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Instant Analysis: Zach Miller agrees with Seahawks

The Seahawks have their second big free agent splash of the offseason by singing Zach Miller, the star tight end formerly of the Oakland Raiders. This is a significant addition to the Seahawks and Miller will join Sidney Rice in significantly upgrading the Seahawk offensive unit. Miller is one of the more coveted tight ends in fantasy, but he’s not the only one facing a value change in light of the move. We analyze in the latest edition of “Instant Analysis.”

Zach Miller, TE SEA
In the short term, it’s hard to love the move from a fantasy perspective. In his four seasons as a Raider, Miller has posted 2,712 receiving yards and twelve scores on 226 receptions. He joins a Seahawk team in the middle of a massive offensive transition. Miller is no stranger to erratic quarterback play and he’ll likely find his luck isn’t much better in Seattle with Tarvaris Jackson throwing him the ball.

In the long term, Miller is going to be very good weapon in the Emerald City. The Seahawks have an outside chance of landing Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley in the draft next year. If not, you can bet Carson Palmer would be on their radar unless Jackson far exceeds expectations. Having a solid quarterback would do wonders for Miller’s value.

As it is, Miller should be able to put up TE2 numbers this year, with the expectation he again becomes an elite option at the position in a year or two.

John Carlson, TE SEA
After a promising rookie season, Carlson was a forgotten man last season.  His numbers have gone down in each of his three years in the league, culminating in a pedestrian 2010 season that featured just 318 and one score. While he did have two touchdowns against the Saints in the opening round of the playoffs, he was wiped out by a vicious hit the next week in Chicago, stunting any kind of momentum he would have had going into this season.

Carlson’s value has now taken a total nose dive.  He’s barely on the map in dynasty leagues now and really needs a change of scenery quickly. Keep an eye on the situation because early speculation has the Seahawks making him available. He is still only 27, so all may not be lost.

Tarvaris Jackson, QB SEA
Much like the Cardinals plan with Kevin Kolb, the Seahawks seem to be doing everything they can to set up Jackson for success. We remain very skeptical that it’s going to translate into something fruitful, but you have to love the young weapons the Hawks are amassing for the future.

Sidney Rice, WR SEA
Rice is very good at stretching the field and making big plays, so the addition may not hurt him as much as you’d think. We have a feeling Rice is going to get his numbers as the first option, no matter what. Just remember those numbers are bound to be a little disappointing for those who hoped he’d end up somewhere else.

Mike Williams, WR SEA
Williams actually could suffer a bit of a dropoff after Miller has been added. While he only came up with two touchdowns last season, he was still a viable threat in the red zone. With Rice and Miller in town, Williams may have just been dropped from number one to number three in the pecking order.

Not great.

Brandon Myers and Richard Gordon, TEs OAK
You may be asking who these guys are. Well, they may just be battling to win the tight end position in Oakland. Keep an eye on it for now, but the Raiders have to make a move after losing out on Miller. He was their most consistent receiving option and it’s a huge loss for them.

Jason Campbell, QB OAK
This can’t help. Miller was the one guy in the offense who Campbell could always turn to when he needed a big play. The young receiving corps of the Raiders needs to step up in a hurry.

Darren McFadden, RB OAK
It’s tough to say this really hurts McFadden’s value, but Miller did help keep defenses more honest. If you weren’t convinced McFadden was going to be the centerpiece of the offense before, you should be now – he’s far and away their best player on offense.

Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

To touch on DMC, Miller was a great blocker and contributed to his breakout season.

jordan stallard
11 years ago

What affect does this have on the Raiders WRs? Seems like more pressure for Jacoby, Murphy, or Schillens to step up.

Reply to  jordan stallard
11 years ago

None of those guys can get open or stay on the field except Ford in flashes. Murphy can’t catch. There’s a reason Miller led the team in every receiving category the past three seasons. McFadden should get 400 carries, lol.

11 years ago

While is sounds logical because of his size, I hardly think Mike Williams was “a viable threat in the red zone”. He had 2 touchdowns in 2010 (total!).

I do think Miller will take some of the shorter targets away, perhaps opening Williams (and of course Rice) on more intermediate and deep routes. I can see Williams improving his yards per catch – and his TD totals. How can he not?

Two viable receivers, a quality RB, and an elite TE. Have to love the direction this team is headed, at least offensively. 🙂

6 years ago

For the love of God, keep writing these aricslet.

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