Week 16 Lineup Advice: Championship Week!

Jeff Haverlack

lynchIn all likelihood, week 16 serves as your league’s championship week.  If you’ve come to us seeking advice for this week’s games you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re playing for a ring this week, congratulations!

I plan on having a piece here on DLF every day up until Christmas as long as things don’t get too busy, so keep it tuned here.  I’m planning on releasing the following shortly:

–  Week 16/17 Blog
–  Rising/Falling Players
–  Carries/Targets Update
–  Off-season, DLF & You

If you’ve followed us here at DLF for any length of time, you know that as the season winds down, DLF’s content winds … up.  Quite simply put, if you’re going to follow only one site for all of your fantasy football needs in the off-season, regardless of format, DLF is that site!

You’ll want to get set up on our forums now if you haven’t already.  I’ve seen dozens of forums and there isn’t one out there that has the level of experience, fanatical enthusiasm and expertise that the DLF forum provides.  Our coaches are the best on the planet and they’re helping each other, and you, regardless of your level of expertise.  Sign up now and realize that once you get active on a forum, your level of competitiveness and knowledge will immediately rise.

Let’s get to the advice.  Get your questions in now!

jeff haverlack