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Week Eight Aftermath

We’re at the halfway point in the fantasy season and the playoff race is on in leagues. As we hit the pivotal month of November, we pass a week eight that featured some great performances and some dismal ones. We turn back the clock to review week eight and look ahead to week nine in a DLF staple – the weekly aftermath.

Week Eight Fantasy MVP

The Eagles have had their share of ups and downs this season, but don’t blame LeSean McCoy. He was fabulous again on Sunday night with 185 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards and tw0 t0uchdowns as the Eagles destroyed the Cowboys.

Week Eight Fantasy LVP

If you own Chris Johnson, it’s time to hit the panic button. He again struggled to make anything happen and finished with just 51 total yards. To make things worse, Javon Ringer played ahead of him in the fourth quarter and the Titans are stating they’re willing to “ride the hot hand.” After getting a massive contract at the beginning of the year, Johnson has done nothing to earn it.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB Cam Newton CAR = 290 passing yards, 53 rushing yards, three touchdowns
RB LeSean McCoy PHI  = 185 rushing yards, 15 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Adrian Peterson MIN = 86 rushing yards, 76 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Steven Jackson STL = 159 rushing yards, 32 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Calvin Johnson DET = Six catches, 125 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Steve Smith CAR = Seven catches, 100 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Laurent Robinson DAL = Five catches, 103 receiving yards, one touchdown
TE Scott Chandler BUF  = Two catches, 35 yards, two touchdowns

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Kevin Kolb ARI = 153 passing yards, one touchdown, one INT
RB Ryan Torain WAS =
14 rushing yards, six receiving yards
RB DeAngelo Williams CAR =
26 rushing yards, 13 receiving yards
RB Chris Johnson TEN =
34 rushing yards, 17 receiving yards
WR Dez Bryant DAL =
Three catches, 28 receiving yards
WR DeSean Jackson PHI 
Three catches, 31 receiving yards
WR Wes Welker NE =
Six catches, 39 receiving yards
TE Brandon Pettigrew =
3 catches, eight receiving yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own Roy Helu in a dynasty league. It seems he’s being suited for a third down role right now and not being considered for the starting job, even with Ryan Torain’s struggles. The addition of Tashard Choice doesn’t help matters. It’s just the typical Shanahan carousel. If Choice starts and plays well at any point this season, I trade him the following Monday.

I’m still holding out some hope for Mike Williams of Seattle. He was held out this week due to injury, but it seems he’s been passed by both Doug Baldwin and Ben Obomanu.

I have Montario Hardesty on my dynasty roster. He just can’t and likely won’t ever stay healthy for a long stretch of time.

I have Chris Johnson as my dynasty centerpiece. Like we said earlier, it’s now time to hit the panic button.

I’m throwing my eggs into the Tim Tebow basket. He’s obviously a better fantasy quarterback than real quarterback, but few saw it going this South this quickly.

I have Kevin Kolb as my QB2. We said going into the season that Kolb was being overvalued, but this is getting out of hand. He looks uncomfortable and lacking confidence – a horrible combination for someone you’ve paid as your franchise quarterback. If not for Chris Johnson’s performance thus far, Kolb would easily be the worst signing of the offseason.

I have Chris Cooley on my roster. He’s obviously not going to have any value this year, but the future is just as uncertain at the moment.

I have any player from the Colts. Many thought I was over-exaggerating things earlier this season when I said all Colts players needed to be downgraded at least one tier. Turns out, I was under-exaggerating things. They’re all quickly becoming unplayable.

I’m relying on Ahmad Bradshaw every week. His performance has been solid thus far, but this week reminded us all that his feet should always be a concern.

I’m holding out hope for Anthony Armstrong. He’s being outplayed by multiple Redskin receivers at this point.

I have BenJarvus Green-Ellis. The Patriots backfield is always a mess, but five carries for nine yards? Using Kevin Faulk more than BGE? It’s maddening.

I’m expecting elite numbers from Stevie Johnson. It’s odd. The Bills are clicking offensively, but Johnson is still posting mediocre numbers. It seems they’re content with letting the defense take him away while beating them with their other players. It’s a sound strategy, but one that really hurts Johnson’s fantasy value.

I own Larry Fitzgerald in my dynasty league. It’s not his fault…but has it ever been his fault? Kevin Kolb has been awful and again, it’s hurting Fitzgerald’s value. He’s on pace for just four scores this year.

I’m holding out hope for Marshawn Lynch. He’s still pretty young, but he hasn’t shown much in Seattle other than the seismic run in last year’s playoff game against the Saints. His line hasn’t helped, but still…

I’m still hoping Dez Bryant turns into a WR1 this season. He simply disappears for too long in games.

A Look Ahead to a Hot Name on the Week Nine Waiver Wire
Remember, we focus on the non-mainstream deep prospect players

1. Brandon Saine RB GB

He’ll replace Alex Green on the roster and it’s doubtful he turns into anything.  However, Ryan Grant and James Starks aren’t exactly reminding anyone of Walter Payton and Barry Sanders.

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

My receivers are terrible. Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams TB, Stevie Johnson. What in the hell am i supposed to do! I’m still 5-3, mostly thanks to arian foster and jimmy graham… but these 3 stooges at wideout are maddening.

Dynasty builder
10 years ago

Who do you give more dynasty value…

Beanie Wells, Ridley (NE), Ingram, Helu, or Blount?

Reply to  Dynasty builder
10 years ago

I would rank them Ingram, Wells, Blount, Ridley, Helu.

Ingram is at the bare minimum the goal-line back on a great offense. Wells could be the top on the list, but his injury history is becoming a concern. Blount is just a 2 down back on a team that is behind a lot, hence he isn’t on the field. NE’s backfield is way to muddled. Helu is only a 3rd down back and his coach makes him completely unreliable.

Ingram and Wells are solid prospects, Blount is just okay, and the other two are long shots in my opinion.

Reply to  Jacob
10 years ago

I’d rank them about the same, though I do think Ridley has a real chance to be a significant player as early as next season.

10 years ago

25 Man Dynasty Roster
M. Ryan, M. Scaub
J. Charles, Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews
R. Cobb, M. Colston, J. Ford, Heyward-Bey,G. Little, Jacoby Jones, J. Gaffney
J. Finley
Cundiff, Janikowski
Bear, Falcons

I’m rebuilding and I’ve already picked up the following players over the waiver wire the past several weeks:
Kyle Rudolph, Moeaki, Julius Thomas, Bilal Powell, Stevan Ridley, Matt Flynn, E. Decker, Demaryius Thomas

I have an opportunity to pick up either one of the following two prospects this week:
Taylor Price WR NE
Jon Baldwin WR KC

Do either have fantasy relevance next year??

Reply to  Wojo
10 years ago

Baldwin shouldn’t be on the wire. That’s a shocker to me, even with his diva-like issues.

Reply to  DLFKenK
10 years ago

Baldwin was cut by the owner in a waiver wire move. Most of the waiver pickups I made were the result of owners cutting 2011 draft picks to make room for other players. I guess some owners lose sight of the long term especially after spending the time researching draft mags to make intelligent draft selections.

10 years ago

The line up fun section should have realistic line-ups, use ADP.. It would be more fun to see what could of happened. You could probably win most weeks if you only had AP, McCoy, S Jax and Megatron…

10 years ago

Do you think I should trade Antonio Gates for CJ? I have Gresham to replace gates and my rb situation isn’t the greatest. They are: McCoy, hillis, dwill, Starks, and Moreno

Reply to  Dave
10 years ago

I assume that the deal is in a Dynasty League….

Are you contending or rebuilding?

If contending this year then the trade is a step back for you.

If rebuilding and you think that CJ will turn it around this year or next, I would probably do that deal. Gates’ injury concerns and age are factors for me.

Reply to  Matt
10 years ago

If you have a chance to trade Gates for CJ2K in a dynasty league, I jump on that unless you have a very odd scoring system that’s super friendly to TEs.

Pedro Cervantes
10 years ago

Speaking of Alex Green, I have him in a 32 team dynasty league. He was my rookie pick last year. I’m in contention to win the title this year. I was offered Malcolm Floyd for him. I know Green is out for the season but I agree that Grant and starks have been unimpressive to say the least and think maybe Green will get a look next year. Should i pull the trigger and add Floyd or hold off and see where the prospect of Green next year can take him? My roster-

Rodgers Forte Bradshaw Marshall Knox Jacoby Jones Olsen Pack D Mason Crosby

Bench-Alex green Harry Douglas Matt flynn Kyle Williams

Reply to  Pedro Cervantes
10 years ago

In a 32 team league, I’d probably go for Floyd. The talent pool is so thin that you need some players.

Pedro Cervantes
Reply to  DLFKenK
10 years ago

Thanks. Also have another offer in that league. I give Johnny Knox, Jacoby Jones and a projected 1st round 16th pick for Kenny Britt? My team is in contention now but good enough to compete without those guys I’m giving and young enough that I can lose this year and still compete for years to come. Also have the same offer going but i receive stevie Johnson or Vincent Jackson? Who should I make the trade for or should i stay put?

My team- Rodgers Forte Bradshaw Marshall Knox Jacoby Jones Olsen Pack D Mason Crosby

Bench-Alex green Harry Douglas Matt flynn Kyle Williams

10 years ago

First time Dynasty League owner and loving every second. I have Cam Newton and he’s helping my struggling team. I’ll obviously keep him. I must keep a second QB after this season and into 2012. (Then we can drop whomever and keep 11 just before the draft next year). I’ll keep Cam but should I keep Matt Cassel or take advantage of the opportunity to pick up the Dolphins Team Quarter backs (we have TQBs not individual QBs) and enter the Luck bid by dropping Cassel. Not sure if others are doing the same. Perhaps I keep Cassel as insurance if Cam has the 2nd year blues. Thoughts?

Reply to  Mike
10 years ago

If you have any other position of strength, I would trade for a more established QB like Matt Ryan, Romo or Flacco. No one too flashy as they will probably ride the bench. Having a Cam Newton/Luck QB situation could work out amazingly….or you could be completely hosed. I like having a guy with a relatively high floor as a backup QB.

Reply to  Matt
10 years ago

If you can’t work a deal, I’d go for it…but I’m assuming the Dolphins TQB is already on waivers? If so, pick it up and wait it out a month until you see how the standings are shaking out. That’s a possible lottery ticket sitting out there.

Reply to  DLFKenK
10 years ago

You have NO other options than dropping Cassel?

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