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Week Two Aftermath

Week two featured a wild game between the Bills and Raiders, another masterful performance by Tom Brady, a breakout performance from Denarius Moore and a reminder that Tony Gonzalez still has a pulse. Unfortunately, this week will be most remembered for a torn ACL suffered by Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs – an injury that could already extinguish the hopes of some dynasty teams.

Week Two Fantasy MVP

It seems this award may go to Tom Brady every week, but let’s give it to Miles Austin, who had nine catches for 143 yards and three touchdowns to lead Dallas to a big win at San Francisco. All wasn’t great for Austin, as he left the game late with a hamstring injury, but his performance was huge for the Cowboys.

Week Two Fantasy LVP

As always, there were a lot of candidates, but let’s focus on Mike Williams of the Tampa Bay Bucs. Williams has been known as one of the sure things at wide receiver over the past year, posting a touchdown in all but six of his seventeen career starts. Unfortunately, Williams was only able to post one catch for -4 yards on Sunday.

Lineup Fun

You probably won if your lineup looked like this…

QB  Tom Brady NE = 423 passing yards, three touchdown passes, 0 INTs
RB Adrian Peterson MIN = 120 rushing yards, 21 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Fred Jackson BUF  = 117 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, two touchdowns
RB Jahvid Best DET  = 57 rushing yards, 66 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Miles Austin DAL = 9 catches, 143 receiving yards, three touchdowns
WR Vincent Jackson SD = 10 catches, 172 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Denarius Moore OAK = 5 catches, 146 receiving yards, 25 rushing yards, one touchdown
TE Rob Gronkowski NE  = 4 catches, 86 receiving yards, two touchdowns

You probably lost if your lineup looked like this…

QB Matt Cassel KC = 133 passing yards, three INTs
RB Arian Foster HOU 
= 33 rushing yards, seven receiving yards
RB DeAngelo Williams CAR = 13 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards
RB Jamaal Charles KC = 27 rushing yards, torn left ACL
WR Mike Williams SEA = One catch, nine yards
WR Mike Williams TB = One catch, -4 yards
WR Plaxico Burress NYJ = No catches
TE Vernon Davis SF = Two catches, 18 yards

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own CJ Spiller in a dynasty league. The Bills can talk all they want to about wanting to get him involved, but it’s become apparent that Fred Jackson is simply a better player.

I’m relying on Chris Johnson to carry my team the first part of this season. While he’s most certainly just a little rusty, he’s been pretty ineffective the first two weeks.

I have Arian Foster as my bellcow. It’s becoming apparent that the Texans are going to need to shut him down for an extended period of time or risk him being in and out of the lineup all season.

I was hoping Reggie Bush would somehow become something he’s not. A week after being anointed as the featured back in Miami, Bush took a backseat to Daniel Thomas. It looks like the Dolphins have finally joined the rest of the world in realizing Bush is best utilized as a third down back.

I own any Jaguars player. Their offense looks one dimensional and is likely going to be given to rookie Blaine Gabbert here shortly. Every Jags player is going to have some growing pains, incuding Mike Thomas and Maurice Jones-Drew.

I’m holding out hope that David Garrard is going to re-emerge. Yes, Luke McCown is likely making the Jags re-think their decision, but nobody has pounced on Garrard as of yet. By now, it would take a long time for him to learn an offense and his creaky back is obviously a problem.

I own any Colts player other than Delone Carter. It’s getting worse, not better for everyone else.

I have Tim Hightower penciled in as my RB2.  Hightower had a fine game, but Roy Helu showed more explosion this week. We all know how patient Mike Shanahan is at that position and Helu is laying in the weeds.

I’m hoping for big things from Chad Ochocinco. It ain’t happening any time soon.

I have Ryan Grant in my dynasty league. He’s been officially passed by James Starks.

I own Matt Cassel in my dynasty league. We’ve long been critics of Cassel and he’s looked awful so far this season. The leash is starting to get very short for him and the Chiefs are suddenly looking like a candidate for Andrew Luck. We’re not going to say “I told you so” for a while, though.

We told you about Matt Cassel.

I have Jamaal Charles in my dynasty league. A torn ACL is never good for a running back, especially one who relies so much on his explosion. Let’s hope Charles has a nice recovery.

I’m relying on Peyton Hillis too much in my dynasty league. Hillis is the undisputed starter in Cleveland and they’re going to ride him until the wheels come off. The concern with Hillis is the fact he’s had 44 carries so far and posted only 151 rushing yards, good for a ypc of less than 3.5.

I want anything from Braylon Edwards this season. In two games, he has three catches for 48 yards.

I expect Felix Jones to stay healthy all season. He’s already dealing with a separated shoulder and has never been one to stay off the trainer’s table. Let’s hope he can play this week.

I expect any type of consistency from DeSean Jackson. He is what is. He’s going to have monster games (see week one) and some clunkers (see week two).

I own DeAngelo Williams. What are the Panthers doing? If they wanted to unleash Cam Newton this season and throw 90% of the time, why did they pay Williams so much money this offseason? For the second straight week, Williams took a back seat to Newton and played less than Jonathan Stewart.

I have Sidney Rice in my dynasty league. We thought he was dealing with a relatively minor shoulder injury, but now it looks like a torn labrum could be the issue? Rice was already looking risky playing with the hapless Seahawks, but he’s not doing much to shake the label of being injury prone.

I own Charlie Whitehurst in my dynasty league. Did he do something to Pete Carroll? What does Tarvaris Jackson have to do (or not do) to get replaced. The Seahawks look like the most likely team to be laying down in an effort to land Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley.

A Look Ahead to Hot Names on the Week Three Waiver Wire
Remember, we only post names on the wire of players most likely not owned in deep dynasty leagues and those we haven’t mentioned before. If you followed us, you would have Denarius Moore a month ago. Will one of these players blossom soon?

1. Jackie Battle, RB KC
You have to figure Thomas Jones is already rostered, but Battle has shown has some ability the past couple of years. With Charles out for the year, he could get in the mix with LeRon McClain and Jones.

2. Mike Kafka, QB PHI
Michael Vick is going to need to pass some tests to play next week and Kafka may just get the nod over Vince Young if Vick can’t go.

3. Jon Kitna, QB DAL
Well, here we go again with Tony Romo. Chances are Romo plays this week with his fractured ribs, but we’ll see.

4. Tyler Palko, QB KC
With Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles both out for the season, Palko may end up getting a look. After all, Matt Cassel is struggling and the Chiefs have virtually no chance to make any noise this season.

5. Dane Sanzenbacher, WR CHI
We can’t ignore the Ohio State product any longer with Roy Williams fading into obscurity.

Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

you listed Charles, Foster, Jones Drew and Johnson. So basically everyone is in the same boat since that is most of the first round. lol.

Anyway this Rams coach is an idiot and needs to be fired. Why in the world would he punt the ball when 2 kneel downs ends the game? Seriously? Go for it on 4th and 28 whats the worst that can happen? The Giants kneel down on their side of the ball? what a fool. Plus i needed 9 passing yards from sam bradford to win. I also have Greg Salas, who is going to get cut ASAP. And the idiot Ram offensive line that held on the 2nd to last play of the game can go suck it too.

11 years ago

20 team dynasty league with deep bench and major penalties for turnovers *luke mccown who was on my bench got -31.50*

Team was favorite to win it all preseason now is 0-2 without manning. Should I make a trade for one of these players? (colt mccoy, alex smith, rex grossman, chad henne, donovan mcnabb)

Should I hold onto kerry collins in hopes he stops getting negative points?

Or should I make a trade for jamaal charles that would hurt me this year but help me next year?

qb: kerry collins
wr: calvin johnson
wr: greg jennings
wr: reggie wayne
rb: maurice jones-drew
rb: beanie wells
flex: ryan grant
te: dallas clark

marshawn lynch, payton manning, terrell owens, tarvaris jackson, legedu naanee, terrelle pryer, tony moeaki, domenik hixon

Any ideas would be appreciated I am lost on what to do.

Reply to  rob
11 years ago

I like McCoy better than the others in a dynasty league, though Grossman may give you the best points in the short term. Your flex option of Grant isn’t looking great any longer as well. QB is absolutely your glaring need, though. I’d try to make a play for another.

If you can land Charles on the cheap, I’d go for it, but I’m betting this team is competitive in a 20 team league.

11 years ago

I drafted Thomas Jones then dropped him to make room on my bench, now with Charles out I’m hoping I can grab him off waivers

I’m going after Jordy Nelson with the intention of cutting Mike Thomas. Is it worth grabbing Jones as well even if just for trade leverage?

Here are the other “expendables” on my bench, in the order in which I would cut them

Cadillac Williams
Michael Crabtree
Ben Tate

Crabtree has obviously had a slow start b/c of his foot but do you think he comes back soon and produces at a high level?
I wasn’t impressed with what CWilliams did last night and with Jackson most likely making a return this week is it worth keeping him. I’d prefer to just have an extra bench spot but thats not in the cards. Thanks for the advice

Reply to  REM
11 years ago

I would cut Cadillac Williams for Nelson before I’d cut Mike Thomas – we’re only two weeks into this and Nelson would have had zero had he not caught that meaningless TD pass at the end of the game.

I also wouldn’t put Tate on your expendables list as all. He’s looking to be much more valuable than Foster and is a borderline RB1 at the moment.

11 years ago

Who would you rather own in a ppr dynasty – Louis Murphy or David Nelson? I’ve been holding on to Murphy as a hopeful 3rd year receiver, but Moore’s production (plus Nelson’s 10 catches) have me reconsidering.

Reply to  Neo
11 years ago

Nelson has physique, talent, and opportunity to only see more action in Buffalo’s seemingly high scoring offense. I go with him. Murphy has less upside, especially with all his competition.

11 years ago

How would you guys rank these players in terms of production (or potential production) for this season only:

Lance Moore
Jordy Nelson
Deion Branch
Denarius Moore
Roy Helu
Thomas Jones

Thanks for the input

11 years ago

So I grabbed Denarius Moore a couple weeks ago. Do you think he is worth a roster spot against NYJ? I am rebuilding so his competition right now is David Nelson (Buf), B Gibson (STL), Josh Morgan (SF), Redman (RB for PIT), Doucet (ARI), and Garcon (IND). Slim pickings I know. But that being said, what do you think?

Reply to  Dynastybuilder
11 years ago

I’d easily drop Morgan or Doucet for him.

11 years ago

Who do you think has more dynasty value for these Cowboy WR’s? J.Holley or D.Harris

11 years ago

I think my season may end up in flames. I’ve lost J. Charles, Colston and Jacoby Ford. But maybe I’m giving up too soon.

My Team in a 12 Team, 25 man roster Dynasty PPR League
QB M.Schaub, M. Ryan
RB C. Johnson, C. Charles,R. Mathews, S. Ridley, B. Scott, P. Thomas
WR A. Benn,M. Colston, J. Ford, J. Gafney, Jacoby Jones, James Jones, G. Little, A.Roberts, M. Thomas
TE J. Dreesen, J. Finely, D. Thomas
PK B. Cundiff, S. Janikowski
Def Bears, Falcons

I’m trying to determine what is the trade value of P. Thomas, B. Scott, James Jones and D. Thomas. Trying to clear roster space for wire picks but would like to get something for next year.
Any help would be appreciated. (Third year in a Dynasty League)

Reply to  Wojo
11 years ago

First of all, I would feel free to drop Dreesen and David Thomas for something off of the wire. Also one of your kickers and one of your defenses could go if you don’t have any minimum roster requirements or if it is a deep league and all Ks and Ds are taken. I’d hold onto P. Thomas, B. Scott and James Jones since they don’t have much trade value at this time but are still roster worthy. I guess some of it depends what FAs are available in your league.

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