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Week Six Aftermath

If we had said at the beginning of the year that heading into week seven, two of the league’s best teams would be none other than the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49’ers, we would have been the recipient of many colorful comments.  But, heading into week seven, that is exactly the case.  Find me an objective analyst or personality that would have predicted that!

If Sunday’s game between the two teams was any indication, it’s likely that both will be making playoff reservations.   Toss in a little scuffle at the end of the game between the coaches and you’ve got a little more drama to make it even more interesting.  For the record, Detroit still plays in that tough NFC North division which will likely be won by the Green Bay Packers while San Francisco should have a substantially easier time of it within the underwhelming NFC West.  Put a gun to my head and I would suggest that Detroit could easily slip heading into the back half of the season.

Feel free to write your own conclusion to the 2011 regular season.  But for now anyway, both clubs are playing good ball and giving their fans something to cheer about – it’s been a long time coming for both.

Week Six Fantasy MVP

Ahmad Bradshaw seized the opportunity to carry the full load on Sunday while Jacobs continues to nurse a knee injury.  It didn’t take long for Bradshaw to display his nose for the end-zone on his way to an impressive 104 rushing yards and three touchdowns along with two receptions for 26 yards.  Bradshaw won’t say it publicly, but he would certainly prefer that Jacobs take just one more week to get healthy, perhaps a few more.

Week One Fantasy LVP

Peyton Hillis continues to struggle and a six carry, 14 yard performance isn’t a great foundation for the future.  In Hillis’ defense, he did suffer a hamstring injury in the second half that he would not return from.  No word on whether his agent suggested sitting out the remainder of the game.  An MRI on Monday showed a minor pull that likely won’t mean a lengthy absence, but hamstrings are notoriously tricky.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB  Aaron Rodgers GB = 310 passing yards, three touchdowns, one INT
RB  Ahmad Bradshaw NYG = 104 rushing yards, three touchdowns
RB Michael Turner ATL = 139 rushing yards, two touchdowns
RB  Fred Jackson BUF = 121 rushing yards, one touchdown, five receptions
WR  Devin Hester CHI =  Five receptions, 91 receiving yards, one touchdown, one ST TD
WR Marques Colston NO = Seven receptions, 118 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Anquan Boldin BAL = Eight receptions, 132 receiving yards, no touchdowns
TE  Aaron Hernandez NE = Eight receptions, 68 receiving yards, one touchdown

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Jason Campbell OAK =52 passing yards
RB Felix Jones DAL = 14 rushing yards
RB Delone Carter IND
= 45 rushing yards
RB  Stevan Ridley NE = 19 rushing yards
WR Roddy White ATL = Two receptions, 21 receiving yards
WR Santana Moss WAS =Two receptions, 38 receiving yards
Mike Thomas JAX = Four receptions, 36 receiving yards
TE Vernon Davis SF = Two receptions, 8 receiving yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I’m counting on any Denver receiver as my WR1.  The Tim Tebow show has begun and while he does have an undeniable dynamic, Denver’s passing attack for the remainder of the year is likely to abysmal.

I’m a Miami Dolphins fan OR I am relying on any Dolphin player for fantasy production.  No more excuses exist for the likes of Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas or even Davone Bess.  The offense stinks and they aren’t even remotely close to turning it around.  I happen to like Matt Moore a bit as a backup, but he’s going to get slaughtered in that offense.

I’m expecting more production from Sam Bradford.  The bloom is off the rose and even with the addition of Brandon Lloyd, Bradford’s stock isn’t going to climb much higher.  Lloyd is a much better complementary receiver than he is a go-to receiver and even as the WR1 in the Rams’ offense, production for either Bradford or Lloyd isn’t likely.

I drafted Donovan McNabb as my second quarterback.  McNabb is going to McBenched in favor of Christian Ponder, it’s just not public knowledge yet.  Ponder will be able to run the show without the expectation of winning many games.  The bad news is that the Vikings still don’t have enough dynamic receiver targets to reliably stretch the field.

I’m counting on big things from Dez Bryant in my dynasty league.  Not saying that Bryant doesn’t have talent, but he sure seems to disappear from games very quickly and I’m beginning to question his mental toughness.  Could it be that Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant are going to  have similar careers in the end?  Bryant is far more talented than Crabtree but warning alarms are starting to sound.

I own Detroit running back, Jahvid Best.  Best suffered yet another concussion and is quickly piling them up.  After what was almost a career ending concussion while playing at Cal, the one thing that Best cannot afford to rack up are further concussions.  In a position that elicits head on collisions, even Best’s dynamic slashing running style won’t be enough to lengthen his career.  A couple more years at this pace and Best will have to seriously consider hanging them up, lest he risk the potential of long term damage.

I’m counting on either Ryan Grant or James Starks to be a reliable RB2.  It’s just not going to happen this year in Green Bay.  Much like the offense of the Colts of previous years, the Green Bay offense just isn’t going to produce much fantasy relevance from the running back position.  You’re going to need to wait until 2012, at which point Ryan Grant will likely be playing for another team.

I have C.J. Spiller and think “maybe he will be a better receiver than a running back”.  Shouldn’t be hard to do, but no, he won’t.

I own Darren McFadden.  DMc is still a very capable back and is likely go to see a lot of touches.  But if he’s your RB1 (not likely as he was a later round steal), the lack of a noteworthy quarterback will focus all of the defensive effort upon stopping McFadden and the yards are going to be much more difficult to come by.

I’m expecting Mark Sanchez to ever be more than a QB2.  He’s an emergency fill-in quarterback at best and I just don’t see anything that leads me to believe he’s going to be anything different in the future.  But he’s young so, anything can happen, right?

I’m still thinking “I really believe Tony Romo can win the big game”.  Nope.

A Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Seven Waiver Wire

1. Donald Brown, RB IND

As pointed out in last week’s Aftermath article, Brown got a chance and showed that he’s more dynamic than is Delone Carter.  He could draw the start in week seven.

2. Mark Clayton, WR STL

Could be returning in week seven.  Before his injury he was leading the Rams in all receiving categories.  He’s long since been forgotten in many leagues.  Add him now if you have a free spot.

3.  DeAndre Levy, LB DET

For all you IDP’ers out there.  Levy started very slowly and was dropped by many after the signing of MLB Stephen Tulloch.  But Levy has scored in the double digits the last three weeks and has found his consistency.

4.  Naaman Roosevelt, WR BUF

It’s the bad writer in me, but I really want to do a spotlight article on this guy with the title “Top Naaman”, but I can’t even stoop that low.  Naaman hasn’t been getting a ton of looks but he’s been making good on the ones that he’s been getting.  In deep leagues, he’s worth a shot.

Jeff Haverlack
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wallace's warriors
10 years ago

I don’t think Marshall is doing that bad he is 20th on scoring for WRs in PPR and he has had one less week to put up points because he already had his bye week.

wallace's warriors
10 years ago

I don’t think Marshall is doing that bad he is 20th on scoring for WRs in PPR and he has had one less week to put up points because he already had his bye week. He is also putting up pretty consistent numbers with only one game under ten points.

Joe Cooper
10 years ago

Raiders are on the verge of getting Carson Palmer. If that happens, what’s his value in a dynasty league?

Waivers break tomorrow in yahoo leagues so there’s not a ton of time to digest the signing if it happens. Is Palmer worth a waiver in a keeper league? If so, how high of a waiver?

10 years ago


I had such high hopes for my team. Being that guys who were so highly ranked at the beginning of the year are doing horrible, what advice can you give those of us out there who might own roddy, blount, freeman, williams (tb), hillis (even tho you guys never liked him), moreno, etc. etc. etc.

I HATE selling low on guys and people in my league are seeing the opportunity and starting to offer to buy low on guys with offers that I would have scoffed at at the begining of the year.

Should I cut my losses and sell low on dwill, roddy, starks, hillis and moreno and just try and rebuild with younger prospects? Or just ride out the storm and hope for better performances next year (Suck for Luck, if you will)?

I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with this and I bet you could write a whole article on this subject, but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


Alan Bauerle
10 years ago


I wouldn’t sell low. I’m in a dynasty league too. I’m not a writer but I have won championships n have also had terrible teams. I think the guys u mentioned are just having an off year. If u sell low next year ur left w/ a worse team. Try n grab waiver claimes. But don’t sell low. Remember it’s not a 40yrd dash it’s a marathon. Maybe you’ll get a top 5 pick n have a great draft, and then a better team from it. Good luck n hang in there

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