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Instant Analysis: Matt Hasselbeck agrees with Tennessee

We continue our offseason “Instant Analysis” series with former Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck agreeing to sign with the Tennessee Titans.  This move has a serious ripple effect in dynasty leagues and around the NFL.  Let’s take a look at some players whose values have changed due to this signing:

Matt Hasselbeck, QB TEN
Hasselbeck is coming off a dreadful season by his standards, throwing for 3,001 yards, 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 2010.  However, he’s a proven veteran quarterback more than capable of running the Titans offense effectively.  From a fantasy perspective, Hasselbeck could flirt with QB2 numbers if he stays healthy, but I’d be more comfortable having him as an emergency QB3.

The Titans are obviously moving on from Vince Young and Kerry Collins has retired, so finding a veteran signal caller had to be the top priority for Tennessee and they should be thrilled that Hasselbeck has signed on.

Jake Locker, QB TEN
Locker may be disappointed that he won’t be the starter this season, but he should be thrilled.  Those of us who have seen him here in the Northwest know he’s not close to being ready to lead an NFL team.  Locker will be tutored by one of the best students of the game in Matt Hasselbeck, who he knows from his time in Seattle.

Locker’s best case scenario is to learn from Hasselbeck over the course of the season and get himself ready to start next year.  With Hasselbeck’s injury history, that may be a bit of a pipe dream, though.  Regardless, Locker is going to have time to learn the offense and that’s important for his development.

Jared Cook, TE TEN
Cook is one of our favorite sleepers and this signing should legitimize him as a viable tight end.  Hasselbeck is known for his short passing accuracy and that fits Cook’s role in the offense.

Kenny Britt, WR TEN
If Britt doesn’t go to prison this season, this should bode well for him.

Damian Williams and the other Titan receivers
The corps really begins and ends with the ultra-talented Britt, but the other Titan receivers benefit greatly from Hasselbeck signing on.   They all need an accurate, veteran quarterback to help in their development and they have that now.  Having Locker lead the offense would have stunted their growth for a while.

Chris Johnson, RB TEN
Johnson benefits greatly from having Hasselbeck at the helm.  If Locker had been given the job, Johnson would have been facing eight man fronts on every play.  While Hasselbeck is no Peyton Manning, he’s good enough to keep defenses honest. Now, let’s just get that contract thing settled, eh?

Kevin Kolb, QB PHI
With Hasselbeck in Tennessee, Jackson in Seattle and McNabb close to moving on with the Vikings, the Eagles are quickly losing suitors for Kolb.  They need to lower their asking price soon or Kolb may just end up being Michael Vick’s backup again this season.

Vince Young, QB TEN
The Young era is over in Tennessee.  With so many quarterbacks finding homes quickly, it’s going to be nearly impossible for Young to find a team willing to give him a legitimate shot to start.  If he can swallow his pride, he’ll certainly find a job. Much speculation is being focused on the Eagles, who seem to love reclamation projects.

Ken Kelly
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