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2011 Live Dynasty Draft Blog – Updated 7/27 10:25 PM


Starting Friday, July 22nd, at 6:00 AM PST, our first full, live, dynasty draft of 2011 will be kicking off.  I’ll be updating the draft and picks at least once a day (hopefully) along with a little analysis.  Ken Kelly and I are both taking part in this new start-up league with our own individual teams and with any luck, you’ll be able to use this draft as a live exercise towards determining where players will be coming off the board.  I know many of the coaches in this league and the competition will be very good.

Scoring is standard PPR without any real twists.  Twelve teams with three divisions.  All division winners go to the playoffs along with one wild-card team.

For starters, here’s the draft order with our teams highlighted.  Stay tuned and check back often.


1.01 – Chris Johnson, RB TEN
1.02 – Arian Foster, RB HOU
1.03 – DLFJeff. – Adrian Peterson, RB MIN
1.04 – Calvin Johnson, WR DET
1.05 – Darren McFadden, RB OAK
1.06 – Ray Rice, RB BAL
1.07 – LeSean McCoy, RB PHI
1.08 – Jamaal Charles, RB KC
1.09 – Andre Johnson, WR HOU
1.10 – DLFKenK. – Hakeem Nicks, WR NYG
1.11 – Maurice Jones-Drew, RB JAX
1.12 – Matt Forte, RB CHI

A bit of a surprise that Chris Johnson goes first as most drafts begin with the names “Peterson” or “Foster” as of late.  It’s tough to argue against a guy who can put up 2,000 yards and a ton of receptions each season, though.

Foster and Peterson going at 2-3 is no real surprise – that comes at #5 where Darren McFadden is selected.  While you have to admire one’s courage, that’s an awfully big risk in our opinion.

McCoy ends up being a bargain at 1.07.  The draft stalls a little at 1.08 as the Coach there presumably sifts through offers of teams attempting to trade up for Jamaal Charles.  He ends up taking Charles himself in the end.

After AJ gets taken at #9, DLF Ken takes Hakeem Nicks at #10 overall.  With the health concerns swirling around MJD, he felt Nicks was worth more.  While some other nice players were on the board (Mendenhall, MJD, White, etc.), the youth of Nicks wins out.  While his toe is a concern, he’s a 23 year old dynamo with a bright future.

MJD’s free fall finally ends at #11 overall.  This pick could prove to be a bargain or a death sentence for this team.

Forte being taken in the first round is a bit of a surprise as well, but he looks primed for a nice season and is still very young.


2.01 – Mike Wallace, WR PIT
2.02 – Larry Fitzgerald, WR ARI
2.03 – DLFKenK – Rashard Mendenhall, RB PIT
2.04 – Frank Gore, RB SF
2.05 – Roddy White, WR ATL
2.06 – Aaron Rodgers, QB GB
2.07 – Greg Jennings, WR GB
2.08 – Michael Vick, QB PHI
2.09 – Dez Bryant, WR DAL
2.10 – DLF Jeff – Mike Williams, WR TB
2.11 – Dwayne Bowe, WR KC
2.12 – Miles Austin, WR DAL

Wallace at the top of the round is a shocker, but he was amazing the second half of the season.  Fitzgerald goes second, leaving Mendenhall for Ken at #15.  While he may not be Ken’s favorite player character-wise, it’s tough to pass up a 24 year old workhorse in the second round.  Nicks and Mendenhall make for a good start.  Jeff waits patiently at 2.10 for a player to pair with Adrian Peterson.

Gore off the board and Jeff is happy about that as he wants nothing to do with him.  White, the top scoring WR at 2.05 is a bit late.  Obviously turning 30 and the addition of Julio Jones didn’t help his value, but it’s still a great value.  Jeff still patiently (or not) waiting.

The quarterbacks finally make an appearance with A-Rod and Michael Vick nearly going back-to-back.  Young wide receivers are being valued at a premium with Dez Bryant and Mike Williams going before a few second tier running backs. Jeff finds the potential of Williams building upon his phenomenal rookie season too much to pass up in round two.

3.01 – Jermichael Finley, TE GB
3.02 – Ahmad Bradshaw, RB NYG
3.03 – DLFJeff – Jonathan Stewart, RB CAR
3.04 – AJ Green, WR CIN (R)
3.05 – Peyton Hillis, RB CLE
3.06 – Vincent Jackson, WR SD
3.07 – Jahvid Best, RB DET
3.08 – Brandon Marshall, WR TEN
3.09 – DeSean Jackson, WR PHI
3.10 – DLFKenK – Jeremy Maclin, WR PHI
3.11 – Ryan Mathews, RB SD
3.12 – Steven Jackson, RB STL

Finley goes earlier than expected at the top of the third round.  A little too high for our tastes for sure, but you can make a solid case for it.  Bradshaw and Stewart go back-to-back and provide good value.  Jeff is surprised Stewart is still there and adding him to Mike Williams and Adrian Peterson provides a nice core to build off.

AJ Green is the first rookie taken and he goes to a team implementing a WR-WR-WR approach with Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Green.  A risky approach for certain, but one that could pay off if he can find RB value later on.

Hillis fans rejoice!  He finally goes at 3.05 to a hometown Browns fan.  I’m not a big fan of the 3rd round.  When looking at many of the players, it’s where the risk in the second tier really starts.  For that reason, I often times don’t mind trading out to pick up later picks.  Vincent Janckson, Marshall and DeSean are good receivers, but are a little risk all in their own way.  Solid 3rd round selections, though.  Mathews has fallen quite a bit but is a good value pick near the end of the 3rd.  Ken gets Maclin who should flourish again beside DeSean Jackson and Vick.

4.01 – Steve Johnson, WR BUF
4.02 – Shonn Greene, RB NYJ
4.03 – DLFKenK – Mark Ingram, RB NO (R)
4.04 – Dew Brees, QB NO
4.05 -Vernon Davis, TE SF
4.06 – LeGarrette Blount, RB TB
4.07 – Philip Rivers, QB SD
4.08 – Percy Harvin, WR MIN
4.09 – Julio Jones, WR ATL
4.10 – DLF Jeff – Wes Welker, WR NE
4.11 – Reggie Wayne, WR IND
4.12 – Daniel Thomas, RB MIA (R)

After taking Maclin at 3.10, Ken was hoping for Ingram, Greene or Mathews to fall to him at 4.03.  The surprise isn’t that it happened, but that it was Ingram who fell.  Starting off with Nicks, Mendenhall, Maclin and Ingram is a solid start.  Solid picks afterward with Brees, Davis, Blount and Rivers.  QBs starting to go off, but Brady and Manning still on the board.  Age is affecting their value obviously.

TRADE:  The first trade for one of the DLF crew as Jeff just traded his 5.03 for a 2012 first round pick, 2012 second round pick and 6.07 in this draft.  Just too much to pass up.  May take him out of contention for 2011 but Jeff loves his draft picks.

Love the Percy Harvin pick.  He’s a bit of a steal here and is going to have a great year.  He’s a lot like Wes Welker but more physical and more dynamic.  Julio Jones goes next and Jeff is disappointed.  He hoped he was going to fall and that he could continue his youth movement.  The team taking Jones has now drafted four receivers.  Jones is a great value here as many have taken him above A.J. Green.

Wes Welker is selected by Jeff and now has a bit to wait.   Welker is a monster in the format and is now fully removed and recovered from his injury.  Every team needs an anchor at each position and Welker is a great anchor.

Reggie Wayne’s pain finally ends as he’s selected at 4.11.  Take note if you have him in a dynasty league – his value is spiraling quickly.

5.01 – Jimmy Graham, TE NO
5.02 – Jason Witten, TE DAL
5.03 – DeAngelo Williams, RB CAR
5.04 – Ryan Williams, RB ARI (R)
5.05 – Kenny Britt, WR TEN
5.06 – Antonio Gates, TE SD
5.07 – Marques Colston, WR NO
5.08 – CJ Spiller, RB BUF
5.09 – Michael Turner, RB ATL
5.10 – DLF KenK – Sidney Rice, WR MIN
5.11 – Santonio Holmes, WR NYJ
5.12 – Knowshon Moreno, RB DEN

The fifth round starts with DeAngelo Williams, with the owner certainly hoping he finds himself in a nice situation here in the next week or two.

Britt is a gamble, but likely worth it in round five.  It’s probably a fifty-fifty proposition in regards to him being a top 10 fantasy receiver or a top ten inmate.

Ken is happy that Sidney Rice falls to him at 5.10.  Pairing Rice with Nicks and Maclin makes for a productive, but young lineup.

Moreno finally gets taken at 5.12 amidst numerous reports that he both is and isn’t the future of the Broncos at running back.  At 5.12, it’s hard to argue the risk.

6.01 – DLFKenK – Matt Ryan, QB ATL
6.02 – Dallas Clark, TE IND
6.03 – Roy Helu, RB WAS (R)
6.04 – Owen Danels, TE HOU
6.05 – Tom Brady, QB NE
6.06 – DLFKenK – Marshawn Lynch, RB SEA
6.07 – DLFJeff – Michael Crabtree, WR SF
6.08 – Greg Little, WR CLE (R)
6.09 – Felix Jones, RB DAL
6.10 – DLFJeff – Josh Freeman, QB TB
6.11 – Rashad Jennings, RB JAX
6.12 – Mikel LeShoure, RB DET (R)

TRADE: Ken trades up from 6.03 to 6.01, sending his 12th rounder as compensation.  Ken figures the late round choice is good enough to ensure he gets the quarterback he wants.

TRADE: As if one sixth rounder wasn’t enough, Ken trades his 2012 #1 and #2 for 6.06.  After debating for a bit between Crabtree and Lynch, he goes with Lynch to ensure having a three back rotation.

Crabtree falls to Jeff at 6.07 and that’s great value.  As expected, Little goes to a big-time Browns fan.  We can see it, but the hype machine needs to slow down a little.

Jennings and LeShoure have potential, but it seems a little early to start taking RB flyers.  We’ll see who’s right in a year or two.

7.01 – Tony Romo, QB DAL
7.02 – Matt Schaub, QB HOU
7.03 – DLFJeff – James Starks, RB GB
7.04 – Jordy Nelson, WR GB
7.05 – Ryan Grant, RB GB
7.06 – Pierre Garcon, WR IND
7.07 – Austin Collie, WR IND
7.08 – Brandon Lloyd, WR DEN
7.09 – BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB NE
7.10 – DLFKenK – Mike Thomas, WR JAX
7.11 – Peyton Manning, QB IND
7.12 – Mario Manningham, WR NYG

Lloyd finally goes at 7.08, proving that few believe he can repeat his success from last year.  Packer players Starks, Nelson and Grant oddly all go back-to-back-to-back.  Jeff takes Starks, believing in his long-term ability.

Garcon and Collie are also selected and one of them should be a solid pick here, likely not both.

The vastly underrated Thomas drops to Ken at 7.10 and he’s thrilled to have him as a WR4.

The insanity ends with Manning finally being taken at 7.11.  Age and injury were surely factors, but that’s simply too steep a drop for him, even at 35.

Manningham rounds out the 7th round and breaks Ken’s heart since he wanted him at 8.03.  With a contract that expires soon, he could be a steal this late.

8.01 – Jonathan Baldwin, WR KC
8.02 – Zach Miller, TE OAL
8.03 – DLFKen – Chris Wells, RB ARI
8.04 –  Davone Bess, WR MIA
8.05 – Mike Tolbert, RB SD
8.06 – Johnny Knox, WR CHI
8.07 – Aaron Hernandez, TE NE
8.08 – Danny Amendola, WR STL
8.09 – Mike Williams, WR SEA
8.10 – DLFJeff – Ryan Torain, RB WAS
8.11 – Steve Smith, WR CAR
8.12 – Emmanuel Sanders, WR PIT

Jeff and Ken both roll the dice this round after pretty much filling out their respective starting lineups.  Wells is amazingly just 22 years old and should get a fresh start at some point.  Torain is still the starter in Washington, but obviously has no margin for error.

9.01 – Leonard Hankerson, WR WAS (R)
9.02 – Rob Gronkowski, TE NE
9.03 – Matt Stafford, QB DET
9.04 – Sam Bradford, QB STL
9.05 – Jacoby Ford, WR OAK
9.06 – Kendall Hunter, RB SF (R)
9.07 – Steve Smith, NYG
9.08 – Brandon Pettigrew, TE DET
9.09 – Anquan Boldin, WR BAL
9.10 – DLFKenK – Tim Tebow, QB DEN
9.11 – Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT
9.12 – Fred Jackson, RB BUF

Jeff makes two trades to start off the 9th round.   First, the coach that drafted Mike Williams (SEA) offered Mike Williams and 14.09 for 10.10 and 13.03. With receivers being very thin and likely to forego a receiver for another round, Jeff took the deal which equates to using his 10.10 on Williams with the kicker of 13.03, getting 14.09 in return.  Well worth it as Jeff feels the tier is at an end with Williams.

Second trade – Owners are still willing to trade away their first round picks for current picks.  Jeff sends his 9.03 for the other team’s first round pick in 2012 plus his 11.01.  Still a tough decision as Jeff did covet Sam Bradford but the deal was too rich not to accept, especially as much of his starting roster has been formalized.  Added bonus as the sending coach has struggled in this draft and the starting roster looks suspect.

Call him crazy, but Ken takes a stab at Tim Tebow at the end of round nine.  There were a few players (Bradford, Ford, etc.) he wanted, but they were taken a few picks earlier.  He figures this is an absolute feast or famine pick, but also thinks it’s worth the risk with Matt Ryan in the fold as his QB1.

10.01 – Jared Cook, TE TEN
10.02 – Michael Bush, RB OAK
10.03 – DLFKenK – Jermaine Gresham, TE CIN
10.04 – Marcedes Lewis, TE JAX
10.05 – Chris Cooley, TE WAS
10.06 – Cedric Benson, RB CIN
10.07 – Plaxico Burress, WR FA
10.08 – Montario Hardesty, RB CLE
10.09 – Mike Sims-Walker, WR FA
10.10 – Shane Vereen, RB NE (R)
10.11 – Eli Manning, QB NYG
10.12 – Torrey Smith, WR BAL (R)

Tight ends were going fast and Ken was happy to get a young one with upside.  Burress goes awfully high here in the tenth round, but again, you could make a case.  Shane Vereen is a nice value pick here as well.

11.01 – DLFJeff – Joe Flacco, QB BAL
11.02 – Kellen Winslow, TE TB
11.03 – Donald Brown, RB IND
11.04 – Arrellious Benn, WR TBB
11.05 – Kevin Kolb, QB PHI
11.06 – Randall Cobb, WR GB (R)
11.07 – Jacquizz Rodgers, RB ATL (R)
11.08 – Dustin Keller, TE NYJ
11.09 – Delone Carter, RB IND (R)
11.10 – DLFKen – Jerome Simpson, WR CIN
11.11 –  Danario Alexander, WR STL
11.12 – DeMarco Murray, RB DAL (R)

Jeff gets his backup QB in Joe Flacco, who provides a nice value in round 11.  The round is full of rookie RB stabs with Rodgers, Carter and Murray all being taken.  We’re not the biggest fans of Carter, but Ken would have taken him if he had fallen.  Simpson makes for a nice consolation – he should have been taken a round or two earlier as an evolving young wideout.

12.01 – Steven Ridley, RB NE (R)
12.02 – Pierre Thomas, RB NO
12.03 – Vincent Brown, WR SD
12.04 – Andre Roberts, WR ARI
12.05 – Jason Snelling, RB FA
12.06 – Jay Cutler, QB CHI
12.07 – Cam Newton, QB CAR
12.08 – Earl Bennett, WR CHI
12.09 – Mark Sanchez, QB NYJ
12.10 – DLFJeff – Santana Moss, WR WAS
12.11 – Bilal Powell, RB NYJ (R)
12.12 – Mike Goodson, RB CAR

One of our favorite sleepers goes here as Andre Roberts is taken at 12.04.   Goodson and Snelling both have a chance to have their value go up via free agency moves as well.

13.01 – David Gettis, WR CAR
13.02 – Jordan Shipley, WR CIN
13.03 – Braylon Edwards, WR FA
13.04 – Reggie Bush, RB FA
13.05 – Tashard Choice, RB DAL
13.06 – Louis Murphy, WR OAK
13.07 – GB Defense
13.08 – Alex Green, RB GB (R)
13.09 – Deion Branch, WR NE
13.10 – DLFKenK – James Jones, WR FA
13.11 – Robert Meachem, WR NO
13.12 – Joseph Addai, RB IND

14.01 – Matt Cassell, QB KC
14.02 – Lance Moore, WR NO
14.03 – DLFKenK – Ben Tate, RB HOU
14.04 – Brandon Jacobs, RB NYG
14.05 – Jacob Tamme, TE IND
14.06 – Danny Woodhead, RB NE
14.07 – PIT Defense
14.08 – NEP Defense
14.09 – DLFJeff – Brent Celek, TE PHI
14.10 – DLFJeff – Brandon Jackson, RB GB
14.11 – Ed Dickson, TE BAL
14.12 – Goldent Tate, WR SEA

15.01 – Toney Moeaki, TE KC
15.02 – Kyle Orton, QB KC
15.03 – DLFJeff – Eric Decker, WR DEN
15.04 – Bernard Scott, RB CIN
15.05 – Titus Young, WR DET
15.06 – Toby Gerhart, RB MIN
15.07 – Ronnie Brown, RB MIA
15.08 – Kyle Rudolph, TE MIN
15.09 – Jacoby Jones, WR HOU
15.10 – DLFKenK – Brandon Tate, WR NE
15.11 – NYJ Defense
15.12 – Blaine Gabbert, QB JAX

Reggie Bush falls all the way to the 13th round.  That can be attributed to many things, but mostly to him being terrible. Ken takes James Jones, who looks to be on the rise, especially if he can sign elsewhere.

Jeff Haverlack
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Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Merry Christmas to the guy with the 1.8 pick!

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

I’d say! AP or Charles at 1.8??? wow!

jordan stallard
Reply to  JoeDay
11 years ago

I bet the proud owner of the 1.8 pick is getting a s#&tstorm of trade offers right about now.

11 years ago

Nice to see if Tampa Mike or Bowe falls in your lap!

sensai john kreese
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
11 years ago

couldnt disagree more about wallace, guy is going to be an absolute beast this year, although his value is somewhat mitigated in a ppr league, because he doesnt catch a lot of passes. I dont think anyone would argue that he should not be selected 13th in a ppr draft though

Team Canada
11 years ago

I like Finley even enough to be the 1st TE taken and one round ahead of Gates selection but 3.1 is a bit of a reach. I don’t think he would be anywhere near the top 20 in scoring.

11 years ago

So, I’m the team that’s gone Calvin, Dez and AJ Green with the 1st 3 picks. And while I certainly agree that I need some RB value to fall later in this draft – I also feel in dynasty that it’s ok to wait on RB’s. I’d much rather take a chance and build my core with young upside WR’s that could be elite for 10-12 years than worry about having stud RB’s in the 1st year of a dynasty. But then again Jeff, you know that’s my draft style.

11 years ago

Finley at 3.01 is a laugher. Once again JStew falls too far – a nice grab.

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

2 or 3 years from now, I think that we’ll see Ingram drafted higher than half of the RBs that have already been taken. Whoever gets him this late in the draft will be scoring.

Interesting to see Vick & crew drop this far. Usually someone jumps on Vick around the beginning of the 3rd.

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Vick was taken 2.08

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  JoeDay
11 years ago

Oh yeah, ooops.

jordan stallard
Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Yeah Ken! Ingram that late is the steal of the draft.

You’ve got my vote for best team so far. Mendy, Ingram, Nicks, Maclin is a great core!

Reply to  jordan stallard
11 years ago

Thanks Jordan! Seems to be falling into place nicely. I have a certain strategy I’ll be unveiling to you all when it’s done. It’s a bit of an experiment, but one that has worked thus far.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

Yeah, I know what your strategy is.

It’s called the Jedi Mind trick.

I could just see you waiving your hand in your best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice…… “Ingram is not the running back that you want”.

Luckily the storm trooopers at the end of the 11spot & 12spot are no match for the powers of the force!

11 years ago

Funny, I tried like hell to trade back in for Ingram – all 5 picks before Ken’s. Painful to watch – LOL

jordan stallard
Reply to  FFHoudini
11 years ago

Yeah that must’ve been painful. I recently opened a startup draft with Charles, Ingram, Dez as my 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks. I’m amazed at some of the guys who went before him in this draft.

In my opinion, Ken has 2 top 12 dynasty RBs, and 2 top 12 dynasty WRs. What a great feat for someone who hasn’t sacrificed any later draft picks or 2012 1st rounders.

jordan stallard
11 years ago

BTW, how many of the owners in this league are watching this blog? Maybe we shouldn’t “suggest” players. Last thing I wanna do is screw up someone’s sleeper who they’re a couple of picks away from nabbing.

11 years ago

Not sure how many watch this blog…if any. But, nevertheless, it’s probably a good idea not to mention picks until after they happen.

As far as what’s been done so far, Ken, Jeff and GSM have done a nice job with their squads. Ken’s been in a very good spot to have talent fall to his picks – but he certainly has made the most of them.

I’m still disappointed I wasn’t able to jump back in and get Ingram, but I’m sure with the way talent is falling in this draft I’ll be happy to still have my 4th & 5th rounders.

jordan stallard
Reply to  FFHoudini
11 years ago

I think the other “lucky” drafter has been Mr. 1.8.

Nice to have Charles land in his lap

Nice to have Roddy land in his lap

I’m not the biggest Marshall fan, but still nice to have him land in his lap.

11 years ago

The owner of the 1.08 would be GSM, the 3rd owner I mentioned in my post above.

11 years ago

Ingram at 4.03 – I wouldn’t complain, lol. 😉 In fact, I’d argue that Ingram should have been the next back off the board after JStew. STEAL!

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Misift74
11 years ago

I’ll go 1 step further & say that I’ll take Ingram before JStew or Gore!

11 years ago

no one was complaining about Ingram at 4.03 – it was a great pick for Ken. I was stating that I was disappointed that I couldn’t trade back in to snag him myself. To watch players like SJax, Stevie Johnson and S.Greene come of the board ahead of him was I while trying to trade back in was tough.

Reply to  FFHoudini
11 years ago

sorry…..meant to type, “ahead of him while I was trying to trade back in was tough*****”

got a little carried away and my brain went faster than I could type.

11 years ago

I’ll be a contrarian and say I don’t like the Stewart pick that early. It’s just so hard to compete at RB in ppr leagues with guys who give you almost nothing. In his 3 year career, he has averaged 11 receptions per year. Due to that, even his best year, he scored just a little over 200 points even with 11 TDs.

If your ppr RB is giving you 30 points or less in the passing game (15 catches, 150 yards), it is almost impossible to make up the difference in the running game. Even with 1300 yards and 10 TDs, you are still only scoring in the low 200s.

Guys like Matthews, Best and Hillis have that passing game upside and I’d have gone with them over Stewart

11 years ago

sorry Misfit74. I see now that you were commenting on the addition to the blog itself about Ingram fallin…thought you were commenting on what was written in the responses…my bad.

11 years ago

Way to early in the draft to consider giving up on this season–lots of talent left in the draft and first two picks are solid. Besides, 50% or more of the season is waiver wire and trades. And the trade you made here was awesome for you in the future too!

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Wow, you sure got a lot of bounty to move back a round!

Maybe just be one of “those guys” who takes their QB in round 6/7 instead of grabbing the top QBs who go early. Anybody who has grabbed a QB already will be in your same RB/WR situation once they hit the 6th round.

I’m gonna guess & say you’d take a WR2 here, then in the 6th grab a RB3/WR3, and a QB in the 7th. Then nail a TE value pick much later on in the draft.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
11 years ago

Let’s see, already 1 young anchor stud WR on the roster already. Maybe someone in the Santonio/Sidney Rice tier of WRs?

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Hmmm I would’ve tried to trade back if Welker was my target. That’s just me though.

11 years ago

Brady or Peyton

11 years ago

Moreno and Lynch still two viable RBs on the board…and both should easily go before the likes of Daniel Thomas or Percy Harvin, IMO. 😉

11 years ago

Huh, why should 2 avg RBs like Lynch/Moreno go before Harvin?

Inside joke I’m missing out on, right? RIGHT?

Reply to  Confused
11 years ago

This ain’t college football and we’re not a Florida…

Why anyone would want a WR3 (Percy Harvin) over a potential RB1/RB2 (Moreno, Lynch) is beyond me.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Misift74
11 years ago

Sounds pretty opinionated to me.

In my “opinion”, I’ll take Percy over a medicore back like Marshawn anyday.

1 year ago, guys like Mike Wallace were going in the 5th round, right around the same zone as potential RB1/RB2 guys like Cedric Benson & Pierre Thomas.

Who would you have chosen back in June/July of 2010?

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

July of 2010 I was taking guys like Spiller (4.05) and Schaub (5.02). Harvin went 5.04.

This year my recent draft went like this:

4.12 48 Vancouver Hail of Bullets Moreno, Knowshon DEN RB
5.01 49 Vancouver Hail of Bullets Jones, Julio ATL WR (R)
5.02 50 NY Junkies Finley, Jermichael GBP TE
5.03 51 Miami Sabercats Welker, Wes NEP WR
5.04 52 Haven of Sleepers Thomas, Daniel MIA RB (R)
5.05 53 ColourHaze Collie, Austin IND WR
5.06 54 Regulators Williams, Ryan ARI RB (R)
5.07 55 Beefy Boys Lloyd, Brandon DEN WR
5.08 56 Afro Samurai Romo, Tony DAL QB
5.09 57 Showtime Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
5.10 58 Angry Beavers Greene, Shonn NYJ RB
5.11 59 KC Atomic Fireballs Amendola, Danny STL WR
5.12 60 Chupacabra Bradford, Sam STL QB
6.01 61 Chupacabra Boldin, Anquan BAL WR
6.02 62 KC Atomic Fireballs Grant, Ryan GBP RB
6.03 63 Angry Beavers Colston, Marques NOS WR
6.04 64 Showtime Harvin, Percy MIN WR
6.05 65 Afro Samurai Addai, Joseph IND RB
6.06 66 Beefy Boys Suh, Ndamukong DET DT
6.07 67 Regulators Best, Jahvid DET RB
6.08 68 ColourHaze Stafford, Matthew DET QB
6.09 69 Haven of Sleepers Gates, Antonio SDC TE
6.10 70 Miami Sabercats Willis, Patrick SFO LB
6.11 71 NY Junkies Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB
6.12 72 Vancouver Hail of Bullets Freeman, Josh TBB QB
7.01 73 Vancouver Hail of Bullets Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB

Reply to  Misift74
11 years ago

Me = Vancouver Hail of Bullets

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Misift74
11 years ago

Well here’s my observation:

1) Percy was a score at 6.4

2) Marshawn Lynch was still taken after Percy (at 7.1)

3) Every draft is unique. Romo was taken in the 5th round here, but lasted until 8.1 in my recent startup.

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Ok, so here’s a trade that was should track as the season goes on:

Deangelo Williams (the non-Jeff pick at that spot)


1) Whoever Jeff takes with that team’s 1st round pick
2) The 2012 1st round pick that he traded away
3) The 2012 2nd round pick that he traded away

BTW….wowwww…..Jimmy Graham went early! 3rd TE off the board! Is he really a 5.1 value guy, or was that merely due to the fact that the 5.1 owner really wanted him & couldn’t get a trade back & he knew there was no chance to get him at 6.12?

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

On the Deangelo trade, I meant “that team’s 6th round pick”

11 years ago

Spiller got some love. Nice.

11 years ago

I actually traded back into the 5th round (5.08) to take Spiller. It was extremely difficult for me to leave S. Rice on the board, but I’d already drafted Calvin, Dez, AJ Green and Julio Jones and this is a start 4 wr maximum league. I really like Spiller’s upside and think he’s undervalued at his current value. I also didn’t think he would last until my next pick at 6.09.

Reply to  ffhoudini
11 years ago

I landed Spiller at 8.12 in my recent startup draft (12-team w/ IDP). I also nabbed Spiller in the DLF V IDP league last year at 4.05! , which in hindsight was too early but it speaks to my view of him. I support your trade-back and pick at 5.08… 🙂 Risky but the upside could well be worth it.

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Helu at 6.3? Reach alert!!!!!

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Hahaha at first, I was gonna laugh at DLF Ken for making that pick, then I read the blog that you traded up. Wheeeewwww

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago


11 years ago

Moved back into the 6th round here, shipping away my #1 and #2 in 2012. The way I see it, the only rookies taken thus far are Ingram, Green, Jones, Helu, Thomas and Williams. IMO, a couple on there were reaches, so the value is essentially a mid-first and a second.

I take the immediate value and an opportunity to spin the draft a little.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

Ok….I’ll guess:

You have Crabtree & Greg Little on the radar (in that order) and you’re 100% guaranteed to get 1 of the 2.

Or else you like the Marshawn/Felix tier of RBs.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Wow, I caled it right with Lynch, Crabtree, and Little. Nice that they went back to back to back.

11 years ago

I know he’s not the only one with Crabtree and Little on their radar – I just need to find a trading partner to jump back in again – LOL

Reply to  ffhoudini
11 years ago

well too late for Crabtree….nice pick Jeff

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
11 years ago

Crabtree in the 6th is a score! I put him in the same tier as Steve Johnson, Santonio, Sidney Rice, and Percy. Sure he has downside risk, but plenty of upside to justify. IMO Crabtree becomes a steal after the middle of the 5th round.

11 years ago

Helu and Daniels????? wow!

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Rashad Jennings 6.ll?!?!


I recently traded up 4 spots in the 10th to grab him, and I thought that was a reach. At this point in the draft there’s so many players I’d choose before Rashad.

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Rashad Jennings: Insane, I agree. WAY over-drafted.

11 years ago

Boy, Ken was navigating the slalom course with aplomb, but he veered off the track, through the guardrails and over the bleachers with those last moves. Giving up a 12th to move up two spots is expensive, especially when you consider Matt Ryan may have fallen and if not 2 of the greatest qbs of all time were there as older fallback options. I own marshawn in a couple leagues and I hope he turns it around, it appears others are just as hopeful.

Reply to  Mangelo
11 years ago

Yeah, it was certainly a move that may or may not have been necessary. Keep in mind that I’m employing a bit of an experimental strategy which I plan on revealing later.

It may make a little more sense then…

Team Canada
11 years ago

Am I missing something or is Peyton Manning still there??? I know it is dynasty but still him falling to round 7 baffles me.

11 years ago

Yes, he’s still there. Every team sees him at the top of the ADP board for sure.

From this point on, I’d ask everyone not to mention any other names or strategies (this name was obvious, of course, so it doesn’t matter).

I know more than a few coaches from this league are now checking the blog and the comments to try to get a feel for what we may be doing.

Keeping the comments past focused instead of future focused will help us both out a ton.


Team Canada
Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

My bad… I won’t do it again

11 years ago

Few questions guys, first off, Ken…

have you considered the possibility that Plaxico signs with the Eagles? This would be very bad news for you, or any Maclin owner…

Secondly, are KR/PR numbers scored in this league?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
11 years ago

I’d be a little more concerned about Burress landing in Philadelphia if this was a redraft league, but no problems in dynasty.

Burress would obviously be a short term signing at best.

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  DLF_KenK
11 years ago

Hahahaha Plaxico got taken in the 10th round. Hahahahhahahahha LOL

Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

I love the Mike Thomas pick, although I rank Manningham 1 or 2 slots higher. Bummer to see he didn’t boomerang back to you.

Seattle Mike Williams in the 8th is a steal. I wonder if his value slipped over the rumors of Sidney Rice coming aboard the Seahawks. If Sidney goes elsewhere, then BMW was a nice buy-low.

But the biggest steal of these rounds is Bradford in the 9th! Talk about a major score. Gimme Bradford over guys like Schaub any day, and I even took him recently over Freeman, Romo, and Peyton. Without hesitation or regret.

Reply to  Jordan Stallard
11 years ago

Agree with most of what you said but I like Thomas well over Mannigham…Thomas is right now the #1 and Manningham is at best a WR3 and 3or 4 on the depth chart. Thomas has the upside and situation to be a WR2/3 in PPR.

Reply to  Josh
11 years ago

WR 2 at best and WR 3 at worst. Look at his numbers from the end of last year. Besides Nicks who else definately starts for them? Maybe you can make an argument for Smith, but manningham is much more well suited to play outsed, which would make him the 2 with Smith at 3.

jordan stallard
11 years ago

Nice value on James Jones.

11 years ago

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Reply to  chenxj
11 years ago

great success

Jordan Stallard
Reply to  chenxj
11 years ago

Beat it Kook! Go draft Plaxico Burress or somethin’

11 years ago

Who went 9.11 and 9.12 ?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
11 years ago

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