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Instant Analysis: Sidney Rice agrees with Seattle

Our “Instant Analysis” series is on overdrive today as Sidney Rice has agreed to a five year deal with the Seattle Seahawks reportedly worth $41 million dollars with $18 million of that being guaranteed.  The Seahawks were obviously enamored with Rice and moved quickly to sign him and stop him from re-joining the Vikings or visiting the Rams.  The signing has a ripple effect all over the league.  Let’s analyze the value changes from a dynasty perspective.

Sidney Rice, WR SEA
Rice is a huge boost to the Seattle offense, but it’s awfully hard to be excited about his prospects from a dynasty fantasy football perspective.  Some thought the Hawks were going to be in the running for Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley in the draft, but adding Rice and offensive guard Robert Gallery make them at least an average team.

Rice obviously knows his new quarterback Tarvaris Jackson from their days in Minnesota.  That’s going to help them build a quick rapport.  However, from what we’ve seen of Jackson, it’s tough to predict greatness from Rice.  After all, Rice’s best days came when he was clicking with Brett Favre.  Say what you want about Favre, but he’s light years better than Jackson.

Owners of Rice have to be a little disappointed he didn’t end up as Sam Bradford’s number one receiver in St. Louis, but things could be worse.  He’ll still be the Seahawks best option and could flirt with WR2 numbers with the potential of being better in the future when Seattle truly upgrades their quarterback position.

Mike Williams, WR SEA
Williams’ value takes a hit with the signing of Rice.  He came out of nowhere to post 751 yards and two scores on 65 catches last season, but he’s clearly the second option in the passing game now.  You have to admire his re-dedication the sport, it’s just going to be tough for him to build on those statistics with Rice getting most of the attention.

Ben Obamanu, WR SEA
Obamanu was a good story last season.  His role is clearly going to diminish now, though.  He’s barely worth a roster spot in even the deepest of dynasty leagues.

John Carlson, TE SEA
You’d think his value would decrease, but it’s hard to say considering the way the Seahawks abandoned him.  Rice may actually open up some seams for him in the middle of the field.  His value is pretty constant, despite the arrival of Sidney.

Golden Tate, WR SEA
Tate was supposed to be the savior to the Seahawk passing game.  He’s now looking up at the number three spot at best. Another year of development will be good for him, but we need to see something from him here soon.

Marshawn Lynch, RB SEA
Having Rice certainly won’t hurt as defenses will have to be a little more honest.  The bigger news for Lynch is the addition of Robert Gallery to the offensive line.  Both signings should give him a little more room to run.

Donovan McNabb, QB MIN
It would have been great for McNabb to have a deep threat like Rice around.  He’ll have to work without him and that’s going to make his transition a little bit tougher.

Percy Harvin, WR MIN
He’s always used a ton, but now the Vikings are going to have to rely on him more.  The arrow is pointing up here for certain.  However, we’ve always cautioned owners to sell high on Harvin if you have any concerns about his migraine issues.  While they could be solved, his value may have hit his peak today.

Adrian Peterson, RB MIN
The loss of Rice doesn’t make things any easier for Peterson.  Fact is, his talent makes it really not matter too much.

Sam Bradford, QB STL
Bradford to Rice would have been great in St. Louis.  We’ll see if they settle for Braylon Edwards or Plaxico Burress in the next few days.




Ken Kelly
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11 years ago

I went after Rice in many of my leagues this offseason, landed him in three, thinking I was going to hit the jackpot – this was devastating news when I read it.

It’s on par with Carolina re-signing DeWill if you’re a JStew owner.

If SEA wins the “Suck for Luck” tournament, and they can continue to improve the OLine, Rice could really be in a good situation, but that doesnt seem like a reality now until 2013 or beyond….

11 years ago

Luck is a best case scenario, but the Seahawks aren’t as bad as many other teams out there. Maybe a Matt Barkley reunion with Pete could come, but that’s even wishful thinking.

wallace's warriors
11 years ago

No mention of Mike Thomas?

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