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Summer Sleeper: Dorin Dickerson

Houston’s 2010 seventh round draft selection, Dorin Dickerson, continues to turn heads in camp.

Once again, Dickerson is catching everything thrown his way and is said to have easily solidified no less than the fourth receiver position on the depth chart.  But with only veteran receivers Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones ahead of him for the more coveted second receiver position across from uber-stud Andre Johnson, Dickerson may be primed to take another step up the ladder soon.

With the Texans recently agreeing to a three year contract with the similarly sized Jacoby Jones, Dickerson’s chances of making a big splash in 2011 would seem unlikely without injury playing a role, but we here at DLF love looking at talented fourth receivers that are one ACL or ankle away from seeing meaningful playing time.  Houston plays a lot of three-receiver sets and should Dickerson eventually climb into the third position, he has all the skill to make a lot of noise from it.

Originally drafted out of Pittsburgh as a somewhat undersized tight end, Dickerson made the jump to receiver after he failed to impress with his blocking ability.  At 6’2″ and 226 pounds, Dickerson brings the size and strength to be a presence on the outside.  But don’t think “slow” when looking at Dickerson’s size.  He ran a 4.40 40-time and leaped an amazing 43″ in the vertical at the 2010 combine.  Displaying great hands in both years now as a pro, receivers like this just need an opportunity before leaping onto the scene.

It’s been no secret that the Texans remain on the lookout for a more dynamic option across from Johnson and while the combination of Walter and Jones has been passable, if not even impressive for stretches of time, the situation is right for Dickerson to take advantage of any opening and make an impact within the next two years.  At just 23 years old (3/31/88), we feel that he has all the tools necessary to be a productive fantasy receiver for many years.

As has been stated in past articles, our summer sleepers are not players that you need rush out and add immediately.  Instead, they are players that have an opportunity that, if exploited, could lead to significant fantasy production in the future.  Should you have an open roster spot in need of a project player, they may make for a good addition.  But always keep in mind that as soon as you add an obscure player, he’s now on the radar of all other coaches as well.  Sometimes it’s better to lay in the weeds and wait for the best time before blowing the cover of your favorite sleepers.

Or, allow DLF to do that for you.

As an added bonus, Houston’s first preseason game of 2011 will be televised tonight (Monday) when they square off vs. the New York Jets.  Dickerson should get plenty of playing time and has an opportunity to raise his stock significantly.  With a good performance, Dickerson could begin to emerge from obscurity.

If nothing else, continue to monitor Dickerson’s growth and prospects as the season progresses.


Jeff Haverlack
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11 years ago

I’ve been reading his name a lot of this offseason, particularly regarding his switch to WR (which i can’t believe wasn’t done year 1, 225 – TE? C’mon..)

..but i haven’t read anything exactly praising Dickerson. I hope you’re right though. HOU passing offense goes 1 – AJ 2 – TE 3 – RB… and then finally a 2nd WR gets a look. Pretty impressive their offense is as powerful as it is with Jones and Anderson playing like JAGS out there.

Reply to  Paradis
11 years ago

Sorry, walter i meant. See? Lol… it doesn’t matter. They forgettable out there.

11 years ago

let me just say I love the picture…the mouths all agape! lol

I also love Dickerson…as a recent Pitt grad I keep close eyes on all the Pitt boys in the NFL. Hail to Pitt!

Reply to  JoeDay
11 years ago

I thought the same thing about the pic.

The Vich
11 years ago

Hi Ken and Jeff!

I’ve been too busy to post out here much, but have been keeping up with the articles and the site is better than ever! The Dynasty Essentials guy was also excellent.

I’ve received an offer on my longest standing Dynasty team. This is a 12 team league, PPR – typical GLFFL league scoring.

This is my roster:

Matt Ryan
Mark Sanchez
Mike Vick

Ahmad Bradshaw
Steven Jackson
Brandon Jacobs
Bernard Scott
Shane Vereen
Kendall Hunter

Anquan Boldin
Andre Johnson
Calvin Johnson
Brandon Marshall
Hakeem Nicks
Mike Wallace

Antonio Gates
Jermaine Gresham
Ed Dickson Balt

Sebastian Janikowski
Dan Carpenter

San Diego Chargers
Chicago Bears

I’ve received the following offer:

Mendenhall Pit
3.07 and 4.07 picks


Kendall Hunter
Mike Wallace
3.10 and 4.10 picks

What do you think, obviously RB is my weakest postion and would give me a little more consistency. I’d still be trotting out AJ, Calvin, and Nicks every week. Don’t really need Sanchez, Hunter could be good, but is a rook.

Thanks guys.

Looking forward to some Football!

The Vich

Reply to  The Vich
11 years ago

I’d take the first deal for Mendy without any lost sleep. Your depth at WR make that a slam dunk and it gives you the young RB that you need to pair with the young, and underrated, Bradshaw.

Championship. Nice team Vich … and good to see you.

The Vich
11 years ago

Or he’s willing to do Sanchez and Marshall for Gore, and the same swae of draft positions?

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