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Week 17 Lineup Advice – Championship Week #2

Most leagues wrap up during week 16 as teams tend to rest many of their players after locking-up a playoff birth with little to play for.  Some fantasy leagues, however, still do rely on week 17 games..

As I highlighted recently, one of my main dynasty leagues (that I share with the two other partners here at DLF) instituted a two-week championship week spanning weeks 16 and 17.  The championship teams are decided after week 15 but then go on to play back-to-back games in order to determine a winner.  Win both games and you’re the champion.  Split the games and the team with the most points wins the ring.  It’s actually been a very fun way to extend the season to the full 17 games while providing something other than the one-and-done championship week.  As for the other teams, they are seeded and reseeded in weeks 16 and 17 for final determination of standings and draft position.

Good luck to you if you have a championship game this week and get your questions in early!  Also, be sure to check my Week 17 Blog article for information about who may be resting this week.

Let the questions roll…

Jeff Haverlack
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10 years ago

Hi guys, really need some waiver advice for my 22 keeper 1/2 PPR dynasty league for that last week of waivers. How would you rank these players? Thanks!

Kyle Rudolph (currently own)
Jared Cook
Alex Green
Matt Flynn
Mikel LeShoure

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
10 years ago

Jeff, I forgot to add Rashad Jennings. Where would he be in that group of players? Thanks so much. Happy Holidays to you guys.

10 years ago

1/2 PPR week 17 free for all where the winner gets 2nd overall pick in next years draft! Please help me pick any four starters.

LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Beanie Wells, Marshawn Lynch, Jonathan Stewart, LeGarrett Blount, Kendall Hunter, Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, Vincent Brown.

Thanks so much for all the help this year. Best site, bar none.

Jame Boulard
10 years ago


Championship game PPR, please pick one for each position :

RB 3: Toby Gerhart, Evan Royster,

WR 3: James Jones, Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb, Vincent Jackson


Reply to  Jame Boulard
10 years ago

Gerhart and Brown.

Gerhart has been solid and has no real backup. Jones could be rested and Vjax isn’t likely to play. Cobb could be a good start but in PPR, Brown is a good option and Steelers still have something to play for.

10 years ago

Just trying to think which players will be bench/limited this week. The only teams that realistically should be limiting their players would be the Packers and Texans as their seeds are determined. Am I correct or am I missing something?

Reply to  Nightmarion
10 years ago

Generally correct … see my week 17 blog for a better breakdown. Teams that are out of it too can sometimes not risk injury to some of their more injury prone players. I think this is why Donald Brown isn’t getting many snaps. Teams don’t want their star players (Adrian Peterson) to blow a knee with nothing to play for … and then jeopardize the next season.

But that is just too difficult to call.

10 years ago

Essentially what I’m looking at is picking two of Foster (probably going to be limited), Reggie Bush, Beanie Wells and Shonn Greene

Reply to  Nightmarion
10 years ago

Oops … accidentally gave you a -1 vote. 🙂

Unfortunately, you have to play Bush and Greene.

Reply to  DLF_Jeff
10 years ago

I picked up Kevin Smith who for some reason was on the WW. I’m assuming he should be plugged in ahead of Greene?

TN TarHeel
10 years ago

This week is tough. Any recommendations on the following: (non-PPR)

RB (need 2)
R. Mathews.
R. Bush
A. Bradshaw
C. Benson
K. Smith
M. Ingram

WR (need 2)
J. Nelson
Julio Jones
B. Lloyd
M. Crabtree
D. Nelson (is available)

Any one from above list

A. Hernandez
T. Gonzalez

ATL (is available)
NE (is available)


TN TarHeel
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
10 years ago

I’m sorry, I wrote D. Nelson (is available). I meant to put D. Moore with Oakland is available. Would you start him over Julio Jones or M. Crabtree?

Thanks for you recommendations!

10 years ago

Struggling with TE this week since J. Finley may not play.

J. Finley
J. Cook (is available)
J. Gresham (is available)


10 years ago

Championship game


Stafford or…Orton?

Beanie or Tate, Ridley, or Ivory

Pick 2:
Marshall, Crabtree, A Brown, D Moore


Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
10 years ago

Thanks Jeff.

Took your advice and started Stafford even though everyone was wringing their hands over him maybe playing a half and the miserable weather, and it obviously paid off.

Went w Tate who gave me a nice 1-2 punch w R. Rice.

Started Nicks, Marshall and Brown at WR. Left Crabtree on the bench unfortunately, but still scored 198 overall and won easily. Thanks again for all the content this season and the help!

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