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Week 3 Chat – Live on Sunday 9/25 at 8:00 AM PST

Hoping to see all of our NFL junkies, regular posters, forum members and lurkers in our chat room beginning at 8:00 AM PST this Sunday, September 25th.

You don’t need to have a question or fantasy need to join in.  Simply come on in to pass time while we wait for kick-off, there’s sure to be a lot of NFL talk, a little smack talk and breaking news as it crosses.  And what’s better than NFL Sunday than NFL Sunday with a lot of friends?

If you’re enjoying this week’s games from the comfort of your home this Sunday, there’s simply no excuse not to join us in the chat room.  Heck, even if you’re at your favorite establishment to enjoy this week’s games, take your iPad (or other tablet) or phone and jump into the fray.  We want a rockin’ room this week.

Hope to see you all there.

Jeff Haverlack
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11 years ago

Lots of injuries this year, and lots of potential for disappointing seasons from VERY talented players. My question is this, who should we be buying low right now? Obviously, Jamaal Charles is a candidate, as you can most likely get him relatively cheap at the moment. I was thinking more along the lines of guys who play on horrible offenses like Sidney Rice, Dwayne Bowe, Austin Collie or Knowshon Moreno. All of these teams are in the Andrew Luck/Matt Barkley sweepstakes, so these situations may be temporary. Dynasty football isnt checkers, after all. Thanks

Reply to  Sensai_John_Kreese
11 years ago

Howdy Sensai,

I love Rice, but his injury history is such that I don’t think he’s a buy low. Bowe most certainly is as long as his owner has other options. I’m not selling on Bowe becuase I believe his value is better than what most feel it is right now. If you can find a good trade for Bowe, pull it.

I wouldn’t touch Moreno either, I don’t think he’s tough enough for the NFL.

Charles could be a buy low but it depends on what his owner thinks. Mike Williams in TB is another good one. We’ll do an article on this

11 years ago

Cam V Jax or Wounded Vick vs Giants, which he had a hard time with last year

Reply to  Trash
11 years ago

Vick all day.

11 years ago

Need to start 2

Jacoby Jones
A. Roberts

11 years ago

Beanie Wells is questionable and a game time decision.I have 3 other options.Shonn Greene-Anquon Boldin-Denarius Moore,or if Beanie go’s should I roll with him?non ppr league.

11 years ago

Need a flex spot for td heavy league? Steve Smith CAR or Bradshaw?
Also what do you thing in standard league starks or Bradshaw?

11 years ago

Standard 1 PPR, 1pt/ 20 return yards… Need a flex: Dez, Beanie, decker, Felix?

Craig Southwick
11 years ago

Screwed at receiver this week, start Cruz, Danario, or Caldwell in PPR

Brandon Morris
11 years ago

Would you start Hardesty over Fred Davis in a ppr format?

11 years ago

Need three out of four in PPR: Jordy Nelson, Jerome Simpson, Willis McGahee, And Greg Little. Also, would you start Randy McMichael over Lance Kendrick. I’m a Gates owner. Thanks.

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