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Peyton’s Displaced


Editor’s Note:  This analysis is the first contribution by Member Corner Author, Scott Daniel.


It sounds bad folks. We won’t know exactly how bad for a few more weeks, but I’m guessing a mid-season return would be very optimistic. Given that, what is the value of the rest of the Colts starters?  I’m sure the immediate reaction is to write them all off, but they’ve still got to play games and there is some talent remaining on the rosters.

Joseph Addai – Short-term, I’m sure the Colts will run a little more frequently than they have in the past few seasons.  So as long as Addai can hold up, I’d pencil him in for low RB2 type numbers. I don’t think he’ll have very many TDs, but I think the yardage will be there and he’ll catch some passes.  Collins doesn’t have Manning’s pocket presence, so I’d expect a few more check-downs. If the season goes south in a hurry, we could see an extended audition for Delone Carter.

Reggie Wayne – Wayne’s value takes a small hit as the Colts won’t score as many TDs, but I still think he’s too talented not to be an every week starter in a 2 WR league. I’m thinking 80-90 catches for 1,000 yards and 7 or 8 TDs sounds about right.

Dallas Clark – Another guy who should be fine. He won’t catch 100 passes, but Collins has used his TEs effectively in the past. I doubt he performs at 2009 levels, but I’d expect 60-80 catches to 10-11/ypr with 5-8 TDs.

Pierre Garcon & Austin Collie – Here’s where I see the damage. These guys were options due to Manning’s terrific ability.  Without him, they are bye week fill-ins at best.

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11 years ago

What do you think this does for D.Carter’s short-term/long-term value?

Reply to  northparksasquatch
11 years ago

i think it increases a lot, everone knows addia will be injured by week 3, carter i made to be that big back that can take the punishment, my only concern is the colts oline

Reply to  ??droppedballs??
11 years ago

Short-term, slightly better, long term no change.

11 years ago

I’m curious to hear your guys thoughts on Collins. Will he be able to step it up or is he going to be Curtis Painter?

Reply to  Casey
11 years ago

He’ll be better than Painter, but I don’t think he sees the field on any competitive dynasty team.

11 years ago

I have Peyton in my dynasty league but I’m really not interested in picking up Collins nor am I interested in guys like Wayne or Clark.

In his long career Collins has never had more than 22 TDs. That’s pretty sad… Now people will say “but the Colts have so many weapons!”. Well guess what, Peyton *made* those weapons what they are. For example Dallas Clark is good but put him on another team and he wouldn’t have nearly the same numbers that he would with Peyton.

Here’s what’s gonna happen: The Colts will be bad if not terrible without Peyton. Collins will be horribly inconsistent. By the time Peyton has any shot of returning the Colts will be out of contention and they will just decide to sit Peyton for the rest of the year like what happened with Romo last year.

If you can avoid any Colts this year…

11 years ago

I took Austin Collie as my WR3 behind Larry Fitzgerald and AJ Green (startup dynasty). I also have Mike Thomas, Greg Little, and Steve Smith (PHI). We play 3 WR and have a WR/TE flex, so essentially we have 4 WR spots. There are some good young players on the waiver wire like Jonathan Baldwin, Leonard Hankerson, Jordan Shipley, and Louis Murphy. Is it time to cut bait on Collie and pick up one of these guys now on the cheap before they have a big week and get expensive?

Reply to  Geoff
11 years ago


In a word, NO. After this season, even if Peyton doesnt play at all, Collie is still going to be the starting slot reciever in the best offense in football. His value has never been lower, do not trade him and definitely do not cut him

I might pick up Greg Little if i were you though, but dont drop Collie

Reply to  sensai_john_kreese
11 years ago

sorry, disregard the last sentence, i never learned to read lol

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