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Regular Season – Week 2 Blog (Update: 9/17)

Each week of the regular season, on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll be posting a weekly blog that I’ll be using to keep you abreast of the news and notes that you need to be aware of for the upcoming slate of games.    The blog style makes for quick and easy edits which gets information into your hands much more quickly than I could otherwise.  Of course, we’ll still be writing our normal articles and highlight pieces for the events that require more focus or deeper analysis.

As part of these regular blogs, please feel free to shoot me questions, comments, lineup advice or anything else that is on your mind.   Let’s get started!

Sept. 17 11:30 AM

Sat. AM and a lot of things up in the air for week 2.

To kick things off, lets take a look at the top 10 targets in the receiving game after week 1:

1.  Antonio Gates – 13
2.  Brandon Marshall – 13
3.  Roddy White – 13
4.  DeSean Jackson – 12
5.  Wes Welker – 12
6.  Andre Johnson – 11
7.  Brandon Lloyd – 11
8.  Hakeem Nicks – 11
9.  Steve Smith – 11
10. Mike Thomas – 11

The usual suspects for the most part.  Mike Thomas at #10 is a surprise and it does go to show how they are treating him as the WR1 in their offense.   Only had 55 yards but the 8 receptions makes him great in PPR leagues.

Seems like a lot of the big stars are a bit dinged up this week with Megatron, Nicks, Bryant and Austin all gimpy and somewhat questionable.  At this time, I’m only really concerned about Bryant.  As he plays in the second set of games, ensure that you don’t handcuff yourself by not having anyone else to play if you decide to wait until just before kickoff to see if he’s starting.  As I write this, it appears that Nicks wasn’t doing much in practice today making him possibly a game day decision as well for his Monday night tilt vs. St. Louis.  Again, if you have a better option, you may want to take it or at least have another Monday night receiver that you can option to.

On the running back front, Steven Jackson appears to be out and Carnell Williams should get a lot of quality touches.  He’s also accomplished out of the backfield in the passing game which makes for a nice PPR alternative.  I’d start Williams without hesitation this week.  In our Expert’s league, we’re starting him with confidence.  Arian Foster looks to be a go for the afternoon game vs. Miami.  I’d play it safe myself and would likely use any other non-Houston back if I have the option to.  I don’t trust Kubiak or Foster’s hamstring at this point.  Tate will likely get at least 50% of the snaps, at least that is what my better logic tells me.  Moreno is likely out in Denver, that may be a blessing for you.

I’m sitting the Carolina backs this week.  Up against GB, this game could be over quickly and it’s possible that no Carolina back gets more than ten touches.  The only startable back is Williams and he could be good in PPR formats, but I’m electing to start Starks instead.

Talking about Starks, it would seem that his career has officially started.  Said to be better in blitz pick-up and QB protection schemes, Starks is going to get a lot of snaps this week.  Green Bay plays a lot of spread offense and Starks will be the benefactor.  He really looks young, fresh and runs a lot like Adrian Peterson.  His injury history still scares me, but the more healthy games he can string together, the more he can be counted on in fantasy.  I’d start him as a very solid RB2 this week with confidence.

It’s obvious that Lynch in Seattle is no longer starter capable.  Not because of talent but because of O-line play.  But speaking of his talent, it isn’t dynamic enough to overcome the blocking issues present.  I also continue to be critical of Spiller and Ryan Mathews is now enter that area of danger where he just may not pan out longer term.   That would be a real blow to many fantasy teams and another crimson letter on high profile rookies in the NFL draft.

Looking at a couple of match-ups:

The Raiders and the Bills has all the makings of some nice fantasy production.  DMc, Stevie Johnson and even Fred Jackson could all be in line for good days.  Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to be under-valued and is a sneaky good start on Sunday.

Dwayne Bowe had better click-in at Detroit.  The inconsistent Bowe should be getting his legs back by now and be productive on Sunday.  Looks for a big dose of Jamaal Charles from the Chiefs.  I think Charles will get 25 touches when it’s all over, mostly because the bloom is most certainly off of Matt Cassell.  To us, the bloom was never on.

The Ravens visit Tennessee making for a tough match-up for Chris Johnson to get his groove back on.  I don’t see 100 yards in his future but it only takes one touch to get most of that and anything is possible.  Kenny Britt should be targeted often and I think he’s a sneaky good play this weekend.  On the other side of the field, Flacco and Ray Rice should both have great days.  I’m starting Flacco over Ryan this week which could cause some lost sleep on Sunday night.

The Colts … host the Browns.  Ugh … the Colts.

What to do with LeGarrette Blount?  5 carries for 15 yards ain’ta gunna gettit dun, at least not for fantasy owners that had picked late in their fantasy drafts and ultimately ended up with Blount as their RB1.  It’s obvious that Blount is not yet fully trusted and needs help with his blocking.  For an offense that lacks explosiveness, Blount will not be a great option if the Bucs find themselves playing from behind.   Playing in Minnesota, could be another tough Sunday for Blount.  For the Vikings, you’ll be seeing a lot of Peterson and he’ll have his first big day of 2011.  Harvin is your only other offensive starter and he’s no better than a WR2.

I mentioned the Seahawks earlier, related to Marshawn Lynch.  They travel to Pittsburgh and will get their avian butts kicked.  Mendenhall will get a ton of carries when the game is well out of reach by half-time.  No one from the Hawks is startable this week … or any week for that matter.

Don’t look for another great game from Newton when he hosts the Packers.  While Newton was impressive in his first NFL game, a dose of reality is likely on tap.  I wonder if he’ll be as poised in the pocket by the second quarter.  I guarantee Clay Matthews can’t wait for this game.  Look for a lot of slant passes and quick outs early from Newton while the defensive schemes are analyzed.  For the Packers … start all of the big names.

Two games I’m really wanting to see this week are the Chargers vs. Patriots and Eagles vs. Atlanta.  I think the Patriots win big on Sunday and I’m curious how Brady follows up his incredible effort in week one.  As expected, Welker is going is going to well outplay his drafted position in nearly every draft.  DLF had this one called correctly.

Monday night’s tilt will be great, when Vick returns to Atlanta.  I think the welcome will be a warm one but I wouldn’t put money on it.  Either way, this is going to be a fun game to watch.  That Philly secondary could make the going tough on Ryan and Vick should find plenty of opportunities against the Falcon’s questionable defense.

Enjoy the games and I might have a late update tonight as more news emerges so stay tuned.

Sept. 14

Before I give a quick update, I wanted to touch on the “science” that is predicting who to play each Sunday, whether it be for my own team or as a suggestion for you here.  There really is very little science to picking your players.  You don’t bench your studs, you at least take a look at the defensive match-ups to gauge the strength of the opposing passing and rushing defenses and of course you have to manage injuries.  But perhaps most difficult is managing the decision in which multiple players are seemingly equally suited to production for the week.  In the end you will often see me write “trust your gut” or ask, “what does your gut tell you?”  The reason is simple.  In the end, you have to be able to sleep at night and feel good about your choices.  When it comes down to choices that give you a headache, I always recommend going with YOUR choice first.  That is not to say that you don’t get other opinions, but when the time comes, it must be your call.

Every year with these articles I get eventually get flamed for making a bad call and costing someone a game.  Truth be told, when I give advice, it is the same advice that I would use myself if it were my team.  I don’t give out any advice that I wouldn’t use myself in the same situation.  But even the most logical of player selections come game day can go very wrong.  I don’t take a lot of chances, play many hunches or get too cute with my selections.  In most cases, number of touches equates to a greater number of chances.  Defensive match-ups are very important as well, but I learned long ago that you never bench your studs.

So, make sure before asking anyone else who you should start or sit that you at least first have an idea of who YOU would choose prior to hitting the forum or this blog.   The tie always goes to your gut, everyone sleeps better that way.

Onto just a very quick update ….

Already time is flying as we close in on week two.  Hopefully you have your waiver wire strategy set for the week or have already made your claims.  In any event, there’s not much news floating out there as of yet.

Arian Foster appears to be a go in Houston and you’ll see a lot more Jacoby Jones with Kevin Walter sitting out the next week or two. Relating to Foster, he’s a dangerous start this week but a tough sit if he goes.  I believe the Texans should hold him out at least one more week, or at least until half time of this upcoming game while they determine if they even need to rush him back.

Jerry Jones is applauding Romo?  The dreaded words of support.  In my mind, it’s official … Romo doesn’t have what it takes.

I expect Danny Amendola will miss 2-3 weeks with his elbow injury but he’s lobbying to play this week.  Greg Salas will take over the slot role until Amendola is back.

Andy Dalton actually impressed me on Sunday.  He looked relatively poised and displayed a nice zip on the ball.  He likely won’t play this week, but should return in week 3.

Fred Davis is on the rise.  If you are needy at TE, take a look to make sure he’s not available on the wire.

Knowshon Moreno was held out of practice with a nagging hamstring injury, yet again.  It’s really becoming apparent that Moreno just won’t be a startable fantasy running back.  Hope I’m wrong, but the stars just aren’t aligning.

Sidney Rice has been seen in Seattle and actually on the practice field.  Could it actually help the Hawks?  Not unless there’s 3 more just like him in that offense.

False alarm it appears for Nicks.  That collective sigh you’re hearing was from one coach in every fantasy league worldwide.

Donald Brown is likely to just fade away.  He actually has fallen to third on the depth chart and will likely be with a new team next year.  He’ll get one more chance and his only chance is if it comes with a team that has a noteworthy run game.  Problem is, he just hasn’t proven that he’s noteworthy himself.

Here’s a sneaky defensive players for you that many are missing:  Thomas Davis, LB CAR.  He’s back and is looking good.  With Beason out and Connor taking over the MLB spot, Davis’ value actually goes up.

Will update more soon.

Sept. 13

Firstly, if you haven’t read Ken Kelly’s Week 1 Aftermath, you need to do that before reading any further.

This was the most interesting first week of a regular NFL season in recent memory.  In past years, largely, the first couple of weeks usually find offenses around the league out of synch and struggling to find consistency when compared to opposing defenses.  In 2011, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  I don’t honestly understand how that can be possible other than to propose that the decreased off-season workload and camp work has led to fresher legs, livelier arms and generally more energetic game play overall.  Whatever mysterious forces are at work, I think teams need to take a step back and perhaps reassess what is most important in the off-season in the way of regular season preparation.  2011 has provided an exercise and insight that was far from normal and it’s safe to say that far from normal results were seen, almost league wide.  It bears further consideration.

Week one was chock full of moments of magic and moments of misery.  In nearly every game, playmakers were to be found while many established veterans took a back seat.  Depending on the stratification of your team(s), you were likely either giddy or frustrated as Monday night wound down.

First and foremost in response to your week 1 result, do not overreact in any way.  Always be mindful that this is only the first week and nothing seen guarantees a similar performance in week 2.  Take a deep breath and allow a pattern to form before making moves.  The only real exceptions to this are if you were bitten by the injury bug in a way that does not allow for easy recovery, or because you are extremely deep in a position and a breakout performance (Randall Cobb, Scott Chandler, Cam Newton, etc.) gives you the opportunity to sell high.  You be the judge as to whether or not you can capitalize in either case.

Just a few notes from this past weekend…

Brady and Newton absolutely blew up in week one.  Not completely unexpected for Brady, but Newton!?!?!?  Probably a sell high if you’re deep in the position as he’ll probably not do that again for many years … but you never know.  I was absolutely stunned by his poise and his command of the pocket.

Dwayne Bowe is up to his inconsistent ways, I got bit as well with this as I chose Bowe over Britt this week.  Not pleased.

C.J. Spiller got a TD but that shouldn’t excite you, Johnny White received more carries and don’t think that isn’t an indication of how Spiller is viewed.

Tony Romo may be a decent fantasy QB but you may recall that at the beginning of last year I had the audacity to say that I thought he may be on a two year leash.  This will be the second year of that statement and it’s looking pretty obvious to all concerned that Romo won’t lead a team to the big show.  It’s too bad too because he’s  a great kid, humble and not without talent.  Just doesn’t have that ‘fire’.

Just a couple of IDP names to consider for this next week.  Dan Connor will be taking over at MLB for Carolina who lost Beason to a ruptured Achilles’ tendon.  Terrell Suggs may still be available as well and while he is streaky, he can blow up in any game a put up a great score.  Sean Lee in Dallas will be a hot pick up for week 2 but the Dallas 3-4 is not ideal for being an every week producer.  He could easily put up 5 points next week.  If you play in a S/CB IDP league, Chief’s safety Eric Berry has been lost for the year.

Darren McFadden is blowing up and if he can stay healthy, he could very well be a top five back next year.

We mentioned multiple times that veteran receiver Wes Welker was much too low in ADP.

Have any two RBs in the same system had more of a rise and a fall in a few months as have DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart?  Pathetic and I don’t know that it’s really going to get much better.  Now that Newton has displayed that he can throw the ball, opposing defenses will now need to respect that.  Color me skeptical until I see it.

Reggie Bush is following our recipe to the ingredient – We said he’d look great through the first four weeks.  But he’s still Reggie Bush.  There may be no more difficult decision than to sell high on Bush after week four if he is still producing.  All past events scream to do just that.

Some intriguing receivers that I’m following and expecting good things from going forward:  Early Doucet, Mohamed Massaquoi,  Randall Cobb and Eric Decker.  All had some level of production and a couple of these names could be available on your wire.

I made a bold statement before the season that WR Mike Wallace will finish outside the top 12 in receivers.  Many will feel that is not that bold of a statement, but based on how he was being drafted, I believe it most certainly is.  I’m sticking by it!

At running back, I believe James Starks is going to be a starter this week.  I’ll put my money where my mouth is on my own team when I start him over DeAngelo Williams.  I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to do so.

Geez, the Seahawks are going to be bad.  Their offensive line is as horrific as I’ve seen.  They remind me a bit of the early-years Texans.  Sorry Marshawn Lynch owners.  Many are off the Lynch bandwagon saying he can’t run.  I believe that is not correct at all, he just can’t do it on his own.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.

Deji Karim makes for a sneaky addition just in case.  Even if that case doesn’t pan out, he’s still going to get touches.

Don’t pull ligament in your mouse hand racing to pick up the following few players:  Scott Chandler (TE),  Jeff King (TE), Doug Baldwin (WR), Brian Hartline (WR) or Marcell Reese (RB).  That’s not to say they don’t have value, especially if you have a huge hole at TE, but don’t go overboard.

More to come as news breaks….




Jeff Haverlack
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11 years ago

Well said, Jeff. Thanks to everyone on the DLF team for everything you do; the offseason work, the countless hours of lineup advice, insightful articles (from some of the greatest fantasy football minds), and solid dynasty and now weekly rankings. Incredible dynasty site.

Here are my tough decisions for this week – 1/2 PPR, three separate leagues.

1. Pick one – Eli, Cam Newton or Rex Grossman? (I lost Peyton)
2. Pick one – Dez, Britt, or Steve Smith (Car)?
3. Pick one – Beanie, Starks, Bowe or Jimmy Graham?
4. Pick one – Bradford if he goes or Flacco?
5. Pick one – Starks or Reggie Bush?

Reply to  Mac
11 years ago

Thanks for the comments Mac … it’s a labor of love for us and we want to be the best.

1. Manning (unfortunately)
2. Dez (Make sure he’s healthy first). Britt 2nd
3. Beanie.
4. Flacco
5. Go with Bush while he’s still healthy. Guaranteed touches.

Don’t be afraid to go with your gut on any of these.

11 years ago

“Mike Wallace will finish outside the top 12”
Week 1:
11 targets
8 catches
107 yards <only 5 had more>

last two years 100 & 72 targets “top 5” production

Reply to  PD
11 years ago

Fully aware of all that. I don’t care about targets or even receptions directly, I care about fantasy production and I’ll stand by my prediction. It’s bold for sure and I’m in the minority … that I realize.

Reply to  DLF_Jeff
11 years ago

But do you have any reason for this bold prediction? Or you just have a “gut feeling”?

11 years ago

i need two. non ppr

I have MJD inserted already.

Tim Hightower vs. Arizona , James Starks vs. Carolina , Arian Foster vs. Miami, Benjarvus Green-Ellis vs. San Diego.

Reply to  Coach
11 years ago

Have to start Foster if he starts … tough to do but you can’t not start him if he’s in there. OTher than that, I’d go with Hightower and Starks. If Foster does play, I’d lean towards Hightower.

11 years ago

what the hell is going on with Moreno?? I haven’t seen any updates on his health

Reply to  Desmond
11 years ago

Last I heard he was day to day. I don’t think you play him this week … I’m not. His entire career is “day to day”

11 years ago

I only have 5 waiver pick up for the season and i already used one on kendall hunter. with nicks and lloyd both questionable, no trust in lance moore or collie yet. should i use a move on getting henderson, doucet, gibson, burleson, jacoby jones, hartline, or lafell? Do you think any of them will be good long-term?

Reply to  Jay
11 years ago

Nice pick up with Hunter. I’d definitely pick up Doucet. I think Jacoby Jones has a chance as well but that has been said for years now. It really looks like Doucet could emerge.

11 years ago

Need Flex opinion….starting R White, L Fitzgerald, R Wayne…what is the best option between N Burleson, D Henderson or J Finley given matchups, etc…..thx

Reply to  Eric
11 years ago

If it’s a PPR league, I like the Finley play this week as long as Finley isn’t banged up. If he’s starting, I think he’ll make for a good play.

11 years ago

I can’t believe that anybody rags on you guys for making “poor” choices. They’re displacing their hate because they can’t make decisions on their own. Nobody’s perfect and the amount of time and effort you guys put into this site is unbelievable. I know I would be a far worse dynasty player had I not discovered this website. Thank you for all your opinions and insight it is greatly appreciated.

Reply to  Casey
11 years ago

Thanks for the note Casey. Luckily, it only happens a couple of times a year and hasn’t happened yet … but it’s only week one. We do take our advice seriously and HATE making calls that don’t pan out. But we usually can back our advice with some sort of logic for why we are choosing the way we have. Of course, it doesn’t always work out.

The DLF community has been great though.

11 years ago

I have some tough decisions this week due to injuries.

I am in a PPR 2-keeper redraft league.

I need at start 3 of the following players, but at least 1 RB and 1 WR:
Blount, Ryan Matthews, Ben Tate, Steve Smith, Santana Moss, Mike Thomas.

I also need to drop one of Steve Smith, Santana Moss, or Mike Thomas to make room on my roster to fill another hole. I’m leaning towards Mike Thomas at this point.

I have also been proposed a trade. The trade offer is Cadillac Williams for my Ryan Fitzpatrick. I have Vick as my starting QB and Steven Jackson injured.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Reply to  mikegp
11 years ago

I would strongly consider starting Santana Moss (or anyone else) against that horrendous Arizona pass defense

I, personally would also start Ryan Mathews because at least you know he will get some touches.

There is no science to this, I started Shaub over Flacco last week, and i lost because of it. Make your own decisions and live with them, or live to regret them 🙂

Reply to  mikegp
11 years ago

I think it is safe to start both Steve Smith and Moss, especially in a PPR league. I’d also go with Mathews this week over Blount, but it’s very close.

Thomas is the odd player out.

I don’t know that I’d be trading my QB2 for Cadi, but if you have a decent QB3, you are okay in making the trade. Fitzpatrick is one of those QBs that has really never gotten the respect he deserves but it’s coming. And it’s always hard to trade a QB2 for a back that is now going to be a starter for a game or two.

11 years ago

I appreciate all the advice and help you give. Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don’t depending on my GUT. If I really don’t know who to choose and you have a gut feeling yourself I usually go with it but I would never throw it in your face b/c I’m the manager, not you. If people don’t want to know the answer they shouldn’t ask the question.

Thanks again for all your wisdom and keep up the great work. Love the site

Reply to  DrR
11 years ago

Thanks Dr, very well said. Who hasn’t been burned by taking another’s start/sit advice. I know even I have when I went away from my gut and it happens to all of us.

11 years ago

what would you do?standard league.

WR pick 3
Mike Williams(TB – WR)
Mike Wallace(Pit – WR)
Dez Bryant(Dal – WR)
Jordy Nelson(GB – WR)
Greg Little(Cle – WR)
Jacoby Jones(Hou – WR)
Eric Decker(Den – WR)

RB pick 2
Jamaal Charles(KC – RB)
LeGarrette Blount(TB – RB)
C.J. Spiller(Buf – RB)
James Starks(GB – RB)
Kendall Hunter(SF – RB)
Ben Tate(Hou – RB)

TE pick 1
Jermichael Finley(GB – TE)
Jimmy Graham(NO – TE)
Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE)
Lance Kendricks(StL – TE)

and for the the flex, any wr/rb/te not selected as a starter.

Reply to  Ken
11 years ago

The two MWs are locks and as long as Bryant plays, which he should, I’d start him as well. I have a hunch that Jacoby is going to have a nice week but you can’t start him with those other WRs. If Bryant doesnt play, go with Nelson.

I’d play Charles and Starks this week. Blount should bounce back but there is some growing discontentment there in TB it seems.

Nice TEs … you should look at trading one of them. Finley is a bit banged up so watch the reports. I’d still start Finley but Graham looks great this week too.

Reply to  DLF_Jeff
11 years ago

thanks! so Graham at the flex.But if Foster is ruled out then my gut is screaming at me to start Tate lol.

11 years ago

Marshawn Lynch isn’t 4th rb and bye week replacement. I’m thinking about trading him for Delone Carter. I alredy have Donald Brown but don’t know how much longer I can wait on him. Is this a good trade?

Reply to  Dave
11 years ago

Lynch, who was one of my favorite players, is running behind a horrible OL. I’m not on the Carter train myself but many would make that trade in a heart beat and I wouldn’t be against it because you have Brown too. Carter may get his chance to start next year … I just don’t think he’s dynamic enough to be anything more than a specialist.

As for Brown, he’s poison on your bench because you can’t really drop him yet and he’s a long way off from starting it would seem. Just a bad situation and I was very wrong about his abilities. I’m shocked at his lack of production.

11 years ago

1. Pick two: Ryan vs PHI, Schaub @ MIA, Stafford vs KCC
2. Pick two: Bowe @ DET, Dez @ SFO, Stevie vs OAK, Nicks vs STL, TBMW @ MIN
3. Pick one: Finley @ CAR, Graham vs CHI

Leaning towards Schaub, Stafford, Nicks, TMBW, and Finley at the moment, thanks again for the help guys!

Reply to  bdynomite
11 years ago

1. Tough call. I lean toward Schaub and Stafford. That PHI pass D is tough
2. Nice WRs. If Nicks plays have to go with Stevie and Nicks IMO. If you want to play TBMW over Stevie, you can … it’s VERY close. Assuming Dez is out or you won’t know in time.
3. I’ll take Finley

11 years ago

1. Freeman or Fitzpatrick
2. BGE or C. Williams

I feel pretty even on QB, both are talented and can get it done, unsure about Freeman at Min but not enough to sway me from him

BGE gets goal line touches and quick pts that way but there are so many weapons on that team that if he doesn’t put it in the endzone he’ll be a dud at flex. Caddy has the Mon game but he should be the workhorse this week and Giants D is good but missing some key guys

I think I know what you’ll say based on your weekly rankings but want to know your thoughts about it all

Thanks guys

Reply to  REM
11 years ago

1. Freeman. CLose call but I like the rushing possibilities.
2. Carnell Williams should get a lot of touches. Play him.

You’re thinking like I am. I like it!

scuba steve
11 years ago

are the rankings not going to be updated during the season?

Reply to  scuba steve
11 years ago

Weekly rankings or Dynasty overall? Yes, we’ll be updating them. Just taking a little break after the season has started. It’s been a really busy off-season and we’re feeling it. 🙂

11 years ago

Non PPR, no return points

Steve Smith South

After last year I never thought I would have to ask again. My gut is telling me ride the hot hand until Harvin and McNabb show something together. I could start Ben Tate or Jonathan Stewart in place of either of them, but I don’t feel great about either. I also used a late round pick to grab Plaxico so he is an option, but I’m not sold he is back yet.

11 years ago

standard, no ppr

pick 2

Addai vs Cle
DeAngelo vs GB
Stewart Vs GB
Harvin Vs TB
ben tate @ miami

Reply to  Robertbobson
11 years ago

Addai and Harvin. Would like to include Tate but just too much of a mystery. That GB defense should shut down the run and CAR will be passing a lot. No PPR or return really hurts Harvin.

Marcus M.
11 years ago

I picked up Randy Moss when rumors circulated of him joining the Saints although they were quickly denied.. my thought was where there’s smoke there’s fire and I have Drew Brees as my qb so wanted to make sure if Moss was a Saint I had him… is it time to cut bait? Surely if they were to sign him they’d want to get him in as soon as possible to get him ready game for action… He’s most likely done at this point right? Unless another team has a catastrophic injury correct? Thanks again for this awesome site.

Reply to  Marcus M.
11 years ago

Most likely done, I’d say. BUT … if you have a roster spot to give and feel like you’ll be in the race as the season comes to a close, not a bad receiver to have stashed just in case. But as soon as someone is more intriguing on your waiver wire, I wouldn’t hold off because of Moss.

Glad you like the site. Make sure you sign up on the forum and contribute.

Reply to  DLF_Jeff
11 years ago

u could grab jerry rice too just in case…

Marcus M.
Reply to  PD
11 years ago

Jerry’s poster hangs on my wall.. I wish he was a viable option (your comment made me smile)

11 years ago

So for week 2 flex spot, Ryan Mathews or MWTB? The upside tells me mathews but the consistency tells me Mike Williams.

Reply to  Rugby1717
11 years ago

I have both myself and would go with TBMW. The upside is nice but I like the consistency and MW being a focal point of the offense.

11 years ago

All of my main WR are banged up, Megatron, Nicks, and Dez. I can start all three or I can Flex a RB in Cadillac Williams, Willis McGahee (Moreno out), or Ingram. What do you think I should do? Also out of the 3 RB’s what 2 do you think would be best?

Reply to  Justin
11 years ago

I think Megatron and Nicks will go but Dez has some work to do. Still, Dez doesn’t play until the afternoon so make sure you don’t hurt yourself waiting. Either way, I think Cadi is going to get a nice workload this week. I’d play him over Dez … or if one of the three is definitely out.

I also really like McGahee this week and Ken Kelly and I were just chatting about that. I like McGahee, Williams and Ingram in that order.

11 years ago

0.5 ppr, Lynch or Spiller

Reply to  Duane
11 years ago

Ugh. Spiller. You now have me on record picking Spiller (my thoughts on him are widely known). 🙂

11 years ago

2 extra points when total Passing Completions is greater than or equal to 25
1 point for every 20 Passing Yards (0.05 per)
3 extra points when total Passing Yards is greater than or equal to 300
1 point for every 2 Yards Per Attempt (0.5 per)
2 points for every 2 Pt Conversion Passing
6 points for every Passing TD
4 extra points for every Passing TD of 80 or more yards
2 extra points for every Passing TD between 40 and 79 yards (inclusive)
-2 points for every Interception
-6 points for every Interception For TD
-2 points for every Time Sacked
5 extra points when total QB Rating Points is greater than or equal to 125
5 extra points when total Completion Percentage Points is between 65 and 75 (inclusive)

With this scoring system who would you start for week 2 Mark Sanchez or Cam Newton?

Killa Cam
11 years ago

Over the course of the season (0.5 ppr)

Mike Wallace or Brandon Marshall?

Reply to  Killa Cam
11 years ago

Close one but I’d take Marshall.

11 years ago

would anyone sit Foster and Tate this week?

then start this rb combo:

Cadillac/Sjax and Starks

better pick up for amendola WR3 spot replacement:

Decker, Jones(Hou) or Moore(NO)

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