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Week 8 Blog – Around the League (Updated: 10/29)

Oct. 29, 2011 – 11:00 AM

In a somewhat surprising move, the Cowboys waived Tashard Choice.  More surprising than waiving him was the fact that they couldn’t trade him before the trade deadline.  It could be that DeMarco Murray, who exploded in week seven, wasn’t really trusted until last week.  It could also be that Choice just doesn’t command any trade value, but I find that at least a bit difficult to believe given the state of some of the running games around the league currently. He’ll certainly land somewhere soon, Miami is a good bet as it stands and why is it that the first coach that comes to mind is Shanahan? We’ll see.  Upgrade Phillip Tanner.

Peyton Hillis appears to be sidelined yet again in week eight but is making the trip, so be sure to check the reports on Sunday AM to ensure that Hardesty is starting.  Even if Hillis does play, expect his role to be very limited.

You have to sit Andre Johnson this week, almost regardless of whether or not he’s active on Sunday.  70-75% isn’t good enough for Johnson to be in the lineup.

Start all of your PIT receivers this week unless you have better plays.  With Heinz Ward out, Emmanuel Sanders moves up to WR2 against a very suspect Patriot secondary.  Brown moves up to WR3 and should be able to get deep as well.  This is a very young and very good Pittsburgh receiving group.

Which rookie receiver is #3 overall in receiving yards after week seven?  Did you guess Doug Baldwin?  Neither did I.

Thinking a bit about the plight of Chad OchoCinco-Johnson, how do you think he has to be feeling right now?  After all the antics, distractions and hoopla, Jackson finds his way to New England and is almost never heard from on a weekly basis.  And immediately following his departure, Cincinnati brings in a rookie receiver AND quarterback and find themselves at 4-2 in the tough AFC North division.  I suppose that could even apply a bit to Carson Palmer, who has to have thought at least once that A.J. Green would be nice to be throwing to on Sundays.

In Arizona, Robert Housler will be getting more time at tight end.  Speaking of the Cardinals, you’re likely sitting everyone not named Larry Fitzgerald this week.  Truth be told, I’d like to be sitting Fitz this week as well, but remember our mantra here at DLF.

Brandon Jacobs is expected back in the lineup this week so you can downgrade Bradshaw just a bit … but he’s starting on your roster regardless.

Marshawn Lynch is starting this week unless something seizes up in the pregame warm-up.  Against Cincinnati this week, he doesn’t make a great play but could get a short yardage touchdown.

With Mark Ingram sidelines for New Orleans, Pierre Thomas should get a heavier workload and Chris Ivory will pick up short yardage duty for the first time in 2011.  Thomas has a chance to put up good numbers this week.

With every passing hour, no pun intended, Matthew Stafford gets more likely to start.  He all but assured to be the starter on Sunday so you can drop Shaun Hill.

Might slip in one more update tonight!

Oct. 28, 2011 – 8:00 AM

Not sure what I was thinking last night when I posted that Best looked to be starting this week, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  All expectations are that Best will be sitting through next week’s bye.  There simply isn’t a good enough reason to rush him back when he could take the next two weeks to further clear.

Beanie Wells is a game time decision but all indications are that he will NOT be starting this week.  Up against a tough Baltimore defense, it’s a good pass to take.  Instead, the Cards will turn to a combination of Alphonso Smith and LaRod Stephens-Howling to carry the load.  Neither should find much room but Stephens-Howling could have value as a RB3 in PPR leagues.

In Indianapolis, Addai is likely out again as the Colts rushed him back far too quickly from a hamstring injury.  Delone Carter should pick up the bulk of the carries but I still feel he’s too one dimensional to have much value.  I still prefer a healthy Donald Brown over Carter.  But if pressed to start one of them, you’re better off starting Carter and hoping for a goal line dive.

Oct. 27, 2011

It’s week 8 already.  How time flies!

Since writing my last piece about Chris Johnson, I find myself continually drawn back to it.  In fact, I’ve found myself again watching past games trying to find something I’ve missed, some sort of single key that will open the door to past production.  Perhaps it’s only week eight vs. the Colts that is needed.  Coach Munchak is said to be giving Johnson 20+ carries this week in attempt to better gauge the run-game.  We’ll see.

In my weekly waiver wire research, I stumbled across an interesting little nugget.  Did you know that it’s highly likely that the season ending injury to Rashad Jennings wasn’t a torn ligament?  In fact, no report at all has been given describing the injury that landed him on the IR.  On Oct. 12, Jennings tweeted that he would be cleared to resume football activities in the next week.  Very curious!  Obvioulsy Jack Del Rio had a reason for ending Jennings’ season when he did, but the good news is that it obviously wasn’t a torn ligament.  My guess is a high grade MCL sprain that could have sidelined him up to 8-10 weeks.   Make a quick check of your free agent pool to see if Jennings has been dropped.

Fred Davis has obviously become the tight end of choice in Washington.  Sounds like Chris Cooley won’t be back in 2012.  Shanahan is saying all the right things, but that’s easy to do when Cooley is on the I.R.

In Seattle, Marshawn Lynch is likely to be back in the lineup after aggravating a nagging back injury.  He’s up against a noteworthy Bengal defense and likely won’t find a lot of success.  In non-PPR leagues, he’s worth a shot as he’s the only option in the short yardage game or at the goal line.  He is playing at home and has two touchdowns in his last two played games.

Stanford’s Andrew Luck continues to display NFL skills and is already the number one pick in the 2012 draft.  Miami or Indi?  For the record, early word out of Indianapolis is that the Colts wouldn’t use the first pick on Luck.  Early word out of Miami is that they certainly would.  Looking into my crystal ball, Luck is headed to Miami as long as his father finds that an acceptable location.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I am not surprised to see the Lions skidding a bit.  And sure enough, Stafford is hobbled yet again.  For the record, it appears as if Stafford is a “go” this weekend for the game vs. Denver but owners shouldn’t be too surprised if/when Stafford suffers a multiple week injury.  Jahvid Best looks to be starting as well and I fear for his safety.

In Denver, Tim Tebow turned a great five minutes of football, winning in Tebow-like fashion.  I just don’t see him evolving into a great NFL quarterback, but the kid has a knack for winning and isn’t afraid of the pressure.

Terrell Owens has the talent to still be playing football, but where is head?  That question alone will keep him off of an NFL roster until we get closer to the playoffs.  Which receiver is on a roster first in 2011, Moss or T.O.?

How bad were the Ravens on Monday night.  Flacco looked like a deer in the headlights and for the first time, I question whether or not he has the mental fortitude to lead a team like the Ravens.  You have to believe that the defensive leadership on the team are beginning to question whether or not they can win with Flacco at the helm.  I do.  At least the Cardinals come calling in week eight, which should allow Flacco to bounce-back.

In Houston, I think Coach Kubiak is capable.  But the fact that he spent so much time with Mike Shanahan has always knocked him down a few levels in my book.  True to that statement is the game that is being played with the media once again about an injury, this time with Andre Johnson.  To hear Kubiak speak, there is little doubt that A.J. will be on the field on Sunday.  Speak to A.J. however, and you’d think he just came off the surgeon’s table and was weeks away.  Someone missed an injury update meeting.  I’ll side with player in this case and guess that they won’t risk playing Johnson.

Speaking of Shanahan, the mystery will be answered on Sunday as to who has the upper hand for the starting running back duties now that Tim Hightower is out for the remainder of the season.  Look for Torain to command the bulk of the work.  The Shanahans are just easy not to like.

Fred Jackson just keeps getting it done.  I think Spiller could be a good gunner on special teams after he’s done playing receiver.  To his credit he did pull down five receptions for 39 yards against the G-men.  Quick!  Sell High!

That Houston offensive line just has the ability to open monster holes.  I don’t care who’s back there at running back, they’re going to score well.  Foster looks strong and he’s got uncanny vision and change-of-direction skills  for a back of his size.

This week’s most spirited and emotionally charged game will be between the Dallas Cowboys and the visiting Eagles.  The Iggles remain in last place in the division but no team is running away with it.  A win here by Vick and company and things get very interesting.  A win here by Vick and company also should begin the chant for backup quarterback Stephen McGee.  I think Romo is on a tighter leash than is believed.  And what about DeMarco Murray this past week?  Amazing.  I don’t like his chances to repeat such a performance any time soon and I also happen to believe he’s a great sell high candidate, but how can you?  He’ll give it a go again vs. the Eagles but I don’t think he’ll top the 100 yard mark.

Need a dark-horse player for this weekend.  I like the match-up that Jerome Simpson has vs. the Seahawks.  All attention will remain on rookie phenom A.J. Green and Simpson has more skill than given credit for.  Simpson has yet to find the end zone in 2011, but I believe this is the game in which he does.

I read that Seahawk quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was limited today.  Hasn’t that pretty much defined his career to date?

More soon ….




Jeff Haverlack
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10 years ago

torain v buff or stewart v min

10 years ago

Where are you seeing/hearing info on Jahvid Best starting this week?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
10 years ago

It was a legit question and I asked it before you posted your update. I was wondering if there were some sources indicating he’d play that I wasn’t seeing.

10 years ago

Pick 2 PPR Options:

Antonio Brown vs. NE
Michael Crabtree vs CLE
Greg Little @ SF
Stewart vs. MIN

Reply to  Froboy
10 years ago

Also have Best in case he plays

10 years ago

Great read Jeff; also excellent CJ article – I keep drawing back to it as a dynasty owner of his myself trying to fully understand just what the heck is going on with him. Anyhow, I have one tough call this week in my .5 ppr league, which way do you go — CJ or Brandon Marshall?

Reply to  Camel
10 years ago

I’d go CJ, Munchak has guaranteed at least 20 carries for Johnson, (which should be good for about 35 yards)

10 years ago

got the bye week blues in a bad way. after our weekly FA draft i am left to choose from D.Karim ,D. Mccluster, and Titus young as my final starter. Leaning towards McCluster but its not a good trio to choose from.
.33 ppr


Dynasty builder
10 years ago

12 team Dynasty non-PPR
Take a look at this trade:

I’m being offered Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams (ARI) in exchange for Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter (SF).

From my standpoint this looks like I’m being offered two young promising but injury prone RBs in exchange for a workhorse and an underestimated future superstar (I may be inflating my players a bit…). I am currently rebuilding and contemplating who I should go with.

What if I additionally required Aaron Hernandez in exchange for Zach Miller(SEA)?

Reply to  Dynasty builder
10 years ago

No way to I do this. I was very high on Ryan Williams and actually traded away good value to move up in the draft to get him. But after a patellar tendon tear who knows what you’re going to get. I think we have seen enough of Kendall Hunter to know he has a promising future and until then Gore is a top 10 back. If you throw in the Hernandez for Zach Miller I can see that happening. Depends on what else you have at TE.

Dynasty builder
Reply to  rocmar85
10 years ago

I have Kellen Winslow and Ed Dickson

Reply to  Dynasty builder
10 years ago

I think the move is okay for you. Beanie has been effective when playing and if Ryan Williams does return to prior form you have both backs in Arizona and you fill a need at TE. I don’t like giving away Hunter who I think has a chance to be “Brian Westbrookish” in San Fran, but you do feel a big need at TE also. Its close.

Wayne Fontes
Reply to  Dynasty builder
10 years ago

Though an upgrade at TE is needed, there is no way I would make that trade. Soak up Gore for as long as his health will let you. He is a must start for the rest of this season or until next injury. Hunter looks pretty promising to step into the starting role in the future for what looks to be a successful organization in the upcoming seasons. Only bummer I am noticing is Dixon ripping some goal line TDs when the job finally is Hunters

Dynasty builder
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
10 years ago

Ok How bout this?

I trade:
Zach Miller (SEA)



Reply to  Dynasty builder
10 years ago

That’s relatively even. I have less of a problem with that one although I still believe Hunter could be a better back than Ingram.

Dynasty builder
Reply to  DLF_Jeff
10 years ago

Do you think I be getting good value with Gore for Wells and Ridley (NE)? I would ask for Wells and Dalton or Matt Ryan but that may be too far.

10 years ago

Need 2
J stew, moreno, or Bernard Scott

I’m leaning towards stewart and scott

Need 1:
Romo or Tebow

10 years ago

Need 2
J stew, moreno, or Bernard Scott

I’m leaning towards stewart and scott

Need 1:
Romo or Tebow

Need 1:
Gregg olsen or jermaine gresham

10 years ago

Which 3 of the 4 to start this week? I was going to sit Best, but noticed that you say he might be a go this week? Non-ppr

Ahmad Bradshaw
Benjarvis Green-Ellis
Daniel Thomas
Jahvid Best

10 years ago

12 Team keeper league; non-PPR. Scoring as follows QB: 1 pt for every 20 yds passing RB/WR/TE 1 pt for every 10 yds Touchdowns (QB/RB/WR/TE): 0-9 yds: 6 pts 10-39 yds: 9 pts 40+ yds: 12 pts. Field Goals: 0-39 yds: 3 pts 40-49 yds: 5 pts 50-59 yds: 10 pts 60+ yds: 12 pts Return Yards: 2 points for 40, and then 1 point for every 10 thereafter

Start 1 QB, any combination of 5 (maximum of 3 RB’s and TE is not required), 1 K

Who do you Recommend:
QB: Cassel (SDC), Ponder(CAR), Ryan (bye)
RB: R. Mendenhall (NEP),Wells-Ques(BAL) D. Carter(TEN), M. Hardesty (SFO), A Smith (BAL)
WR: D. Bryant (PHI), S. Johnson (WAS), A.J. Green (SEA), E. Decker(DET), S Rice (CIN), D. Williams (IND)
K: J. Hanson

10 years ago

non ppr

Jackie Battle or BenJarvus Green Ellis

10 years ago

PPR Flex pick 3
Garçon, A. Brown, Little, Stewart, Crabtree

10 years ago

I need a RB2 and a flex from the following. 12 team non ppr dynasty.
JStew vs Minny
Scott vs Seattle
Battle vs SD
Sanders vs NE

Leaning Scott and Stewart. Figure Scott will see a lot of work in a relatively low scoring close game vs seattle. Jstew is seeing the lions share of passing downs and is starting to get more goal line carries albeit failed to score from a yard out last week. I do see Battle having success, he is running hard and I see a game similar to last weeks game for him 16 carries 70 some yards but he didn’t get goal line carries so that scares me. Sanders should be in the middle of a shoot out against new england’s not so scary secondary and should see an increase in snaps thanks to Ward’s gimpy ankle.


10 years ago

Need 1 rb, and 1 rb/wr flex out of this lackluster group.

Lynch vs. Cincy
Moreno vs. Det
Keiland Williams vs. Den
Crabtree vs. Cleve
Dem. Thomas vs. Det

It is 1/2 ppr and I am leaning towards starting Moreno and Crabtree, but am not against any other combonation. I am a big underdog this week as my big guns are on bye, so i need the biggest risk/reward plays for the week.

Alan Bauerle
10 years ago

Hey jeff,
pick 2 please-Bernard Scott, Jackie Battle, or Maurice Morris.
Please pick 3- Mike Wallace, Steve Johnson, Reggie Wayne,or Deon Branch
pick 1 Vernon Davis or Jared Cook. Thanks man great job every week. This blog is the greatest.

10 years ago

With Johnson and Benson out, I’ve got a tough flex decision. How would you rank this group, no ppr? Thanks.

Hunter v Cle
Hardesty @ SF
Crabtree v Cle
Gaffney @ Buf
A Brown v NE
D Thomas v Det

The Pyrate
10 years ago

I have to start a DET RB (everyone else still on bye week).

So which one? Morris or Williams?

10 years ago

PPR please pick two:
Monterio Hardesty
Jackie Battle
Bernard Scott
David Nelson

10 years ago

pick a rb and flex…ppr league
battle, d. thomas (mia), branch, g. little.

Killa Cam
10 years ago

maurice morris or roy helu

Reply to  Killa Cam
10 years ago


Pedro Cervantes
10 years ago

I’m in a very deep 32 team dynasty league. I am being offered two rookie picks both projected around 20-25 bt one could possibly be in the mid teens. For kregg Lumpkin Jacoby Jones and my pick which will most likely be dead last at 32 since my team looks poised to win the title this year. I think it would be smart to infuse my roster with a bit of youth with the two better rookie picks. Or u could always flip the picks in another deal. Is it a good deal for me? Should I pull the trigger? Was also offered a smaller version kregg Lumpkin and my pick for one of his picks. Is that better or should i stick to the deal where I get two rookie picks?

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