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Instant Analysis: Cedric Benson agrees with Bengals

As expected, Cedric Benson has re-upped with the Bengals on a one year deal. The deal went down just as news was breaking on Ahmad Bradshaw coming to visit, so one has to wonder if Benson had a “take it or leave it” type of deal on the table. Regardless, Benson remains a Bengal and we analyze the players whose values have changed as a result in the latest installment of “Instant Analysis.”

Cedric Benson, RB CIN
Many remember Cedric Benson being drafted by the Bears and bursting into tears as a result. Much has happened since that April day in 2005, including some promising efforts on the field and brushes with law off it.

Benson lost any leverage he had when he was accused assault for the second straight Summer. No team other than Cincinnati had reportedly shown any type of interest. Consistent with the Bengal way, they seem content to turn a blind eye to Benson’s troubles and bring him back for at least one more season.

On the field, Benson has been a workhorse with over 300 carries in each of the last two seasons for the Bengals. In his three seasons in Cincy, he’s racked up 3,109 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns on a whopping 836 carries. You can expect another heavy dose of Benson as the Bengals attempt to break in a new quarterback and rebuild.

Benson is the true definition of a “c0ntending team player.” If your team is in the mix this season, he’s a player to keep. If you’re rebuilding, you have no need for him as his career is bound to last only a few more seasons. He’s likely going to be an RB3 this season, but he’ll have a chance to put up RB2 numbers as one of the few true workhorses in the game.

His owners just have to hope the Bengals don’t follow through with signing another back.

Andy Dalton, QB CIN
Dalton badly needed Benson back this season. If anything, he’ll at least have a veteran presence in the backfield to help take off some of the pressure. That being said, the transition for him is going to be anything but easy.

Bernard Scott, RB CIN
We’ve been saying for months that the Bengals don’t have faith in Scott to be a featured back. The signing of Benson just further solidifies that. Even with Benson on a one year deal, it’s awfully tough to believe the Bengals have their running back of the future on their roster right now.

Scott belongs on a dynasty roster right now, but mostly as insurance for Benson owners. The luster on him is fading very, very quickly.

Jay Finley, RB CIN
There was a slim chance that Finley could have received some meaningful reps in a time share with Scott, but that goes out the window with Benson back in the fold. He remains a decent rookie sleeper to be taken in the late rounds of the deepest of dynasty rookie drafts.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB FA
You can mark one more possible team off the list. With the Redskins trading for Tim Hightower, they’re probably marked off, too.  It’s looking more and more like he’s running out of options outside of New York and super agent Drew Rosenhaus is starting to lose his leverage. You can expect a resolution with Bradshaw very soon.

Ken Kelly
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