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Week Thirteen Aftermath

As we head into the fantasy playoffs, there seem to be a few different players who are emerging as “must haves” for the stretch run. Week thirteen will be remembered for some of them putting on epic performances and for one very significant injury to Matt Forte. We take a look back and a look forward in this week’s edition of the Weekly Aftermath.

Week Thirteen Fantasy MVP

We caught a lot of heat from pundits everywhere in regards to us ranking Cam Newton in the middle of the first round of rookie drafts. Many thought we were crazy to have him ranked there. Turns out they were right – but it was too low, not too high. Newton has been shockingly effective and even dominant during stretches this season. This week’s four touchdown performance left little question as to who the fantasy rookie of the year will be.

Week Thirteen Fantasy LVP

While many players had games with stat lines worse than his, DeMarco Murray was supposed to tear through the Cardinals’ defense en route to a huge afternoon. Twelve carries for 38 yards didn’t exactly vault anyone into the fantasy playoffs. After a month of greatness, this was a huge disappointment for Murray owners.

Lineup Fun

The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Cam Newton CAR = 204 passing yards, 54 rushing yards, four total touchdowns
RB Shonn Greene NYJ = 114 total yards, three touchdowns
RB Chris Johnson TEN = 153 rushing yards, two touchdowns
RB Ray Rice BAL = 204 rushing yards, one touchdown
WR Percy Harvin MIN = 8 catches, 156 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Pierre Garcon IND = 9 catches, 150 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Demaryius Thomas DEN = 4 catches, 144 receiving yards, two touchdowns
TE Rob Gronkowski NE  = 5 catches, 64 receiving yards, three total touchdowns

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Christian Ponder MIN 381 passing yards, three touchdowns, two INTs
RB Dexter McCluster KC  = 
107 total yards, one touchdown
RB Ricky Williams BAL 76 rushing yards, one touchdown
RB Toby Gerhart MIN 
133 total yards
WR Malcom Floyd SD =
4 catches, 108 yards, one touchdown
WR Donald Driver GB =
4 catches, 34 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Kyle Williams SF =
2 catches, 66 recieving yards, one touchdown
TE Travis Beckum NYG = 
One catch, 67 receiving yards, one touchdown

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this...

QB Joe Flacco BAL = 158 passing yards
RB Steven Jackson STL = 30 total yards
RB DeMarco Murray DAL = 38 rushing yards
RB Michael Bush OAK = 45 total yards
WR DeSean Jackson PHI = Four catches, 34 receiving yards
WR Brandon Lloyd STL = One catch, 34 receiving yards
WR Steve Smith CAR = 2 catches, 32 receiving yards
TE Brandon Pettigrew DET  = Two catches, 13 receiving yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I expect anything close to that performance from Dan Orlovsky the rest of the way. For those who didn’t watch, that was a massive garbage time stat pileup.

I think Shonn Greene has turned the corner. He hasn’t…and he can’t.

I’m expecting consistency from any Denver wide receiver. With Tim Tebow at the helm, you’re just not going to be sure from one week to the next.

I own DeSean Jackson in my dynasty league. His act is getting old in a hurry.

I expect Marshawn Lynch to slow down. Previously left for dead, he’s suddenly looking like a high-end RB2.

I think Roy Helu is going to lead my team to the promised land. Remember, Mike Shanahan hates you.

I own Matt Forte. There really isn’t much to say here.

I’m dismissing Willis McGahee. He looks like he’s 25 again and the Broncos are obviously fine with running the ball 100 times if they need to.

I’m banking on Calvin Johnson for the fantasy playoffs. He’s scored one touchdown in a month and teams have figured out that double and triple teaming him seems to be a recipe for success.

I have Frank Gore, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and a host of other players out there. We’re getting to the point where you can really see some players resting here shortly.

A Look Ahead to some Hot Names on the Week Fourteen Waiver Wire

1. Taylor Price, WR JAX

He was claimed and the Jags have a serious need for any type of playmaker – he’s worth a shot in a dynasty league.

2. Kyle Williams WR SF

The 49ers have always liked him and he’s scored in two of the last three.

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

I’m a big white sox fan. i find it tough to trust kyle williams in fantasy football because i don’t trust his old man running my baseball team.

10 years ago

no spiller mention? he looked pretty explosive and carried the loadd

10 years ago

Spiller did look “OK,” but I have a hard time trusting him at this point. Let’s give him another look this week against San Diego and take it from there.

10 years ago

Out of all fantasy columns published throughout the year, this is my favorite read every week. Love the Gut Checks portion the most. Nice job, guys.

10 years ago

Ouch that was a tough week for me last week. Asked on here if I should shart Caleb Hanie last week and got -31.40 points from him. I ended up missing out on the playoffs by 4 points. Oh well maybe next year will be kinder to my qb’s *crosses fingers* Payton Manning and Micheal Vick

10 years ago

Im in the playoffs but not favored to win. Im stacked at wr but only have McCoy at rb followed by hillis, Kevin smith, deangelo and Starks. Do You think I should make a trade for next year to someone who can win this year? Thinkn about trading roddy for forte or dmc or Jamal Charles. What do you think and who should I target?

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Not a player question an ethics one. I’m in a 12 team dynasty league and we have not one but two teams tanking this year one more blatant than the other. I always thought u have to start ur best roster no matter what. I dunno what to do. I’m not the commish n we vote on things. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone would be great.

Reply to  Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

In my league, the team that is first to miss the playoffs (for example: 7th out of 10 teams where 6 teams go to playoffs) is the team with the first pick for next year to prevent stuff like that from happening. Talk to your commish and rally others to your cause. I’m sure if two teams that have similar records are trying to make the playoffs and one team gets to play the guys who’s purposely tanking, the other team will be pissed. Target those guys first because they will be in your corner right away. If the people in your league have any common sense, the rule should get changed. Although I think changing rules midyear to be a bit unethical so you might have to wait til next year.

Reply to  Dave
10 years ago

To clarify: 7th place gets 1st pick, 8th gets 2nd, 9th gets 3rd and 10th gets 4th pick. Then when the playoffs finish, the rest of the order is set, where 6th place gets 5th pick through 1st place getting 10th (last) pick. This is just one way to do it and it works for my league pretty well. If you have a different number of teams, then obviously you’ll have to rework the numbers but you get the idea.

Reply to  Dave
10 years ago

In my league whoever finishes last moves to the back of the draft order right before the 2 teams that play in the championship. In the final weeks you have the last place team trying their hardest to get out of last place and you have the teams right in front of them wanting to win to make sure they don’t end up in last place.. It’s my best idea so far.. so far so good.. Also as commissioner I’d have no problem removing an owner who was blatantly tanking.. however no matter what you do you’ll have these instances I believe.

Reply to  Marcus
10 years ago

May I also add that on top of this we do a lottery each year.. amount of chances in the lottery based on record (2nd worst team has the most chances) for the first pick and first pick only.. thus nobody is guaranteed the first pick the next year. Only once in 7 years has the team with the most chances in my league actually got the first pick.

Reply to  Marcus
10 years ago

http://www.draftpicklottery.com/ is a good place to go to make a draft lottery. I’ve been trying to convince my league to go to a lottery but they won’t have it. I think it would make things more interesting having a lottery after the draft and drum up excitement for the season to come.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Dave,Marcus,Rob thanks for all your advice. Dave only prob is these guys have been friends forever n nobody spoke up until I riled some feathers. I will talk to my commish too. He knows what’s up. Me personally I would remove this guy from the league if I was commish dude started Vick, Austin, and Denarius Moore last week. His rational is ridiculous. Wish I could show you what he is saying. Thanks guys good luck in your leagues playoffs I’m out of mine, next year maybe as I have 3 picks in the first 15 and the third overall. Happy holidays.

10 years ago

Pick two:

Holmes, Santonio NYJ WR
Moore, Lance NOS WR
Robinson, Laurent DAL WR

10 years ago

I’m in a distance scoring league (touchdowns only) am I crazy to consider choosing Antonio Brown over Miles Austin as one of my 3 guys I’m re-signing after the season?

10 years ago

PPR League- Need a TE please choose one:

Ed Dickson
Jared Cook
Jacob Tamme

10 years ago

We need y’all for the playoffs!!! 1/2 ppr; I am trying not to over think this one, but would you go Brandon Marshall or Julio Jones. Merry Christmas to you guys. Really looking forward to the offseason and draft content, but first I have to take down tis thing called a championship!

Reply to  Mac
10 years ago

Also, one more. Would you even consider starting Andre over Crabtree if he ends up playing? My only other option is Greg Olsen other than crabtree. This is a different 1/2 ppr league. Again, thanks so much.

Reply to  Mac
10 years ago

Oops, started BMarsh over Julio and lost because of it and I was the number one seed. Sweet!

10 years ago

In a ppr league Pick 2, A.Bradshaw, B.Jacobs and Malcolm Floyd

10 years ago

PPR – Pick 2:


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