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Week Four Aftermath

Week four is going to be remembered most for an epic performance from Aaron Rodgers as the signal callers in the NFL continue their assault on the record books. We take a look at his performance, as well as a few clunkers as we spin around the league in our week four aftermath.

Week One Fantasy MVP

Aaron Rodgers was fantastic, posting a career-high 408 passing yards with four touchdowns. When you add another 36 rushing yards and two more rushing touchdowns, you have yourself a player who won a few leagues on his own this week. To put it into perspective, Rodgers’ performance is one of the ten best all time in most leagues.

Week One Fantasy LVP

About seven years ago, I was once ahead by seven points going into the Sunday night game. I had Aaron Brooks of the Saints yet to play and my opponent had nobody left. Easy win, right? Wrong. Brooks posted the worst game of his career and I actually lost after he posted negative points for the night.

So, why is this relevant?

Well, Mark Sanchez must have broken a few hearts this week with his putrid performance on Sunday night. The 119 passing yards was obviously a huge disappointment, but when you add an interception and three lost fumbles, you had a quarterback who posted negative points in many formats.


Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB Aaron Rodgers GB  = 408 passing yards, 36 rushing yards, one INT, six total touchdowns
RB Chris Wells ARI  = 138 rushing yards, three touchdowns
RB Matt Forte CHI  = 205 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, one touchdown
RB Arian Foster HOU  = 155 rushing yards, 11 receiving yards, one touchdown
WR Hakeem Nicks NYG = 10 catches, 162 yards, one touchdown
WR Wes Welker NE = Nine catches, 158 yards, one touchdown
WR Calvin Johnson DET = Eight catches, 96 yards, two touchdowns
TE Jimmy Graham NO  = Ten catches, 132 yards, one touchdown

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Mark Sanchez NYJ  = 119 passing yards, one INT, three lost fumbles
RB Shonn Greene NYJ  =
23 rushing yards
RB Knowshon Moreno DEN  =
Four rushing yards, seven receiving yards
RB Tim Hightower WAS  =
24 rushing yards, four receiving yards
WR Andre Johnson HOU 
= Four catches, 36 receiving yards, one hamstring injury
WR Anquan Boldin BAL =
One catch, 28 receiving yards
WR Mario Manningham NYG =
One catch, 10 receiving yards
TE Rob Gronkowski NE =
One catch, 15 receiving yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own Tim Hightower. We’ve been saying it for months, but NOW do you believe us?  NO Redskin running back can be trusted in the long term as long as Mike Shanahan is at the helm.

I’m relying on Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams for consistent production. Remember when you could start either of them and feel pretty good about it? With Cam Newton airing it out, you can’t really start either with much confidence.

I’m hoping for production from any receiver from Chicago or Cleveland. It’s just not happening there, either.

I’m playing against a team with Calvin Johnson. He’s on pace for 32 touchdowns this year. It’s easy to say he won’t get there. He won’t get there, right?  Right!?!

I own Felix Jones. We keep waiting and waiting for this enormous breakout and after a month, we’re still waiting.

I’m holding out hope that Ben Tate makes the Texans a running back by committee team. After Arian Foster gashed the Steelers and Tate got hurt, it’s hard to see that happening soon.

I own Rashard Mendenhall. His injury isn’t a huge concern at the moment, but his yards per carry is. The Steelers offensive line is a total mess and the entire Steelers offense is paying the price.

I have Donovan McNabb as my QB2. Remember when his trade to Washington was controversial? It turns out the Eagles really did know something. He just looks cooked.

I own Sam Bradford in a dynasty league. While it’s no time to get really concerned, I’d say the panic meter is set to around 3. He’s beginning to rush his throws and is looking generally uncomfortable in the pocket as the Rams continue to have trouble protecting him.

I own Mario Manningham. A favorite among many sites to be the breakout performer of 2011, he’s struggling to stay healthy and now has to battle Victor Cruz for meaningful touches.

I’m hoping for an offensive explosion from the Atlanta Falcons. Of all the disappointing teams in the league, Atlanta is at the top of the list. Their high powered offense is looking a little ordinary and that defense is just not good. We’ll learn a lot about what we can expect from them next week against Green Bay.

I own Knowshon Moreno or Kyle Orton. Moreno has officially lost his starting job to Willis McGahee and Kyle Orton’s leash is getting shorter as the Broncos sit at 1-3.

I own BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Shane Vereen in a dynasty league. I’ve been “all in” on Stevan Ridley for some time now and nothing I’ve seen is making me back off. This team is always going to employ a committee approach, but Ridley has looked like the most capable back the Pats have, including Danny Woodhead.

I’m expecting anything from Reggie Bush. With Daniel Thomas being sidelined, this was his big chance to shine and make his mark on the backfield. He failed to impress again. In the end, the major problem I have with Bush is that he’s terrible.

I have Shonn Greene. Speaking of terrible…

I own Denarius Moore in a re-draft league. He still looks like the most talented receiver on the roster, but the Raiders still seem committed to DHB and others taking priority in the short term.

I’m expecting consistent production from Donald Jones or David Nelson in Buffalo. Fred Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson are all premier players, but that’s as far as it goes with the Bills.

I have Brandon Marshall. He has FOUR touchdowns in 18 games as a Dolphin.

A Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Five Waiver Wire
Remember, we focus on the lesser names here who we haven’t mentioned much this season.

1. Joe McKnight, RB NYJ

Shonn Greene and LT aren’t getting it done. It’s about time the Jets see what they have in McKnight and Bilal Powell.

2. Doug Baldwin, WR SEA

He’s quietly putting together a decent season, despite playing in Seattle.

3. Brady Quinn, QB DEN

Everyone assumes Tim Tebow is next in line if Denver continues to struggle. He may not be. Quinn never really has had a legitimate long term chance.

4. Earnest Graham, RB TB

I’m surprised at how many leagues have him still on the wire. If Blount was to get hurt, Graham would immediately become quite valuable.

5. James Casey, TE HOU

Andre Johnson may be out for a bit, so the Texans will need to do a good job of spreading the ball around. Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter are likely owned in your league, but Casey is a player to monitor.

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

Would you take Torain over any of these waiver wire guys?

Reply to  Froboy
10 years ago

I’d take Torain over ALL these guys, as we typically focus on the players who aren’t the obvious pickups for the week – you can get those anywhere.

10 years ago

Just acquired via trade
Robert Meachem(NO – WR) as a throw in and might be pressed into starting him this week at Carolina.

Was wondering both short term (next week) and long term if any of the following players on waivers offer more upside.

Jacoby Jones(Hou – WR)
Josh Morgan(SF – WR)
Antonio Brown(Pit – WR)
Arrelious Benn(TB – WR)
Donald Driver(GB – WR)
James Jones(GB – WR)
Andre Roberts(Ari – WR)
Darrius Heyward-Bey(Oak – WR)
Vincent Brown(SD – WR)
Harry Douglas(Atl – WR)
Damian Williams(Ten – WR)
Taylor Price(NE – WR)

Reply to  Ken
10 years ago

I think Meachem is better than that lot of players…

10 years ago

.5PPR Re-draft

Here are my players:

WR: M.Wallace, R.Meachem, M.Thomas, N.Washington, M.Crabtree
RB: L.McCoy, CJ, BGE, B.Tate

My biggest issue is getting RBs to cover weeks 6 (CJ) and 7 (McCoy/BGE)

Here is who I’m eyeing, thoughts?:

RB: S.Ridley, R.Torain (Shanahan????), I.Redman…like Ridley the most but doesn’t help my above situation

WR: J.Nelson, V.Cruz, P.Garcon (dependent on yac)

Reply to  REM
10 years ago

Redman is the best this week as it looks like Mendenhall won’t go, Torain is the best short term (one month or so), while Ridley is the best long term. Three very different players there.

Nelson is probably the best of those three WRs at this point, though Cruz is intriguing if he keeps outplaying Manningham.

10 years ago

Have been offered the following trade Santonio Holmes and Roy Helu for Blount, I probably drop Meachem after the trade. Below is my rb and wr squad.
Blount has a bruising style that makes for a short career plus he can be a non factor if the bucs fall behind early. Your expert opinion on Holmes?and Helu would seem at some point will become relevant at some point and if excels might even become the bell cow for shanny.

Dez Bryant(Dal – WR)
Jordy Nelson(GB – WR)
Eric Decker(Den – WR)
Robert Meachem(NO – WR)
Greg Little(Cle – WR)
Randall Cobb(GB – WR)
Titus Young(Det – WR)
Ryan Mathews(SD – RB)
LeGarrette Blount(TB – RB)
James Starks(GB – RB)
Ben Tate(Hou – RB)
Cedric Benson(Cin – RB)
C.J. Spiller(Buf – RB)
Kendall Hunter(SF – RB)
Jamaal Charles(KC – RB)

Reply to  Ken
10 years ago

A couple of Q’s first. PPR or no? Dynasty or no?

I’d also caution ANYONE to use the word “bellcow” with Shanahan and his running backs. You can try to find lightning in a bottle, but it never lasts.

Reply to  DLF_KenK
10 years ago

NO PPR KEEPER LEAGUE we keep 12 but might be expanding it to 15.

Reply to  Ken
10 years ago

ugh standard scoring not a ppr.

10 years ago

Back in the preseason you guys mentioned Dorin Dickerson…is this his opportunity now that Johnson is out? Is he a sweeper waiver wire add? Or am I better off trading McCluster for Jones?

Reply to  John
10 years ago

Disregard, I see he is with Pitts practice squad

10 years ago

with baltimore d on a bye, i only have falcons d on the bench and they play the packers this week. on waivers there are the bengals, texans, titans, cards, bills. do you guys see any of these defenses being good long-term? And are the falcons safe to drop?

Reply to  Jay
10 years ago

I’ve always said D/ST’s are totally overrated because it’s a crapshoot every week. Honestly, I typically churn through defenses if I don’t have one of the top 2 or 3 and just play the matchup.

Right now, I’d like anyone playing the Seahawks, Jaguars, Chiefs or Colts offense.

Reply to  DLF_KenK
10 years ago

i forgot to add only get 5 moves and i have already used 2. should i stick with falcons and save one of my moves considering your logic?

Reply to  Jay
10 years ago

Unless your scoring system is very unconventional, I’d stick with what you have and save your moves. If you only get 5, I wouldn’t tinker much and waste them on defenses and/or kickers.

Killa Cam
10 years ago

I need to drop one:

Reggie Bush

Reply to  Killa Cam
10 years ago

Bush for sure at this point.

10 years ago

Here is my dynasty team…
QB- Rodgers, Roth, Kolb
RB- Peterson, Gerhart, C. Johnson, Ringer, Harper, Hightower, Torain
WR- V. Jackson, D. Jackson, Rice, M. Williams (TB), Decker, Nelson, E. Sanders, Benn, Little
TE- Hernandez, E. Moore

Looking at this roster…would you make the following trades…I have been offered the following:

1. Gresham for either S. Rice or M. Williams? Would u make that trade, if so, which wr do I give up?

2. Blount & E. Graham for Chris Johnson and Ringer.
Would u make this trade?

3. J. Freeman and S.Greene for Kolg and Williams.
Would u make this trade?

Reply to  Wisehawk
10 years ago

1.) You really don’t have a need for Gresham.

2.) No way I’d make the move to send TEN for TB RBs

3.) The last one is intriguing, but I wouldn’t do that because you really don’t need to stretch to get a backup QB who you’re never going to play above Rodgers and Greene is a major bust at the moment.

I think you need to make a play with one of your WRs (likely Rice) for a RB3.

Sofa King
10 years ago

These are my dynasty wides in a 12 man league. .5 per reception
Britt (IR)

These are my Rb
M Bush
I have been getting offers like crazy, but i’m not going to give in for a boarderline #2 rb. Am I dumb for keeping so many wides when I can only start three, and have a weeker Rb core. Or should I keep a strength.
It is a qb heavy league, and I have Rivers, so I am competing this year

Reply to  Sofa King
10 years ago

Don’t cave to the pressure of teams attempting to “help you out” of your situation with your WRs. Yes, you could use RB help, but you’re comepeting and that’s the key.

I wouldn’t move Nicks or Fitz for anything less than a younr RB1 and I wouldn’t move Maclin for anything less than a high end RB2.

Stay the course if you’re comepeting. You’re getting offers because you have commodoties that people want, even though they’re framing it as if you need them.

They need you…

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