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Week 9 Blog – Around the League (Updated: 11/4)

Nov. 4, 2011

Looks like you can scratch Peyton Hillis from your lineup this week, he’s down yet again after reinjuring his hamstring in Friday’s practice.  Chris Ogbannaya will get the start and makes for an intriguing fill in play if you’re a bit desperate.

Darren McFadden is out leaving Michael Bush as a great start against the Broncos.  He should run all over them in week 9.

In Indi, Joseph Addai is still questionable but looks like he’s going to give it a go on Sunday.  I wouldn’t be starting any Colt running backs this weekend.  Too risky.

Both Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson are good to go this weekend, or so it seems at this point.  Some are suggesting a start for Jackson in fantasy, don’t do it.  Rice could put up a nice game against that shaky Dallas secondary.  And big Mike Williams is back in the lineup for the Hawks.  He shouldn’t be in any lineup until he proves worthy.

Lots of question marks in San Diego this week with Ryan Mathews likely out, in addition to Malcom Floyd.  Mike Tolbert looks like he’s good to go and is now listed as “Probably”.  I’d hold off on adding Curtis Brinkley, especially if you are in a blind bidding system.   However, inside word has it that Ryan could actually be playing on Sunday.  Look for news early Sunday AM.

No worries for LeSean McCoy this week, he’ll be starting.

Felix Jones is on the shelf yet again leaving the door wide open for DeMarco Murray to put up big numbers vs. Seattle this week.  I expect Murray to put up similar rushing and receiving numbers.

The Patriot’s Wes Welker gave owners a scare early in the week but it looks like he’ll be starting.

Ahmad Bradshaw is still having foot trouble and it will likely linger.  I’d be sitting him this week even though he may be starting.  Expect a big does of Brandon Jacobs.

Mark Ingram is out again.

In IDP leagues, watch the news Sunday AM on Jerod Mayo who is questionable.  Dallas LB Sean Lee is out.

Andre Johnson is down this week and word is that he’ll be shut down next week as well.  Expect him back in week 12.  Sorry.

Hakeem Nicks looks to be out and he’s having trouble shedding the “fragile” label.

RB Kevin Smith was in Detroit for a workout.  This is the first we’ve heard from Smith since being released by the Lions.  I obviously am missing something with Smith.  No, he wasn’t great, but no one has been behind that offensive line.  Having watched a fair amount of Smith, I did expect to see him land somewhere to compete for a job and not just disappear completely.

in quarterback land, Kevin Kolb will be on the sidelines and John Skelton will be getting his first start in 2011.  This will be an interesting watch.  Skelton was not good in 2010 but did show a surprising amount of poise in the pocket.  I will be watching to see signs of the game slowing down for him.  Either way, you can downgrade Larry Fitzgerald accordingly.

Hope you all have enjoyed my first look at the 2012 NFL draft.  More articles will be coming as we go a bit deeper into the individual positions.

Nov. 2, 2011

It really is a shame that Steven Jackson plays for the Rams.  It would be nice to see what he could really accomplish as a member of a well balanced and potent offense, rather than an offense with a questionable offensive line and no secrets as to where their bread is buttered.  But even still, Jackson ripped off an amazing game this past week.  There are provisions in his contract that could provide free agency status in 2012.  I’ll be looking into this more in the coming week.

Before getting into news and notes from around the league, I want to touch upon the Detroit Lions this week.

You would think a team that is finally beginning to play well after years of ridiculously poor play would conduct themselves with a bit more humility and class.  But instead, the Lions almost as a whole, have devolved into a group of insolent, posturing, egos that seems all too incongruous from whence  they came.  Don’t get me wrong here, I fully understand that this is a team that has lacked leadership and identity for far too long and that in times of success, celebration is that which often spurs further success.  For me, however, maximum respect is earned by those teams that keep their history close and their goals for the year closer still.  Remember where you’ve come from and where you’re going.  Meet those two goals and you’re free to do what you will because you’ve earned that right.

Onto this week’s news and notes…

Looks like the injuries are really starting stack up, especially at running back.

In Cleveland, Peyton Hillis continues to experience hamstring issues and was held out of practice yet again.  He’s likely headed for the dreaded “Q” tag.  Plan to play without him this week.

Darren McFadden left the facility on crutches and in a walking boot.  No word on how explosive he looked with them.  It’s time to plug in Michael Bush.

Ahmad Bradshaw looks like he could be down as well with a bruised foot.

Ryan Mathews, sidelined late in week eight with a groin injury, looks to be out in week nine as well.

Mark Ingram looks to be questionable once again but it seems that he may be on pace for a start.  Either way, he’s likely only a last-flex position start.

LeGarrette Blount appears to in line for a start again.

Felix Jones returned to practice but is likely  in a rotation at running back.  Jones was barely startable before the emergence of DeMarco Murray so this may be a blessing in disguise for Jones owners as Murray is clearly the more explosive option.  Sit Jones unless you have no other option.

In Denver, Willis McGahee returned to practice and may be starting once again.

Joseph Addai looks like he’s good to go this weekend, sending both Delone Carter and Donald Brown back to the bench.

What did I say about Tashard Choice and Mike Shanahan?  Classic!

Andre Johnson is getting better but it still seems likely that he’ll be resting once again in week nine.  One piece of good news here is that Johnson said that he will not put himself back in until he’s 100% confident that he’s recovered.  With a hamstring injury of this nature, his own timetable is best followed.

Wes Welker missed practice with a neck injury but will likely still start this week.  Watch the news closely as he’d be a big loss for any fantasy team.

Hey, Earl Bennett is back for the Bears!  He’ll produce about as well as he has the last couple of weeks.

I fully expect that Julio Jones will be back on the field this week but there has been no confirmation yet either way.

Recently release Brian Robiskie was claimed by the Jaguars.  On a team full of unstartable wide receivers, the Jags now have another one.

Hakeem Nicks was held out of practice again but seems to be good for this weekend.

After A.J. Feeley”s notable victory over the Saints in week eight, I have yet to hear if there’s a quarterback controversy with Sam Bradford.  Something tells me that Bradford’s job is safe for now.

Kevin Kolb is reportedly battling a bad case of turf toe but seems to think he’ll be starting this weekend.  If the Cardinals ever needed a reason to sit him down for a week, this could be it.  Kolb has been pretty bad when healthy, hobbled by turf toe won’t improve his performance.

You have to believe that the Tim Tebow show is about done, and we’re not even to act II yet.

In the land of tight ends, it’s obvious that the new Antonio Gates is nothing like the old Antonio Gates.

Dallas Clark had his best performance of the year yardage wise and actually caught the ball.  It’s been said that catching the ball is the best way to get receiving yards.  Someone might want to pass that nugget of wisdom on to Brandon Marshall.

Buffalo’s Scott Chandler emerged from his hole to score two touchdowns in week eight.  It was also said that he saw his shadow and won’t be seen again for another six weeks.

DeMarcus Ware, really?!??  Eleven tackles and four sacks.  In IDP, that type of performance is likely to win you a game.

Finishing up today’s entry, I want to touch again up on Chris Johnson.  Of the email that I’ve been receiving this week, it seems that CJ trade topics are all the rage right now.  You just have to ask yourself “how long can this continue?”.  The answer is all freakin’ year.  What’s going to change at this point, half way through the season?  The Titans played the lowly Colts in week eight and CJ could amass no better numbers than 14 carries for 34 yards.  In my mind, Munchak missed a huge opportunity to run CJ into the ground to get him some confidence going into the second half of the year.  Backs like CJ need confidence and once the game was sewn up, he should have fed Johnson the pig non stop.  Next up are the Bengals who have allowed only one one-hundred yard rusher this year.  Against CJ, that likely means 25 yards.

In trade, you will certainly understand that you”ll be moving Johnson at his lowest value point.  So make sure that if you do decide to move him, you are getting back quality future prospects.  Hey, I’m not going to tell you not to move him.  I’d move him myself if I got any sort of young value, but I’m not about to cut bait on a guy like Johnson.  It could very well be my undoing.

In Ken Kelly’s Week Eight Aftermath article, just know that in his “Gut Check” section I’d swear he just brought up my entire roster from one of the leagues we share to use as material this week.  Just know it can happen to any of us.

More soon….







Jeff Haverlack
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Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Hey jeff question for ya..
Would you start Stevie Johnson vs the jets. My other options are Reggie Wayne, Doug Baldwin, or Braylon Edwards. Also Ryan Mallet is on waiver wire. Not that Bradys going anywhere but I’m in a deep dynasty league and the elite QBs are the holy grail. Do you think he will one day be that? Thanks for all your help.

10 years ago

Buffalo’s Scott Chandler emerged from his hole to score two touchdowns in week eight. It was also said that he saw his shadow and won’t be seen again for another six weeks.

–as a writer myself, i must say….

simply beautiful

10 years ago

I am in a 20 team dynasty and hate to hold onto someone till they have no value at all. I would much rather trade them at a low point then be stuck with someone retiring or useless to me. What is your opinion on the following players….should I do anything I can to trade them off or hope that there value goes back up before shipping them off?

Reggie Wayne
Ryan Grant
Dallas Clark
Danny Woodhead
Payton Manning

Also do you think these guys are ripe to trade off….as in the peak of there value or will they be useful for awhile longer?

Jason Hill
Brian Urlacker

Lastly what is your take on Mendenhall

Thanx for any input

10 years ago

What do i do with my RBs this week? who to start? (this is no joke, this is my collection of RBs). Should i drop moreno and pick up McGahee to start? Thinking it may be ok to start Tolbert.

CJ Spiller

Also, i have Maclin, Vjax, Nicks and Garcon. Which 3 to start. Im thinking leave Garcon on the bench. Confirm?

10 years ago

Great commentary on the Lions…I am originally from Toledo, and have soft spot for the Lions who have been awful, for ever! Seriously, they are starting to make the Raiders blush. I love to see them win, but hate to see how they are handling the win.

Pedro Cervantes
10 years ago

I have Alex Green in a 32 team dynasty league. He was my rookie pick last year. I’m in contention to win the title this year. I was offered Malcolm Floyd for him. I know Green is out for the season but I agree that Grant and starks have been unimpressive to say the least and think maybe Green will get a look next year. Should i pull the trigger and add Floyd or hold off and see where the prospect of Green next year can take him? My roster-

Rodgers Forte Bradshaw Marshall Knox Jacoby Jones Olsen Pack D Mason Crosby

Bench-Alex green Harry Douglas Matt flynn Kyle Williams

Pedro Cervantes
Reply to  Pedro Cervantes
10 years ago

Nvm on this, you’ve already answered this on the other thread. Thank-you, but i did have another offer in that league. I give Johnny Knox, Jacoby Jones and a projected 1st round 16th pick for Kenny Britt? My team is in contention now but good enough to compete without those guys I’m giving and young enough that I can lose this year and still compete for years to come. Also have the same offer going but i receive stevie Johnson or Vincent Jackson? Who should I make the trade for or should i stay put?

My team- Rodgers Forte Bradshaw Marshall Knox Jacoby Jones Olsen Pack D Mason Crosby

Bench-Alex green Harry Douglas Matt flynn Kyle Williams

10 years ago

ok this is a bad week due to match-ups, WR suckage and an MJD bye.

I need 4 of the following players, non PPR.

Jackie Battle
Benjarvus Green Ellis
James Starks
Mike Williams TB
Vincent Jackson
Stevie Johnson
Antonio Brown
Jake Ballard

10 years ago

I recently heard some rumblings that Taylor Price(WR NE) was going to see the field, now that he’s back from his injury. Do you see him contributing to NE’s offense this year or in the near future? Basically, do you see him putting up decent fantasy numbers in the near future or is he a bum…too early to tell???

Great site…keep up the good work!

10 years ago

Another flex dilemma, no ppr. Is Andre Johnson a must play if he’s active this week? Other options are Crabtree @ Was or M Williams @ NO. Thanks

10 years ago

12 Team keeper league; non-PPR. Scoring as follows QB: 1 pt for every 20 yds passing RB/WR/TE 1 pt for every 10 yds Touchdowns (QB/RB/WR/TE): 0-9 yds: 6 pts 10-39 yds: 9 pts 40+ yds: 12 pts. Field Goals: 0-39 yds: 3 pts 40-49 yds: 5 pts 50-59 yds: 10 pts 60+ yds: 12 pts Return Yards: 2 points for 40, and then 1 point for every 10 thereafter

Start 1 QB, any combination of 5 (maximum of 3 RB’s and TE is not required), 1 K

Who do you Recommend
QB: M. Ryan (IND), Cassel (MIA), Ponder (BYE)
RB: R. Mendenhall (BAL), B. Wells-Prob (STL), D. Carter (ATL),
WR: D. Bryant (SEA), S. Johnson (NYJ), A.J. Green (TEN), E. Decker (OAK), S. Rice- Ques(DAL)
K: J Hanson (BYE), R Succop

E. Honda
10 years ago

Hi, any way you start J.Baldwin over Wayne or Starks in ppr/100yrd bonus league?

10 years ago

Need 1 TE and 1 WR in a 0.5PPR
O. Daniels or A. Hernandez(any chance he doesn’t play?)
A. Brown, Heyward-Bey, D. Nelson, G. Little

10 years ago

non ppr,Would you start Heyward-bey over Boldin?Heyward-bey has the better match up on paper.My other wr’s are VJAX and Steve Johnson,who I’m benching since he’s facing Revis.

10 years ago


For a flex spot, would you choose Antonio Brown, Jerome Simpson or Taiwan Jones?
For a TE would you play Fred Davis or Vernon Davis?

Thanks and congrats on your articles about the rookies and the next draft, very interesting!

10 years ago

which 3 wr`s to start from this group?

Dez Bryant(Dal – WR)
Mario Manningham(NYG – WR)
Brandon Lloyd(StL – WR)
Jordy Nelson(GB – WR)
Antonio Brown(Pit – WR)
Eric Decker(Den – WR)

10 years ago

Need to start 3 of the following? Non ppr

D. Thomas
Sidney Rice


10 years ago

need one guy for the flex

Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE)
Antonio Brown(Pit – WR)
Jordy Nelson(GB – WR)

10 years ago

1/2 ppr, thanks guys —
1. James Starks or Willis
2. Greg Little, James Jones or Jinathan Baldwin?

10 years ago

need help…ppr league. Who to start at my bonus player(it can be any position)Fitzpatrick,T Jackson,J. Finley, C. Ogbannaya, and Ced benson. I am thinking Fitzpatrick but a little nervous because of the jets. Also my tight end is gronkowski and I think I will play him over finley. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance…

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