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With preseason football and training camps well under way, there have been many players moving up and down the priority list in dynasty leagues. We take a look at forty players who seem to be on the move.

The Risers

Harry Douglas, WR ATL
We at DLF have had an affinity for Douglas ever since he entered the league out of Louisville. In fact, we’ve had him listed as a sleeper in the Dynasty Essentials Guide since April. Injuries have derailed his career thus far, but he looks healthy and primed for a nice season in Atlanta.

Colt McCoy, QB CLE
He’s simply looked like a completely different quarterback so far this preseason.  It seems as though he’s adapted quickly to the West Coast offense – one that should suit his skill set perfectly.

Ben Tate, RB HOU
We finally saw a healthy Tate in action this week. While he still needs to get in to game shape, it was obvious what the Texans saw in him last season when you watched the game footage. He looks like a viable handcuff to Foster owners and could become more in the future.

Chris Wells, RB ARI
Has anyone had an ADP rise more than Wells this offseason? His value was in the tank after the NFL Draft, but the Ryan Williams injury and his surprising camp performance have him primed for one more chance at a big season.

Reggie Bush, RB MIA
It seems the Dolphins are serious about using Bush as their primary runner. He looked the part this week as he tallied 81 yards on just ten touches. If I own him in a dynasty league, I seriously consider selling him because his perceived value hasn’t been this high in years.

John Beck, QB WAS
He looked surprisingly effective in his first action this preseason – just don’t expect it to last long.

Stevan Ridley, RB NE
The talented Mr. Ridley is going to make it very tough for the Patriots to leave him on the bench so far.

Tim Hightower, RB WAS
Hightower is looking like the clear cut starter for Washington this season. If we know Shanahan, it’s time to sell as fast as possible before he’s replaced.

Lee Evans, WR BAL
His value was in the tank after some long years in Buffalo, but he has new life with the Ravens.

Matt Stafford, QB DET
If he can stay upright, he has the players around him to have a monster season. He’s looked sharp thus far.

Andre Roberts, WR ARI
It looks like he’s close to sewing up the important #2 WR spot in Arizona.

Mario Manningham, WR NYG
…and he’s being undervalued in just about our draft out there.

Isaac Redman, RB PIT
We’ve long said Redman is the best backup you’ve never heard of. How long can we say that?

Matt Leinart, QB HOU
Let’s not go crazy here, but he’s at least on the radar again.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR OAK
We don’t expect much from him, but we expected nothing a month ago.

Matt Flynn, QB GB
It’s pretty obvious he’s going to get a starting job at some point.

Calvin Johnson, WR DET
If Stafford stays healthy, he’s the number one receiver in both the short and long term.

Plaxico Burress, WR NYJ
He didn’t look too rusty this week.

Johnny Knox, WR CHI
His value is all over the board right now, but it’s going to be tough for Chicago to keep him off the field if he keeps making plays this offseason.

CJ Spiller, RB BUF
Looks like he’s going to get his chance at the starting gig. Can he take advantage?

Kyle Orton, QB DEN
It’s about time someone realized he was a good quarterback.

The Fallers

Daniel Thomas, RB MIA
His long term value remains intact, but he’s not going to get a chance to be a workhorse early this season after an underwhelming camp and the re-emergence of Reggie Bush.

Chris Johnson, RB TEN
Let’s not get out of control here, but it’s not looking like he’s going to help any teams during week one. His long term value remains intact.

Tim Tebow, QB DEN
The quarterback battle is on in Denver between Tim Tebow and….Brady Quinn?  Things have gone from bad to worse for Timmy.

Shane Vereen, RB NE
As we mentioned in our rookie risers and fallers article this week, Vereen is squarely on the roster bubble. This is just the latest reason not to overvalue those rookie picks.

Sidney Rice, WR SEA
After watching the first two games of the Seahawks, it’s hard to have much confidence in Rice having a big season with that quarterback situation.

Jalen Parmele, RB BAL
He’s been barely visible in Ravens camp and is said to be on the roster bubble.

Ryan Torain, RB WAS
If he’s attempting to prove to everyone that he can stay healthy, it’s an epic failure.

Roy Williams, WR CHI
How can you show up to camp out of shape with the history you have?

Alex Smith, QB SF
It’s looking a lot like another missed opportunity for Smith.

Tiki Barber, RB FA
Seems like he’d at least get a sniff somewhere, doesn’t it?

Michael Crabtree, WR SF
This is getting very troublesome.

Ryan Williams, RB ARI
His injury is no laughing matter. Cadillac Williams was never the same after facing the same obstacle. While Williams is very young, he’s now very injury prone.

Mikel Leshoure, RB DET
He’s in a similar boat with Ryan Williams. It’s really unfortunate for those two because they had everything going for them.

Ryan Mathews, RB SD
He’s starting to come around, but is it too late to be the 1A with Mike Tolbert?

Golden Tate, WR SEA
He was a borderline first rounder in a lot of rookie drafts last season, but he’s done nothing to merit that selection since landing in Seattle.

Fred Jackson, RB BUF
It looks like CJ Spiller is in line to be the starter this season – that would tank Jackson’s value significantly given his age.

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB NYJ
He’s barely even a handcuff to Greene at this point.

Danario Alexander, WR STL
He was supposed to contend for a starting job this Summer, but seems to be on the roster bubble with his troublesome knees acting up.

Jahvid Best, RB DET
His value isn’t declining too much, but the injuries are starting to be a major concern.

Those are just forty players whose values seem to be moving. Who are you excited or concerned about?

Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

Opinions on Kendall Hunter???

Reply to  Brian
11 years ago

I think Hunter’s value is pretty stable at the moment. He was having a pretty underwhelming camp through last week, but had a nice game this weekend. He remains in the mix with Anthony Dixon for the backup job to Gore.

He was a late first round pick in our latest rookie mock and would likely move up a peg or two with the Williams injury.

We had moved him down a ways in the latest DEG because his performance in camp was getting concerning, but he’s rallied nicely and his value should be back where it was after the NFL Draft.

We see him as a nice prospect in what is quickly becoming one of the worst rookie drafts in recent memory. We’ve been on record from the start saying this group was extremely underwhelming, but the losses of Leshoure and Williams give it the chance of being one of the worst in the last decade.

11 years ago

in keeper league and wanting to take Ingram and Thomas 1st and 2nd overall, but worried now about Thomas value going forward. A lot of back are unavailable, but wondering if there is more value at WR and i need a QB (currently schaub, Ryan, Freeman, E.Manning and Stafford are available)

Reply to  Johnson
11 years ago

Why would you pick Thomas for any reason over Jones & Green???

Reply to  Johnson
11 years ago

I suppose if you’re REALLY desperate for RB help, that would be an OK strategy. But Thomas is just not good enough to take that high otherwise. Unless you’re absolutely super-stacked at WR, take Jones or Green at 1.2. Talents like Thomas are available every year, but Green and Jones are going to be something else barring injury.

11 years ago

Good list….

Surprised Felix isn’t on the “Risers” list considering he’s looked really quick/sharp/focused in the 1st two preseason games.

Reply to  FFHoudini
11 years ago

Yes, Felix has looked very good thus far. I still have my own concerns about his ability to hold up for an entire season and we also need to see what Murray and Choice can provide.

That being said, he does seem to be rising as well. He’s looking like a nice value pick at the moment.

11 years ago

DLF_KenK, do you think D.Thomas (MIA RB) will have any starter value mid to late season? Does he get better or does his preseason performance carry over into regular season along with his roster spot on the depth chart?

Reply to  Bush
11 years ago

Yes, I do think he will have starter value later this year. While I do think his preseason has shown us little to believe he’s incredibly dynamic, I also don’t believe Reggie Bush can sustain this momentum.

If history is any indicator, Bush is either going to underwhelm or get injured. I hate to curse someone like that, but it’s happened all too often with him.

That would most certainly give Thomas the extended look we all want to see.

11 years ago

Is it true that we shouldn’t look too much into preseason? Last year preseason darling (Victor Cruz) was a dud and I am not sure about Harry Douglas. He had last year to prove himself but Jenkins retained WR2 opposite of R. White. Thoughts?

Reply to  Tony
11 years ago

Cruz was injured last preseason and never had a chance to show what he could do in the regular season. And Douglas was coming off of an injury and is (supposedly) only now fully healed.

If you judge solely by the statistics, then, yeah, preseason darlings are going to disappoint you come regular season. But if you actually watch what the players can and can’t do against lesser competition, then you can get a great idea of what they might do if they get the chance.

11 years ago

I think you’re a little too quick to tank F.Jax’s value. To me it’s the same as it was. He’s a decent one year rental as a RB3/flex guy. Spiller is going to need to show more than he has before I’m convinced F.Jax is the RB2 in BUF. Coaches say a lot of stuff at this time of year that fantasy owners best ignore.

Reply to  tstafford
11 years ago

Agreed… Spiller has so far shown zero ability to run between the tackles, and has far too many carries for negative yards. IMO, FJax is perennially the most unappreciated RB in the NFL.

Reply to  Jim
11 years ago

Well, let’s clarify. Spiller earning and keeping the starting job WOULD tank his value, it hasn’t happened quite yet. He’s been given the chance, though.

In dynasty terms, Jackson just doesn’t have a ton of years left to go and can’t afford to be on the sidelines.

I agree that Spiller has shown little thus far, but the Bills giving him the chance to nail down the starting job is a major red flag for Jackson.

I wouldn’t be quick to sell on Jackson because of the points made here for sure, but I’m also not nearly as confident in penciling him in a flex spot every week today as I was last week.

11 years ago

D.Thomas or L.Blount in a Dynasty keeper league. already own Felix, Grant, Wells and Ingram.

Reply to  Bush
11 years ago

I’d go with Blount myself…

Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

Blount. And I don’t even flinch when I do it.

11 years ago

Why not more love for Roy Helu? He seems to be in a great situation with an aging veteran being the only one in Helu’s way. Take away Hightower’s 58 yard run and he went 5 rushes for 12 yards.

Reply to  Joe
11 years ago

A few reasons.

1.) You can’t take away Hightower’s 58 yard run…or the fact he’s been the best back in Washington during camp.

2.) There’s more than just Hightower in his way. Torain is still there and Royster’s done a good job as well.

3.) Mike Shanahan hate you, me and everyone else willing to pounce on one of his running backs. He views the position as expendable and shows no loyalty for long stretches.

Even if Shanahan is let go, there’s no guarantee the next coach has a sytem fitting Helu.

Now, he had a great preseason game, that’s for sure. I still like Helu in the second round of a rookie draft as well. I’m just not comfortable putting him in the rising category until Hightower does something to inspire less confidence.

11 years ago

Ken, I think you actually have to consider drafting Helu in the late 1st of any remaining rookie drafts now. Losing Leshoure and Ryan Williams to such devastating injuries opens up the bottom of the 1st round for a RB like Helu, who has shown so much “preseason flash” – even if Darth Shanahan is at the controls.

Reply to  FFHoudini
11 years ago

Sure, depending on your depth, you should certainly consider it. This draft has quickly turned ugly, so the bottom half of round one is going to have more reaches than usual.

I’m more apt to roll the dice on a quarterback who I know will get an extended chance, but I wouldn’t object to it.

I “like” Helu in round two, but I’ll “accept” Helu in round one for teams in need of RBs.

I honestly believe that after pick #3, it’s a total crapshoot. Daniel Thomas is right there at #4, but I don’t feel nearly as good with him as I have with other players in the top four of year’s past.

This just smells like a year where some players taken in round two or three severely outplay those taken in round one. Like we said in the Dynasty Essentials Guide, this is a year to have lots of #2s and #3s instead of those middle first rounders.

Good luck!

jordan stallard
11 years ago

Any ideas on Jerome Harrison? He’s been productive when asked to produce. Does he get the nod if & when Javid Best goes down?

Reply to  jordan stallard
11 years ago

I think it’s too early to tell. Harrison has been effective when called upon, but he’s looked mediocre thus far in Detroit. If Best were to get hurt, that just looks like a nasty RBBC to me, with no real bellcow.

11 years ago

I’m set at RB in my dynasty league with Arian Foster and CJ2k, but I also have the 6th overall pick. Do you think I should draft Daniel Thomas if he falls to me or else maybe stretch for a WR such as Greg Little.

Reply to  Adam
11 years ago

I’d take Little over Thomas. But, you will probably have to find a third choice since those two will most likely go off the board at 4 and 5.

Reply to  Adam
11 years ago

I would caution you on one thing, however. You’re NEVER set at RB in a dynasty league. History has shown us all that things can change in a New York minute.

Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

i hope you have chris johnson handcuffed with JR2K

(Javon Ringer2k)

11 years ago

I’m surprised there’s no further mention of Dezmon Briscoe in this article. Only one sentence in the other. I feel pretty good about him and am making a move when waivers come down. Any further thoughts?

11 years ago

That’s fair. The best approach in this case is to pair them like people did with DMC/Bush this time last year. What ever it cost to add Bush to DMC was worth it in the end. Now if Spiller could only start breaking some tackles. . .

11 years ago

In a PPR Dynasty League do you think Santonio Holmes or the combination of Julio Jones and Piere Garcon will have a more immediate impact?

Reply to  Richard
11 years ago

That’s an interesting question for sure. If you take Holmes as the constant for 16 weeks against playing the best matchup between Jones and Garcon, I think Holmes is apt to do better.

I’ll take the #1 WR over the upside #2s.

11 years ago

I have a rookie dynasty draft and I have the 2nd and 4th pick in the first round. Who do I take A.J. Green or Julio Jones at 2?

11 years ago

where do you feel i need to work most on my team?

QB’s Rivers, Henne

RB’s J.Charles, M.Turner, BE GreenEllis, J. Ringer, S.Vereen, J.Snelling

WR’s M.Wallace, B.Marshall, S.Moss, M. Sims-Walker, G.Tate, McCluster

TE’s D.Keller, A. Hernandez

Kicker’s Keading, Janikowshi

DEF MI and Tenn

I think #2 QB, TE and DEF are my biggest concerns am i on the right track?

Reply to  Dan
11 years ago

# 2 QB was thinking of going after Dalton in Cinn but haven’t really seen how people feel about him as Next QB in Cinn

Reply to  Dan
11 years ago

forgot I have C.Williams RB stl also

Reply to  Dan
11 years ago

To me, I see #2 QB and RB depth as being your biggest areas of need. You’re fine with Keller and Hernandez – no need to panic there. Your receiving corps could use an upgrade, but you have two solid options there as well.

At RB, you could be in real trouble if Turner really deteriorates quickly since BGE is really guaranteed nothing in the long term in New England.

I’d actually consider moving one of those TEs for backup QB and lesser valued TE.

As far as DEF goes, they’re vastly overrated for the most part. If you don’t have an elite one, use the waiver wire and play the best matchup each week. That position is way too volatile to worry about.

Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

thanks for the advice keep up the great work this is great for hardcore leagues.

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