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Randy Moss and Brian Brohm worked out for the Saints today and the results were clear and conclusive – Randy can still play when he wants to. Words like “dazzling,” “jaw-dropping” and “off the charts” were all thrown around this afternoon. It was obvious to everyone in attendance that his performance was both electric and unexpected. The audition entailed Moss running about 45 different routes and showing his trademark Randy-like talent, as only he can. It ended with him meeting privately with Saints GM Mickey Loomis and Head Coach Sean Payton to talk about his future.

With Marques Colston and Robert Meachem about to hit free agency, the Saints could very well be a significant player for Moss, even if they were just intending to kick the tires today. In fact, many outlets are now reporting that a Moss signing is “likely.” While that seems to be jumping the gun a little, let’s evaluate the players who would be affected if this occurs.

Randy Moss, WR

Let’s not forget what happened the last time Randy played an entire season. He ended up burning bridges in not one, not two, but THREE different cities. With Moss, you just never know what you’re going to get.

The “good” Randy could get you 80 catches, 1,200 yards and double digit touchdowns playing with a quarterback like Brees. The “bad” Randy could alienate his teammates, anger a buffet owner or demand “straight cash, homey,” in contract negotiations.

If you held on to Moss or can quickly pick him up off the wire, it would be a prudent time to assess your roster. If you think you’re contending THIS season, it’s not unfathomable to think he could help. If you’re out of the hunt, it’s advised to trade him immediately in an effort to get some kind of value while you still can. If his recent past history is any indication, his value may actually hit its peak the moment he signs.

Don’t fool yourself – it’s completely unrealistic to think he’s going to come in and dominate the way he did with Tom Brady and the Patriots years ago.

Drew Brees, QB NO

Brees is going to be dominant, even if he has a completely different receiving corps. There would be some added pressure, but nothing he couldn’t handle. His contract situation is the most concerning right now. Should Moss sign and Brees hold out deep into training camp, that would be rough. Regardless, Brees is good for a massive fantasy season, with or without Moss.

Marques Colston, WR FA

If Moss signs in New Orleans, that’s likely the end of Colston’s tenure. While it’s already likely he bolts, this would be the clearest signal yet that the Saints are moving on.

Joe Morgan and Adrian Arrington, WRs NO

We at DLF like the potential of both these young wideouts. Morgan was a star in camp last year and Arrington has often flashed some ability. Having Moss around would take away some of their targets, but they both have a chance to develop as early as this season.

Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and the rest of the Saints offense

Having Moss around could actually help many of the other Saints positional players. Moss is best at taking the top off a defense and that could create running lanes and short pass opportunities for the offense. Graham is still likely to lead the team in catches and Sproles is certain to get his. If Moss signs and you have an owner who is down on any of the Saints players, pounce on them immediately. Regardless of how he plays, Moss is a short term answer at his age.

So, now what?

We’ll likely have to wait for a bit to see what Moss does. He supposedly has a few more workouts planned and it looks like he’ll have a suitor if he can work out as well as he did today. Again, he’s only an advisable player to keep on your roster if you’re a bona fide contender. If you’re not, you need to ship him away immediately. At the very least, Moss should at least be rostered in every league again. Buyer beware if actually have to trade for him, though.

It’s safe to say one thing about today’s developments.  The headlines tomorrow will not read, “Brian Brohm dazzles at Saints workout!”

Ken Kelly
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One Clap
10 years ago

Straight Cash Homie (Who dat?)

Reply to  One Clap
10 years ago

I believe the Saints would say “What is that?” since they wont pay up…

10 years ago

could do a lot worst with a 2nd round pick,worth a flyer moss won me lots of money in the past i never bet against randy when he is trying

10 years ago

I would not see this as a sign of Colston leaving. Colston and Moss play different receiver positions. Moss would compliment Colston actually since Colston plays inside the hash marks so much.

If Moss signs then I see the end for Meachem as he is the odd man out of the formation.

Reply to  Matt
10 years ago

Contracts and money are the reason that Colston is out. It just wouldn’t make sense to sign 2 WR when they still have Nicks to try to resign yet.

10 years ago

All signs point to Colston hitting the market, regardless of what happens with Moss. Also, Saints haven’t drafted a receiver in 3 drafts…I think it’s time. Moss could certainly be a 1 or 2 year stop gap. The youngsters Ken mentioned are certainly in play as well. Point is change is coming to the Saints WR depth chart and fantasy owners should position themselves to take advantage of it.

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