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Preseason Week One Watch List

Football is finally upon us as preseason games begin this week. You’re likely going to be combing through all sorts of sites in search of players to focus your attention on for the week. Many will give you the likes of Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson.

That’s a waste of your time.

You already know who the best players are in fantasy. If you needed to watch a preseason game to see a series or two from established players to verify they’re still good, you simply may not be cut out for a competitive dynasty league. Other sites may give you the likes of Tim Tebow, Torrey Smith or Mark Ingram as players to watch this week.

Close, but not quite.

After doing this for as long as we have, we realize you come to this site for something a little different from the others and that’s exactly what this article is all about. Preseason action is great to unearth the deeper sleepers and to see some of the late round draft picks show what they can do.

With that in mind, here are four players to keep an eye on this week. If you have room on your roster, you may want to add them now, not later.

Denarius Moore, WR OAK
Moore is quickly showing in camp that the Raiders didn’t just reach for another burner in the draft. With the wide receiver position in flux, Moore may just start climbing the depth chart as soon as this week. He’s the player on this list most likely to be on a roster in your league, but it’s amazing how available he is in many others.

We’d be a little more impressed if Moore was beating Nnamdi Asumogha instead of Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson in practice, but his performance has been spectacular thus far. Jacoby Ford seems primed to emerge this season in Oakland, can Moore do the same?

Lonyae Miller, RB DAL
Miller is best known as the backup to Ryan Mathews at Fresno State. Don’t be fooled by his backup status – this kid has talent. With injuries ahead of him on the depth chart to Tashard Choice and DeMarco Murray, it’s conceivable that Miller could make a run to be as high as second on the depth chart.

Miller is no threat to Felix Jones, even if he plays lights out this preseason. How much faith do we all have in Felix Jones long term, though?  Is he really someone to rely upon?  We’ll likely find out the answer to those questions this season. In the meantime, Miller should be on your radar.

Julius Thomas, TE DEN
Most figured Virgil Green would end up being the rookie tight end to have in Denver. Thomas is making everyone think twice about that so far in practice. Can he deliver in game action starting this week?

DeMarco Sampson, WR ARI
Sampson is an incredibly deep sleeper, but the Cardinals depth chart at receiver is also far from settled. Someone is going to step up and Sampson is starting to impress the coaches.

Those are just four players to keep an eye on this week. While your opponents may be focusing their attention on the players already rostered in your league, you could find yourself poised to pounce on a valuable free agent.

Don’t believe it’s important? Ask the owners of Marques Colston and they’ll tell you otherwise.

Ken Kelly
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10 years ago

Hearing rumors that lee evans may join the cardinals as well, thus making sampson an even deeper sleeper. The word is already out of Julius Thomas. People are already talking about him like he is the next Jermichael Finley…which is ridiculous.

Reply to  sensai_john_kreese
10 years ago

Jermichael Finley needs to actually be Jermichael Finley before you can complain about comparisons…he hasnt played very much since 09…

Reply to  JoeDay
10 years ago

that was a comparison of athletic ability, not a commentary on his proclivity for injury. The same could be said of Antonio Gates, Owen Daniels or Chris Cooley

10 years ago


10 years ago

Yep, this article is a simple example of why DLF is the best. Non-mainstream thinking and only Dynasty.

Others I’ll be watching:

Cameron Jordan, TE, CLE
Jerrel Jernagin, WR, NYG
Beanie Wells/Ryan Williams, RBs, ARI
Knowshon Moreno/McGahee, RBs, DEN
Rams WRs – who stands out?
New O-line in Seattle, Sidney Rice, Tarvaris Jackson

Reply to  Misift74
10 years ago

Eh, Jordan Cameron, LOL.

10 years ago

If we’re looking dynasty pssition battles then i’m curious about the following;

Jets –
Joe McKnight; for real or not?
All the “other” WRs; camp reports have been strong for Kerley, Smith, Payne, and Campbell

Rams – whole offense. what’s it going to look like

ATL – who’s backing Turner? Johnson? Cause assuredly slowing down

GB – Grant vs Starks

NO – Is it finally the year of the Meachem? Me thinks him and Moore.

CHI – Roy Williams… is it all talk or is for it real?

CIN – Simpson/Green & Dalton; looking for chemistry.

CLE – who becomes McCoy’s guy. Little? Moore?

TEN – Williams, Cook. New QBs, new favorite targets.

10 years ago

TRUST ME EVERYONE Al Davis actually drafted one of the better wrs in the draft in Denarius Moore. This kid will kill it and if they can get a QB sometime he will be a beast. I see Tampa Mike potential. He had a 3rd round draft grade but fell to the 5th for whatever reason and he will be the raiders BEST wr. Thats right BETTER that Jacoby Ford. Plus we can always count on the raiders losing and Moore can get like 700 garbage yards on the season.

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