very interesting DLF 🙂

Alan Kirk
10 years ago

i have found this most helpful

Justen Muchow
10 years ago

Wish I could run pickem 1st on that

10 years ago

Do you have this in Auction Format? If not, that might be a great idea. Everyone auction I’ve done has at least started with an auction to insure that everyone is on even footing to begin.

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